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  1. Just another Christmas tree:
  2. Legopard

    [MOC] The flying house from Pixar's Up

    Thanks for the kind words guys! Getting the balloons together was indeed a challenge. This picture might give some insight how I did it:
  3. Hello, I guess this creation doesn't need a description as most of you probably have seen Pixar's Up movie. I really enjoyed to recreate Carl Fredricksen's flying house in a scaled version. Non the less I got it to build it in the popping colours and included details such as the porch and downpipes. I hope you like and feel free to share your thoughts Jonas
  4. Legopard

    The Walking Dead Prison

    Hello, I recently finished the seventh season of The Walking Dead and thought it would be about time to build something related to the series. So I went with the iconic prison from season 3 and 4. Using nets for a fence is nothing new, so I made up a new technique for barbed wire that makes use of an old 12V wire and minifigure hands. I hope you like it! Like always you can find more and bigger pictures on Flickr and Instagram. Best Jonas
  5. Legopard

    [Fantastic Beasts] Pickett

    Hello, today I present you a small build from the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts: Newt's small companion: Pickett the bowtruckle For his very fragile look, he is still pretty sturdy. I hope you like him, Jonas
  6. Legopard

    The Root Kingdom

    Hello and thanks for your comments! I'm glad you like it. To add more buildings to the realm is a good idea, unfortunately I don't have time for that at the moment due to the Iron Builder. But maybe I can do that later.
  7. Legopard

    The Root Kingdom

    Hello, deep in the forest there is magical place: A kingdom on the roots: The build was inspired by the seed part, the green Duplo grass piece. Hope you like it! Jonas
  8. Legopard

    [MOC] Halls of Thranduil

    Thanks everyone for your feedback and the nice work, I'm glad you like my creation that much! Something around three months in total. Best, Jonas
  9. Hello fellow elves, orcs, hobbits and humans, this creation comes directly from the second Hobbit movie: The Halls of Thranduil While watching the movie for the first time the capital of the Woodland Realm already caught my attention and with the first Comic Con in Stuttgart, Germany,last year I had the perfect chance to build and show my version. I had a few challenges to deal with while building, but I'm pretty happy how it turned out. One was the sheer size of the original halls. My layout is already quite big, but to fit in all elements, I had to scale down a lot. Next to the inside I built the outside of the halls with a few trees to indicate the location of the halls in the Mirkwood Forest. I hope you like it. For higher resolutions of all pictures check them out on Flickr. Jonas
  10. Legopard

    [MOC] Game of Thrones Castles

    Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you like it! I wish you all Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Best, Jonas
  11. Hello, Inspired by the show opening of Game of Thrones I built four of the iconic castles from the TV series: Like in the series each castle features a mechanism that reveals by turning the crank on the base: I really enjoyed building these castles, so I am already planning to continue the series in 2017! Best, Jonas
  12. Legopard

    [MOC] Venice 1486

    Your feedback ist overwhelming! Thank you so much. I appreciated every comment. Of course I used photoshop, but just to cut the background. The water is made with 1x2 tiles on top of a layer of bigger plates in dark bluish gray and on the edges I used transparent plates to cover the layer below.
  13. Legopard

    [MOC] Venice 1486

    You are right, it was a great joy to build this creation, especially because I was building this with Brick Vader and we inspired each other in a very good way. But it's even more joy to share the build here and get that much comments. So thank you everyone for appreciating our work and the kind words.
  14. Legopard

    [MOC] Venice 1486

    Welcome to the Venice of 1486. Inspired by the video game Assassin's Creed II Brick Vader and I met and built a diorama together. We tried to recreate the architecture, colours and atmosphere of venice as good as possible and had a lot of fun recreating all the details. On NewElementary I have wrote a bit longer about all the new elements and techniques that were used here. I hope you like it. Arrivederci! Jonas