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    The Avengers Advent Calendar

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  1. kritch

    [MOC] - A Large Goat

    Yeah, that's one of several things I'd ideally change, unfortunately I don't have those pieces in tan. I also run out of pieces for their spots, and I think the neck could be better Thanks for the comments everyone
  2. Designed for Vertical take-off in dense atmospheres. This one might be a bit literal and small, but I wanted to get an entry for each catagory before I went on hoilday
  3. Inquisitorius Kecte Locates Jedi Nitin Novan and her associates Field Medic Palo Suns, Scout Theala Okul and Droid DG-0B.
  4. A Mott from Naboo, built in a bit of a Chibi stylee
  5. Thanks for everyone who voted and to Clone OPatra for running the competition, I'm glad I wasn't allowed to vote as I would have had a tough time choosing, however Firefabric was a worthy winner, well done everyone.
  6. Hello, I've just been doing some cleaning and found 4 of these posters for a Turtle Insanity competition that was run on Eurobricks back in 2014 and was wondering if anybody wanted them. Unfortunately when they were originally sent to me the poster tube was damaged and they all have damage to the poster (see 2nd picture) I'm in the UK and happy to send them worldwide for just postage cost. (in the UK in their original poster tube that would be £4.35, US it would be $10). I only have the one tube, so I would have to send all 4 to the same person, Unless someone is happy for me to fold the posters and send in envelopes (they are likely to get crease damage, but postage cost would be less) Each poster is 600mm x 440mm Comment below if you are interested and I will message you Thanks
  7. kritch

    MOC - Storm

    It just a 11090 - "Bar Holder with Clip" connected to a 65578 - "Bar 1L with Angled Hollow Stud" then connected to the back of her leg and photographed from an angle where you can't see either
  8. kritch

    MOC - Storm

    This is my entry for the Dynamic Action Contest
  9. One of the most famous scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
  10. Here's my entry: Storm Theme: X-men / Marvel
  11. kritch

    [MOC] - Neo-Classic Space Bonsai

    Thanks everyone
  12. kritch

    The Eurobricks Flower Show: Winners!

    Well done @Aurore and @Kristel and everyone else. It was a fun contest and it was great to see all the different takes on the challenge. Thanks @Peppermint_M for organising it. I'd be very happy with 31098 Outback Cabin Thanks
  13. kritch

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    6 - 1 point 7 - 1 point 13 - 1 point