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Found 19 results

  1. Operation Hephaestus Hammer  Commander: General Hercule François  Forces involved: 6 battalions (2 line infantry, 1 light infantry, 1 artillery, 1 cavalry, 1 engineers). 540 EGS soldiers.  Aims: engage and destroy the Lotii army south of Seawatch. Plan summary: 1) Advance Our forces continue their advance, with extensive scouting by cavalry and light infantry. Increased patrols from Seawatch, in the meantime, localise the Lotii forces and fix them in position. 2) Contact  As the other armies of the coalition advance and engage the Lotii front, our forces engage the left flank of the enemy. Our forces advance in oblique order, attacking the enemy and closing the gap between our left flank and the right side of the coalition forces. 3) Press the assault Our forces advance along the whole front, pressing the enemy forces. We organise our attack in three waves: -after heavy, concentrated shelling of few selected locations, columns of elite soldiers (chasseurs and grenadiers, with a few light mortars) attempt to crack the enemy lines. If successful, they will march on, attacking supply deposits, command centres, second line mortar and rocket batteries, etc. (in modern military terms, we attempt a thunder run). -immediately after, our forces attack along the whole line. The chaos and the panic generated by the thunder runs, by the contemporary attack on two fronts (from Fort Arltrees and from Seawatch) and by the guerrilla operations on the supply lines (Operation Pandora) is expected to make the enemy line to collapse in several points, with the resisting units encircled or forced to an orderly retreat. -final blow: if necessary, we commit all our reserves against the enemy, turning the retreat into a route. 4) Exploit Our forces (cavalry and light infantry) chase the enemy to kill and capture the enemy forces. This, together with the forces from Jiangkai, should also force our enemy to abandon artillery, ammunitions and supplies, and to retreat in disorder to Luyang. ———————— Note: I’m just reposting our battle plan (with @CapOnBOBS’ great vignettes) as a separate thread, as required by the combat rules. I’ve just expanded a little bit the text, but the general plan is the very same we presented in the coordination thread. ———————— @CapOnBOBS @Ross Fisher @Capt Wolf @Ayrlego @LM71Blackbird @Bregir @Garmadon @Professor Thaum
  2. Jiangkai, El Oleonda, March 623 If the enemy know not where he will be attacked, he must prepare in every quarter, and so be everywhere weak. Everyone knew that the plan was dangerous, but still the problem was turning down volunteers, not finding enough of them. The citizens of Jiangkai had seen their city invaded, sacked and destroyed, and they would have never allowed that again, at the cost of their lives. For sure, they would have never forgiven their former compatriots, responsible of both the forced evacuation of 620 and the raid of summer 622. They were the enemy, and now it was time for them to pay and to bleed! As the main forces of the Royal Armies marched from Fort Arltrees to crush the Lotii forces outside Seawatch, a young officer of the Jiangkai Tirailleurs was authorised to harass the enemy supply lines and delay enemy reinforcements in any possible way. The forces available were not large, but they would have been sufficient to make the life of the Lotii army much more difficult! Operation Pandora Commander: Captain Guillaume Tiger Dupont. Born in the Eranos province, he spent several years on merchant ships, mostly in the Southern Seas. He later joined the infanterie de marine, serving in the Second Terraversan War. He speaks fluently in Lotii and Monomonto, plus some words of the other Southern languages. He knows very well the Lotii culture, and often even quotes the texts of the Wu Cru. Respected by his men, he will soon be feared by the enemies! Forces involved: a company of light infantry (1 platoon of colonial chasseurs, 2 platoons of Jiangkai tirailleurs), plus native guides. 30 soldiers in EGS terms. Aims: harass enemy forces, block or delay supplies and reinforcements headed to Seawatch frontline, divert enemy troops to irrelevant areas. Plan summary: the company will leave Jiangkai and head north-northeast, across the roads from Oryant and Luyang to Seawatch. Once there, the soldiers will start guerrilla operations against Lotii supply lines. The soldiers will avoid direct engagement enemy troops, and will instead ambush supply convoys, small units, messengers, etc. Moreover, they will interfere as much as possible with the enemy movements by placing obstacles on the roads, damaging bridges, and creating false trails and signals. The unit will move continuously, waging attacks in distant locations and occasionally sparing a vulnerable target, to create confusion about the area of operations. Significant increase of Lotii patrols would keep our soldiers out of some areas, but also divert forces from the garrisons and/or Seawatch front. ————————————- OOC, a note for the GMs: this operation starts from Jiangkai (30 EGS soldiers involved) and is independent from the main attack, but it’s coordinated with the attacks in the Seawatch area. Please manage it as you think it’s better for the game dynamics. @CapOnBOBS @Ross Fisher @Capt Wolf @Ayrlego @LM71Blackbird @Bregir @Garmadon @Professor Thaum
  3. After returning to Port Raleigh from his reconnaissance mission to observe Aurelia's defenses, Captain Hunter exchanged his plainclothes for an officer's uniform. He met with the commanding officers of the 33rd Regiment "Red Sons" and Port Raleigh Militia at Flynn Blockhouse to describe the mission they were about to embark on. The following morning, a large contingent of 210 soldiers sailed upriver to the headwaters of Queen's River. There they were joined by 40 Ténotclaxcan warriors raised in Elisabethtown. The Ténotclaxcans had a good relationship with the Corlanders, having traded with them successfully for many years. The native warriors led the group overland along ancient interior paths toward the northeast corner of the island. The group approached Aurelia from the west. Aurelia had only one small fort which was positioned offshore on a small island. By keeping Batterie Royale directly on the opposite side of the city from their approach, the joint Corlander / Eslandolan force hoped the fort would be unable to fire on them for fear of hitting the settlement. As they slowly inched closer to the edge of the jungle, Captain Hunter had the 33rd deploy a 12-pounder to the side of the path. A prickly canpear fell from the tree canopy overhead, causing the soldiers to momentarily freeze in their tracks. Finally in position, the troops crouched low, ready to spring into action once their presence was known. Taking sight of Aurelia's western gate, the artillerymen let loose the field gun with a mighty roar. The shot collided heavily with the gate, blowing it off its hinges. The combined force rushed toward the now open entryway. Unto the breach! @Bodi, @KotZ, @CapOnBOBS, @Keymonus, @Bregir, @Capt Wolf, @Faladrin More Pictures:
  4. There are many AT-AT mocs. Many with great interiors. Many with great exteriors. This is my attempt at integrating both into one model. The model is minifig scale, has at least 6000 thousand pieces and stands two feet tall. It is stable enough to be picked up and moved. Another rebuild(plus head redesign) in the books by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Features -Articulated head area -Removable panels to reveal interior -Lights throughout inside -Motorized deployment cables -Speeder bike garage for 4 speeders -Two floors with seeting areas -Gun/backpack racks -Cockpit area with seating for two pilots -Sliding Side Doors Side View: The complete scene has been reconstructed. by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Rear View: IMAG1033 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Head: IMAG1037 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Full Interior: IMAG1019 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Speeder Garage: IMAG1021 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Top Floor Seating Area: IMAG1023 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Bottom Floor Front Area: IMAG1026 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Bottom Floor Deployment Area: IMAG1028 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Top Floor Access Ladder: 2016-08-07_10-36-53 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Troop Deploying: 2016-08-07_10-27-42 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Cockpit Area IMAG1030 by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr Assault on Hoth!: Assault on Hoth by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr The AT-AT at Brickfiesta: Another brickfiesta in the books! by Jhaelon Edwards, on Flickr is a youtube video detailing all the features of the model, including the motorized deployment cable. Check my flickr for progress photos starting from the first LDD files. Special thanks to Cavegod and LILmeFromDaFuture. I got a lot of inspiration from their models/techniques. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry for the cell phone quality pictures. Would buy new camera but can't stop spending money on lego parts ;). I'm considering distributing/selling the LDD files for this model if there's interest. They do need some refinements, however.
  5. Captain Baker

    Pirates of Barracuda Bay Under Attack!

    Ahoy there fellow Lego Pirate Lovers! Captain Redbeard and his loyal crew are under attack from Scoundrel of the Seven Seas, Captain Gold hook green feather and his large ferocious crew! Heres a link to the album with more images of the carnage!
  6. Grid STUDICA F4 Carrefour is a major town in Briolui. It has an underground network and big parks. And that´s why this area is important for the COAC war efforts. This area is closed to the dockyards, where FILACE troops are trying to stand against the RON attacks. The other end of the park limits with the favelas, where PLANTASEA troops also stand against the enemy. And the underground network is important, as NEW BRICKIKA infantry move to encircle the enemy. This image depicts a T corner, with a big park in the bottom. A restaurant, “The Bistro au Parc”, in the upper right and a hardware & tools shop, “Carrefour tools and more” in the upper left complete the scenery. There is also an underground entry gate. The initial combats left the street somehow damaged: no traffic lights, the park fences and gate broken and a mailbox in the middle of the lane. Also a tree was cut… 1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr A lonely German shepherd with a camera on his back appears. An abandoned dog? No way! That´s an awful crime! Instead, he is searching for the enemy. The camera has a small transmitter so his handler can know what he sees. His excellent smell sense would make him sit to show the position of any explosive devices. 2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The dog keeps on inspecting the area. 3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The handler and another soldier appears. The area should be secure for them. 5 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr A small section has taken the hardware & tools shop and goes to the roof. The dogs takes a rest and three soldiers will raise the alarm in case the enemy appears. The section leader gives instructions… -We must make our stronghold here. We must make sure the enemy can´t go through this area. We will fortify this building and prevent the enemy from getting to the underground network. As far as I know, the underground line here connects with the other side of the town, where our allies of Plantasea are defending in the favelas. I don´t remember the name of their unit…well, the enemy CANT ambush them from behind. We must also prevent the RON troops from ambushing New Brickika troops in the tunnel. -Sir, will we have any CAS? -Yes, the callsign is TIZONA. García and Fernández, you will inspect the restaurant and make it unusable for the enemy. Pérez and Hernández, you will see what we have in the warehouse and take advantage of what we have. The rest of us, let´s prepare for the defense… -Yes, Sir! 6 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr García and Fernández went to the restaurant. They entered by the door which was closer to the shop. Two lobsters were inside a cauldron, with a lot of kitchenware on the floor… -Hell, if we survive I can cook these lobsters. I went to MasterChef before entering the Army! -Haha! Good idea! 8 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Pérez and Hernández inspected the warehouse and the main floor. A lot of interesting stuff was left after the evacuation. -Wow, this is the bloody treasure chest! -Yes, and the warehouse has sand, empty sandbags and what we need to make obstacles! 7 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr After working very hard, the building was fortified with sandbags, barbed wire and more. 9 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The underground gate was secured too. They could even build other obstacles and the dog stayed on the street and awaiting for the enemy. However, García and Fernández hadn´t left the restaurant, as it took a lot of time to secure the underground gate. 10 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The enemy appeared walking through the park and by the street. As instructed, the Erotema troops decided not open fire until the enemy were very close… 11 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 12 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 13 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr But the dog was the first to score. Maybe this dog is not the best friend of this man… 14 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Making his buddy to leave towards the park. 15 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The Erotema troops, maybe more accurate than a drunken Jawa, took their first target. 16 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr But the enemy got closer… 17 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr From the other side of the street, García and Fernández tried to ambush the enemy. The gate had to be safe from the RON troops, as they could ambush COAC troops underground (New Brickika), or go behind the COAC lines (Plantasea). 18 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The RON troops tried to return fire. 19 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And knowing the gate had to be taken to escape and ambush COAC troops inside the underground network, they tried to swarm it… 20 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr But the death buzz of a PICARÓN CAS aircraft, callsign TIZONA, en route to help the Plighian allies, was heared. 21 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And that plane really scored…a lot. 4 .50 machine guns give a powerful punch. Really, a very powerful punch. And the next enemy would have to face 12 125-kg bombs and 6 anti-tank missiles… The only surviving RON soldier tried to escape…running for his life. 22 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 23 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr
  7. The WTC Beacon, and WTC Icarus Returning was only an hour out of Mesabi Landing when a lookout spotted something WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr Two ships on the horizon flying black flags. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr The lookout scrambled down the ladder in alarm. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr Captain Carolina sat in her cabin. The Lookout burst in. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr "Captain! We've got two ships on our tail! And they don't look friendly." Captain Carolina frowned. "Get the semaphore to call out the Icarus. Captain Tyrell is in charge here. He'll tell us what to do." WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr There was a frenzy of activity on the deck. Men and women ran down the ship. The Semaphore stood on the front of the deck, and began calling out signs. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr S...H...I...P...S...2....E...N...E...M...Y...! The Relay was passed to Captain Tyrell aboard the Icarus Returning "Pirates! It's about time the WTC taught them a lesson. Not that they've ever really messed with us before, but I want to blow stuff up." Said Captain Tyrell BoC Officer Allen Landon responded. "Uh, is that a good idea? If we lose the battle, the Bank of Corrington would lose money?" "Is that all you care about old man? You sound like an Eslandolan. We're the WTC. We fight back! Bring her around boys! And also Girls!" The signaller from the Icarus responded to the Beacon WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr Both ships made sharp turns and faced the two pirates. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr Captain Tyrell and Landon walked on deck. "Alright! Let's give those guys a healthy broadside!" Yelled Captain Tyrell Both ships began firing WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr "Report?" Yelled Tyrell "Looks like some damage to their upper deck. They're gearing up to fire!" WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr The ship took a barrage of fire. Explosions hit several decks. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr "Fire Again!" Yelled Tyrell The crew rushed across the deck to put out the flames. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr "Blast! This ain't working!" Yelled Tyrell, as part of the forecastle collapsed. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr "We're hopelessly outgunned!" Yelled Landon "Maybe if you guys had made your ships firepower focused instead of using jack of all trade stats, you could beat them!" "Quit rubbing it in! Pull her around! Telegraph the Beacon, We're going to make a run for it!" WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr The Lifeboat snapped off as the ship turned. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr Both enemy ships kept firing as the Icarus and the Beacon made a break for it. "Well, that wasn't so bad. Was it?" Asked Captain Tyrell WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr Then the deck collapsed from structural damage. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr But despite the massive damage to the Icarus Returning Both ships survived and escaped. WTC versus the Pirates by North White, on Flickr Tune in next time, the Bank of Corrington tries to imprison the poor WTC's ships! FIN Thanks for viewing everyone. I'm home from college/university this week, so I was able to use these ships in a build, which was pretty lucky. What's it going to take for me to lose a ship though? I really want to lose one of them, so I can rebuild it. C&C appreciated, as usual.
  8. RC 1136

    [Brains] Cat A - Infected

    They are coming and nobody can tell where they come from or how to stop them from spreading ... Inside the plant, strange things happened and even stranger things are going to happen – soon, very soon. This little vignette doesn't need much explanation, I hope. The Braaiiinnnss-Contest was a great opportunity to finally use a few of the bright light orange half-cylinders, of which I still have dozens left in my boxes. Well, at least it feels like that, thanks to the LEGO event support. :D I also wanted to use my two hazmat guys again, and here we are: A terrified plant worker and his not-so-healthy-looking-but-nevertheless-moving collegue. What happened exactly to the two poor minifigs we are not going to find out today or in the near future I'm afraid. But there's still a hungry zombie, craving for some fresh and tasty ABS-Brains, so I hope you'll like it anyway. Let me know, what you think! ;) Have fun and keep running! Regards, RC
  9. JamesArts2172

    LEGO Geonosian Arena MOC

    This is my rendition of the Geonosian Arena from STAR WARS Attack Of The Clones. This has always been one of LEGO's most glaring omissions from the Star Wars line, hence why I decided to test out this MOC. OK, it's not excessively massive or complicated, but I just think it makes a neat little playset. Comment your opinions. Also don't forget to check out my LEGO IDEAS page for more information on this, and please support! :) from there you can read all about the design plan, the history, and also see any other photos of the MOC.
  10. Mr Greeble

    Attack on the Village!

    Just a fun little build experimenting with using a border and messing around with ground techniques. I also just wanted to use those great knight figs! I have another build in progress, I might make this into a little series - The Black Falcons vs. the Frightening Knights (or Bear Knights, I can't decide) Figless: Comments & Criticism appreciated.
  11. Mestari

    Atack of Cthulhu

    I made this MOC some time ago for my LUG contest. This is one Cthulhu that didn't know where to stop scaring people ;) I hope you'll enjoy this one :) More pictures can be found in my Brickshelf folder: edit: how to edit the title of the topic? Cthulhu ate one of the letters "t" ;)
  12. rx79gez8gundam

    Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3

    This model is a heavily modified version of my McDonnell Douglas AV-8B MOC. I have shortened the fuselage, lengthened the nose, lowered the canopy, redesigned the wing and "pogo" wingtip gears, replaced the 25mm rotary cannon pod system with the GR.3's double ADEN cannon pods, armed it with 2 MATRA rocket pods and 2 AIM-9 Sidewinder air to air missiles, and replaced the forward swiveling exhaust nozzles. The aircraft represents a Harrier GR.3 deployed during the Falklands War with the British Royal Air Force, and has the RAF two tone dark green and grey paint scheme from that period. Feedback is much appreciated!
  13. rx79gez8gundam

    Grumman A-6 Intruder

    <p>This was my second large scale LEGO aircraft MOC project, starting with the A-6E FLIR model. I have so far made 4 variants of this aircraft, including the original A-6A, the electronic warfare EA-6A, the airborne tanker KA-6D, and the aforementioned A-6E. They are a slightly larger scale than the F-4 MOCs, around 1:18th, and every bit as detailed with numerous functioning parts and details. Features include a dual seat cockpit with room for 2 minifigures, opening sliding canopy, opening radome with radar antenna, fully functioning landing gear, folding wings, positionable emergency ram air turbine generator, positionable crew boarding ladder, positionable tail hook, and fully poseable flight control surfraces including flaperons, spoilerons, wingtip airbrakes (A-6A, A-6E) or fuselage mounted airbrakes (EA-6A, KA-6D), and all moving horizontal stabilators. Would love to hear feedback! A-6A Intruder carrier based attack aircraft EA-6A Intruder carrier based electronic warfare aircraft KA-6D Intruder carrier based refueler aircraft A-6E Intruder carrier based attack aircraft
  14. This MOC is built for a building contest of Hong Kong. Every minifig is scared of being glued. They need to escape from the attack of Kragle! Help!!! How come you are so calm, Lucy? Unikitty is also under attack! Thanks for watching this!
  15. Hey all! This is my first Castle - themed MOC. I have always enjoyed this theme, as some of my first sets as a kid were Castle sets. After seeing many great MOCs and scenes from builders here, I thought I'd have a go at one. I decided to do a forestmen type creation, as they have always been a favorite LEGO faction to me. Anyway, here it is. This is the overall scene, built on a 32 x 32 base. And that's it . Thanks for viewing, and as always, C&C welcome. EDIT: More photos and full set on Flickr
  16. When I first saw the Legends of Chima theme I wasn't sure what I think about it, the minifigs are beautifully detailed and good-looking but the vehicles looked somewhat silly to me. Now I dug deeper in the wrld of Chima and I came to really like it, so I decided to ge my first set and bring you a review. Theme: Legends of Chima Set Name: Lennox' Lion Attack Set Number: 70002 Year of release: 2013 Minifigs: 2 Pieces: 230 Price: 17.99 GBP / 24.99 USD / 19,99 EUR / 5990 HUF Set Description: Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI with Lennox’s Lion Attack! Crug is after the CHI powering the mighty Lion Attack vehicle. Catch him with the all-wheel drive then help brave Lennox to deploy the big claw attack. Load up the rapid-fire disc shooter and send that CHI-swiping scavenger back to the swamp where he came from! Includes 2 minifigures and a weapon. Includes 2 minifigures: Crug and Lennox and a weapon Features CHI, big claw attack function, all-wheel drive, lion head front and rapid-fire disc shooter Includes Crug’s standard weapon Power through the jungle with all-wheel drive! Shoot the rapid-fire discs! Fire the two flick missiles! Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI! Measures over 3" (10cm) high, 7" (19cm) long and 6" (16cm) wide Box: Front The box is from the smaller category but to my biggest surprise it's very stiff and heavy. It sports the usual design with the Lego and Chima logo. In the right corner we can see Lennox's head, I really like how TLG make every box unique with the current hero's face. The main image shows the lion vehicle in action (spitting mentos), chasing the bad croc guy who stole Chi from the lions on a dusty road, surrounded by forest/jungle. On the left we can see some info about the set but this being the europian version there isn't much. And finally we can see the minfigis on the low left corner, namely Crug form the crocodile tribe and Lennox from the Lion tribe. Their association to the bad/good side is easily recognizable, Crug has red background, while Lennox has blue. Back On the backside of the box we can see the play functions of the set through a little story where Crug is trying to steal the Chi, but Lennox with his Lion car is defeating him and takes it back. The functions are described in 6 different languages and we can see the guys arguing in the upper right corner (Give it to me! - No, you give it to me!) The content of the box We get 4 unnumbered bags, 2 Chi tubes, 2 Building instructions, 4 rims and a Sticker sheet. Interesting parts In this set there are beautiful new and/or rare Flame Yellowish Orange parts, some old parts in reddish brown, the new tooth pieces (which are made of rubbery, very soft plastic) in both white and reddish brown and the black technic piece for suspension. Last but not the least we have the new Chi part and the 2x3 plate with holder in trans lightblue. Building instructions I haven't inserted a pic about the front because it's the same as the box. The BI has a light blue background which makes the colors easier to recognize. There are 2 booklets and they are surprisingly long (wich is very good) and in the first booklet you can find a picture of all the figures from the first wave in the middle of the building, which is quite odd. The steps are easy to follow and there is little repetition. Sticker sheet There are stickers yes, but there is not much and they just add to the overall look of the set. Minifigs: The set contains two minifigs, for me Crug was the selling point in this set, he is my favorite Chima minifigure. Crug: According to he is Cragger's loyal muscleman, if he needs raw force to get things done, then Crug is the one he hires for the job (Like taking the new refrigerator up to the 7th floor...). The minifigure looks beautiful, he is the brown croc in the theme. The paint job is spot on with all small details like the steel jaw with a screw in it and the fangs on his belt, with the ripped clothes, this figure is freakin' awesome! His head is dark brown while the body is reddish brown. We get a double-sided head with a calm killer's look and with a surprised/frightened look on the other side. Lennox: Lennox is the vehicle-pro guy of the lion tribe, a cool, careless young lion with hidden potential to do great things. Tha paint is beautiful here as well, the little details makes him perfect, like the lion head shaped knee-armor, the detailed belt and the greekish looking skirt. He has a double-sided head too with a shy smile on one and a fierce/angry look on the other. Unfortunately his only weapon is the Lion car, at least he could have a saber or something... The completed set: I'am very satisfied with the result, the vehicle is very sturdy and it rolls easily. The Lion head on the front looks great, but it somewhat resembles a cub more than an adult lion's frightening look, anyway I like the design. (Next time I'll have a walk with my vacuum cleaner before making a review ) The tubes connected to the claws makes the feel that there is really something flowing in to them, I really like these parts. The contras of this set is that the rear part of the car is almost empty, there is a curvy back with stickers, a little place to stand for Lennox (a real cockpit would've been better) and the Chi holder, which is very simple, the cannons cover some area but if you look from behind it's still a bit naked. The play functions: Now that's where the set stands out! First there is the disk shooting mechanism wich works fantasticly, the disks fly a long distance before they hit anybodys eyeballs . You have to load them up into a hole at the back of the lionhead and you pull the trans blue plate at the back which loads a disk in to the rail, then release the plate and Bang!!! Then we have suspension for the wheels which is not common out of the world of Technic. For flick-fire lovers I have good news, but I don't think there is actually somebody who loves them (I hope TLG readsthis). Moreover the cannons can rotate up/down and left/right. Rating the set Design 8/10 The designers captured the lion-ish look very well, the great choice of colors make it mor authentic. The 2 minus points are for the naked back. Build 10/10: It was really fun and took a surprisingly long time. The BI is easy to follow with good color differentation (In spite of this I managed to miss a step ) and with little repetition. Parts: 9/10 There are tons of parts here in rare/new color, which can be useful for MOCers, I myself can't complain. Minifigs: 9/10: Both figures are excellent (especially Crug ), with beautiful paint job all over them but it's a shame that Lennox doesn't have a weapon. Price: 8/10: Its a bit high but you get Crug (he only appears in a polybag and in a big set of the summer wave) and a fun little vehicle with great play features. Overall: 44/50 I'am very satisfied with this set, a few weeks ago I couldn't have imagined that I'll be buying this but here I am and happy with my Chima set Great play functions, beautiful figs, nice lion looking vehicle, tons of fun. I hope you enjoyed my review and it help you decide whether to buy this or not. End of story.
  17. Erastus and Kenan just set fire to this Hand outpost: Interior: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81867 Next build: All C&C appreciated
  18. I just quickly whipped this moc up, wanting to use some of the new gray pieces I bought yesterday. It's just a group of raiders climbing the wall and taking out a guard, preparing to wreak havoc on the city. Enjoy!
  19. The space villain has outfited his galaxy interceptor at last, and is preparing to take down earth next! Inhabitants are advised to flee wherever they can before it's too late! Another picture on my flickr! Coments are appreciated!