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  1. terryfay1983

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    So i been outta touch with lego for the last year while setting up my business, and seen the new Harry potter sets are out, my wife is a big fan and its coming up to our 2nd wedding anniversary...ive just come across the Diagon Alley (40289) How comes this small set is over 60quid? where was it a promo for?
  2. terryfay1983

    MOC: Batman vs Black Mask

    this is very nice, great moc
  3. terryfay1983

    [MOC] The Wardrobe (Narnia)

    So ive been away from lego for a little while and thought id have a look on here today, this was the 1st post i come across and i love it! The Lion the witch and the wardrobe is one of my all time favourites! you have captured this amazingly! 100% had to go along and support this! would love to have this in my collection!
  4. terryfay1983

    My very 1st attempt stop motion

    Thought i would Bump this as i am about to attempt another one. so hoped to get some more feedback
  5. terryfay1983

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    My missus will be well happy with new Harry sets as she loves Harry and she didnt get any of the old ones! not at them prices anyway
  6. terryfay1983

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Anyone know what was in the 1.22 update on the ps4 the other day?
  7. terryfay1983

    Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    ah yeah cheers for that, not what i was hoping for..but its another to add to the collection i guess
  8. terryfay1983

    My Hopes for LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure series 2

    when is series 2 likely to be released?
  9. terryfay1983

    Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    im guessing they havent released what free minifigure will come with the pre order? lot a games coming out in november.. gonna be a expensive month
  10. terryfay1983

    [REVIEW] LEGO Dimensions PS4

    youve certainly put together a nice review here, loads of info. i really enjoy Dimensions, its great to play when the kids are over and when i just want some easy gaming time. love the figure that are released aswell
  11. terryfay1983

    I hate SDCC exclusives.

    totally agree with you, have no chance of ever getting my hands on one unless i win the lottery! only option is to wait till china makes a copy and get that for 70p! Lego cant bloody moan about fakes when they do this sorta thing!
  12. terryfay1983

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    New Dr about. by Terry Fay, on Flickr
  13. terryfay1983

    [MOC] Batskiboat

    love how batman still can fit inside this! great work as always
  14. terryfay1983

    The Best LEGO Superheroes Minifigure Round 1.29

    MM Spiderman Two Face
  15. terryfay1983

    [MOC] 1989 Batwing

    Meh its ok... nowt special...HAHA jokes. love the way you've done this, the wings are great. Size wise it looks perfect to me next to the batmobile. All in All you've done a bloody super job matey