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Found 3 results

  1. A render of a small vignette that'll be used to display some custom figs. 577 pieces in a 22x22 area, and about 6 hours design time.
  2. Darkdragon

    Zombie survivors

    Edit: Decided to submit some zombies for Cat D instead of the survivors. (Left to Right) Russell Taylor - the leader of the family, he takes security seriously and nobody ventures out alone. His ability to track seems to indicate some sort of investigative background, but nobody knows for sure. James Cole - previously a member of the military, he is amazing with navigation. He doesn't talk much about his before life, but his skill with mapping and direction have been invaluable to the group. He never seems to get lost, even in the dark or underground. Owen Brady - rescued by the group when he'd somehow managed to scramble onto the top of an armored car. He was surrounded by the dead with no way down. He had dropped his crutch, had no weapon, and was trying to fend them off with an antenna he found on the roof. Sandra Steel - in a former life she was a middle school teacher. As part of the new family, she has shown she can be just and fair when there are issues to resolve. She fights and protects as if all those around her have always been her family, showing no prejudice or malice to anyone but the dead. Aaren Walker - not much is known about him, he's one of the newest to the group. His combat skills are unmatched though, and he is a valuable asset. He prefers a blade or even blunt weapon over a gun and is surprisingly stealthy for his size. I had a really hard time trying to decide on survivors or zombies for this category. I actually already created a group of zombies but after finishing my human team, decided they might be a better way to go. I might change my mind though, who's to say. There are actually 7 on the team, but the rules only let me show you 5. All minifigure parts are official LEGO brand. Bloody weapons are from Brickarms a few years ago, not painted. Gun, I think is Brickarms. Crutch is Brickwarriors.
  3. The future. The world is overrun by zombies. (We're talking 28 Days later/World War Z zombies, not slow stumbling ones.) How can I keep my gf and two dogs safe??? My first thought is either by air, or by sea... A flying boat it is! I made this over the past month or so, I hope you like it! C&C welcome and appreciated (Sorry for the picture quality!) The Pelican On either side of the fuselage is an escape hatch, and a canopy Powered by two massive custom engines, with wide props designed for maximum pull In between the engines on the top of the plane is a custom quad-tank Nitrous injector which feeds directly into each engine. Quick getaways are a must when there are zombies in pursuit... Also helps in situations where there isn't much water to take off from. Behind the Nitrous injector is a small communications array In the rear is a ramp which descends to unload the Rhino (we'll get to the Rhino in a bit) In between the engines is the observation deck/quarters On the right is a computer, in the middle is the bed, and on the left is a telescope for making sure there is none of the undead lurking on the shore... The Interior In the front of course, is the flight deck On the left of the interior is the armoury On the right is the medical station, with a stretcher and the critical syringes of anti-bite for when a zombie gets a little too close... In the rear is the Rhino bay What could that small opening above the floor be??? That's right! You guessed it! The doghouse! Let's open the hatch and have a look inside... Half of the inside is the doghouse, with an A/C/Heater unit. There is also a food dish, and a water bowl which feeds from a tank in the cabin The other half is shared by the Nitrous tank recharge station, and the safe. (I know, who needs treasure in the apocalypse, but whatever!) The rear section is reserved for my all terrain vehicle, the Rhino. The Rhino The engine, as you could have guessed has a Nitrous tank for quick boosts of speed when needed And away we go! Thanks for looking! To end things off, I made a small diorama so we could slaughter some zombies... I prefer the shotgun approach... While my beb prefers the flamethrower Thanks for checking it out!!!!!