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Found 6 results

  1. I'm planning on building a cargo trailer for the upcoming Land Rover Defender! Next, I might plan on building the drawbar.
  2. Can you give me some examples of lego techic strong and compact 4x4 independent suspension.
  3. After taking apart my class tractor I was looking at the new hubs, and got a great idea. Why not create a proper tatra concept with the 62.4 mm wheels. Fiddling around in LDD I created a 10x10 concept model: The main features I wanted to have are as following: Seperated drive axle from the weight bearing axle - this way the friction is greatly reduced and efficiency improved Linked steering - realistic, simple and relaible solution for which steering angle is almost unaffected by suspension travel Leaf suspension - a simple leaf sprung suspension which allows smooth travel over bumps without weight transfer First the drive, as you can see the pivot axles are a stud off center of the cenetr drive axle, therebye carrying all the weight. You can also see the 9L link resting on the brown 3.2mm bar acting as a reinforced leaf spring. Notice the half a stud offset between left and right side wheels. Looking at the whole chassis you can see front and rear suspension are pretty much the same, the only difference bing the front steers and has one wheel per axle, while the rear has dual wheels for maximum traction Steering uses small linear actuators and links in order to steer the axles. The steering angles can be adjusted by steering lever length and position of the linkage on the red steering swing. This way the first axle steers at a higher angle than the second. And finally here is the whole truck. I know it does not look very Tatra-ish, but I couldn't resist the bright color (vomit) Rear view: I finished up the truck with a working steering wheel and a fake V8 engine. Here are the final stats: Length: 37 cm Width: 16 cm Height: 15,5 cm Weight: 1200 grams Gear ratio: 1:2,78 powered by a single 1 XL motor Expect a video of the truck soon P.S. I really hope this model will inspire more people to build models at such scale.
  4. A little video showing a suspension concept: The suspension is tatra-style, not double wishbone. But it is simple and works well enough for my needs. Uses the lego rubber pieces in the place of shock absorbers to save space, and can be built onto a servo motor with as little hassle as possible. I am pleased that the pivot points are all aligned such that the wheels do not steer themselves when the suspension is actuated. Overall a neat concept that I hope to incorporate into my future small-scale MOCs.
  5. Building trucks and trailers and occasionally earth moving equipment I switched a little. Not to boats or minifig scale or what so ever, no I build a race truck. My dark ages ended by an attempt to build a model equal to those available by Tamyia. Yeah, I know, this might sound weird, but at that moment I didn't have any clue. So I installed 4 RC Buggy motors in a single none steered 4x4 vehicle. Obviously all build with LEGO® parts, so don't be confused. All four RC Buggy motors hooked up to a single RC Race Buggy Battery / Receiver Unit, and that went totally wrong. First I had no longer forward motion and after a while no reverse either. Yes I burned out that Receiver unit. Never did I realize a single stalled RC Buggy motor requires 3A times 4 means 12A. Probably this exceeds the limits of the RC Buggy Receiver Unit. This I just share to give you an idea why I am interested in this RC Buggy electronics. I entirely let go of the idea I could build a LEGO® model as strong and fast as for example the Tamyia Wild Willy I had for many years. This "real" RC I bought with my saving money at the age of 12. Alright, now back to this model. It all started with an idea of building a race truck about two or maybe even three years ago. The initial design was supposed to be more "funny" then a serious model. In time this approach changed and I really looked into racing trucks. There are so many nice LEGO® build race truck models out there I had to compete :-) Model "Truck T10" is build with LEGO® in scale 1:17,5 and is motorized using RC Racer Buggy components. It is not build after a specific brand or type of truck. This build represents an imaginary race truck which is strongly inspired by Mike Ryan's "Banks Freightliner Super Turbo Pikes Peak Truck". Another custom design that comes with building instructions and inventory/parts list! Features: independent front suspension, drag axle rear suspension, propulsion by two RC Racer Buggy motors, remotely controlled driving and steering, openable doors, openable hood, modeled engine and cabin interior. This model is meant to be an appetizer for those who already own one of these original LEGO® sets: 8366, 8367 or 8475. For this model/project both the RC Race Buggy Battery / Receiver Unit and a truck design are combined. Basically the rear chassis consists out of two RC Race Buggy motors, a frame that holds them together. This frame also holds a wheely bar and the spoiler with its support structure. The front axle suspension is a double acting system with a mixture of the suspension parts used in sets 8466 en 8297 with a total of four soft shock absorbers. This model's detailed engine is based on Mike Ryan's Super-Turbo engine setup which is built around a 14.0L Detroit Diesel Series DD60 six cylinder inline semi truck engine. Introduced in 2001 this 14 liter (854 cu in) engine has a power output up to 575 hp and a maximum torque of 1,850. These numbers where not enough to label it as a race truck, so it had to be souped up and that is where Banks Power came in. Cheers, Ingmar Spijkhoven
  6. A little somthing i made last weekend. Like the real one it uses independent suspension in front and a live axle at the rear. In order to simplify design the rear axle also houses the 2 drive RC motors and the gearbox, opretaed by the geared 9V motor. Gearbox allows the truck to either climb up smaller hills with 1:3 gear ratio, or to reach some 15 km/h on the straights.