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  1. Thank you very much everyone, dimmensions are 16cm width, 20cm height, 60cm long, width of arms when deployed cca 1,6m, exactly 193 studs
  2. It is done, I was waiting a long time for 8x8 tiles to cover wheels. As you can see from the progress the only thing that was left to do was finsh the bodywork. So the final pictures and one crappy video: IMGP5059 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5061 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5062 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5063 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5064 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5065 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5066 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5070 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5071 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP5074 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr
  3. Farming tractor

    I like it, the best tires would be fischertchnic 80mm tractor pattern: They fit the same rim you have like they are from lego. I have them for same purpose - to build a smaller tractor but they are in drawer for quite a long time now, no time..
  4. Good to hear that instructions are working, yes the engine is quite tricky, but this was the only way I could come up with. I guess the best method is to turn the model upside down so the pistons do not fall out while you try to squeeze it into place.
  5. Thank you. I have modified instructions, download link is still the same I enjoyed it a lot, and learned some cool locking techniques, it is really interesting how you build!
  6. Thank you! It is interesting that you build it from back section forward, while I took opposite approach and build it from steering column to back EDIT: It is finished: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_52o8Yjx1kuOVMyZkxsOWJzWEE/view?usp=sharing Sorry, it is with towballs instead of 3L pin w axle. Wheel covers are with 2L pins, I didn't even realized that you used 3L pins in black. Can anyone please try the instuctions, I have no access to bricks at the moment. Sorry, there is no bill of material included, LPub always draw it like it wants, maybe I will add it once I figure where is the problem. File is currently on my google drive, I think it would be better to move it to your bricksafe Didumos. I hope you will like it!
  7. I have finished stepped ldr file including view rotations, before finalizing the whole instruction, can you @Didumos69 please send me a picture of silicone bands - how they are attached? I don't have parts with me atm to make my own picture and I'm not able to model them in LSynth, that is beyond my skill yet. I will put that picture in the pdf to appropiate place in building steps, thanks
  8. Use rubber 2L connector, this is very usefull part: trailer suspension by Ivan Moc, on Flickr It is live axle for smaller scale trucks, works like a charm. The rubber connectors are fixed to the frame and axle is only resting on it. Side links are there to limit the movement left/right. Since it is for trailer you can make it more compact, this is just for showing how it works.
  9. If they created new mould of existing tire, just for the looks (56898 vs. 30699), then I don't see a reason why not. vs. The tire above is mostly used in creator line, but I think 49,5mm tire would be usefull there as well.
  10. Or LTG can introduce narrow version of 49,5mm tire, using it for front and current version for back, serving as dual tire. Not exactly true to real life, but I think it would be perfect compromise - narrow front, wide back, lower part count.
  11. You have to build it in steps like in real life (in stud.io), but once you have it is is quite easy as camera angles can be also set up in it so there is only little work to do in LPub after that
  12. Stunning! I would love to build your sprayer, it is always very nice experience to buld something similar to your own cration, to see how different people approaches same challenge. You can use blue render for generating instruction out of LDD, but I have zero experience with it. I prefer stud.io, exporting to .ldr and using LPub3D. If you give LDD for free I would try to make pdf instructions out of it
  13. Maybe @Jim can add voting for Mack color? Mack Black Graphite = Black Gray Lacquer = DBG Red Arctic = Dark red White Liquid = White Silver Mountain = Flat silver Green Day Cab = Dark green Cobalt Blue = Dark blue Different
  14. There is a way to build steering collumn without rotation, I think that the 2x2 perpendicular connector with half pin is the only part where it cannot be avoided. I think I will give it a go (if you don't mind).