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  1. If it is samll model and space is an issue then I would go with axle only, if it is bigger then you can use big turntable
  2. Ivan_M

    42115 Lamborghini

    Me back in 2018 in wish topic
  3. Ivan_M

    General Part Discussion

    There is #3 connector in DBG for a first time in this color in set 42103:
  4. Ivan_M

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I would say it is too much, 3-4 rpm is usually on cranes that do contitious cycle work (like dragline crane), but I wouldn't go below 1-2 rpm as it is too slow to play with
  5. Ivan_M

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Seems I was really close I'm so glad it is regular yellow and brings back usefull panels. I'm actually excited from set since Xerion..
  6. Ivan_M

    The blue brothers

    I had an unique opportunity to make instructions for both cars so I fell quite familar with them, but the video of the roof still blown me away, that is some neat engeneering!
  7. Care to elaborate? This souds very helpful! Not that I mind dusting off my trigonometric skill from time to time, but you know.. \\Edit: never mind, I have found out your video on YT and link to LDraw forum with the script: https://forums.ldraw.org/thread-23697-post-34178.html#pid34178 Very handy!
  8. Ivan_M

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Given the huge size of PU elements I don't think so, take a look at @M_longer wheeled loader WIP topic, how he struggle to put ONE hub and 4 motors into body that offer more space than backhoe. And PU motors are way to large to integrate into rear arm. Not mentioning price of such solution...
  9. And vice versa, TLG should be more cautious before jumping and take things more calmly, explaining, asking...
  10. The problem here is that TLG is behaving in matters like this like elephant in porcelain. The same was cause with one of the german reviewer who got sued for selling mug with brick picture. I'm sure all designers would rename all their 3D models when a polite letter would be delivered first, EXPLAINING and asking for removal of "LEGO" words, giving everyone enough time, then followed by 2nd letter and only THEN asking for takedown. But unfortunately, this is not how corporates works
  11. LDCad for stepped 3D model and then LPub. While LPub is sometimes very painful to use the amount of customization of final look is why I still use it. I find it quite joyful to make instructions and I can do so quite quickly
  12. The instructions are finally alive: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-29716/Ivan_M/truck-with-concrete-pump/#comments It is whooping 570 pages, the build is split into 5 sections with central gearbox and outriggers, rear module, front module, cabin and arm. It consist of 4120 parts, something I did'n expect, I thought it would be closer to 3000.
  13. Wow what a waste of internal space, it is half empty when the motors should be inside superstructure and not in arm. Nice review, thanks
  14. Ivan_M

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Of course they are aware that the ratio could be achieved by much less gears but the goal here was to put motor in center. Then you have wheel X stud apart and have to get there without using perpendicular gear connection. IMO this would be perfect set to introduce helical gears