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  1. I have been checing you build silenty and so far I like it. I don't find you solution of outridges very appealing though. I would wrap the cylinders with some liftarms, add larger foot and somehow made them appear more robus. The single rack is not looking (on such truck) very strong as well. I know it will not actualy improve the strength/support of the truck, but it seems you are focusing on looks quite a bit so I thought I would mention it.
  2. Looks good so far. Regarding the worm gear - the 60z turntable (new one, without inner tooths) is working with new 1L wormgear only, and at 1/2 stud offset, so pretty useless. Only the old 56t turntable can be driven with 2L worm gear. I have bought hose from here: http://www.blokbricks.com/contents/en-us/d2.html I'm not able to recognize it from original one. But it is from europe
  3. Effe's MOC Corner

    The cabin looks fabulous, but is clashes with the container a lot (system build with a lot of details vs. pure technic). I don't like the panels scattered all over the place without any pattern. Some are vertical, some horizontal, some stud lower than others etc. I know that the render adds a lot of lines that would be hidden in real model, but it is a mess
  4. I'm in same position like you - I have as many liftarms, connectors and pins as I need and I do not keep anything assembled. Therefor buying (any) set is out of the question. Price for 2x11 cylinder on BL is quite low, I have bought 6 of them for less than 3€ each, thin 1x11 are more expensive but when you are patient you can get it for 4-5€. "Old" cylinders are still very usefull, I have used them in all my recent mocs
  5. I would get Volvo for several reasons - it is soon to retire, price after mentioned sale is probably very nice, same amount of pneumatics like 42080. New valve is nice addition, but not really for manual model
  6. There are countless ways how to enclose 5,5 axle into locked frame, here is one of the example: Untitled #1 But for your build I would throw diffs away and i would power only 1 of the wheel
  7. Very nice model indeed! I wonder why anyone would use such crane over "traditional" truck crane. The lack of superstructure rotation is really weird, I guess this machines target is not cranes but reach stackers
  8. and that is very good, red 3x11 panels are awfully expensive
  9. General Part Discussion

    Good news everyone, B&P are back online and pieces from 2017 sets are available, go pick that red 3# connector for 0,25€
  10. That new valve looks very good, it will be possible to place them one to each other. I hope the force required to switch it will be (much) lower than V2 switch. I have bunch of them and all of them moves very badly
  11. Wheels with pins? So we will get ANOTHER wheel hub? Like they cannot decide which one to use... I think that the increased part count would be used for system-parts shaping
  12. Thank you, the entry is on: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-12600/Ivan_M/aw-169-helicopter/#comments I have already found mistake in instructions, on page 17, step 2, there is one extra 12t bewel gear, on page 18 step 13 the 12t bewel gear have to be replaced with 12t half bewel gear and bush. I have fiddled with this too much and I have probably corrected it in different file other then the one I was using for instructions generation. I will try to correct it. It is replaced with correct pages. Download link is still the same. Use rebricable for parts list, the one is PDF is not updated as it was causing some errors I'm not wiling to fight with.
  13. I have made several PDF instructions out of the stud.io in LPub3D. The process is not really different from making the model completely in LDCad or MLCad. I suggest to set viewing angles in studio, it will save you a lot of time. Move the camera to desired position, right click on step, select set angle, hit OK and CLICK ON CAMERA BUTTON on right side at step selection (you have to select "Show by step" to see the camera button). After you are done export the file to LDraw. Open LPub3D and import the file. Take in mind that the LPub annotations (callouts, merging etc.) are not loaded in studio and opeining/saving such file in studio will remove it. So make sure you are 100% done in studio or alternatively use LDCad to make changes. MLCad will not work as the groups are not correctly exported (studio doesn't support .mpd export yet, but it is worked on).
  14. IT IS DONE 161 pages, You can download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s0sSqyjJu3UAokQs4b0YXNb6YgA6u6uV/view?usp=sharing It is more challenging build than TLG sets, it is sometimes difficult to see some parts or connecting points, the flex axles are not the best and there is no cable routing, but I think most user will be fine without it. I think it would be shame to leave it only here, it would be soon forgotten. I can put it to my rebrickable or you can create your own account, there is no really difference, it is up to you Steph.