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  1. If you really want secure connection you might try Efferman 3D printer bracket: https://www.shapeways.com/product/37J8ZR3KM/2x11-kombinierer-v2?optionId=61177427&li=user-profile
  2. Axle Collection Thread

    Well done! This is why I love EB
  3. Axle Collection Thread

    I don't understand what do you mean, I'm talking about this: the offset between left and right wheel is 1 stud and that is too much in smaller scale, the whole steering acts funny with it. I don't like half stud offset on steered axle as well (in this scale), it just brings too many problems. That is why I decided for non-driven steered axle with zero offset. Not really following the source material, I know, but I'm fine with it.
  4. Axle Collection Thread

    Interesting, but you have 1 stud offset between the wheels and that is too much for this scale
  5. Axle Collection Thread

    But that build was with 30,4mm wheels and 49,5mm tires. There is one wheel in that size with 3 pinholes for wheel hub, but I don't have them. Maybe I will try that when I return to this build
  6. Axle Collection Thread

    Yes I guess so, but it would require moving pivot point one stud to the centre. That would mean wider fenders. I realized that such model is working much better as motorized one and I really don't enjoy remote models as much as manual ones. That is why I abandoned it for now. I have to admit though that the performance with one L motor is amazing and the suspension is working like charm (on rear axles).
  7. Axle Collection Thread

    No it is not, I don't like axles with pivot point too far from wheel center. This axle is for truck 15L wide so driven and steered axle would be too big. I have put this on hold for a while but I can finish the digital file with rear axles and put it here
  8. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Because piece count would go beyond 4k with 62mm wheels and same level of detail.
  9. Yes there is big incline to DBG generally, what was bulid in LBG in past (main frame) is now mostly DBG. I'm surprised that the frame 5x7 is first in black, I expected DBG first. There was #2 connector re-introduced this year (also last in 2005), I guess we will see some other DBG parts on Mack - either completly new or re-introduction. What comes in mind first is 2L pin joiner with slot: This part is not yet available in DBG, only the older variant without slot.
  10. Looks massive, the things I don't like are added unsuspended weight (motors) and steering without ackerman geometry. I guess the first one is intended to increase performance but you have plenty of space for ackerman
  11. Lego is all about compromise, with you attitude you would end up with clean table, because most of the builds are out of the reality. My point about the wheels and overal size of the rally car is that you can find a lot of models that are smaller, with more functions and less plastic, although the piece count might be similar or even higher.
  12. So any transmission is more unrealistic than none? I mean 43mm wheels, not tires:
  13. I disagree. I don't think such Technic models are impulse-buy or bought without study in advance. Target audiance of technic are kids old enough to look for review videos on youtube or to look for the reviews on brickset etc. And if such reviews are full of "seen-before", "nothing new" or "lack of features" I think that it will have some impact. Imagine there would be gearbox - it would be mentioned in every review that is is long time since we got that and how cool is that, that TLG is going to its roots, true succeesor to (insert reviewers favourite lego car set name)... \\edit, how I would approach rally car: 1) make it smaller, use 43mm wheels, this saves a lot of panels 2) put saved plastic from 1) into 3+R gearbox, if you are still short of budget drop more panels The current set is big, but empty. The emptyness is hidden by panels
  14. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    That shower corner is perfect. It must be very different from ships as I don't see much snot here. I aslo like to floor heating and ceiling with lights, I hope your client will like it as much as I do