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  1. Ivan_M

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I think dozer is very good guess, I think it will introduce PUP into technic - new BB with PUP port, something like IR reciever with two chanells, 2 L motors with PUP connectors. It will feature gearbox similar to 42070 - switch between drive and blade operation, rear ripper will be manual. Parts wise it will be less than 2000, I would say around 1600, of course yellow, price wise RRP 220€+-10€
  2. Ivan_M

    [MOC] AMAZONE Pantera 4502

    Wow, nice. That lifting feature is killing me, I have build the third sprayer from the last year's gang and I had spend a lot of time on lifting, but I had failed and considered it "impossible". How wrong I was! it is working like a charm here. I also like your approach to drive.
  3. Ivan_M

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    2H sets from 2018 leaked in December 2017, but given how well TLG protected 1H 2019 I wouldn't expect any information till much, much later
  4. Ivan_M

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    One more thing - Vette is fitted with wheels 43x14 with smooth pattern - ie from London bus, it is nice to see them in new set, they are quite expensive on BL
  5. Ivan_M

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    now my hopes for yellow #5 and #6 panels are in vein, WHY the hell they use all yellow sticker over black panel
  6. Ivan_M

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    There is black BWE ring used as front bumper on Porsche, so it means it is ~25 studs wide. I also think there is white pin with pinhole (15100) on it. The rear mirrors are a little bit blury, but maybe there is 32291 in white?
  7. One more thing I would like to get help with - when I put subassembly into buffer exchange I end up with " build 2x" on page with subassembly, because it is in fact used two times. The trick with PLI IGN doesn't work. Any solution for this? Thank you
  8. Thank you for simple yet effective guide. I actualy find it easier to do the buffer exchange later in LPub rather than in LDCad inserting the commands. I have few remarks that might help other people: 1) every part after 0 BUFEXCHG A STORE command is considered as buffered, so place parts that have to disapper at the end of step 2) you have to hide the part from PLI in the step where the part is in final position So the example might look like this: 0 STEP // here are parts that are placed in normal manner 0 BUFEXCHG A STORE // parts below are placed temporary 1 71 260 -40 -200 -1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 -1 32054.dat 1 71 -180 -40 -200 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 32054.dat 0 STEP 0 BUFEXCHG A RETRIEVE // hide all parts in buffer 0 !LPUB PLI BEGIN IGN // remove the parts from PLI 1 71 60 -40 -200 -1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 -1 32054.dat 1 71 -60 -40 -200 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 32054.dat 0 !LPUB PLI END
  9. Ivan_M

    Weserhütte W180 cable excavator

    Oh nice, another dragline and in system bricks! What is the scale? I don't like the cabin very much, while the quarter round tiles are nice, they do not suit the original much, they are too thick. How about flex axle or rigid tube? I would also change the mesh at the back, the solid wall behind it is not very appealing.
  10. I didn't mean to use the towball with shaft in your wheel hub, just a general tip, I was fidling with it and realized that it might be useful, sometimes the structure is very small so a pinhole "wasted" for towball is not good, ths part solves that
  11. I like how the suspension arms are locked on the hub. By the way if you will ever need towball that is held in place much firmly try part below inside cross hole, it is esp. strong connection together with pin with axle hole
  12. Thank you for the experience and for the link, we have finaly some more information. 500mA doesn't sound bad, nor superb, it is something I have expected. Of course provided that the batteries are not fake and capable of that capacity.
  13. Never call anything "final", before you test it out throughly. So I had build boom in full length and glory - 6 wide, 7 high, 66 studs long, 4 section, almost direct copy of this boom from Nick Barrett: from this crane: http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/443667 It looked like this: Boom 7x6 4-section It works very smooth when short, reasonably smooth when 30 studs long, but impossible to extend when 66 studs long using PF motor ( VERY geared down). The problem is 3rd section made of smaller panels. It bows significantly because it is build from small parts next to each other. It is difficult to describe precisely, but the section is not flat, but curved. This creates a lot of friction when it slides in or out of the 2nd stage, because it have to bend to opposite direction. I have damaged several parts trying to extend the boom by string and finally decided to rebuild it. I would like to see how Nick's boom performed, I don't think that he was able to extend it using string only, without the help. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I have to say that the fully extended boom looked more than impressive, total height was around 240 studs (~192 cm). So it was clear that I have to do something about that and obvious solution was to a) reduce section to 3, b) remove the section with most friction. I have left the first and second section as is, only reducing width by 1 stud as it wasn't needed. The 3rd section is left out and former 4th section is made bigger to fit into 3 brick high panel. I have also added pulleys to 2nd section end and front and to 1st stage front so the string can slide easily. Final boom is 5 studs wide, 7 high, 66 long, extends to ~180 studs (144 cm). Not as impressive as 4-stage, but still nice. It looks like this: Boom 5x7 - 3 stage I also had to totally change lifting cylinder, the string operated one wasn't strong enough and string tend to "cut" into parts when it slides over them without support of pulley. It is nothing different that good old rack and worm gear, held together by some plates. Works like a charm. It is a little bit too wide compared to 5-wide boom, but that is lego.. 20181029_233900 You can also see some basic structure that will form superstructure, I have three L motors there - one for slewing - worm gear to 20t bewel and 12t bewel to turntable, other one for rising boom - 12t bewel to 20t, then worm on rack, last one for boom extension, with worm to 8t and second seto of worm to 8t. Ther will be 4th motor as well for winch. Video of the boom is here, with some surprise at end: Boom fully extended: Boom 7x5 3-section
  14. Thank you. The air tank will not help, the delay is partly due to various length of tubbing and mainly due to different friction of cylinders, some are more than 20 years old. I have tested the drivetrain with 2kg of load and it driven fine, you can see it on previous page. Oops, thank you, I have to keep that in mind.
  15. Well I of course don't know how much other builders get from selling instructions, but the problem with your builds are that you sell LDD file only, this is always big obstacle because most people cannot build from 3D file and the generator from LDD is rubbish, esp. for complex snot or technic builds. I have 3 mocs for sell and they basicly generate enough cash to cover my BL orders and that is enough for me.