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  1. Ivan_M

    42080 Forest Harvester

    It is nice that rear axle(s?) are also pendular
  2. True. I like studless over studfull, but for kids, it is the opposite. If the boy aged 7-10 would venture from city to Technic, he is left with very small collection of parts that can be re-utilized. It is like starting over with collection. Would you do that as a kid? Improving studfull model with systems parts is so easy and with great effect, how would you improve any current model with system bricks?
  3. My main gripe about current sets is that they are way too large for what functions they have. "Build as large as you need, not as you can" is comunity "rule", but i think guys at TLG should take that in mind. For example - extreme adventure shoud be way smaller, on the other hand, Mack is perfectly fine (and would be way too big with 62mm wheels). As for B models - I have already spoke my mind in next topic: I would be VERY surprised to see youngsters building anything near B models out of the pile of parts. Studless building is much more difficult than studfull used to be. That is why I think B models are important. I wonder where TLG sees Technic in 5-10 years..
  4. I do not build B models at all (not even A models..) but I remmember from my youth that B models (and BI from various ideas books) were wery important at that time. MOCing (and esp. studless) is not an easy job for kids so I think that the B model should be something better than the one from this set. Take an inspiration from BWE or Mack, those ar good B models and proof, that TLG can make them right.
  5. That B model is so pathetic, 4000 parts and the only thing they manage is to make slightly different superstructure..
  6. old extension cannot mesh with double sided clutch gears (red 16 tooth and new blue 20 tooth), only with older single sided 16 tooth
  7. I was checking B&P regularly later for other new pieces, this is BIG surprise, so early!
  8. There is an interview with TLG designers and Bugatti representatives published at New Elementary: http://www.newelementary.com/2018/06/press-conference-lego-bugatti-chiron.html#more Some questions are from this topic I believe. the most hilarious is this one:
  9. Lime = Lamborghini, beside that: it is VW (licence), it would fit along with other two when displayed on shelf, no new molds required
  10. You have to aim for similar dimmensions - length around 45mm, overal diameter around 10,5mm, wire thicness around 0,8-1mm and of course force. If I remember correctly the total travel of 9,5L spring is 10mm and extra hard spring need around 1-1,2 kg to be compressed fully. So you need spring with R~1N/mm.
  11. No need to be as extreme as that. I have bought only 3rd party springs and shocks with soft springs, in the end each was less than 1€ in total.
  12. Interesting, thanks. The big question is what kind of other bits will TLG serve us, given the last motorized sets I think there is incline to less motors - ie technic BB will be the same with different form factor and motors will get new connector only. I do not think there will be new motors at all. If TLG decides to make RC set with more than 2 channels i think they might produce some kind of splitter, but I'm sceptical about it. I would like to know what happens if there are two remotes and one BB and vice versa.
  13. This is indeed much better, very nice scale model. The stickers are nice finishing touch. Are the pontons easily detachable? Care to take a picture without them?
  14. Ivan_M

    42080 Forest Harvester

    You cannot compare them by retail or aftermarket price. When you produce such motors in huge quantities price is VERY low, I would say internals of both motors are below 1,5€, casing is nearly the same in terms of manufacturing costs. L motor is indeed better for pump operation due to its better mounting points, one pump is usually causing a lot of vibration due to its cyclic motion
  15. That is again a missed opportunity, that monstrous engine in multiple layers is the most ugly part of this car.