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  1. B-models are designed by other designers than main model, I would say some rookie did this and I suspect Samuel Tacchi might be the one. Take a look at interview on brickset: https://brickset.com/article/29340/interview-with-technic-designers This line exactly: Brickset: Are there any vehicles which you would like to build but have not been able to so far? Samuel: We are definitely always looking for new challenges every year and constantly trying push the boundaries, either by improving on vehicles we have done before or seeking out new ones.
  2. [MOC] FTF FS-20 Roseboom heavy haulage (1:16)

    Really amazing That would make me sign up at ideas just to vote on this
  3. Very nice review, I would also mention new recolor - thin 7L liftarm in DBG
  4. General Part Discussion

    Yes I will order them on BL or S&H, but I have bunch of 32L already so I thought I will ask before doing anything stupid
  5. General Part Discussion

    it is for sliding mechanism - similar to outridges on 42009
  6. General Part Discussion

    Reddish brown expanded a lot in terms of connectors and panels, but the liftarm selection is very poor - only 3,5 and 15L are available and zero thin ones. I think the most funny is that we have 63869 in brown as third color ever released: where the hell is yellow, white, blue and red!! It is interesting that the best recolors are now originating from other themes than Technic. Different topic - I need 16L axles and they are quite expensive, esp. in black. Anyone cutted 32L axle in two? They are quite flexible so I'm worried if it will work.. (sorry if I offended anyone with this)
  7. General Part Discussion

    good spot, thank you so much! It is indeed much better to search by element ID and not by part ID. Not sure if 20 pieces is enough now #2 DBG connector from 75532 is not yet available unfortunatelly, but pin with pinhole in DBG is VERY reasonably priced!
  8. General Part Discussion

    Anyone knows how bricks & pieces work? I would like to buy bulk of recenty re-released parts that were last seen decade ago, namely 32184 in DBG that appeared in 75119 last year. Since its release this part is "out of stock" and it is still overprices at BL
  9. Doing something different for sake of different is nothing I appreciate. The linkage steering is usually much more sloppy than rack and pinion and I would say that young builders would understand rack solution better. Give a kid example of linkage system and rack and let him build his own creeation - my bet is the one with rack will get working steering.
  10. Thank you. I have checked Sariel's speed build and you are correct, hard ones are in back. Based on my experience from mocing I would swap them because front is usually heavier due to more parts there
  11. Would you please take a picture with technic figure inside on seat and outside of the car? I also think you misplaced shock absorbers - hard should go front and soft into back.
  12. The thing with u-joints is really interesting and it didn't occured to me, very good to know, thank you for poiting it out!
  13. I agree that vibrant colors appeal to young children, but is it the same for (boys) in age 11-16 as TLG is promoting? I'm not sure about that.
  14. Good news everyone! First of all, here is video showing final version of outridges, as i thought, 4x4 bent liftarm was indeed good solution as when deployed they can lock and support whole truck above ground. However they are not strong enough to lift it, you have to help it by hand and I wanted to keep them driven by gears, not by hand like on Xerion: Second, more important news, the PDF building instructions are done! It features whooping 272 pages and 194 steps not counting sub-assemblies. The whole model consist of 1301 parts. To give you hint how it looks like here is sample: military recovery truck_page_93 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr I hope you will understand that it took a lot of time finish it so I have decided to humbly ask 10€ for the instructions, I hope you will understand. If you are interested please send me a PM, drop email to moc.ivan@gmail.com or use direct paypal link http://paypal.me/IvanMoc/10EUR Rebrickable entry is here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-8976/Ivan_M/military-recovery-truck/
  15. One more thing about 42070 - I really miss HOG steering on it - you can disable drivetrain for push-play and HOG would make a lot of sense