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  1. How do I search for some part across the whole library? Am I missing something obvious? The filtering option only search through current category, but when I know part number and don't know category I'm srewed. I have to open ldraw library, look for the dat file and read the category from it, not very effective. I was looking for part 24947 and found it under "sphere". I know that BL list it under round bricks and would find it immediately in studio. This is very confusing, I wish ldraw would adapt to BL categorizing
  2. Ivan_M

    General Part Discussion

    yea I meant vertical 5 studs, my bad
  3. Ivan_M

    General Part Discussion

    because the current hubs require 5 horizontal studs between hub arms and those old hubs require only 3 studs. When you want to make steered and driven axle with 62,2mm wheels it is huge difference, because 5 studs high axle leave almost no ground clearance.
  4. Ivan_M

    General Part Discussion

    Some parts arrived, this would be at least 165€ on BL if such parts were actualy in stock. I wish TLG would make such parts from time to time to fill aftermarket
  5. Ivan_M

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    #2 connector in yellow is already re-released in set 70823: https://brickset.com/sets/70823-1/Emmet-s-Thricycle! I already bought 20 pieces from B&P
  6. Ivan_M

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So bauma is getting closer and aparently there will be some Lego models on Liebherr booth: #Bauma2019 #Töbydesign #Lego #Liebherr by Tobias, on Flickr sooo maybe there will be 42100 displayed as well? Anyone going to Bauma?
  7. Ivan_M

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Guys are you aware of @Lipko telehandler, right? https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-6302/Lipko/telehandler/#comments perfectly possible to build it with unimog tires. Just don't wait for the one from lego, build this beatuy
  8. I have made several other tweeks here and there, this is how it looks now: I'm especially glad that the current step highlight can be modified, because I had troubles locating it all the time. I have made folders for all parts I use regularly, so I don't have to go into main catalogue at all. I also had to rename some parts, I have no idea why ldraw uses such weird names for tires, for example 62,4mm tire is named "Tyre 20/ 64 x 37 S". I couldn't find any common tire there so I had modified all .dat files and gave them proper names. I still have to make some bigger project from scratch so maybe I will find more things that would be good to change, but so far I'm happy. Maybe a small part annotation in part bin would be good, esp. on long axles and liftarms.
  9. Thank you, it is working fine
  10. Ivan_M

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    yes this is the same setup BWE uses. I don't like it very much, the single point of contact at quarter circle puts too much pressure on it. The solution with more rollers on 42082 is better. IMO the best solution would be to develop new part similar to 1x1 round tile but slightly smaller, that would fit into grove on gear rack and inserting a lot of such rollers along the whole circle. The weight of the supperstructure would spread much more evenly.
  11. Cool, thank you. One more thing that would make my life easier - would it be possible to add custom commands similar to other non-visual LDraw commands? I'm particullarly looking for LPub commands 0 !LPUB PLI BEGIN IGN and 0 !LPUB PLI END. When I use a lot of buffer exchange it would be easier to add this command directly in LDcad rather then in LPub, bacause it would be possible to move it much easier. Now I use !LICENCE and !KEYWORD to mark the PLI IGN start and end, then I open the mpd file in notepad replacing all instances with correct text. Thanks
  12. Ivan_M

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I can see two black BWE rings in the picture mentioned on previous page, the arm is 13-15 wide and superstructure seems like 25 studs wide. I believe there is same setup like on 42082.
  13. Ivan_M

    General Part Discussion

    New rims in size 30.4x20 from Mustang:
  14. Thank you for the reply, I have figured out the custom bins, I should have expected this, it is quite obvious Regarding the 1) - the middle mouse button (when I click with the wheel) brings up properties window. I would like to remap it to camera movement left-right/up-down (currently shift+right mouse button).
  15. Afrer a long time using stud.io I have decided to take step forward and use LDCad as my main tool. There are however two things that bugs me a lot: 1) Is it possible to map camera movement to mouse wheel button i.o. propertiers? 2) Is it possible to create folders in favourite parts bin, preferable with fixed parts colors? it is extremly tedious to look for the parts, esp. when they have different color than I'm used to. Most of the technic parts are available in one color anyway. Any I don't want to browse "gear" category filled with obsolete or weird parts that i do not use at all. Like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19bF0UTdJtpfH1-VBB1hgZSyByUndVhEM/view?usp=sharing Thank you