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Found 6 results

  1. This is my take on the new C8 Corvette which was released recently. It is the first mid-engined Corvette and is going to retail for less than $60k in the US. With the performance numbers it is putting out, it might become one of the greatest disruptions we have seen in recent times. Characteristic for this model are the side scoops which you can option with contrasting colors (I have had a lot of fun with the online configurator), the mid-engined proportions and hard angles, such as at the engine cover, rear wing, nose and headlights. The most challenging part of the model was to get the nose and headlights right. This is how I started out: The headlights on the real car have LEG strips on the sides, but I was simply unable to fit them into the space available. The nose was also a bit too tall and I wanted to include the winglets in the side intakes. It took me a day, but I was able to make the updates to the front: Other changes from this version to the one you see in the top include new side intakes, updated windscreen and other minor improvements. Now. Would you like to see a fake engine and transparent engine cover?
  2. 3166 parts and a stupid number of evenings later and they are finally done: The GTEPRO racing Porsche 911 RSR cars from Le Mans 2018 in scale 1:20. Let's take them one by one. First we have the #91 car. It wore the Rothmans livery to celebrate 70 years of Porsche. Special for this car is how the gold (and pearl gold) parts form a (nearly) continuous line from the headlights to the trail lights. What I'm especially happy about is how I managed to add the bulge above the rear wheels. The #92 ran with the victory in the class. It wore the 'pink pig' livery in celebration of the 70 years. This was the most challenging car to build due to the low availability of bright pink parts. They were not all available when I first built the model in 2018, so I went to Le Mans with a multi-colored car, as can be seen in the video. But thanks for Overwatch, the car is not (almost) entirely pink! Car #93 was the first one that I finished. It has the 'standard' Porsche livery which also was present on the 919 prototype the year before. See my take on that car in this thread: The biggest challenge with this model was the brick built lines. I prefer not to use stickers to denote lines and pieces of the bodywork. The cars should also look fine without stickers. Car #94 will most likely try to forget there even was a Le Mans in 2018. They crashed in the first qualifier and retired early from the race. The car is almost the same as #93. The differences being white spoiler, side mirrors and different stickers. The building instructions are found here: #91 Rothmans Porsche: #92 Pink Pig: #93 Standard Livery: #94: Please reach out to me, or reply in this thread, with any questions you have regarding building the models, gathering parts, and so on. I am happy to help.
  3. Hello, Nine years ago i try to make a Replica of this Engine: Well since I improved a little bit my "skills" and there is much more Lego Parts then 9 years ago, this is my second try: CP 4700 Lego 1:20 Scale by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  4. This is my latest finished pair of Le Mans race cars from the 2017 race: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R. The scale is 1:20, like in Legoland. This is purely display model without interior, engine or functionality (apart from rolling wheels). There are building instructions here: The sticker sheet includes the stickers of the #63 and #64 models. Construction started after the race where I was asked to build this model. Members from my local LUG were helpful in giving me constructive criticism, and the design of the car only took around 3 weeks. As usual I use Griddy for the design document: Here are some shots from the construction process: You can see how I struggled with getting the lines on the sides right: And some times progress was... reversed: The body work below the windows was also a challenge: The rear end has mostly undergone refinements rather than complete redesigns: And the same can be said for the front: As you can see, I'm using both sides to experiment with various ideas: Also the roof has received many reconstructions. The transition between the windscreen and roof was difficult to get right: See how the windscreen is flush with the side windows, but not the roof here: Finally the car was finished and I added some simple paper-based stickers: I'm quite pleased with how the it was possible to build in this angular fashion and still end up with a easily recognizable result. Next up on my "2017 Le Mans GTE PRO" grid recreation will be either the Porsche, Ferrari, or Aston Martin. LEGO911 has already made a very nice Ford in this scale, so I will focus on those other models first... and of course the impossible TS050!
  5. Hello, After a little dark age, I came back to train creations, but at this time a little bit bigger than 6/7/8wide :) hope you like it :) LEGO CP1150 Sentinel by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Lego CP1150 Sentinel Motor by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr LEGO CP1150 Sentinel Open door by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr LEGO CP1150 side by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  6. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] 1:20 Tatra 815, RC

    Presenting my latest MOC, a 1:20 Tatra 815! It has 7 functions, 3 of which are RC. The drive can be switched from 4x6 to 6x6, to allow the model to drive (it has no diffs, so when steering the motors burn out when it's in 6x6 mode). The doors open and have locks, the seats are suspended, and the front axle has what I think is the smallest scale Tatra suspension ever with drive, suspension, and steering. All 6 wheels have Tatra suspension, and it works real well. Thanks, C&C please! Brickbybrick