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  1. Wow, great work and amazing suv. It looks like the new Range Rover (I do not remember its name). I very like his realistic look and his performance.
  2. The Ghost Racer

    Track problem Zorex

    Simply you have to change the gear ratio in one or both the tracks.
  3. The Ghost Racer


    Cool MOC, very beatiful. I like the simplicity of functionality. One detail: I think the head should be slightly longer than the side of the viewers
  4. I would love to buy the set 8466, I've always wanted, but as always I deicdo too late to buy what I want, and it is now out of production. It's really rare and expensive unfortunately. I like very much, because I think it is the first big off roader 4x4 ever produced and uses as many as 3 differential is easily motorized, but even so it is very nice to me.
  5. The Ghost Racer

    REVIEW: 21050 Create Your Own Architecture

    Great review, thanks. I like this set, but for me the price is not among the best since the book shows parts not included in the set. However that's a good set (it doesn't mean that I'm going to buy it)..
  6. I own one myself (the yellow one). I built it 3 or 4 years ago. It requires three AAA batteries. is a base pretty enough, The bad thing is that the steering wheel does not always do his duty.
  7. I think it's the bucket for an excavator. Please take pictures of the bucket (or whatever it is) in full, in mod to allow us to admire and understand better what it is.
  8. Wow, really cool. There are much details anywhere, and the comparison with the real model is really impressive. Great work. There are also many small details that testify to the accuracy of your work.
  9. The Ghost Racer

    Unimog Project

    Unimog U4000 seems more like a military truck (and it is), so, I advise you to use this model for the design of the cab, to give it a look very powerful.
  10. The Ghost Racer

    Missing/damaged parts or minifigures in new sets

    If you care a lot to the set, I suggest you go back to the seller and ask him to'll open with him, and then check if there is any, or otherwise to replace it.
  11. The Ghost Racer

    Unimog Project

    Nah, my one had a steering very similar to this and it had just a little problem of torque because I used an m motor for it.
  12. The Ghost Racer

    Unimog Project

    Ahahah, it's impossible to twist back mine one xD It had come full circle on itself, and now you can not straighten it completely.
  13. This is a bargain! But there is one little problem: I do not buy items from sellers not located in Italy because of currency change during transactions (which I do not know if paypal does this automatically, but just look at the problem and then there 'is), the real problem is to return the item in case of malfunction.
  14. Thanks for the pic. I'm trying to find these "mystics" wires, but in Italy, in addition to being ultra-rare, they cost € 20 ($ 26.5) each! And the shipping is not included
  15. Wow, very cool MOC. I very like the trasmisssion design and the choice to use NXT motors for drive. I will build something like this but with 4 linked suspensions. Did you use an original cable to connect NXT motors to Power functions?