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  1. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Looks epic!!! How are they?
  2. MOD English-style Winter Village Train Station Bus

    Really nice! Much prefer the red to yellow, possibly due to the uk heritage :) can you tell me more about the render under osx? I thought it only worked under windows
  3. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It might not be announced in the middle of the mystery box unveiling? It might confuse to release something that isn't the 'mystery' in between, I think, the next two teasers. Just a possibility.
  4. [MOC] Trossingen Station

  5. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Thanks @coaster! Looking forward to 2018
  6. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Congrats Coaster! I too would second the idea. I'd love to buy r56 curves from you, and I'd happily pre order to give you the funds in advance. Personal layout doesn't stretch to the curves you have .... yet!
  7. 2016 Lego trains

    Thanks THERIZE! MkIII is being worked on now, based on feedback and testing the brick built version - funny how it all works in LDD :)
  8. 3D Scan of CLUG train layout at Brick Expo

  9. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    I'd order a box of those wheels!
  10. [LDD MOC]Skyscrapers project

    Stunning work!
  11. Biggest version EVER of my town (Brickville)

    I really like the way you have integrated the modular buildings with the road plates, making the extra width into parking spaces and trees and such. Looks really good!
  12. 10228. Brick link or buy used or skip

    I paid 230 (UK pounds) after selling some sets like you - Missed out on it completely. Best decision as the Haunted House is fantastic!
  13. MOC: Twelve Mile Reef Cafe

    Love it! Nice bright colours and a funny backstory. Not sure I'd order something containing eyeballs though.......
  14. Tower Bridge 10214 New Box Design

    Just what I was thinking! I'm getting mine for Xmas (present to myself...) so good to know it'll still be around
  15. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Thanks both. Guess I might stop bricklinking the old modulars.... Lego should open a vote for old sets to re-release!