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  1. dylanfarrow

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    smart guy! copying your idea :)
  2. dylanfarrow

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I'm now in Australia, so super looking forward to an Aussie distributor. Will buy for sure. @coasterAll US packages have been super delayed (3 months ish) so not surprised about the delay.
  3. dylanfarrow

    My Halloween Village

  4. dylanfarrow

    [MOC] Winter Chalet.. Help me!

    Supported. Great effort
  5. dylanfarrow

    My Latest Layout

    brilliant work!
  6. dylanfarrow

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    Good luck!
  7. dylanfarrow

    Freezer St station Layout

    It was fantastic! Throughly enjoyed your display - Thanks for bringing it along. Nephew liked it too
  8. Amazing ideas. This project is indeed something else!!!
  9. This is amazing. Great work @Cosmik42, can't wait to try!
  10. dylanfarrow

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    @coaster how long do you think it would take to ship to UK? I’m only here till the 27th. Do you think they’ll make it? I know shipping to Aus is much more :/ edit: R 56s
  11. dylanfarrow

    [MOC] Lego Ghost Train ride

    Brilliant. Congrats on such an amazing model!
  12. dylanfarrow

    [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    Outstanding!! Great photography thanks for the tips on wire size, managed to get some 0.04 and it is perfect. Tiles properly click into place and you can’t see a thing. Quick question. What lead you to put in ‘lights’ within each floor, eg lights over the counters in the Diner, instead of putting the lights into the ceiling of the floor above? I’d like to keep it as clean as yours is, and keep the playability of the sets Also are you wiring your leds in parallel or series? Love the clean power at the back of the Diner.
  13. dylanfarrow

    Alternative Diner

    That’s the best thing about LEGO, if it doesn’t work for you, you can change it ? Impressive! It completely changes the atmosphere and feel of the building and fits in well for your scene of buildings.