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  1. Just wanted you to know I adore that rock raiders cliff moc you made a few years ago. Well done!

  2. -DoNe-

    Lego UCS Dropship

    Thank you! The folder is now public! :-)
  3. -DoNe-

    Lego UCS Dropship

    Here is the deal. I was going to enter SHIPtember this year, but I accidently made the main structure of this thing 60 instead of 80 (the cockpit was planned to be 20 studs)... But hey, I still got a pretty nice looking... thing? Right?! Lets move on to the actual creation itself. It's a dropship that's heavily based the very old "Tunnel Transport" set from the Rock raiders theme. The location of cockpit is the only difference really. It was really fun to put it together, especially considering it would be the very firsts RR SHIP, even if that did't happen it is still quite massive and measures up to 84 studs! For more pictures please visit my Brickshelf folder: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=548558 Thanks for taking a look!
  4. This is absolutely mind-boggling! The sheer size is enough to impress but the level of details takes this to a new dimension!
  5. -DoNe-

    18 gun brig GALATEIA

    I'll try to taker some pictures of how it's done, it is quite tricky to get in there As for the masts. I will most likely not move them closer together since they are connected all the way down to the pre-fab hulls. To actually move them I would have to practically take the whole deck apart. That being said ManInATopHat suggestion to put an extra sail in the middle of the weather deck, which is something that I could definitely do :-) I would also like to thank everyone for all the kind comments!
  6. -DoNe-

    18 gun brig GALATEIA

    [pid][/pid] 161D This got to be my fastest ship-built I've ever done, I were able to finish her in just a bit under two weeks, and not just any week, but final exams week! She turned out better than I could ever have wished for. The overall shaping turned out great in my opinion and the color works really well together as well. It's also my very first try at sewing my own sails. I think they turned out okay, not the best but it could have been worse More pictures can be found in my Brickshelf folder (once public): http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=542842 [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp] Hope you like it!
  7. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Yes, she looked a bit to narrow on those hull pieces indeed. I'am fairly happy with the looks of her without the hull pieces but the width still concerned, but as soon as my bl order arrives I'll do a moc-up of the stern to see her in full length, hopefully it looks good but if not I will have to widen her.
  8. -DoNe-

    MOC: Spanish Armada revisited

    I just love old revisited sets and you have done a fantastic job!
  9. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    I'm quite fond of the with so far. I will finish the middle section where the longboats will be situated and then decide if I have to widen it. Thanks! Thank you!
  10. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Yet another update. But this is by far the biggest one so far. The whole thing have been changed basically. color and somewhat design wise. She now have a color scheme that is a bit closer to the ship she is named after (only red canon hatches really). I have also removed the pre-fab hull (you won Sebeous ) and I have to say it looks ten times better than before! I'am now very pleased with the overall design and the dimensions are somewhat acceptable (she is a bit on the small side...=. Enough of that, lets get on with the pictures! NOTE: The individual working anchors are still fully operational
  11. -DoNe-

    WiP: Schooner

    She is looking great so far! I really like the color scheme!
  12. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    That index really comes in handy! Thanks! As for the gunports I have seriously considered changing them to blue to get a nicer contrast. But I'm not quite sure yet. I have also considered to make her black and yellow, I haven't ordered that many brown parts yet so I would've waste that much money, besides can you actually have to much brown? Thank you! I'am just going to keep trying, in the end you will admit it works!!! The book sounds quite interesting, I might have to look into it a bit further. It seems like it have lots of interesting drawings and information to offer. Especially for someone like me who barely knows anything about ships. Thanks!
  13. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Of course the rudder will be connected! The reason for the red gun ports are that she is supposed to be built for the redcoats. But I agree, blue would probably look better. Thanks for the link! It definitely helps out! NOTE: I just received a pretty big BL order so hopefully we will see some more progress pretty soon!
  14. -DoNe-

    14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle

    Excellent work all around! The cabin and rigging are especially nice!
  15. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    I definitely see what you mean, I'll try to fix it until next time! Thanks for your input! The color scheme isn't supposed to be historically accurate, so that's not a problem really. The lower decks won't have any further detailing, except for some minor extra details that will be added mid-ship. Any tips where I can find some good reference pictures? Any help would be greatly appreciated!