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  1. Thanks! Haha yes indeed from brickstickershop.
  2. A few more updates. I have cleaned up the details around the boiler (still got some pipes to add before it is complete). The cabin got a slight rework as well. With part #60592 being a placeholder until I can get my hands on a pair of #7026. A final touch which was added is the stickers for set #7750 (from Brickstickershop). Which added some welcomed contrasting color.
  3. Admiral Woodhouse is visiting one of his new outpost. To his dismay it appears that the designer took not just a little inspiration from Governor Broadside's Brig!
  4. -DoNe-

    [MOC] Frost Driller

    The cockpit-design is delightfully ingenius. I also really like the drill arm. Very well finished model all around!
  5. -DoNe-

    steam locomotive series 310

    Excellent model!
  6. For a start I think it will be the plain variant. Mostly due to costs... Would you prefer to see some custom stickers in there to break it of? There have also been major updates done! As always the photo-quality is absolutely awful, but hopefully you'll get the idea. My current thoughts goes as follows: I want to add brakes between the drivers. Not only will it add some more detail but also give it slightly better proportions. I'm also considering making the cab 1 stud longer, yes/no? Furthermore the blast pipes/cylinders are, well, not so done. Other than that I think it's nearly done!
  7. Huge thanks for the tip! You can now find the studio.io file here: https://bricksafe.com/pages/-DoNe-/rock-raiders-mocs/train-mocs
  8. I just got a mail from Bricklink that the design have been denied due to copyright infringement. Which doesn't make that much sense to me given that there are literally models called "Hogwarts Express" on Bricklink studio that are using printed parts saying Hogwarts Express. So don't know whats up with that. Don't really have any good sharing site, do you have any ideas?
  9. I hear I hear. Not sure I oblige tho, as the slightly chubby look is growing on me. As fir the doors; you are both correct. However when I ordered the XL-drivers from BlueBrixx, wheels might not have been the only thing that made it into the shopping basket...
  10. It's been 60 minutes so its time to present V2 of the passenger car... Apologies for the spam. Rounded corners on the bottom plate as well as plain green sides. I think will look the best with some additional stickers.
  11. Went ahead and tried a new design for the coaches. Now based around affordability as I would like to build 2 or three of them. These aren't based on any real passenger cars, sadly. Two areas need improvements; first of the black base corners under the doors don't harmonize well with the roof. Secondly I'm not 100% satisfied with the reddish brown striping. Should I remove it completely or re-color it?
  12. Just checked and it still says "Pending access approval". I thought that would be done by now. If it hasn't updated today we'll figure something else out!
  13. Hello. I've sadly not had the time to fix it, its been quite bussy. I can upload the file to Bricklink studio, so you can access it. As I believe the file is to large for email. Thank you! I have XL- and M drivers at home, but for this build I wanted to keep it 100% Lego. On my latest build I utilize BlueBrixx XL-drivers for the locomotive (I have a thread with it here on Eurobricks: DB BR01).
  14. I do like DBG myself, so I like to see it all in full detail when someone suggests a color.