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  1. -DoNe-

    [DIGITAL] HMS Vanguard

    Looks very good! The colors are very nice, really like the interior as well.
  2. -DoNe-

    [MOC] 18 Gun Brig

    Thank you! All this positive feedback help making sure that it stays compete.
  3. -DoNe-

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

    Only this quite old picture of the captains cabin. Thank you very much, 15 year old me would be very happy with such praise!
  4. -DoNe-

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

    @Brickander Brickumnus New pictures added!
  5. -DoNe-

    [MOC] 18 Gun Brig

    Thank you very much! Coming right up! I shall keep quite on such things in the future. Thank you for the kind words. Its all built in bricks right away so I don't really know, however it isn't a super high piece count as there is no interior for the lower deck other than the middle section, so quite parts efficient in that sence.
  6. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Just posted a new thread for it: Thank you! Time for another update. The tumblehome is pretty much done on both sides now, details will be added but the basic structure is there. I’ve also realized that I’m roughly 200-300 dark brown tiles short to finish the top deck. The Stern is really starting to take shape and the windows on each side have been properly fitted. I’m really starting to like where this is going.
  7. -DoNe-

    [MOC] 18 Gun Brig

    I got asked in my ship-of-the-line thread to make a separate post for different ship that was visible in the background. This was completed in 2014 and have since been in storage, she’s not based on any specific ship and I’m pretty sure the sails/ mast configuration isn’t correct for a brig but she still looks pretty decent. Thanks for viewing.
  8. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Thank you! Its another long-term survivor that was completed in 2014, here is a few pictures of it:
  9. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    The gallery is starting to take shape. I’ve also changed the deck form dark tan to dark brown in the bow.
  10. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Thanks for the input, they are only a moc-up for placement so far. Having a bit of trouble deciding how far back the mainmast should be in regards to the foremast (I hope that’s the right term). Good to known about the measurement for height, thanks a bunch!
  11. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Major progress have been done today in the stern. Lower deck is close to complete and all structural parts of the rear-section is complete. Next thing on the list is the gallery.
  12. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    I tried that as well but didn’t do the trick, thank you for fixing it for me!
  13. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Yes, this is not to be titled a speed-built by any measure. Just finding my way back to Lego-building, so I figured I should start by finishing of a few unfinished projects that have been sitting in my parents garage for so many years now. And how did you get the picture in, all I got was that the file was too big.
  14. -DoNe-

    [WIP] ShipOfTheLine "HMS Vanguard"

    Why not give an update some 8 years later? https://www.flickr.com/photos/-done-/51942070364/in/dateposted-public/ The Hull is fully brick-built and shes coming together nicely, if I dare say so myself. P.S I posted a link instead of a picture because all photos I tried to upload was denied due to size.
  15. Just wanted you to know I adore that rock raiders cliff moc you made a few years ago. Well done!