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  1. eiker86

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    I meant when it flies by my house ;)
  2. eiker86

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    So excellent :) Just like seeing it for real.
  3. eiker86

    [MOC] The Golden Temple in Amritsar

    Awesome Lasse
  4. I'm up for option 2, but I could share other rooms to.
  5. eiker86

    [MOC] Uncle Scrooges McDuck's money bin

    Here's the size of the project. 20221029_102641 by Ole Tora, on Flickr
  6. I am creating my own copy of the money bin from the blue prints of the money bin created by Don Rosa. The first copy that i know about is the money bin made by Dennis Steppe back in 2015. This have been a big inspiration for the build. It's going to take a while, but I started in august 2022. But I could share some progress :) us moneybin 6 to 10 floor by Ole Tora, on Flickr
  7. Pictures from the event :) Flickr pictures from Eurobricks event #16 Flickr pics from visiting Klodsfest
  8. eiker86

    Eurobricks event 2023 countdown

    There is 0 interior in the castle
  9. So good :) i need to check with the one i got home and ill proberly come anyway xD Accomondation is fixable :) ill find an answear tomorrow.
  10. Oh no.. Is it to to sign up?
  11. I miss Gunzburg, found a cinema not far from the Munich train station that serves food while watching the movie... Never been to Windsor thoug, but Dfenz have some great points :)
  12. Let's do something digital? And postpone to next year?
  13. Per 6th of April 8pm local Danish time, the following restrictions is: - Border's closed until at least 10th of May. - Bigger event's are a no go until end of August. - Events with a total of 10 persons is not allowed until at least 10th of May.
  14. So Japan got cancelled, and I have not seen anything about any cancelation here, so I'll join :)