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  1. Hi, a few months ago, I fulfilled a childhood's dream and bought the awesome set 5571 - Black Cat! I built it, looked at it and was happy. But then I got the Volvo L350F and was fascinated by the RC possibilities. I wondered if this would be possible with the Black Cat as well. I did a quick research but did not found someone who built it yet. So I definately HAD to do it The truck itself is very big, so there would be enough space for all components. A big hood, large free spaces in the chassis, ... But I wanted to integrate all Power Functions WITHOUT notice from outside. So there should be no modifications to the driver cabin or the Lego-built motor. The PF-Reciever needs visual contact. I don't like that and I couldn't find a suitable space where the reciever could fit as well. Therefore I switched to SBrick, which also workes burried deep inside the truck. All PF: 1 Servo 1 XL-Motor 1 battery box 1 SBrick 1 PF extension cable After a lot of trial and error I finally fit all PF inside the chasis! The servo sits directly on the steering. The full lock is a bit higher than on the original, so I had to remove the blue tiles. The XL-motor is located vertically beneath the bed. So between servo and XL there is a gap of less than 9 bricks which just enough for battery box and all cables. The SBrick sits on the battery box's top (1 plate beneath the truck's seats). It's ultra tight but works! I also added twin wheels on both rear axles. Have a look at the video here: A look inside: And the complete set on Flickr - Sebastian
  2. der seb

    Dress my Exo Suit Mini-challenge - Discussion thread

    I think you shouldn't remove the inverted black bracket, it adds a lot of strength to the suit. Without it, the complete top area only sits on the two headlight-bricks
  3. der seb

    Monde Cinema

    Hi, this looks great Did you use my City Standard btw?
  4. Thank you so much for this fantastic review ! I like the welder the most I see some new colored pieces there as well: - dark pink hands (female robot) - bright light blue hands (yeti and scientist) - light aqua legs (grandma)
  5. der seb

    Review Review: 21017 Imperial Hotel

    Thank you for this review! Looks like an awesome set. If I only had enough money and space to show it... no love for the clip in tan?
  6. Hi, 398 - U.S.S. Constellation Download Missing: - strings - sticker 7635 - 4WD with Horse Trailer Download Missing: - minifigures (the figures in the picture are not in the model) - sticker 10030 - UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Download Missing: - sticker 10143 - Death Star II Download Missing: - sticker - dish 10x10 (part 50990, it's in the picture but not in the modell since it's not an official part) 10174 - AT-ST Download Missing: - Engine, Large, Center, 10 Blades (x577) - Turntable 4 x 4 Locking Grooved Base (30516) - rubber band - sticker 10181 - Eiffel Tower Download Missing: - nothing 10186 - General Grievous Download Missing: - sticker - hoses 10214 - Tower Bridge Download Missing: - nothing 10230 - Mini Modulars Download Missing: - string - "HOTEL"-tile
  7. Hi, unfortunately I have not enough time to finish/look through them all. Therefore here is my updated list 398 MSS Constellation 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer 10143 Death Star II 10174 AT-ST 10181 Eiffel Tower 10186 General Grievous 10198 Tantive VI 10030 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer 10214 Tower Bridge
  8. sounds like I have to finish all my started works... Ok, so I book: 398 MSS Constellation 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer 10143 Death Star II 10174 AT-ST 10181 Eiffel Tower 10182 Cafe Corner 10184 Town Plan 10185 Green Groccer 10186 General Grievous 10190 Market Street 10194 Emerald Night 10196 Grand Carousel 10197 Fire Brigade 10198 Tantive VI 10211 Grand Emporium 10030 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer 10213 Space Shuttle 10214 Tower Bridge 10224 Town Hall Are they supposed to be 100% correct? Some of them I started a long time ago, so special parts were not available back then. I wil have a look over the modells if I can replace my custom compensatory-parts with the now available official parts. What about colors? Is there a color guide which color to use for e.g. light bluish gray, dark blue, dark red, ...?
  9. der seb

    Review Review: 21013 Big Ben

    Thank You for the review! Seems like a nice set. I tried to build it with MLCad and got over two problems I couldn't make out from your pictures: 1) Is the arrangement of the (darker) bricks in the second floor correct? 2) Is there any plate inside the eight round tan plates? (same situation below the clocks, too) This was the only way I found to get the 57th round brick inside the model. - Sebastian
  10. der seb

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Hi, thanks for all your comments Thanks for that! I haven't looked through these year's new minifigures yet. I knew about the dark green head (there is also one in the summer ninjago-sets), but not about the Lime and Olive Green figure parts. I own a plain lime head, so there would only missing a plain torso and hips. Olive Green would miss plain head, plain torso, hands, hips and headgear. I also noticed that chrome black is only missing head and plain torso (which will probably never be made, but who cares...). Chrome Silver is missing head, hands and unprinted torso. For me, Brasso is like cheating. All parts I own are regular or non-production parts, so none had printings (exept those you see on the picture + the unfinished colors where I mentioned the missing plain torso) From these sets Thanks! I remember your postings (#1 & #2) at It was the beginning of my collection. Most of the time I ordered some parts or minifigures on BrickLink when I had to reach the minimum buy.
  11. Hi there, I just wanted to share my collection of monochrome minifigures with you. I finally got the possibility to make some photos Chrome and Greys Colors Noncomplete Colors "Cheated Colors" - Sand Green, Dark Bluish Gray and Bright Green are missing a complete plain torso - Chrome Gold is a cut keychain Colorwheel Hope you like it! - Sebastian
  12. Hi there, I got this set in Germany and it's also in English. As Lego is from Denmark, maybe they translated it from Danish to English? I scanned it as good as I could and uploaded it here: I also began to decrypt what is written there untill user "HOTH BRICKS" got me the link to this topic. My text begins with "The LEGO news interviewed the hero after..." I also see a comma after the word "shouting", which gives the sentence more sense.
  13. der seb

    REVIEW: 3221 City Truck

    thanks to all of you And a huge thanks to all reviewer that did the other 299 reviews, I enjoyed reading each of which
  14. der seb

    REVIEW: 3221 City Truck

    INDEXED 300th Town Forum Review! REVIEW 3221 City Truck Set Number: 3221 Name: City Truck Theme: City Year of Release: 2010 Pieces: 278 Minifigs: 2 Price: 29.99 Euro S@H description: Load the LEGO® City Truck and make a delivery to the airport! An urgent delivery needs to be made to the LEGO® City airport. Use the trolley to help load the LEGO boxes into the back of the truck and hop into tAn urgent delivery needs to be made to the LEGO City airport. Use the trolley to help load the LEGO boxes into the back of the truck and hop into the driver’s seat to transport them to the airport. * Includes driver and worker minifigures * Features 9 boxes and 1 trolley * Remove the truck top to see the bed and flat screen TV * Open the trailer doors to load up! * Truck measures almost 15" (39cm ) long BrickLink BrickSet --------------------------------- Hi there this ist he review of the new set 3221. I hope you like it, since it is my first review. I apologize for the partly grainy pics, but unfortunately there’s no sun outside :-( Part 1: The Box The box features the well known blue city-frame On the back you can see the minifigures (un-)loading the truck On the box's top, the minifigs appear again Part 2: The Contents There are 3 numbered bags, one sticker sheet, 2 bigger plates for the trailer and one instruction book Random instruction shot. All colors are easy to seperate, also dark and light bley. the sticker sheet was bent, but luckily not broken. It features lego logos for the truck, 3 car signs and the stickers for the lego sets Part 3: The Build Bag 1: The lower truck part and lego sets mostly basic parts, so nothing new here Minifigures: I like the new overall There is also the new cap. You can hardly see that the right figure actually wears sunglasses The build itself isn't very complex, it uses mostly plates and basic parts. Every step contains 2-5 parts The lego sets included Those are so cool There are the truck itself, Police car 7236 and Fire Rescue Car 7942 9 "sets" is ok for this set. I calculated a bit and you could fit 78 small together with 90 big sets into the trailer What I don't understand are the box's sizes. Compared to the truck set (2x2 Tile), the other sets would had to be 1x1 tiles. Now imagine the size for 10179 Millenium Falcon or 10188 Death Star Bag 2: The upper truck part Yellow plane windows and the only printed part. It's the flatscreen for the driver's cabin (see instruction pic above) Yes, the 1x2x2 panel is the new one with bridges Complete (without stickers) What I really don't like are those elephant ears side mirrors Bag 3 The trailer Now look at these doors! The last time they appeared in yellow was 1971 ! The build is very easy. It's just the lage panels, doors and the big plates More interesting is the underside. Clever use of the telescopes. To attach the trailer to the truck lego uses this part DONE Spare parts: Part 4: bigger pics Click here Hope you liked it kind regards Sebastian