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  1. fred67

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    No... that's not what "purist" means. PF is still LEGO, as are the old 9V LEGO Trains. Just because they aren't current doesn't make them not "purist."
  2. fred67

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Interesting observation. Sets are having a lot more SMALL parts to make things way more detailed than they used to be. This is why people should just throw out trying to compare price per part in their comparisons. Weight might be better, but even then it's not really that great.... an injection mold making a single large plate that might weigh less than a bunch of bricks made by another mold, for example. It's hard to quantify, but with the number of smaller parts they're including, price per part is even less meaningful than it used to be, and it was never that good.
  3. fred67

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Maybe I just haven't been paying much attention, but I don't see a lot of complaining about the prices of those sets. Imagine this, though (agreeing with @CSW652), if something like EN was $70 for just the engine, and $30 a car separately. Or, maybe adjusted for current pricing, $90 for the Engine, $40 per car. I honestly think people were just still not "with it" when it came to MOT. The intersection of LEGO Fans, Saavy internet users, train fans, and people that actually knew about MOT was tiny. I was in those first three groups - I had no idea about LEGO trains at all until I stumbled across Railway Express at Sam's Club nearly 20 years ago, now. We're past the point where something like that should be feasible, given modern technology and automation, it's just that TLG can make more money elsewhere (not that they can't make money doing this).
  4. fred67

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Agreed, but, surprisingly, this is actually my favorite "official" LEGO train. I like steam engines. I liked the EN, but the Constitution is more the "old-timey" style I liked when I first got into trains. I added a caboose, and removed the "play" features from the cars. One thing I don't like is that they seem to be cheaping out on us with the small cars lately. That includes The Lone Ranger one, and the Christmas one, and having just seen pictures of the "hidden" one, those cars are like half size, also.
  5. fred67

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    In the third picture you can sort of see a bit behind the side of the engine - it does not look like there's any electronics in there. I would be cool for a new monster theme, but I wouldn't buy this train as a train. EDIT: wanted to add, as I commented about this in another thread; I feel like TLG is cheaping out on us with these half-size cars these days.
  6. fred67

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I supported that last one - the steam train, but question the spacing of the large wheels (typically need less space for LEGO curves, I thought). I supported the street car, although the image is a bit deceptive (dark), because it looks dark red, but when I asked the builder said it was just red. The shuttle is interesting - as I've said in the other thread, I think these sorts of trams using the coaster tracks are really neat, but I'm not particularly enamored by this set (mainly the buildings). I did support it, though. The Flying Scotsman is way too close to EN, I can't support that. It's like EN with some minor mods. I supported the monorail a LONG time ago! 360 supporters.... it's just not happening. It's hard to blame TLG for avoiding monorail (and even trains, generally) when none of these projects can get any traction. The closest is the street car. I wonder if people are OK with small, quality, city transports rather than thinking about the kind of large layout they'd need to "play" with some of these other trains.
  7. fred67

    Lego rollercoaster based trains [CRS]

    Oh, I get why it's so steep, it's just laughable for a tram. At least it's good to know it works, because you know it'll be know problem with more subtle elevation.
  8. fred67

    Lego rollercoaster based trains [CRS]

    I actually think it's cool, using the track this way; I would love to see an "official" motorized version of this. JK Brickworks motorized version is really cool (except, as a people transport, I don't like how steep the slopes are). I'd love to see more like this - I wish I had more than a few minutes every day to spend on LEGO; I have so many ideas - some I'd like to share with people here, but these last few days have me thinking about finally building my city square set, and using these tracks and motorizing it (as an elevated transport, also). The vision of my someday city keeps evolving, and I'd now be happy having just a simple train loop around the outskirts while having either monorail, or something like these coaster ideas, as the inner city transportation system. But I will never call this monorail, and I will always point out to anyone that calls it monorail that there is simply more than one rail the train is running on... it's just that simple.
  9. fred67

    Lego rollercoaster based trains [CRS]

    You can't stem the tide of the butchering of the English (in particular) language. It's like LEGO vs legos. I know I initially brought it up, but it's already obvious it's pointless to argue about when TLG themselves can't even get it right. It IS amusing, though, when TLG stated outright they'd never do monorail again, that they then release a set with what they call a monorail in it, even if it's quite obviously not one.
  10. fred67

    Recreating old trains with new parts?

    Definitely worth it. I was fortunate to win the Super Chief in an auction for around $100, so was pretty happy, but the cars are just as bad - so I recreated using parts I had and bricklinking the rest. I started with black roofs, because the curved slope wasn't available in LBG at the time - at least not in quantity from anywhere, but I subsequently was able to use LBG later on.
  11. My problem with the tape I used (both copper and nickel, which is supposed to be stronger) is simply that it wears out relatively quickly. The tape, wedged between the hard edge of the track and the metal wheels of the 9V motor makes it quite easy to cut through the tape, and once you lose that hard inner edge of the track, you're no longer getting electrical contact. I don't know how long you've used them, but I put them on my Christmas layout and they didn't last even hours.
  12. fred67

    Lego rollercoaster based trains [CRS]

    Why do people keep referring to using these tracks as monorail? I know I'm just being OCD about it, but it's TWO rails, PERIOD. It definitely makes for some interesting transportation systems - something that would be used instead of monorail but, for crying out loud, it's got TWO rails
  13. OK, I know it's just nit-picking now, but the LEGO monorail was a monorail because it has a single (mono) rail.
  14. Ok, so you're not the first person I've heard call it a monorail. It's not a monorail.
  15. That looks great - seems to run quite smoothly compared to first generation.