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  1. fred67

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    That's about right, but the baseplate won't fit in the display case I use. If you're not going to use one of those cases, then it looks like it'll work just fine.
  2. fred67

    Lego Quality Reference

    @jonwil In my Fire Brigade, every single dark red 1x1 tile broke when I tried to apply it. It frankly looked like they were too small, based on the way they were damaged (they all cracked in half from a corner to the opposite corner). Now people will suggest I was somehow doing it wrong, that I'm just a ham-handed moron, and I might think the same of someone else if it weren't for the fact that I could go into my own collection of parts, pull out 19 red 1x1 tiles, and happily place them all without breaking a single one. So there is definitely a quality control issue there. It's difficult to think that it was a mold problem, despite the fact they seemed just a bit too small. They definitely had to be more brittle, and perhaps weren't cooled properly. I don't know - but I do know that it seems to be a particular problem with these colors. Oh, and for the record, it's the one and only time TLG totally failed me - they said they would replace them (I sent them a link to the picture I had of the broken pieces); when I never received them (like a month later), I called back and they claimed the parts were on the way. I never got them. I never pursued it, as the time I wasted on the phone with them was worth more than the parts themselves.
  3. fred67

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    No, I really can't. It would make me build a new one that I don't have time for right now. Why don't you try in or LDD?
  4. fred67

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I have the luxury of having some bonus room space that I put cheap shelves in.
  5. fred67

    Separately packed parts

    I think it's probably easier for machines to sort. They are also probably sourced from different locations, and it's easier to keep those pieces separated if they're in their own bags, but I don't really know - it's all just conjecture on my part. To answer your other question, the bags are great for keeping the set together, but then they typically go into box (I use those "bankers boxes" a lot, as well as for my instructions), or sometimes into the plastic "shoe box" size (6qt) containers when they are small enough to fit a whole set (or multiple sets).
  6. fred67

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    @Coren There are other labels, but they were designed for a Brother label maker, which I didn't feel like spending something like $70 for. They are probably better, though. I just printed these on plain paper and taped them; I also had to hand write a few as they are definitely lacking.
  7. Very cool; thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed reading it.
  8. fred67

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    There's not really a whole lot to say - there are links to the container store above, if I'm not mistaken; the build is pretty simple - exactly what it looks like. Every one I've done so far is different, I just use filler bricks underneath. Here's a very recent look at my collection: Here is a longer thread that shows a lot of other options:
  9. fred67

    Sets for sale

    It helps if you set your country or region, or at least say it somewhere in the post.
  10. fred67

    Lego Quality Reference

    Reddish-Brown and Dark Red are notorious.
  11. Buyer pays shipping except for over $25 in polybags. Keep in mind large boxes cost a lot to ship. I will unbox if desired. Outside of North America, buyer pays all shipping. Polybags are listed at the current lowest BL prices in North America - I'm certainly willing to negotiate down form there, especially for multiples. If you look at the pictures, you'll see I have a lot of multiples of some bags. Polybags: TMNT Shredder 5002127 $3.00 Rocket Racoon 5002145 $8.00 Hulk 5000022 $22.00 Thor 30163 $7.00 X-Wing 30051 $9.50 Shuttle 30050 $5.50 Speeder Bike 30005 $9.00 AT-ST 30054 $5.50 Hoth Han 5001621 $4.50 Brickmaster Shuttle 20016 $8.50 Brickmaster POP 20017 $5.00 Harry Potter Trolley 30110 $17.00 Gandalf 30213 $7.00 Mirkwood Elf (they are under Gandalf in the pictures) 30212 $7.00 Frodo Cooking 30210 $4.50 Target Practice 30062 $5.00 Builder (the one in the box) 5610 $11.00 Fireman 30010 $5.00 Police Boat 30002 $2.00 Balloon Cart 40108 MBA Plane 20203 $15 Atlantis Octopus 30040 $7.75 Atlantis Minisub 30042 $3.00 Used Sets: Ashoka's Starfighter, Used, complete 7751 $55 The Twilight, Used, complete 7680 $72 Sets are complete (no extra pieces), including minifigures and instructions. Have been stored, covered, little to no dust. Will completely disassemble if desired. Complete Sets: 4504-2 Millennium Falcon $200 10186 UCS General Grievous $190 7946 King's Castle $220 10231 Shuttle Expedition $330 21010 Robie House $330 7672 Rogue Shadow $180 I feel these are good prices - lower than the lowest currently available on bricklink, and way lower than the six months sales averages. I may be inclined to take a slightly smaller amount for multiple sets. Boxes have some shelf wear. I also have the following available: 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop $90 2283 Bionicles Witch Doctor $80
  12. I got that error pop-up while clicking "search" on a specific part. As far as generally using the site, I find it's best to find the part ID either on brickset or bricklink (if you know the set, I think brickset might be easier, because then you click on "parts" and then you can easily find the part ids for the various colors). Make a list. Don't browse, know what you want, then just search by ID instead of by sets. Do it all in one shot - don't go to B&P, then back to the store, then back to B&P - you will lose everything. It is pretty bad, and very awkward to use, and I think it's ridiculous that, even logged in, you still have to enter your age every time. EDIT: I'm also currently getting a "service unavailable" page when clicking on the link for instructions.
  13. fred67

    Do you tsundoku sets?

    Yes. While I've sold a lot of LEGO, I've never bought it without the intention of actually building it. Like a lot of people, I have little space to display, but I don't want to miss out on certain sets, so I buy and find a place to sock it away.
  14. fred67

    REVIEW: 75951: Grindelwald's Escape

    I think the Thestral will be worth more than $5 on, for example, Bricklink, but what I meant was that it's not costing TLG $5 more to put it in the set - new mold notwithstanding.
  15. fred67

    REVIEW: 75951: Grindelwald's Escape

    I have to say I wasn't really impressed with the last movie. I'm glad we're getting a new wave of sets for people who may not have gotten them before, but I'm not too thrilled with any of the new sets. HOWEVER, I really love this little carriage just a carriage itself. It's a really clever design with a minimum of parts; I love the curly vegetation part to hold the bar in front of the driver - I didn't even know you could use those parts that way (and wouldn't have guessed they'd do it "officially"). Great review, pricing not so good (a Thestral is not worth $5 on it's own, let alone $5 plus 20 pieces). I will pass, but I will probably use the carriage for reference.