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  1. What do you do with your LEGO Boxes

    I used to save the larger ones (with the ends open so that I could flatten them), but I have way too many sets, and I had no idea what I would ever use them for. It's true I have a huge surplus of sets I'd like to sell, but I honestly never bought any for the purpose of reselling, so I decided to throw them all. The only ones I keep: special ones, like my signed architecture sets (the first four), and the Ideas sets usually have an "upscale" and interesting box.
  2. Nothing for me yet, either. I finally got an email that asked to correspond either by phone or email; I responded with "email," but haven't heard anything. That was several weeks ago.
  3. Sounds like this is turning into a SW themed thread after only two posts... but I'll bite. One set, in particular, that really bothered me was the recent space shuttle set. 10231 - Shuttle Expedition (2011) vs. 60080 Spaceport (2015). You could argue it's got two separate audiences, but seeing the set shows they are essentially the same idea. The first set was more brick built, giving it a lot more pieces (more than twice as many); was much larger when built. You could argue the 2011 version is UCS - and I wouldn't argue about it except that the smaller set, with less than half the pieces, actually cost MORE (20% more) and only 4 years later. I also understand why Star Wars will be a big topic on this thread, with them re-releasing so many sets and figures. I would suggest the 2011 Millennium Falcon is better than the 2015 version, although I have neither (I have the 2004 one) and it's just based on overall impressions of the images.
  4. How common are missing pieces?

    Yes... I've seen that before, too. People not carefully following instructions. I was building a modular with my kids usually could find the piece they said was missing in the pile of parts still on the table, or they'd just built it wrong - like doing a whole section of wall with 1x? parts just all willy-nilly, thinking it'd all work out in the end.... it didn't. It wouldn't have mattered if I'd just gone into my own collection and swapped a couple of 1x2 for one 1x4 or something, but then I'd feel "dirty."
  5. Agreed. Sadly, I have already put away my annual Christmas set up - the one time a year I set up trains, unfortunately, but will pull it all out to try everything out when it gets here. I wish we could get all of the parts, including switches and crossovers done in this traditional method. Then we wouldn't have to worry about motors or speed regulators or anything.
  6. When I built MMV, it was the nicest set I'd ever built up to that point, and being able to add more homes to your medieval village doesn't hurt... so yes, it was probably the first set I bought more than one of. Great idea... one that I missed. I bought several Emerald Knights, though... extra cars, did a "red" conversion on one (a better Hogwart's Express than TLG ever released). CMFs, of course, like most people - also multiple Uruk Hai armies and a lot of battle packs, including castle, fantasy era trolls, SW battle packs, and several of the three-in-one creator sets.
  7. How common are missing pieces?

    Most of the time the missing parts turn up somewhere... hiding in the carpet or elsewhere. I have, however, experienced missing pieces a few times over the years (hundreds of sets), and I had one case of severely defective parts (which I've described elsewhere on this forum).
  8. I guess, now that I've gone and looked, my one problem is that the conversion sections are half length. That might make it hard to integrate into existing layouts unless you buy extra half length sections. Otherwise, the look is is quite good, and seems like it will integrate into existing layouts without any visual problems... if you're getting colors matching your existing parts, I don't see what the complaint is. I take seriously the comments about ME replacing LEGO 9V... all the counter arguments are completely valid; I was actually hoping ME would make a motor, or there'd be some kind of easy conversion kit someone came out with. Switched and crossovers might be a problem; I have several pairs from LEGO, so I wasn't really thinking about it. Still, I don't think anyone has put as much effort into this as ME; I don't think they were incompetent at all (except in over-estimating what suppliers could do. If all the molds came out correctly at the proper tolerances the first time they tried, they'd likely have stuck with the original plan. In the middle of the quagmire, they were given a suggestion that would work a lot better and was easier and more robust... so I'm glad they changed, and I'm looking forward to my rails. As far as speed regulators go, though, I don't understand why any train speed regulator wouldn't work (as long as it put out the right voltage). The rail they are selling will not connect to LEGO track - it uses the traditional model railroading metal clips that are used to connect sections of rail. To keep it compatible with LEGO, they made a half-length straight section that has one side to connect to LEGO track, and the other side using the traditional method. Again, I don't see what the problem is that people are having - you can still use all your old track and I don't think there will be a problem visually with the different tracks. I also think the track is definitely a better value than buying LEGO 9V from third parties. First, finding it in bulk (more than 4 pieces, if you can call that bulk), you're looking at $3.50 or more (and that's for used). It's $28 for ten standard length ME tracks, and they are new. Add to that the different radius options and double and half-length sections... Trust me, I'm no ME cheerleader - I've periodically let it be known that I'm not happy with how long it's taken (despite understanding the problems they were having), their far-too-infrequent communication, but now that I can see pictures of the track, and know that it's actually there for order, not "vaporware" anymore, and see that it really does look like it will visually fit with LEGO track, I don't get the problems.
  9. I welcome the announcement, and don't understand how, given adapters with orders, anyone can complain it's not 100% compatible.... you can connect it to your existing 9V systems, so how is it not compatible? I imagine, at some point, given that LEGO track is no longer being made, eventually a 100% conversion to ME rail wouldn't be unusual (supposing they keep making it for enough time). Requiring an adapter doesn't bother me at all.
  10. Glow in the Dark

    Bricklink turns out to be a fantastic resource for not just buying bricks, but discovering things like this. They actually have a color guide that will link to parts of the colors you are interested in. Glow in the dark parts are listed under the "Milky White" section, and include dark white, dark opaque, and dark trans parts. The links on that page will take you to parts pages, sets that they are contained in and, of course, sellers of those parts.
  11. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    I'm up to 3 Container Store display cases for Superheroes right now. My collecting has slowed greatly (although I've got a couple of new sets for figures to add), and there's quite a few spaces in there, so I don't see me having to expand any time soon. I'm not a completionist in this case - I don't like all the superheroes and I mainly have stuck with the very commonly known figures and ones that have caught my eye for one reason or another. If it weren't for the recent movies, I wouldn't even know some of these characters - I'm just admitting. I do have a set of the Fantastic Four, which I posted on the now defunct thread of third party superheroes... I can't bring myself to mix them in with the real LEGO, though. Great thread, though; nice seeing everyone's collections and display choices. EDIT: Oh, and yes, I do consider the Lone Ranger and Tonto to be Superheroes - as much as Batman and Robin are, at least.
  12. I have to admit, on first glance, this is the worst series of minifigures ever. However, if I don't look at it as minifigures, but as parts (particularly a handful of the legs and torsos), it gets a lot better... although still not that great. Remember what opinions are like... and everyone's got one, so don't take offense.
  13. Lego 4002016 - Limited Edition Employee Gift

    I don't understand the dislike of the new Christmas train... it's far better than the last one. Maybe not prototypical, but definitely looking a lot more like it should look like (a toy) than the previous one. Should it be immortalized is a set like this? Probably not.
  14. Nice; seems like it should work on LEGO track if you're alternating blind drivers in there... the passenger cars look like MOT, but modified. So I see pictures on LEGO straight track, but will it actually run on curves? Note that TLG released a set called "Emerald Express." Pales in comparison to yours (it's just a mini).
  15. Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    This is what I get when unread content is long (several days): Image links to full size.