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  1. 2018 Lego Trains

    I know we're just speculating and blah-blah-blahing about possibilities, but guys... if you don't want steam, I get it; but if you just don't want Harry Potter, then just think of it as a red 4-6-0 Hall Class steam engine. Don't put the branding on (if a couple pieces are printed then get the non-printed versions on Bricklink/owl). My first train love is steam, but I do feel like I have quite enough in LEGO (and my forever-tomorrow layout is a modern city), so I wouldn't mind something else - but I do also like HP, and think a good Hogwarts Express would be "brilliant." "Good" being on par with EN or better. As far as price goes, a really good engine/tender for $100 would make me not hesitate to get one, but there'd have to be options to get passenger cars and, I'll repeat, 3-in-1 would be spectacular and I don't want to hear about Sante Fe car failure because that was TLGs marketing department's fault. I was back into LEGO at the time (for a couple of years) and didn't even know they made "traditional" model trains at all (metal rail with speed regulator) until I saw Railway Express on clearance at Sam's Club.
  2. What's your favourite modular building?

    Is there that much negativity for DD? I hadn't really noticed - maybe I've been reading the wrong threads. People are suggesting it feels out of place, and I guess that's a fair point, but I do think it can easily fit in a modular "city" without too much work. I think, on it's own, it hasn't gotten more negativity than some of the other sets. It is impossible to determine how well it's selling; koalayummies said it exactly right - it's an expensive set. If it didn't come out near my birthday, I wouldn't have it yet, but I would get it eventually, probably by years end. There's no dire need to get these right away - I have a lot of stuff to build (I still have BB in the box) and not a lot of time - I don't like to force things in, I have to be in the mood to A) build something, and B) not have my own ideas for my own projects rattling around my apparently ancient head. It also came out AFTER Christmas, so it's like the slowest time of year for LEGO sales anyway (it's not, but it's not the 3 months leading up to Christmas, either) and, hey, maybe that's intentional. I imagine most people in January are allowing their wallets to recover. I get a lot of younger people might have MORE money after getting some for Christmas, but most of us older-than-dirt folks don't (I'm still waiting for my older-than-dirt tag, BTW). Oh, I'm making a big deal about my age - don't take it personally Blk69; I'm in my fifties, I rediscovered LEGO in my mid 30s, and I'm not anywhere close to being the oldest AFOL on Eurobricks. And yes, there actually IS an "older than dirt" tag.
  3. Homemade Road Plates

    This is actually really awesome - I wish something like these were available for sale. Since I'm American, though, kill the bus lanes and those damn nuisance bike riders, they're not welcome here. Ok, sarcasm off, I was feeling a bit salty - I take offense that Americans don't want those things, or the belief that we don't already have them (it varies city to city, but a lot of places DO have them). But since we're on the topic, it seems like adding those, and the turn lanes, and the parking spots, are starting to get too specific. Of course, it's all yours, Bricked19080 - I'm thinking in terms of if these were actually available to buy. If I were a more enterprising lad...
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    I'm a long time train (and HP) fan, and maybe I'm just cheap (or sick of how much LEGO costs), but I wouldn't spend over $200 for a Creator Expert Hogwart's Express, and I wouldn't even spend up to that much unless it came with several cars. Emerald Night was what? $99 when it came out with one car? Adjust up for inflation and add a couple of cars, and you're in the "normal" modular price range (something "creator expert" buyers are accustomed with). In lieu of that, a Hogwart's Express expert creator set with one car (or no cars at all) and 3-in-1 cars as separate sets. I realize that didn't pan out well with the Super Chief, but that was then and this is now.
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I like those 3-in-1 buildings. Of course the modulars are a lot nicer - but then it's exactly what you're proposing, a nicer (and larger) version. While I kind of like the idea, I don't think it's possible to make something like that and keep a wide audience happy with it. There are so many specific greebly parts (especially in the later modulars) that you couldn't possibly put enough for people to come up with the kind of details they want in addition to enough basic bricks to build a large, modular style building. Architecture Studio was a start in that direction - the problem is it cost way too much for a white parts pack. I do wish we could get creator boxes with limited colors. They are doing that now (with largely useless colors for buildings, in sets too small to be worthwhile). While he may have some special access to bulk bricks now, I remember reading about Nathan Sawaya buying a huge number of tubs of bricks and separating out the colors he needed - he would end up with huge amounts of bricks he didn't need for the build he was doing, which is probably why his iconic earlier sets (like "Yellow") are monochromatic in colors you wouldn't normally choose to build people. I'm a fan of castle, and have long wanted a "grays" box, since TLG doesn't really care about classic castle anymore. A brown box for wooden medieval structures would be nice. Something with a mix of grays and some other subtle color - olive green, dark red, etc., would be really nice. The last time they released roof parts as a set, I could never get my hands on it - it was always sold out (while, at the same time their wheels and axles languished on the shelves - so much for LEGO fans wanting more vehicles). Maybe slopes packs in colors, too. But I think they do not want us to have a huge number of bricks at reasonable prices. It suits them, financially, much better if we buy a lot of stuff we don't need in order to get the parts we want.
  6. What's your favourite modular building?

    But you believe demand is there for an MS 2.0? Unfortunately, the original fan designer passed away right around the time the set was released (as a set - people could order it through their "Design By Me" program before that). I believe the only people that really want it are the ones who missed it (including me). I ended up brick-building it - thankfully I mostly had the parts and did not have to pay hundreds of dollars to brick-link it. I also made substitutions because some of the parts were very expensive and were, ironically, some of the parts people (me, at least), thought were bad choices. If anyone has missed out on a modular that they really want, and can't afford to pay $1000 for a Cafe Corner, they should hit the bricklinking modular buildings thread. Unless you're obsessive about it, you can get a really good replica of any of the modulars and make whatever tweaks and changes you want. In a way, it's more liberating than buying the set. It's also more expensive... but at least for MS, you can get bricks in that medium blue color that weren't available in 2007, so it's definitely better. See my signature, if you're interested.
  7. What's your favourite modular building?

    That really only matters if you require people own ALL the sets in order to make a valid comparison - you can't just own the set you vote for, you'd have to own them all in order to make a valid comparison. I don't think that's going to happen. If there was some way to make a split poll and include some demographic information - so set A might win, but amongst people that own them all, set B could win. For the record, I still prefer GG as my number one choice. It's the one that started it for me, and I still think it's classic design fits in many city scenarios, from Europe to N.A. without much difficulty. I also prefer the older, larger sets that didn't have interiors to ones that sacrifice overall size and presence for interior details. I'd also like to clear up something about MS... yes, it's the worst of the modular buildings, but it was a fan creation and, if I'm not mistaken, was done at a time when people were using one of the initial releases of LDD, you had the possibility of posting your "set" online (and other people could order it), and they were limited to part and color choices available from TLG pick-a-brick, at the time. So while I have a lot of problems with it, and it doesn't excuse it from last place, I want to say I actually appreciate the build given the limitations. For this reason, I don't really think it belongs in the "modular" line as such, but TLG insists it is, so whatever. I finally brick-built one to be a completionist, but it really doesn't stack up.
  8. Replacement 9V AC/DC Wall Plugs

    I have the US version of the speed regulator. My regulator is labeled 9-12V (meaning, I assume, you can use anything in that range, although 12V will give you more power with the dial set to full). The wall adapter is labeled 12VAC and 7VA. I'm not an electrical engineer (not even a proper hobbyist), but I think that means you're looking at around 580mA, so the adapter you've chosen theoretically doesn't work well (only has 300mA). If the adapter exceeds the amps you need, you're OK. I think this one (also on Amazon) might be a more appropriate substitute, and it's the same price. EDIT: For the record, the tip itself is correct (not sure about the polarity, but I've used similar adapters for musical instruments with my LEGO stuff and it's fine). You're looking for a 5.5x2.1 (outside/inside diameter), it's pretty standard.
  9. Future Castle Sets?

    "Yay! More Nexo!" said no one.
  10. No, you're not off base. And it's a good example of why we should just wait for the specs.
  11. Hey, Toastie, the problem is that you're taking what people wanted to an extreme. I'm sure PF2.0 will be really awesome, and it's true that PF will live on for some time, but when people said - for example - they wanted BT, all TLG had to do was make a BT receiver. They didn't have to blow up the whole line of PF components. What's partly at issue, here, is also cost. Some people are happy with their Sbricks and what-nots, but those things are really expensive for most casual users. So the fear, from me, is that you HAVE to buy a rechargeable in order to get BT; it's $80 for the battery and charger (which, at $30, is highway robbery), so a lot of us use alternatives, like the AAA box or third party/homemade adapters (so no, we don't care that it doesn't say "LEGO" on it). I do have a big agreement with you, though, when you tell people to relax - we don't even know what it will all be yet, and we're already getting all up in arms about it. It may not be too bad for those of us with large PF collections, and, in any event, I'm sure it'll be a step up in a lot of ways.
  12. [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Actually, I have thought about that quite a bit, but the geometries have been difficult, IMO testing, just to even have guide wheels instead of posts. HOWEVER, on that last day of testing (Sunday, so I had all day to play around - almost), if finally realized that Masao was using 1x2 technic bricks with two holes (or 1x1) to offset distance between gears mounted on "standard" technic bricks. That's the only reason the newer one (pictured) works at all. I'm convinced that the higher center of gravity might give it lean, but not wobbles - that it's the drive wheels going straight in the curve. There is, actually, a bit of the fact that - especially on the smaller tires, there is some inconsistency in the tires themselves, but I don't think that's the bulk of the problem. I may just order new ones (I even had ones that were dried out). I think I may have a work around, but I packed up all my bits and pieces for a while - I can still come here and post, but I won't have much "play" time for a while. I may roll this suggestion back into my thinking, I'd already given up on it. EDIT: and yes, LegoMonorailFan, I agree (wheels need to be closer using that configuration), but there's also the guides themselves - if they are too far apart, they won't fit on the track well (they will be tight, if they fit at all), because they aren't swiveling, either (which is why I made mine swivel, and it helped a little bit, anyway). It's obviously why your swiveling tire-gear-guide solution works so well. The reason the wheels need to be closer, given that configuration, is exactly because it's in a turn, and the farther apart they are, the harder it will be for them to turn in unison. Your original idea works great because of the single drive axle being turned along the curve by the two cars. I ultimately just want to have an engine and be able to add and remove cars - like a normal train. However, I would be thrilled to have one like yours running in my city in the meantime. EDIT2: BTW, one of the ideas that I think you may be interested in is to, more of less, use an engine configuration like you did for the train in the first post of this thread... and then link it to another similar to what you did with the cars. So you would have a fixed swivel between the two motors, but then you wouldn't need the fixed swivel between them and the cars - which means you should then be able to incline.
  13. I don't know. I've read the LDPE was good, and it turns out that's what I'd been buying (I did intentionally get thicker than "sandwich bag" plastic).
  14. I'd like to understand this a little bit better. Does the IR receiver require more than the two outer power lines to function? That is getting power to the receiver, obviously the control lines are used on the connections to motors. Because my 9v battery adapter doesn't seem to have a problem being used this way.
  15. Homemade Road Plates

    I like these a lot. It's a shame the way TLG sells these, and it makes creating a big city way more expensive and, as usual, you typically need more straights than anything else. Not sure I would take this path, but I think it looks great, and I wouldn't be adverse to it at all. Definitely something to keep in mind.