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  1. Big Ben Bricks

    I have bought BB's wheels, but it was a long time ago. I just looked the other day and saw the $15 just for shipping, when I know it shouldn't be anywhere near that. A small padded bag can usually get away with just a couple of bucks of postage. So now I will look more on BL, and perhaps when the new Hogwarts Express comes out, those parts will be available from Bricks and Pieces.
  2. [MOC] Train Ride

    Very cool! I'm inspired to make a mechanical one, although I don't have any of those classic figures.
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    You know what? You're right. Every cost "improvement" TLG gives us means I buy a whole lot less of it.
  4. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    If someone was going to spend $160 to get TWO Hogwarts Express sets so that they could MOD it and make it bigger and with more cars, I don't think getting some magnetic couplers for less than a buck each on bricklink is the end of the world. After all, anyone who is serious about making it really good will need full bogies and extra wheel sets, too.
  5. With all of 4 posts (as I write this), you're free to buy on the BSTF forum, but not sell. Just click on the "Forums" link and find it in the community section.
  6. Beginner's tips for Bricklinking?

    Where are you w.r.t. buying? Have you made at least one purchase? If not, the one thing you need to get accustomed to is that it's essentially a bunch of store fronts, and it's not Amazon - you generally don't buy your list of parts you want, and let Bricklink (BL hereafter) just choose for you and tell you what shipping is. It generally (*) doesn't work that way. Instead, you typically go to an individual store and buy from them. Most stores do not have a "buy now" option, you have to commit to buying without even knowing what your total price will be, including shipping and handling. A few stores will let you do instant paypal check out (including shipping), but not all of them. (*) Now - in the case of making a wanted list, there is an option to buy all the parts on your list, and BL will automatically select sellers for you to buy from, but you can then easily face a bunch of separate shipping charges. The fact is that it takes some getting accustomed to, and you should definitely use the BL forums to ask questions. They key problem with BL is shipping, and as usual, the more you buy from a single shop, the more you amortize the cost of shipping over your entire order. In other words, a single $0.10 part might incur a $1.00 shipping, which makes it completely not worth it, but $20 parts might incur a $3 or $4 charge (depending on their size, of course), which makes it much more worth it, and 100 part order might be $5 (might be, I'm just making an example). So the key is to have a decent "wanted" list of parts that you maybe don't need right away - cool parts, of figures you are collecting, or a part in certain colors you've been wanting... Then, when you go to a store to get what you need, you can possibly amortize the cost of shipping by adding items from your wanted list to your order. Always look at seller feedback. There are definitely scammers, even if not as common as on Ebay. Some of the used parts I've gotten on BL have been terrible, but the vast majority have been quite good. All in all, I have over 180 BL orders, and I've only ever had to deal with a problem seller once. Just be careful about who you order from, look at their feedback, and look at their responses to negative feedback. Test out newer sellers with smaller orders. Never order something like a retired UCS Star Wars set for 50% less than what everyone else is charging from a seller with 4 or 5 feedback - it's just common sense.
  7. Making Eurobricks More Active

    Maybe if people could actually tag their posts properly (like reddit requirements), then automating something that builds up a list of MOCs would be possible. And what would the poll be? Which one is best? So then it feels like a competition, and a lot of people would not post something they might otherwise post. At the same time, you're requiring someone - mods, or someone else, to do all the work of adding all the MOCs. I would love to see a monthly post (2018-05 MOCs) if it didn't require constant effort. A sticky with a link to each month, so you could go back through history, would be cool, too. It could all be automated as long as people could follow a few simple steps (like preceding their MOC post with "[MOC]," and only doing it for a completed MOC (otherwise it should be tagged "WIP" or "MOC-WIP," but good luck trying to get people to follow guidelines. As long as I'm posting in this thread again, and whining about posters who aren't clear in their post titles, and can't follow simple guidelines, I have to say I love it when someone posts about a great deal they found at their local store - without saying where it is, and without having so much as filled out (validly) their location. If you're too paranoid that you can't fill out your location, then a post about a deal at your local store is absolutely useless, a waste of space, and a waste of my time. It's funny, too, when they are trying to sell something, and say "domestic only," or that the buyer pays shipping. This was particularly bad on the minifigure trading post.
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    "Cost improvement." What does that mean? Improvement for whom?
  9. Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    Are you sure those are stickers? The dish has traditionally been printed. Applying a sticker to a large macaroni might not be too difficult for you are me, but I wouldn't be surprised if TLG thought it would be for the target audience.
  10. Making Eurobricks More Active

    I gather by "non TLG" stuff @Ron Dayes is referring to official sets. Still, I completely agree with you, @Hobbes; this is an "all things LEGO" site. It has been since I joined (a lot more than 3 years ago). I don't like wishlists (although at one point I thought they were interesting - I don't know what's changed), but I do like rumors. For obvious reasons, other sites are better for actual leaks. And discussions should be taking place in the forum about which they are about. If I'm discussing prototypical historical building, then the historic themes sections is exactly the place I should start my discussion.
  11. Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    First off, I hardly think this makes 2018 a good year for train fans - the city trains are nothing special, and instead of an advanced creator set, we get this. Now, don't get me wrong - which leads me to the second thing, THIS is the Hogwarts Express we've been waiting for. Yes, I know it's still greatly flawed - it's not big enough, the passenger car is far too small (and there's only one? That's terrible), but they've finally built it a proper steam engine with the right wheels, drivers, and even a tender (which is missing from some earlier versions of the Hogwarts Express). This is a kids set, we need to remember, and is supposed to be appealing at a price point for HP fans, not train fans, so I think we got a good cross between a Ruby Night (the red colorization of the Emerald Night) the older "play" sets. With a little work, this could become an awesome Hogwarts Express, and unless they were to make a huge (like Diagon Alley size) set (which is obviously not coming, otherwise they probably wouldn't have made this), I think this is the best compromise we could have expected from TLG. I'm actually pretty excited to see this coming, and I'm hoping it's at the $80 price point people have been guessing.
  12. It is! It's all good. It's one of the reasons why we like LEGO. Congrats on your new sets.
  13. Making Eurobricks More Active

    Agree with @Hobbes, even though I'm coming from a different angle. This is how the world is now because of social media - people do things for the smiley faces, the thumbs ups, the "likes," and I get it - I wouldn't post MOCs if I wasn't expecting to get some feedback. But nobody is obligated to say anything, and I may not like a lack of responses, but I don't blame anybody for it - I know I'm not nearly as good a builder as a lot of other people.
  14. My problem is getting a great deal on bulk LEGO, finding that they contain 90% of some really great, vintage sets.... and bricklinking the parts to bring them back to full costs 10 times as much as the bulk purchase.
  15. [WIP - idea stage] MagLev

    Thanks for the reply. For levitation, while the neodymium magnets are much stronger, I think I will use the magnetic tape. My current thoughts are something like this: Although I think a lower center of gravity, and wider magnets - the hope is that it will stay stable both vertically and horizontally. Unfortunately, my room is a giant mess as I try to clean up and reorganize my entire parts collection. I'm actually working on that right now. It got much worse than I thought it would. I did receive my A/B magnetic tape, though, and really want to play with it. I will not try to do anything like Inductrack - that's far beyond just wanting a maglev for my city. Ideally I could use neodymium magnets with metal track to pull the train using the old 9V speed regulator. It would have to be a radically different design to hold the cars up, but it would be cool on so many levels, including not needing a motor on the train. It would cause problems trying to switch, but a loop could work. I have to research the physics behind the linked-to video above (how to make a simple linear motor). NOPE. Requires conductivity across the rails. I will keep looking.