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Found 41 results

  1. It's been a while since I've posted anything around these parts, but with Halloween fast approaching in the States, I thought I should take advantage of the season to post up another Monster Fighters MOC! Back in 2020, I had posted a little grove for some of the CMF witches LEGO's been putting out over the years. Overall it's a nice addition with the rest of the official Monster Fighters sets (which get a workout every time this year), although I hadn't quite nailed down a good-looking vehicle for the monster slayers two years ago, as you can see below: So after posting that, I got some good feedback, and took another swing at it in December of that year. Needless to say I finally got around to photographing it this summer, so without further ado, allow me to present... The Witchfinder! As you can see, I tried to make this match the approximate design of some of the other vehicles belonging to the Monster Fighters, with the trans-black windscreen, dark-bluish grey machine components and of course the dominant non-primary color scheme. I also made sure this truck looked like something that could clear away the thickest underbrush in the most haunted forest, hence all the spikes and saw bits on the front, in addition to the floodlights on top of the cab: As for the water turret in the rear, that can rotate a full 360 degrees and there is enough of a gap for the gunner to see where they're aiming, as Ann Lee can demonstrate: I also wanted to make sure there was enough clearance for a minifigure to operate the water cannon machinery in the rear, which also helps cover up the gear box part. And if the two Monster Fighters need to get out of their truck to finish the job, all they have to do is pull out the crate... And pop off the top! Then you can slot it right back into its original spot! Lastly, the cab roof does pop off, so you can throw in any other minifigure your heart desires (although Rodney Rathbone may need a different seat)! So there you have it! One gnarly monster-slaying truck to accompany the secluded wooded grove where all the witches gather. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it came together. Sure, the truck probably looks more contemporary than some of the other vehicles from that line, but seeing how The Zombies has a truck which looks pretty 20th Century, along with the hot rod in Vampyre Castle, I like to think this fits in rather well with the rest of the vehicles in their garage! More photos here in my Bricksafe folder if you want to take a glance. Otherwise, may your cauldrons always be bubbling!
  2. As soon as I first heard rumors and rumblings around the 2012 Monster Fighters line (on this very website, come to think of it), I knew I'd be hooked. Having grown up with the LEGO Studios Monster sets, these were very much my jam. It was like we were getting more detailed, updated settings and monster minifigures from that line, except it was real, instead of being confined to a movie set. So naturally, I ended up buying all of them (except for two sets) from this line, and still get them out every year before Halloween. That being said, I felt like this theme was ripe for expansion, especially after I purchased several spooky CMFs. So after a few Bricklink orders, I managed to add to the existing sets from this line-up, including my Witch's Grove MOC. With that being said... Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? The lead witch with her sssssssssplendid familiar: And kudos to LEGO for gifting us with this wonderful fig stirring the pot. Works great as a Renfield, Igor, or (for me) another witch! (Just keep that brain jar away from the zombies!) And while there's plenty I love in this MOC, the crystal ball with the leering skull gets me every time. Such a cool effect! Some more angles: Of course, not even witches can hide from the tenacious Monster Fighters! Which includes Frank Rock jamming out taking out one of the witches with...what else? A (holy?) water pack! Along with the adventurous Ann Lee fighting fire with silver stakes (at least now we know how she got that scar)! A few more angles on Frank's water pack. This is probably one of my favorite quick-builds I went through while building, as it fits the Monster Fighters having some thematically appropriate weapon for fighting witches. I tried to build them a vehicle, but, uh, let's just say it could use another go. Photos are on my Bricksafe folder, though I'll probably try and make something that looks meaner, and closer to some of City's Firefighter sets with a water-turret in the rear. In any case, hope you all like it! This build was actually an improvement on something I had tossed together years ago, taking the parts from the tree that made up LEGO Studios' Werewolf Ambush to make the archway, including the eyes. This is more naturalistic than that, but still has great atmosphere, I think, especially paired with the Monster Fighters' The Werewolf tree, making for a spooky forest setting. Anyways, thanks for looking! Comments, feedback, and questions are always welcome! Happy Halloween!
  3. LEGO has introduced a lot of great themes over the years, only to cancel them after one or two waves. Are there any themes that you would like to see reintroduced, but this time with updated minifigures and building techniques? Personally, I'd take Alien Conquest and Monster Fighters over permanent themes like Legends of Chima any day.
  4. All sets have been built, and are in excellent condition and complete, all instruction manuals and minifigures included. No Boxes. Like new as have been assembled once and then taken apart. Have been double checked that all parts are there, but no spare parts included. From a smoke free home. Monster Fighters: 9466 Crazy Scientist & His Monster - $46.00 SOLD 9461 The Swamp Creature - $7.50 SOLD 9463 The Werewolf - $18.00 SOLD 9464 Vampyre Hearse - $30.00 SOLD 9468 Vampyre Castle - $105.00 SOLD 10228 Haunted House - $300.00 SOLD Lot of Monster fighters sets: $475 SOLD 75900 Scooby Doo - Mummy - $18.00 SOLD 75902 Scooby Doo Van - $45.00 SOLD 75904 Mystery Mansion - $125.00 SOLD Lot of Scooby Doo Sets for $180.00 SOLD
  5. Peppermint_M

    Adventure Index

    The Adventure Index. Home of all themes related to rip-roaring adventure! Adventurers, Pharaoh's Quest, Dino, Dino 2010/Dino Attack and Monster Fighters content is indexed here. Tags - A Prize first awarded for The End of the World Contest - An Adventure Themes tag for building contests ---- First awarded during the Lester Contest - A special tag for the winner of the Lester's Big Adventure contest. ----- - Monster Fighter tags given out as prizes at Halloween. MOCs Click Here Reviews
  6. IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN AND WITH HALLOWEEN AROUND THE CORNER I WANTED TO HONOR THESE MONSTER MEMORIALS: 15TH: This year marks the 15th year since the Studios monster subtheme (called Scary Thriller and even Scary Monsters) made its debut, introducing Universal-style monsters. Although TLC had licenses on Universal Studios properties such as Jurassic Park and Steven Spielberg's name, one is led to believe that they did not have the Universal Studios Monsters license or, at least, were granted permission to make sets resembling this license. There were four sets and even at times these sets mixed monsters from other movies (like the 2017 edition of The Mummy with Tom Cruise). The main monsters represented were a Vampire, Werewolf, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, although these characters were more or less designed to be costumed actors on film sets. The sets, in many ways, closely resembled the Universal Studios monster films. Other monster mashups included a modified version of Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde as the Scientist in the Frankenstein set, the ghost costume and a female actress in the same set (I am guessing an homage to Phantom of the Opera) and The Hunchback in the Vampire set. Although not directly stated by his name, Van Helsing makes an appearance too in the Vampire set. 5th: This year marks the 5th year since the Monster Fighters line was released. Centered around the fictional steampunk culture, here, a gang of monster hunters must stop Lord Vampyre from eclipsing the sun forever. Many of the sets were different from actual sets in the movies but at times, especially with the Vampyre's castle, they had some similarities. Given the design of the vehicles one must wonder if the time period wasn't meant to be depression-era, especially since many monster movies were released around this time. The sets, in some ways like the Werewolf set, reused previous ideas from the original line. However, some sets did indeed create new editions of older sets and introduce new monster properties from which they were derived. I suggest the following: * Lord Vampyre's Castle - Dracula * Frankenstein - Frankenstein * The Mummy - A chariot, * Werewolf - The Wolf Man * Sea Creature - Creature from the Black Lagoon * Vampire Hearse / Coffin Car - Munsters Coach & Dragula. The driver had been called Renfield, Dracula's assistant, in the preliminary box displays, as well as Dracula being used for Dracula's Castle. * Vampire's Bride - A spin-off of Bride of Frankenstein mixed with Elvira * Haunted House - Munsters (the creator of the set was wearing a Munsters shirt during the reveal for this set) and some Addams Family influence since there was a Frankenstein's monster butler * The Zombies - White Zombie (it was supposed to feature the VoodDoo doctor) and of course was, after all, a zombie wedding in a graveyard * Ghost Train - I am guessing a very loose idea from the 1941 film by the same name * Spooky Boy & Spooky Girl - Although they came later, it's worth noting Spooky Boy is more like Pugsly Addams while Spooky Girl, which you would think is Wednesday Addams, reminded me more of Lydia from Beetlejuice due to her schoolgirl outfit * Tiger Woman - close to the 1944 film by the same name * Mr Good/Evil - A spinoff from Dr Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde * Grandfather clock - Any number of horror films, though Disney's Haunted Mansion ride stands out for me * The Fly/Scientist - obvious * Venus Flytraps (Scooby doo) - Little Shop of Horrors * Graveyard / Witch scenes - Wizard of Oz, Walking Dead * Most zombies are likely influenced by Walking Dead and the rise of the zombie movie craze around that time * One can't help to think if Mad Monster Party and Groovie Ghoulies helped to influence any of these sets and CMFs * Frankenrocker - I know the Beetlejuice show done this at Universal Studios Orlando but I can only find the frankenstein monster from Munsters playing the guitar Almost all of these comparisons to all the Monster properties mentioned are based on my observation since the only time we knew of TLC acknowledging their relation to existing monster movies was at an event where recording was prohibited during an advance presentation of the line.
  7. Is it really that hard to tell a vampire minifigure from a regular minifigure? It was for the Picts of ancient Scotland... Created by Jack Rizzo. - Cast - Morcant Morrigan - Jack Rizzo Gellert Pec - Jack Rizzo Druid 1 - Aaron Good Druid 2 - Jack Rizzo Clan Leader - Jack Rizzo Check out the rest of Vampire Town series here! Overall very very happy with this, especially with the fire. Honestly, I didn't think that effect would work but it turned out so well; I'm going to keep using that technique, perhaps even make my own fire 'stock footage' from it for future ease. Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  8. Hi I made a layout around my monster house it was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun I hope you like it!? Greetings Thanks for watching!
  9. You thought the life of a young vampire was like Twilight? Think again. Happy Easter! -Cast- Ostea Latrodex - Audrey Bacon Edwin Stokes - Jack Rizzo Harvey - Bentley Michaels Check out the rest of Vampire Town series here! Just a very quick little Easter special, set in the Vampire Town universe. Quite happy with how this turned out, aside from the set (I was away from most of my Lego, so was very limited on bricks), and a few dodgy angles. But I'm happy I got this out on time, and there's more Vampire Town coming very very soon! Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  10. HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER... AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? SPOOKY FUN FOR EVERYONE!!! Over the years I have taken my time to diligently archive many of the LEGO Halloween & Monster sets ever released. I have also made 2 videos: one outlining the history of Halloween sets released by TLC and another counting down the top 10 creepiest, spookiest, scariest, sets. Both videos come with bonus content. I understand the Halloween history one speeds too fast. If it gains traction I'll upload a slower version. You may access these cool videos and sites through the links found in my signature below. Please enjoy them and have a Happy Halloween!
  11. I've added new foto's of my Ghostbusters headquarters addition! (11-3-2014) I've made some alterations to the hearse. Mostly on the tailfin area. The red from the fins isn't touching the rearlights anymore. Also the equipment on the roof is slightly different. It sort of 'belongs' ther now as opposed to be just an 'add-on' like before. I've also made it structurally better. (see post #2)
  12. This thread is to put for anybody to put their Adventurers, / Pharaoh's Quest / Monster Fighters figures, and generic people of the same time-frame. (1920's / 1930's) They can put any figures of that era, or from books or movies set in that era. The Great Gatsby meets Johnny Thunder at a cafe or maybe Sam Sinister wants to steal the Maltese Falcon, but Beloq (from Indiana Jones) gets it first. Either way, the era between the World Wars works for me. Here is the first bit, which combines all three themes under one banner. (please remember that my cell phone photography skills are near zero, so most of these are off in one way or another.) In the early 1920's, inquisitive minds and hardy souls, both good and evil, scour the corners of the Earth looking for lost civilizations and vast treasures. Some search for their own personal gain, or limitless power, others search for knowledge in a quest to preserve the past for the future. Good or evil they are known as... THE ADVENTURERS From left to right: THE BAD GUYS Senor Palomar Old friend of the Sinister family. He runs a vast South American artifact smuggling ring, as Sam Sinister's second in command. Alexis Sinister Sister of Lord Sam Sinister, evil, loves traps and weapons, secretly wants to turn Johnny Thunder evil. Lord Sam Sinister Arch enemy of Johnny Thunder, thief of lost treasures and great fortunes, plus is a mastermind of evil THE GOOD GUYS Johnny Thunder Australian explorer with a all- around can-do attitude. Always looking forward towards the future, but an eye on preserving the past. Miss Pippin Reed Former journalist, expert pilot, and a great friend to all in need. Jake Raines Hotheaded former pupil of Johnny Thunder's late friend, Dr. Charles Kilroy. Student of almost all sciences, but a firm believer in the supernatural. Major Quentin Steele English army officer turned monster hunter, tracker extraordinaire, and is a crack shot with any gun. CITIZENS OF THE 1920's These figures are not named, and so are located here. Their is one other figure not under any classification, and that is the signature figure of me as a railroad engineer. I am not in the group because I am named, but am not with the Adventurers because I am not in the story-lines of any of the themes listed above. First Imperial Bank employees Left to right: bank manager - teller number 1 - teller number 2 Law Enforcement & City of Ironwood officials Left to right: Sheriff - Mayor - Silver mine owner - town doctor Railroad Workers Left to right: local railroad official - station master - passenger train conductor - steam locomotive fireman Shop Keepers & etc. Left to right: General Store owner - post office master - bar maid OTHER PEOPLE This is where armies and named non - Adventurers go. Army of the Crossed Sabers (The evil country of Ogel's land forces, known as the Army of the Crossed Sabers, which is temporarily commanded by Lord Sam Sinister on board the Battle-cruiser HMS Vladeck.) Left to right: Captain of the HMS Vladeck, Ogel soldiers (x6) Named non-Adventurers Left to right: Madame Blue (the dog), Captain Karloff (owner of Madame Blue and the tramp steamer "Great West"), Murdoch (engineer for Brick Railway Systems on their steam trains) END (SO FAR) I hope everyone liked my list, and feel free to add your own too. Happy Adventuring / Questing / Fighting Monsters!
  13. ^ The Haunted House set, right..? Well Check again! It's highly modified. It's wider, deeper, and higher. (Go count the extra studs !) I think the original lego-set is one of the alltime best lego has offered till now. It does have room for improvement though... First of all, it's big, but not quite big enough. If you want to make a complete interior it has to become a bit bigger. And to make the exterior complete, I added a big tree. While rebuilding the original I got inspired by Disneyland's Phantom Manor (paris). It kinda looks like it already. Just some details were not quite right. I added the round, doubled, and trippeled windows in the front as wel as another balcony on the right. The real Phantom Manor has the porch run around the left corner for visitors, but I left that out. I still wanted the Dollhouse-opening feature. So, this one really is much bigger, wider, and higher, but to really appreciate that you'll have to compare it next to a photo of the origninal set. As you'll see I left a lot of the original details intact, cause I think Lego did a terrific job. ^ Rightside porch and balcony (the steps have been corrected one stud to the right...) ^ I tried to make it interesting from a lot of angles by creating different scenes. Here a couple is sneaking about, not knowing they are being watched from behind by... ^ The Creature From The Black Lagoon! ^ The Creature from the Black Lagoon has a diorama of it's own. ^ I love the hinged dollhouse style way of opening so I kept that. As you can see I modified every square inch of the interior. But let's look at the one level at a time... To be continued...
  14. ^ A little horrorscene I created for my modified Haunted House. A bathtub full of blood and a dead person staring right back at you... While building, it reminded me of the most frightfull scenes I saw when I was just a kid. The bathtub scene in room number 237. Man, I get chills down my spine thinking about it... I know, it wasn't bloody at all. Just shocking. Imagine... You think our embrazing a beautifull naked woman while looking in the mirror to see it is really a decaying but living corpse... That kind of subtlty can't be reproduced in Lego. So I got blood instead... ^ A bathtub full of blood. The golden fountain really isn't my thing. I considder it too much of a toy-piece but it fits the building this scenery is just part of really well... Enjoy! Feel free to comment (I will post pics of the whole building very soon! Just felt that this scenery deserved a thread of it's own. )
  15. I've condensed all my trading into one thread in the bazaar.
  16. 7 stud wide Icecream Truck. Based upon a 7 stud version of my modified Vampyre Hearse. As you can see I've used the icecream-decoration from the new Lego Movie Flying icecream machine. That is a great set to get some of the icecream decorations I needed for my hotrod icecreamtruck I wanted to build right after I finished my hearse. I took me a while to collect all the parts I needed for the truck. Hope you like it. And yes, it's got enough groundclearance to roll on a flat smooth surface... ^ Lovely Icecream ornamentation comes from the Lego Movie Icecreammachine set. As are the roofspeakers. ^ Thought it would be cool to pimp the truck with a gold capped tooth in the grille... No question about it this icecreamman comes from the wrong side of town... (A ring from a Lord of the Rings set) ^ The before and after-shot... ^ Garage scene. The old hearse getting it's makeover icecreamtruck-camouflage... So... Would you buy an icecreamcone from this guy...?
  17. fred67

    9465 - Zombies

    Withdrawn. If you're interested in the Zombies set, see the link in my signature.
  18. I Scream Clone

    Cemetery Showdown

    Cemetery Showdown It's time for the Cemetery Showdown! Who will survive? Humanity's fate rests in the hands of a few brave souls as they go up against all manner of supernatural beings! I have been meaning to build a nice cemetery diorama to showcase my Monster Fighter figures, hope you like! Cemetery Showdown by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Monster Fighters Montage by I Scream Clone, on Flickr
  19. Discussion topic for my Action Themes Halloween contest entries. The Monster's Lair (built for the Creature's Lair contest) The Monster's Lair by mista_carrot, on Flickr When I think of a classic creature's lair, I immediately think of Dr. Frankenstein's lab. I didn't just want to do the typical tesla coils and lightning bolts (not that there's anything wrong with that), so I turned to my other hobby as a source for inspiration: video games. More specifically, Capcom's Darkstalkers, which is a fighting game with classic monsters as the characters. If you're into classic monsters then it's a fun game with some cool takes on their stories. Anyway, this MOC takes a lot of details from Victor's (the Frankenstein Monster of the game) stage: the castle setting with the pillars and arches, the tiled floor, the style of the machinery and the red chair. The Monster's Lair 3/4 View by mista_carrot, on Flickr The Monster's Lair Overhead by mista_carrot, on Flickr I was unsure of how I was going to attach the electricity infusion thingy to the wall. At first I was thinking of some complex technic attachment, but in the end, a simple hinge did the trick. The Monster's Lair Back View by mista_carrot, on Flickr Peace Celebration (Monster Bash contest entry) The picture above is actually of the first version of the entry which did not contain any of the Fighters (except for Major Quinton Steele's head). I didn't read the rules as thoroughly as I should have and just assumed I could make a party with just the Monsters. With that line of thinking, I figured they should be partying over the deaths of the Fighters. The Fighters' weapons are hung on the walls as trophies and the Monsters are drinking and dancing the night away. Then there's this: Which is Steele's head mounted on the wall. Since he is the "big game hunter" type character, I figured it would be fitting for his head to mounted on the wall as the ultimate payback. After I posted the above photos I reread the rules and learned of my error. Thus the above became the "bad ending" version and I started reworking it to make a "good ending". (Of course, whether it's bad or good depends on your point of view.) The "good ending" version only needed slight reworking. The story then became that the Fighters give up their weapons (literally giving them up to the Monsters) and the Monsters in turn promise not to harm humans. Adding the Fighters made it better IMO; it makes the party more lively. Some shots without the figs: See more photos on my Flickr photostream.
  20. This is the table layout my wife Joanna and I did for our show Bricktober - Perth 2014 Enjoy IMG_0520 by Technic70s, on Flickr DSC_9728 by Technic70s, on Flickr DSC_9380 by Technic70s, on Flickr DSC_9729 by Technic70s, on Flickr More photos
  21. DSCF0316 by Only Sinner, on Flickr This is my 9464 MOD, the car is not a perfect MOC as I wanted to make it an alternate build, so I only used pieces from the set. I liked the set a whole lot, but It really needed some better design. DSCF0314 by Only Sinner, on Flickr The car rode too high as is, so I proceeded to lower it. On real vehicles, this is called channeling. DSCF0313 by Only Sinner, on Flickr The top was lowered way down to create a more appealing roofline. This is the basic chop top. DSCF0317 by Only Sinner, on Flickr As you can see, it sits low and very agressive. DSCF0318 by Only Sinner, on Flickr The set came with the GITD sticker, but it would have clashed with the intended aesthetic. DSCF0315 by Only Sinner, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed my simple MOD.
  22. I do love #9464 Vampyre Hearse, and always use it in my Halloween setup. I got to wondering - how about an old-school hearse carriage? Should have taken a picture of them side-by-side... maybe next week!
  23. Wife and I decided to have some fun! Added the new Halloween Bat 40090 to Haunted House 10228. Enjoy, EddieZ
  24. ^ Here's my version of the Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse... Although I find the original set extremely cool (It IS the one set that got me into lego again since 25 years) but felt it was a bit too grotesk for me. It now has a lot of modifications like: A bigger but more subtle engine; It's lower; The body is given more mass; a different frontend; a longer wheelbase; exaust in the back (one bad thing about the original car was a poorly connected sidepipe); Chopped top; etc. You'll have to set it next to an original set to really appreciate the modifications. Only bad thing is, It's still too big for my haunted house and the other modular or town buildings...
  25. ^ This is the other scenery in my modified haunted house that was inspired by the fantastic Kubric movie The Shining, the bloody bathroomscene being the first. Let me introduce to you the Grady Twins... These peculiar identical twins appear out of nowere at the end of the hotel hallway and ask Danny to 'come and play with us'... Short flashes of a bloody massacre surrounding them make shure you'll never ever forget... But in my scenery I added a little humor. Instead of blood, the creepy twins created a milk-massacre... Hope you'll like my moc.