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  1. Kivi

    What is the oldest Lego set you have seen in a shop?

    In 2018 I bought 6420 in a local independent toy store. There was still a sticker on the box from the company that was importing and distributing LEGO in Slovenia in 1998 (and quite a few of them have changed since then). They were also selling a similarly sized Aquazone set from the same period. Someone must have been tidying up a long forgotten warehouse
  2. Kivi

    [MOC] Corner modular building

    Very nice corner building. 8 stud wide pavement looks a bit deep, but with different size it would be much more difficult to achieve such symmetry of windows and walls.
  3. Kivi

    Is your member number a set number?

    My number is 'something yet to be released'. Ditto for parts. The closest I get is 7243 Construction Site. Not particularly interesting set. Further reduction to 724 yields something much nicer: 12V Diesel Locomotive with Crane and Tipper Wagon.
  4. Kivi

    Food market

    Well done. It is a nice and lively addition to town scenery.
  5. Kivi

    MOC Rural railway station

    Thanks @all for comments. The diorama won't grow any larger. It was built to the standard size of display areas at our LUG events (3x5 baseplates). And through the years I have also found out that this is moreor less the largest size that can be stored and moved around without too much trouble. So instead of expanding it something completely new will be created some time in the future.
  6. It took almost exactly two years from the first idea to completion of this diorama of a railway station. There is less emphasis on the station itself, as my main goal was to present it in the natural environment and have a try at building a landscape. A railway line running at the foot of the hills, with railway station and adjacent bus stop, bridge and tunnel. Station building in masonry style. Bus stop with shelter Covered bike racks Some maintenance work on underground wiring needs to be done. Functioning railway signal. The photo was deliberately taken with incorrect settings so that the light from signal could better be seen. Bridge Tunnel entrance Detail of landscape The river offers plenty of chances for recreation. Aerial view. The entire thing measures 127x77 centimeters, while the estimated brick count is at least 10.000. A few more pictures can be found here.
  7. Kivi

    What got you into lego trains!

    I have been fascinated by anything at least remotely related to trains and railways since my earliest years, but back then in my childhood (late 80s/early 90s) LEGO trains were way too expensive and difficult to get by, so I had to do with H0 models. So when I grew up and became AFOL, I had to make up for what I missed as a child.
  8. Kivi

    City of New Orleans

    Well done, both outside and inside. All scenes from the song are instantly recognizable.
  9. Kivi

    Parts Lego didn't need to make

    For me the most obvious are raised 1x6 arch and 1x5x4 arch irregular with reinforced underside. I still prefer the old versions with smooth curvature from top to bottom.
  10. Kivi

    MOC - Kid's room

    My favourites: telescope, alarm clock and jack in the box. But the entire thing is fantastic almost beyond belief, of course. Very well done.
  11. Kivi

    [MOC] Shaun the Sheep

    What a lovely reproduction of these characters. It's definitely the right one for Ideas. This is something I would like to have on my shelf.
  12. All my larger projects were designed from the start to be able to move them around with ease. They all consisted of modules, the largest being of 3x2 32x32 baseplates, which were then carried around on a wooden plank. In this way it is also easier to store them as they take up less space and can be placed one above the other on shelves. Had no problem with transporting them so far, though only in the back of the car.
  13. Kivi

    CCCXII - The Three Little Pigs

    How cute! The details and techniques are simply amazing. And each pig is holding an aproppriate tool, a really nice touch.
  14. It can take any given period of time, from hours to months. The latter is particularly true for 'leftovers', i.e. small parts like 1x1 round plates or so, used to fill the space between larger parts in a cup, which I don't really bother sorting right away.