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  1. Kivi

    Airport Hangar - Plate Field

    Very nice creation with some old school touch.
  2. Kivi

    [MOC] 99 - FARM

    This is really beautiful. Especially the greenhouse and small details like nest boxes and water tap.
  3. One part that 1x1 round brick would fit inside is 2x2 barrell, but it is the same width as cannon base and consequently also wider than cannon tube itself. Do you plan to moc the entire cannon or do you only need the muzzle to be visible on the outside? In the latter case you can try with tires, this one may be the right size to fit around 1x1 round brick.
  4. Kivi

    MOC advice for beginner?

    A similar approach that @Peppermint_M suggested was already in place by TLG itself in the (distant) past and I always found it very useful. It might look a bit archaic nowadays but it's how MOCers learnt their trade when there were no Studio, LDD, LDraw etc. around yet, and can still give you some insight on how to 'learn to moc'. Back then every box had a couple of alternate builds displayed on the back side but no instructions for them. Like for example for below set: The back of the box looked like this: This meant that you had a defined selection of available parts, one single picture of a creation that was built from these parts only and no instructions. It was then up to your imagination and creativity to either fully reproduce the creation or use the picture as a guideline to build something similar.
  5. Kivi

    Your First LEGO Set

    6502 Turbo Racer The pride and joy of having flexible hoses that came in this set was beyond description at that time. And I've just realized that it's almost exactly 35 years since I got it, it happened some time late in August before the end of summer holidays.
  6. Kivi

    MOC - Gee Bee Model Z Super Sportster - aircraft

    Very cute creation. The runway is equally nice, with clever use of new road plates.
  7. Kivi

    Andrew Barclay Fireless

    Cute little engine and posing driver.
  8. Kivi

    [MOC] Wild Jazz Trio

    This is absolutely amazing. Some details are really outstanding like the plants, cymbals and antlers. But the nicest touch that adds to animal feeling are paw prints on guitar.
  9. Kivi

    [MOC] 00s Police Interceptor (6-wide)

    Well done. I like how many details and functionalities you managed to squeeze in such a limited design.
  10. Kivi

    MOC Signal box

    No, there is no interior, not even the floor between upstairs and downstairs. As the roof is not detachable, I didn't go for any details inside.
  11. It depends on what theme/topic you intend to moc. If starting from scratch and considering the enormous range of shapes and colours in existence, parting out appropriate sets is one of the best options to get a variety of most useful parts for beginning. For example, as I am mostly doing town and trains MOCs, the late 2000s/early 2010s creator sets, modulars and sculptures were a gold mine for such parts. And once I accumulated the basic stock of them, I started to complement them via Bricklink and PAB, as MOCs grew larger and larger...
  12. Kivi

    Absolutely the BEST Elements

    My all time favourite is 1x5x4 half arch, useful for both outside detailing and inner supports. And it must be the continuous bow version
  13. I definitely like it, especially the details on undercarriage and both ends of the car.
  14. Kivi

    MOC Signal box

    Inspired by Faller, I built this signal box for the railway section of city diorama in our latest LUG event. I added the external staircase to access the upper floor and more windows upstairs for better view across the rails.
  15. Kivi

    What is your favorite Modular Buildling?

    My top 3: 1) Green Grocer 2) Grand Emporium 3) Fire Brigade It's how my dark ages ended