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  1. Lego Porsche - Crash Test

    That is just brutal. I'd never do it, but it looks awesome. Glad I got to see the gif, as something is really wrong with youtube at the moment. At least for me
  2. 10182 Cafe Corner height

    I believe LegoSjaak just widened the Fire Station with a 2nd one. It still remains as high as the single set. Either way the Fire Station is only a few plates taller, at most, a full brick
  3. The Shameful Confessions Thread

    I believe I have too many unopened sets; I probably have too many opened sets
  4. Procrastination Thread

    I'll come up with something to post in a little while
  5. [MOC] Steampunk AT-ST

    Brilliant twist
  6. Thoughts on the 60020 Cargo Truck set?

    I liked the detail of the truck, more so than the previous installment. The price, not so much. Almost $15 more for less than the amount of pieces as the 2008 set 7733. Kind of messed up IMO. Definitely more worth a 2nd hand price
  7. What did you buy today?

    Double points and a 5004468 Chicken Guy made me decide to get the 10246 Detectives Office, 60113 Rally Car, and 76052 Classic Batman's Cave with 30422 Kai's Dragon as the monthly bonus
  8. What did you buy today?

    Ordered 60098 Heavy-Haul Train, 60096Deep Sea Operation Base for discounted price and purchased a blue flatbed car with cargo, 2 cable cars, 2 cattle cars, and the loading station from 60052 Cargo Train I am in the West Virginia, US. At the time Amazon priced PD $20+ off, the transporter $15+, and City Square was $45 off, but that one was actually an ebay purchase. I had $10 in shipping cost (ebay) and $8.XX in taxes (Amazon)
  9. MOC: Skip Truck

    For this particular truck, I would unfortunately say no. The OP created it 4+ years ago and hasn't logged on here since 2013. Though it looks relatively simple with the correct parts. The lift mech pieces are all visible, other than that MOCing up a small flatbed truck and container should be easy
  10. Next GBC - Any takers?

    Apart from being mostly speechless, that is one of the wildest, craziest, machines I have ever seen
  11. [WIP] Amphibious Sherp 4x4

    That's so funny, I just learned of this vehicle yesterday. Can't wait to see the final product
  12. LEGO, Meat KFC!

    Definitely a bad pun, though I figured it might grab a little more attention Sorry about your experience, I had it for the first time this year, trying the Hot Chicken. Not what I hoped for
  13. LEGO, Meat KFC!

    I haven't created a topic in a long while, but I thought I'd share this find. I was googling Colonel Sanders because I noticed that the actor had changed again, from Norm Macdonald to Jim Gaffigan. Side note, I preferred Macdonald, if anyone is to play the Colonel. Anyway, at the bottom of the article about the actor change, I came across a nifty, not-so-little MOC, a KFC vending machine made of LEGO! Simple, effective, tasty LEGO KFC Vending Machine (I'd embed the video, but I forgot how to)
  14. Which sets are these from?

    B looks like 75007 Republic Ship & Coruscant
  15. My first two years back in I spent waaaay too much. I wasn't putting any money into savings, which is not the best idea, but I also was not to a point where paying bills became an issue. But, that was me just getting the sets I wanted when I was younger and missed. All were purchased on the factor of "I may not be able to get these sets for this price again", meaning if I found it for a decent price, at or lower than it's original MSRP, I threw a bid in. Now I just buy current sets that appeal to me from the themes I like. I cut back by well over half to 2/3's of what I was spending. Thankfully I am only into City/ City-like sets