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  1. Redimus

    Which one looks best ?

    Grill tiles for me.
  2. The prototype doesn't make it easy with such high handrails, lol. If it wasn't for the necessary boiler spoilage caused by the hand rails, I'd really like this, not sure there's much you can do about that though (Megablocks might have a useful piece, but it's guaranteed not to be in flat black).
  3. The loco is really smart. Personally I'd look into lowering the tender a bit though. It was rare to have the tender sit higher than the loco's cab.
  4. Redimus

    Is using SBrick cheating?

    You can do that on the *HUGE* US designs, but European, especially British, nah, not a chance. For me, Sbrick was the perfect solution, now, I wanna try out the new system before I decided if I want more Sbricks or to move over to Lego's system.
  5. Redimus

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    D2C? I have more than enough PF tract that I don't use, and (at least with my current set up) plenty of spare 9v track too, so for me it's a plus point that I'm not being forced to buy track I neither want or need.
  6. Redimus

    Lego 75955 Hogwarts Express

    It's dark red. Which is a crying shame, as if they had done it dark red, I'd have some dark red train windows to use for other british coaches.
  7. Redimus

    Modified Emerald Night

    Believe it or not, the most expensive parts on the entire build were the 'reddish brown 1x1 modified plate with horizontal clip' used to hold the handrails on the doors.
  8. Redimus

    Modified Emerald Night

    Yeah, had I not got a fair amount of dark green bits for my failed attempt at a replacement loco, I wouldn't have been able to do the tender, which would have killed the main fix before it started! That said, part of the issue I had with my replacement attempt was it's tender, which was just way too boxy. My first thought was to still use it (because it was a better build than the one used for EN), but it had a completely different way of connecting, and was way too tall (and not easily modifiable to fit in with EN). It did however, have some details that were a lot more prototypical, so I may savage it for more parts (it's currently just a set of frames and wheels) to improve the tender further. Right now thought, I'm looking for ideas on how to fix my issue with the tender's shape that both tenders suffered from. As far as I'm concerned, it's a must, I really hate the way Lego 'integrated' power functions, and the Sbrick removes one of the glaring problems (and is a way better mechanism for controlling your trains anyway). I do wish there was a way to use the of controllers with bluetooth (I assume PF 2.0 will do just that).
  9. Redimus

    Modified Emerald Night

    OK, so I have never made any secret that I think Emerald Night is crap. Odd proportions, terrible tender, complete lack of understanding of what several parts actually represent, looking *nothing* like the source material,.... I also know (from bitter experience) how difficult (and expensive) making a decent replacement is. After having built some really nice Pullmans, and building a disappointing pacific (which was miles better than EN), taking it apart, starting again, running out of inspiration, then getting made jobless so I couldn't afford to buy bits had I come up with an improved design, I decided to finally do something about my Emerald Night that had been sat in a corner with no wheels for at least 2 years. Things that I wanted to change: Give the front a footplate. Use the cylinder fix. Do something about that god awful (lack of) dome. Raise the cab so it doesn't look too daft with my coaches. Build a completely new tender (seriously, f**k that tender, that city cattle wagon was less lazy). Add lights and S Brick (which I had done a long while ago). So here are the results: Loco The new footplate, added tiles to the front bogie, replaced the green 1x6 plate with a black one, and the improved cylinder innards. New dome with S Brick underneath. Slightly raised cab. Tender The tender was a complete rebuild, but used basically the same chassis. It was however, a little lazy, and relied heavily on what I happened to already have. New Tender Completed Engine. I intend to replace it with an actually good loco one day, but until inspiration and funds allow, this is a vast improvement.
  10. Redimus

    Venice Simplon Orient Express

    This is what I love about Lego Mocs. Those coaches are a completely different but fantastic take on the same basic kind of coach I made. I found myself thinking 'I wish I had thought of that' for a few of the features.
  11. Redimus

    Venice Simplon Orient Express

    I'd argue that 7 wide can potentially be heavier than 8 wide, because it isn't a particularly natural width for standard Lego elements. I needed to use a lot of complex construction to get the (mostly) 7 wide Pullmans right. Hopefully this should work: Click me! In there was my city scale 6 wide proof of concept, and 7 wide standard coach and 7 wide break coach. Loose parts are: Tubes to form the underframes. 2x4 black tiles for the door windows. 2x2 turntables for the toilet windows. roof bogies (they are a tad long, it's not too bad, but it does cause some drag on sharp curves). Lemme know if it doesn't work.
  12. Redimus

    Venice Simplon Orient Express

    My 7 wide Pullmans would make a good basis for those coaches (they're basically the British version of the same idea anyway). If you want the LDDs, lemme know.
  13. I liked the look of what we saw, especially the passenger set that reminded me of the prototype HST.
  14. Redimus

    Holger Matthes' Crocodile colour issue.

    Cheers for the quick response! :)
  15. Redimus

    Holger Matthes' Crocodile colour issue.

    I didn't realise he was on these boards!