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  1. Had a look in the LDraw folder. No custom parts folder in it. I tried creating one, putting the parts folder in that, and putting an example of both kinds of file. No success. Also played around with the name of the folder (no caps, no space, no caps and no space). Unsurprisingly, still no success.
  2. It seems to be storing the Exported files in: C:\Users\The Earth Mk2\AppData\Local\\CustomParts\parts As it doesn't seem to insist on a place to save the files, I've just put em where ever seemed easy to find at the time. I'll see if I can drop a file in there and if that fixes the issue. What type of file is in there, .part or .dat
  3. So. I decided it was time to look into rendering my MoCs with custom prints, to get a better idea what they will look like and to help me know the prints look right before getting parts printed. I downloaded PartDesigner. Very simple and easy. Export function is easy to find and easy to use. Cant fault it. Go into Studio and.... The parts are not there. And yes... I have looked in the custom parts pallet, I can read the pop up that appears. So I close Studio. I re-open it. Nope. Close it again, make sure no processes are still running. Re-open. Still no. Uninstall Studio, reinstall, restart PC. Nope. Uninstall PartDesigner, reinstall, restart PC. Nope. Wonder if I need to save the part in a specific folder for it to work. Ask a friend, he says it's in a hidden folder. Find the folder, and my custom bricks are in there. So it's not that. I even wondered if it was an issue with me still using an older OS (Windows 7). Nope. Another mate has had the exact same problem with Windows 10. So I'm out of ideas now. I really do need to be able to easily create and add custom print bricks, and I can't. Has anyone had this issue, and does anyone know how to fix it? Are there any work arounds?
  4. Redimus

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    Ahh, lazy, and not very interesting. Standard.
  5. Redimus

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    I feel like I'm gonna have to steal your ideas again... :P
  6. Redimus

    High nose (maersk mod)

    Looks good.
  7. Redimus

    Space efficient storage of train tracks

    Yup, that's how the Playout has been stored from day one (apart from when one of the 'help' get there first, then it's anyone's guess how the track has been packed or how on earth it bloody fit at all!).
  8. Redimus

    Custom rods on shapeways

    My last order with you got stiffed to the tune of something like £20 in customs, and this is pretty much the normal for stuff from the US now, so I'd be very keen to order your stuff from a more local source (although with f*** knows what will happen after the s***storm that is Brexit finally finishes ruining literally everything, excuse my French). How would custom orders be handled if we take the Shapeways route?
  9. Can we just talk about how many people there are standing less than a meter away from the line she's running on from roughly the 12 mins mark onwards on the 2nd video? This sort of behavior is becoming a real health and safety problem in the UK that could put mainline running at risk.
  10. Redimus

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    I have a couple of locos that started out life as someone else's design that I take to shows. They've both had modifications (in one case so extensively, you'd be hard pressed to recognize the original model) but whenever anyone asks about my trains, I'm happy to tell the history of the design. Afterall, how is it any different from running Hornby locos on your exhibition layout? It's the overall effect you're looking for, not a creation that is 100% created by you and you alone.
  11. Are there any tips for getting things 'manually' connected, or is it pure trial and error?
  12. I'm wanting to use to create digital versions of my designs to ensure I have them saved for prosperity. Most of my locos use BB wheels and Zephyr's Rods, plus one of them uses the PU battery box without it's bottom attached. Is it possible to add files intended for LDraw to the library, and is it possible for someone to create a model of the battery box without the bottom? [EDIT]Is there any Power Up actually on yet? I can't seem to find it.[/EDIT] I would also like to generate instructions for these, if they can't be imported, does LDraw generate OK instructions? Thanks in advance for any imput.
  13. Redimus

    Locomotives For My Upcoming Layout

    Looks like one of Carl Greatrix's creations, or one of the many versions inspired by it.
  14. Honestly, I couldn't disagree more. I'm British, and I'd much rather pay for a professional to do something for me than for me to screw it up myself. When I got into Lego trains, I tried a bit on LDD, and ran into the dual problems of no having any idea how to complete the design, and being told by anyone who looked at it that it'd never work. Probably would have given up then were it not for Murdoch17 (who I've always assumed was American, but don't really know) who has a load of freely available LDD files. I took one of his and modded it to what I wanted. I learnt a ton from that and moved on to the next project. Had I not been able to take his existing, working design, I probably would have gotten fed up and found a different hobby. So I do feel that a decent range of free or *affordable* instructions for custom locos is an important part of the process to learning your way into the hobby. It's not a lack of effort, or an expectation for people to do everything for you, it is a lack of self beleif and confidence, coupled with what is an expensive hobby. Can't do much about the expense, can do something about the other problem.
  15. I've been wanting to start selling instructions for my UK stuff, but due to a million different reasons, I haven't really got anywhere with that yet. HA Bricks do some nice German/Dutch outline stuff. I've had plenty of questions about how to get hold of decent British outline sets or instructions at the shows I've been at. Problem is, the cost... well everything... would probably put them off eventually. Speaking of cost, what do people think a good price for instructions is? I've seen some who's prices are outrageous. I honestly don't understand how you can charge $50+ for instructions alone, when the builds themselves are often very expensive. It just puts people off.