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  1. Redimus

    S100 'USA' Tank [by BritishBricks]

    Not a bad call. :)
  2. Redimus

    S100 'USA' Tank [by BritishBricks]

    We do two 'scales' at Block Junction, City Scale (generally 6 wide, normally uses the prebuilt buffer/couplers, generally simpler and less detailed) and Fine Scale (closer to 0 guage in terms of size and detail, which means normally closer to 7 wide, more technically complex and (generally) more expensive to build). Aye, it uses Trained Bricsk Rods, Circuit Cubes Bluetooth Upgrage Kit for the power/control and Big Ben Wheels medium drivers for the wheels. Aye, I think they ended up all over Europe. I try to avoid releasing *too* many instructions of the same design, and as the black version can be built by just colour swapping the parts for the released version, there's no real need for a seperate set of instructions. And as someone who sees himself as reasonably good at building mocs, looking at BritishBricks' work is always a little humbling, his ideas are something else!
  3. BritishBricks shows exactly why he's an award winning loco designer with this fantastic new loco! The USRA S100 were a 382 strong class of tank locomotives imported to Britain in 1943 to aid in the invasion of Europe during the last years of the second world war. In 1946, the Southern Railway needed locomotives with a short wheelbase to replace life expired locos for dock working, and purchased 13 of the S100s. The loco modelled is number 30064 in British Railways Green as she existed during her time as Eastleigh Locomotive Depot’s shunter, and as she has appeared during some of her life in preservation. Contains Instructions for powered and unpowered versions, Bricklink xml Partlist for each set of Instructions and quick guide on how to use the Partlists. *Please Note* This design uses third party parts that cannot be purchased via Bricklink. The Instructions and Readme provide the information on where to buy the required parts. This design also requires the cutting of a part for the powered version (technic axle from the Circuit Cubes set). The livery ideas are not included in the instructions and are provided only for inspiration. They depict SR/BR Black, War Department Grey and 30072 as she existed in the early days of preservation on the Worth Valley Railway.
  4. Redimus

    Nuclear Flask Truck Pack

    Happy to show off this unusual set of stock! They used to transport nuclear waste, and consist of instructions and partslists for an RNA Barrier Wagon and FNA Nuclear Flask Wagon.
  5. They do ship internationally. I've bought one (before I started bulk buying circuit cubes, lol) was was overall, pretty damn impressed with it (despite it's rough edges). My recomendation would be to go Circuit Cubes, but some builds are just *too small* to hide the batterybox, and in this case the Tiny Motor coes shine, and offers comparable power (it's the same basic motor). <-- My generic 0-4-0 Pug running with the Lifelites system (video on my FB page).
  6. Oh, boy. You have so much to learn young Padiwan, lol
  7. That's a bit harsh, his actually looks like it could be a real loco! :P Aside from the regional whiplash of a loco with a lot of hints of the GWR running with a BR standard looking tender, it looks good!
  8. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but does anyone know where i can find missing Power Up and Power Functions parts in or for Studio. I am looking for both system's train motors in particular.
  9. Had a look in the LDraw folder. No custom parts folder in it. I tried creating one, putting the parts folder in that, and putting an example of both kinds of file. No success. Also played around with the name of the folder (no caps, no space, no caps and no space). Unsurprisingly, still no success.
  10. It seems to be storing the Exported files in: C:\Users\The Earth Mk2\AppData\Local\\CustomParts\parts As it doesn't seem to insist on a place to save the files, I've just put em where ever seemed easy to find at the time. I'll see if I can drop a file in there and if that fixes the issue. What type of file is in there, .part or .dat
  11. So. I decided it was time to look into rendering my MoCs with custom prints, to get a better idea what they will look like and to help me know the prints look right before getting parts printed. I downloaded PartDesigner. Very simple and easy. Export function is easy to find and easy to use. Cant fault it. Go into Studio and.... The parts are not there. And yes... I have looked in the custom parts pallet, I can read the pop up that appears. So I close Studio. I re-open it. Nope. Close it again, make sure no processes are still running. Re-open. Still no. Uninstall Studio, reinstall, restart PC. Nope. Uninstall PartDesigner, reinstall, restart PC. Nope. Wonder if I need to save the part in a specific folder for it to work. Ask a friend, he says it's in a hidden folder. Find the folder, and my custom bricks are in there. So it's not that. I even wondered if it was an issue with me still using an older OS (Windows 7). Nope. Another mate has had the exact same problem with Windows 10. So I'm out of ideas now. I really do need to be able to easily create and add custom print bricks, and I can't. Has anyone had this issue, and does anyone know how to fix it? Are there any work arounds?
  12. Redimus

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    Ahh, lazy, and not very interesting. Standard.
  13. Redimus

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    I feel like I'm gonna have to steal your ideas again... :P
  14. Redimus

    High nose (maersk mod)

    Looks good.