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  1. Carefree_Dude

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Im having some issues with lego mario; Just got starter set. The first thing it did was update him. Now whenever I turn him on, he ends up in an endless death loop (Music plays, eyes spin) that I can't seem to stop. restarting him doesn't do it. Starting a course, he just does the "dying" loop the entire time. Any way to fix this? Restarting him does nothing.
  2. Bamberg Germany? I spent a good part of my childhood there! I've always loved that city
  3. Carefree_Dude

    [MOD-WIP] Crocodile 10277

    Sergio what shelves do you use to display the trains?
  4. Carefree_Dude

    [MOD] 10277 Another crocodile MOD

    So these gap hiding mods, do they stop the train from going through curves at all? I just did the above one and it looks very close. Don't have track set up to test now.
  5. Carefree_Dude

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I got the set yesterday! Thankfully the Lego store was kind enough to save one for me since I had an hour drive to get there. They had sold out during the drive! Still haven't built it but I hope to today
  6. Carefree_Dude

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    So does this include the motor and battery box?
  7. Carefree_Dude

    Modified 71044 - C.K. Holliday - Disney

    That looks really good! I need to update mine further but all Lego projects are on a haitus
  8. Carefree_Dude

    Iso train collisions 6938 vs 60197

    What I would love to see is two trains built in such a way that only a handful of studs hold it together and it's mostly tiles like breakaway walls. Then have them so a head on collision and just explode!
  9. Carefree_Dude

    Trains forum banner

    I'd love a train banner but I'm just happy the Easter one is gone
  10. Carefree_Dude

    Armoured train moc

    What motorization do you use?
  11. Watching these videos makes me want to get drone footage of my Christmas Train moc going through a similar landscape. How many pieces of straight track do you have?
  12. Carefree_Dude

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    In my personal opinion, Lego is a terrible investment to try and make money off later; Sure, there are a handful of sets that do become fairly valuable, but you also need to do your best to keep those sets in pristine condition, and then comes the struggle of finding a buyer who is willing to pay that inflated price; and then you need to hope the buyer doesn't do some paypal shenanigans or such. investments are best left to things like stocks. Leave the lego for playing and having fun.
  13. Carefree_Dude

    Train door mechanism

    You could possibly activate it with a red micro motor
  14. Carefree_Dude

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    Following @old sergio's example, I decided to do a full powered up mod in the engine, using a train motor. Surprisingly, I only had to make the engine a single plate taller to account for the battery box. (honestly looking at it now it would have looked a little cleaner if I only raised the boiler by one plate instead of the entire train). It runs really well, especially with the added weight of the battery box on top of the motor. Sadly the train motor being only in black and only able to use 4 wheels take a way a lot of the charm of this engine. (Im pretty sure i've seen custom printed decorative motor sides though that allow for a third wheel). I could have used tiles similar to old sergio to "hide" the white part of the battery box, but I decided to opt for electric tape just to show how well it works. Also, in order to make the battery box fit so well, I had to remove the bottom; thankfully the pin of the train motor holds the battery harness in place so it works really well; It honestly works so well I wonder if the designers had this use case in mind when they designed that center gap in the battery harness. I went back and changed it so only the boiler is raised by a single plate. Much better! Im also considering adding lights. oddly enough the giant LED from the battery box shines through the front center light on the boiler. With the powered up lights, I could easily have all three lit up. Anyways, here it is now. I haven't built a tender for it yet, so I let it borrow one.