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  1. Carefree_Dude

    LegoTrain Set Through 12 inches of Canadian Snow

    This makes me want to build a train car that say a steam engine would pull and have a camera mounted on top for a third person view of the train. Maybe have it offset so you can see the drive rods and pistons moving
  2. Carefree_Dude

    2020 Trains sets - Rumours and discussion

    There is always that 40 years of trains anniversary set.
  3. Carefree_Dude

    2020 Trains sets - Rumours and discussion

    Seeing a monorail on roller coaster track will be odd
  4. Carefree_Dude

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Wow that is a REALLY good coach design. And seeing your model next to the real thing makes it look even better
  5. Carefree_Dude

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    I'm really loving the custom rods. Once I have the money I'll have to buy some for my big boy. The train looks really nice too. The windows curving inwards is a beautiful touch. For the most part I like your decals, though the striping tape could be cleaned up a little. Lastly, the only thing this post needs is a picture of the original train this model is based on.
  6. Carefree_Dude

    Do Big Ben wheels need added traction?

    I haven't figured out what size i want to go with yet. The red ones lego uses on the large drivers will fit, but its a stretch
  7. Carefree_Dude

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    it would continue into the writers descent into madness as he starts to embrace the IP based lego sets and start to shun some of the more original lines like Alien conquest. The writer would also complain that bionicle isn't real lego, get horribly upset when it's gone, complain when it's back, then be upset when it's gone again.
  8. Carefree_Dude

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    This really needs to be updated for the past 20 years
  9. Carefree_Dude

    Do Big Ben wheels need added traction?

    @Toastie I did my first XL wheel using your method. I used my power drill and a cheap file I got from the hardware store. It took a while (close to 10 minutes straight) but it worked out amazingly!
  10. Carefree_Dude

    Lego Train Suspension

    Just an update, this is how it currently looks. Still have a ways to go though. It runs well so far. Ultimately I'll be putting a buzzwizz in for power but I don't have one yet.
  11. Carefree_Dude

    Train-mounted camera

    I do something similar to what cptkent did, with the main difference of the camera being in front of the wheels just barely floating above the track .
  12. Carefree_Dude

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    The station is something that I'd buy in a heartbeat, I just don't see something like that actually becoming a set. The subway designer did a good job of reaching the intended build he was going for, I'm just not a fan of subways.
  13. Carefree_Dude

    [MOC] Santa Fe Union Terminal

    It all looks really nice! I have a question; what is the largest steam locomotive you've built so far?
  14. Carefree_Dude

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I'm not a big fan of the subway train either. But, at this point ill take what I can get. Also the 10 wide is throwing me off.
  15. Carefree_Dude

    Miniland train information?

    This article has some info on the miniland scale, as well as picture of a bogie.