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  1. Carefree_Dude

    Lego train double tracking!!!

    DEJA VU!
  2. Carefree_Dude

    79111 Constitution with Powered Up

    If you used black headlight bricks, it would just look like part of the tile.
  3. Carefree_Dude

    MOC: Big Boy X4023

    Just an update; I modified my big boy quite a bit, and it can now fit 4 XL motors!
  4. Carefree_Dude

    What would work better: 2 XL motors or 4 L motors?

    So, I modified my train quite a bit, and I can now fit FOUR XL motors inside the boiler. Is it safe to assume I will need something like buwizz to actually deliver full power to these things?
  5. I have a train that I want to power via PF motors. Currently, I can either fit 2 XL motors or 4 L motors inside the boiler. Which of these setups would provide more overall power and pull a longer train?
  6. Carefree_Dude

    MOC: Big Boy X4023

    I have another question; Say I'm only able to fit two motors in this thing; would it be better to have both motors on the same set of drive wheels, or would it be better to give each set of drive wheels their own motor?
  7. Carefree_Dude

    Make your trains run more efficiently! Haul a more, longer!

    The ones I use specifically are these. There may be better options
  8. I've been thinking about running long trains, and the limitations of lego train motors and other parts. I know there are a few ways to get around these, and was hoping we could all chip in with some knowledge. My first thing I would like to add is info on replacing O-rings! I now a lot of people here know this, and I made this same topic roughly 10 years ago (back when RC trains first came out) but I wanted to say it again. Remove the clear/grey o-rings on the train wheels on your motors. Replace them with 14mm Inner Diameter, 17mm OD sealing gaskets, and watch the magic happen. By simply replacing these O-rings, you get much more grip onto the track and it helps stops the wheels from slipping due to lack of weight. For instance, I have a UP Big Boy that I tried to push with the tender from the Disney train (single PuP motor and battery box). The wheels just slipped in place and couldn't budge the big boy. I then replaced the O-rings on the 4 wheels with the sealing gaskets, and the difference was shocking: Not only could the tiny Disney Train tender push the Big Boy, but it moved reasonably fast, power right through tight lego curves, AND pull 3 train cars and drag the Disney train behind it all. In the past, I modified the Santa Fe Super Chief to work with power functions, and replacing those O rings allowed it to pull all 5 santa fe cars and a few emerald night cars with no issue. And best of all, this isn't an expensive modification. You can get a package of 40 O rings for under $10. That said, I'm just imagining what kind of performance you can get if you add in bearings and lubrication on top of all this... (If someone has experience with lubrication and bearings, please add some info!) (Also, some info on aftermarket powering solutions (sbrick, fx brick, buwizz, etc would be nice)
  9. Carefree_Dude

    MOC: Big Boy X4023

    I think I can see a way to fit 4 xl motors into my boiler. Now I just need to figure out where to make them connect to the wheels. Looking at other pics it appears I can run a Technic axel through the big turntables, I just need new points to attach the wheels to the boiler
  10. Carefree_Dude

    MOC: Big Boy X4023

    I apologize for bumping a rather ancient thread, but I have some questions. I have a similar big boy, though it is currently powered only via two PF motors in the tender. I get a lot of slippage of wheels especially while going around corner. I'm really interested in making this thing move via the drive wheels. What I want to know is: What would be the best motor to use? I believe I could fit multiple L motors inside the very hollow boiler of my big boy. What would be the best way to get power to the wheels? Currently the only thing attaching all 16 large drivers to the boiler is a single 4x4 turntable bri Even if I did manage to get motors and such inside of the body of the train engine, would I get any significant improvement? How much would adding a buwizz or Sbrick increase my overall performance?
  11. Carefree_Dude

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    I bought another train from bricks northwest at brick con today
  12. Carefree_Dude

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    I've had the pleasure of meeting this guy and buying one of his trains, he makes some great stuff.
  13. Carefree_Dude

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    After having had this set for a while now, I feel it isn't worth the price tag at all, especially when compared to the disney castle. I feel it is easily $100 overpriced for what you get.
  14. Carefree_Dude

    Legoredo 1885 railroad station - 71044 Wild West MOD

    I love how well you enclosed the model; I've been wanting to put a back on my disney train station