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  1. NathanR

    10283 Space Set????

    Preliminary photos have appeared online, check the instagram legoleaks page. The 486 piece shuttle is part of the creator lineup, not sure if it's a 3-in-1, with a cockpit holding one minifigure. I think it's a little too small to directly match the Saturn V. I've also seen a "leaked photo" of 10283, depicting it as the complete launch stack of Columbia STS-1 with the central fuel tank painted white, however, I am not convinced that the photo was genuine.
  2. NathanR

    Trans-Vader protoypes in 6 different colours

    Clicked link - went wow, saw the price, panicked, and closed tab before I accidentally clicked anything! I wonder if Lego is gearing up to give us Force Ghosts in the next couple of years. If you look back at past minfigures, we've had Chima figures with trans-blue legs, JEK-14 had a trans-blue arm, and trans heads have been around for years. Lego have also recently changed the plastic used for trans-clear, it's now an ABS type I think? So maybe this is something that could be used for mini figure torsos and hips, thus giving us a complete figure?
  3. NathanR

    Lego Ideas top 5 places to promote?

    Eurobricks can be a great place to post your projects, as long as you make it about the model and don't just scream "vote for me". Brickset occasionally does articles highlighting Lego Ideas projects that have caught their eye, you can contact them but the project has to be something really stunning for them to take notice of. If you can get one, a shout-out by them is good for maybe 1000 votes. Other than that, there are several Lego-building groups on facebook, try finding one that is relevant. Again, focus on the sharing the model and ask for votes almost as an afterthought to avoid annoying people. You can also try seeing if similar things exist on Twitter. I think there are also some Lego Ideas groups on Reddit? Also, having just looked for your project on Lego Ideas - congratulations on getting 4000 votes already!!! Very impressive model, you got my vote too! Oh come on, be a bit more friendly to a newcomer...
  4. NathanR

    [MOC] Calling International Rescue...

    In case anyone is interested, I've released the models and pdf instructions for Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Lego Ideas project is about to expire, and there's no hope of it getting to review, so it seemed a good time to share: You'll find that not all the bricks exist in the right colours, so anyone who does attempt to build these will need to get a little creative! Thunderbird 5 is missing, simply because it's very dear to me and I don't want to risk it getting stolen by clone brands. Also, there's no sticker sheet as I can't figure out how to turn my custom Mecabricks textures into something that would be printable. If anyone does ever build these in real bricks, do please share photos!
  5. The pivot point of the clip hinge is slightly offset compared to the pivot point of the ball joints, so I'm curious, do you find that the edging stripes are under any tension/strain?
  6. NathanR

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I would definitely buy that!!
  7. NathanR

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Rumour

    I had no idea my question about the iceberg would provoke such strong responses, I had naively thought that a brick-built iceberg would be seen as a nothing more than some dark humour in the set. It's been genuinely interesting hear your viewpoints, and definitely something to reflect on. Actually, I remember once seeing a Lego Ideas project featuring a model of Titanic that had the "play-feature" of being able to split in two and be displayed mid-sinking. The hinge mechanism was technically clever, but the designer came in for an awful lot of criticism and I believe he ended up pulling the project himself.
  8. NathanR

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Rumour

    I remember seeing an alternate brand set model of Titanic, 1:300 scale and only 3000 pieces. So I can totally see a Lego kit being big, impressive, and not necessarily breaking the bank. I really hope this rumour is true, Titanic is one of the few ships I have ever had an interest in. Only one question though... would they include the iceberg?
  9. NathanR

    10283 Space Set????

    Also worth keeping in mind, Lego reintroduced 4x4 quarter cylinder shells in dark orange last year for just one Super Mario set. I can't believe those parts aren't going to pop up somewhere else, and a complete shuttle launch stack would be the perfect place. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for more - a complete launch stack, or the orbiter only. As an orbiter, all the parts can go into detailing, though somehow the shuttle isn't quite so iconic without the launch stack (well, at least to me). But if it's going to be a complete launch stack, i's hard to see how they could make it significantly different from the old Shuttle Adventure/Expedition playset. Whatever happens, I will be watching this with great interest.
  10. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    When visiting Lego Ideas, all I get is "403 Forbidden". Anyone else see the same? (To be fair, I'd noticed that all the images on my project updates were missing, so I was going through each update and re-uploading the pictures. I'm not sure if I've tripped something and the server has locked me out for suspicious activity).
  11. NathanR

    General Part Discussion

    Not sure if this has been reported here, but brothers-brick reviewed the 2021 Spiderman sets and 3673 frictionless technic pin is being recoloured in yellow. As a fairly casual technic builder, I don't know if I should feel sad that it's been changed, worried that it might get permanently recoloured/colour-locked in yellow, or really excited that long-standing colour-locked parts are getting made in new colours.
  12. NathanR


    No, I think you miss my point. I liked the sweet spot that sits halfway between a "huge pile of all the bits" and "small numbered bag holding just what you need for the next stage of build". With the unnumbered bags open, but not tipped out, there was a lovely balance between a logical organisation of parts and the ability to rummage around to find the right brick.
  13. NathanR


    I think it depends on who you are, as to whether Lego sets are oversimplified or not. If you are a seasoned Lego builder, then having instructions that add one or two parts per step is a bit ridiculous. I got to a point with the Speed Champion cars that I could breeze through them on autopilot, and could be surprised to find the model was completed. Adults who haven't played with lego for a while are probably grateful for this simplification, as it makes for a smoother, less frustrating build experience. I remember one of the first Architecture skyline sets had a step where you add a 1x1 technic brick, but the instructions also showed a 1x1 brick with one stud on side and 1x1 brick with 2 studs on sides as well to make very clear which type was to be added. I felt like Lego was insulting my intelligence with that, but I do accept it as occasional builders may not be familiar with the wide variety of bricks currently available (there is that general perception that "back in the day" Lego was just basic bricks and plates, and people who believe that probably do need help with the dizzying array of SNOT bricks that are available). I've also seen kids struggle to assemble 50 piece MOCs where instructions were done as old-school spot-the-difference manuals without individual part callouts per step. I still can't figure out if it's a case of kids getting dumber, or that they just struggle with all the part/colour combos available. I do hate the use of numbered bags though - it really spoon-feeds the build to you. I miss being surrounded by several open bags of various parts. I used to love building technic sets and watching the giant bag of black technic pins get slowly emptied. I think the 42000 came with two bags of black pins, and when I opened the box I just stared at them realising that I was in for an epic build. I'll grant you that with the original version of 10188 Death Star, the lack of bag numbers made it a huge challenge (and at times, it was very frustrating to find the relevant pieces), but it gave me a huge sense of achievement when I finally managed to finish it. I know dislike of numbered bags is a dangerous opinion to have on these forums, and it's one that got me lumbered with the unremovable label above my profile pic, but this is my personal preference.
  14. NathanR

    New VIP system

    If you log in to your Lego account and go to the VIP reward center, you can see what you can get with your points: In UK, 800 points will get you 5 GBP discount, I can't access the US rewards to see what it's worth, but it's probably similar. There are also various items you can get, ranging from desktop wallpapers to metal keyrings.
  15. It's a common complaint that the ball joints should come in more colours. Unfortunately, a designer interview from a while back (appeared on newelementary I think) reported that something as simple as changing the part colour changes the clutch power of the ball joints. As it is absolutely critical that the ball joints have the correct amount of friction to be easily moveable and to hold a pose, and the most data they had was on the behaviour of LBG and DBG, those were the only colours the joints would be appearing in. I suspect Lego have now colour-locked the part, like the technic pins. Clips probably wouldn't work in this case, because the pivot point of the clip/bar hinge is offset from the plate, whereas the ball joint is in line with the middle of the plate. Really liking these new sets, I think it's wonderful that Lego are making the X-Wing and TIE fighter models as toys rather than miniature UCS sets. They're simple, but they do a great job of capturing the vehicles.