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  1. NathanR

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Given the way it opens up, do you think it possible that the 76206 buildable Iron Man figure could be slotted inside?
  2. I updated to 2.22.9(3) this morning, and now I can't save or open any .io files. I'm running MacOS, and whenever I try to open or save using the file browser I get the spinning beach ball of death and have to force quit the app. Curiously, if the file appears on the "Recently opened files" list on the startup splash screen, the model loads fine. Also, as I write this, I find that just moving focus away from the app causes it to become unresponsive and generate the spinning beach ball. Does anyone else see anything similar? Are there MacOS security settings that I should have updated?
  3. The mechanism is very temperamental, but you don't need to add or change anything to make it work out-of-the-box. The droid did keep jamming up, failing to unfold, the first few times I built it when I was a kid. However, do you remember the picture in the instructions of a technic beam being squeezed with gears either side and looking unhappy? That's exactly what you have to avoid! The solution is to simply make sure that you don't press the technic parts together too tightly. Check that every moving part, down to the 2L pin connectors, can spin freely. If in doubt, pull beams, bushes, liftarms, etc. apart slightly on an axle so there is a visible gap between each one. The whole mechanism should be feeling "floppy"by the time you start adding rubber bands on.
  4. NathanR

    The future of Back to the Future

    Not unless the pin is subjected to excessive wear and tear, e.g. you use it as a pivot that is constantly moving. The black technic pins with friction from the 1980s were notorious for their excessive clutch power - once inserted into a technic pin hole, it was almost impossible to remove them, you had to use pliers! The redesigned version that appeared from ~1990 to the present day were made to be much easier to work with, but this meant they had lower friction as standard.
  5. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    Thought I was a bit overdue for giving another update - she's very nearly finished. The forward section of the roof was quite a challenge and in the end I just reverse-engineered @TGBDZ's MOC of the Ghost (I hope he won't mind - I could think of no better way to build this bit!). It's not quite in-system, and just rests on the forward hull plates with the glass canopy holding it in place. The rear roof was a lot easier, and I was able to build in the same central turret from the original Lego model - Zeb will be able to fit inside One interesting quirk - to build the ridge around the upper gunnery turret, I'm relying on some white 3x3 round corner tiles. These don't existing white yet, but will be available on 1st of May, when they appear in the Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck. Something to look forward to...
  6. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    Another week gone and I am on a roll! The entire back end of the ship has gone together quite beautifully. The aft plates on the top of the ship are supposed to twist slightly along their entire length, but I don't really have the vertical space (or the patience) to split the panel and try and rotate half of it on a pin. The sand blue triangular wedges make a good approximation. I also managed to find a way to angle the triangular plates so that the ship looks a little fatter. Unfortunately, this means I now need to redesign the hull plates above and below the airlocks, so there can be a ridge where the airlock meets the rest of the ship. The dark grey 2x6 tiles are currently raised up, the rest of the plate will likely be raised to match, so it becomes completely smooth. I'm not so happy with this, as the raised 2x6 tiles adds good texturing, but if I raise them an extra plate then there's a nasty part collision, and I'm not sure the wiggle room in the frictionless mounting pins will be enough to allow it. The back adds a few little greebles, and I managed to get the white border around the back plate. As a bonus, the border incorporates a 1x2 plate with rail, that acts as a support stop the aft underside hull plates from falling. Hopefully. The connection is a bit tight, but it should work - it relies on a clip with bar being slotted part way into a 1x1 technic brick with axle hole. I'm now starting to have to make a few design compromises to balance the accuracy of a UCS model against the features of a minifigure playset. The two upper engines should be a lot bigger, and a little closer together, but I need to accommodate the Phantom which (at minifigure scale) is about twice and big as it should be to match the rest of the Ghost. It would be surprisingly easy to convert this into a nanofigure-scale UCS set!
  7. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    Just screenshots from the episodes, and the official schematics - there seems to be only one line-art drawing of the Season 1 Ghost going around...
  8. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    More new hull plates added! It's really tricky to get the colour patterns right with the available wedge plates, but it kind of works. Not sure I'm a fan of the sand blue for the aft plates. Also starting to wonder if I've messed up the overall shape. The proportions just seem a little bit off, nothing I can really point to and say is wrong, but the ship feels a little flat, like Hera flew it sideways through a trash compactor. I'm not sure, does it look ok or should I go back to the drawing board?
  9. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    Only a small update tonight. I've added in a couple of triangular wedges on the front of the Ghost. It has taken me days of playing about with Mixel ball joints to try and find the best pivot point, so that the wedges can angle downwards without colliding with the surrounding frame. Many thanks to @MAVERICK26 for a very interesting suggestion for how it could be done. I'm still not entirely happy with my solution, as the triangles don't have the same angle as the grey panels above the airlock. It's not too bad I suppose, but I might have one more try using a similar technique to how I mounted the aft underside panels. The back hull plates will follow next, they should be a mirror of the front, but will likely need a little bit of careful sculpting around the engines. The roof and the gun turret I'm hoping to steal from... errr.... I mean, take inspiration from DarthTwoShedsJackson's original. And then I get the fun of building an interior.
  10. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    If you use three 2x3 wedge plates to form a 4x9 triangle, how do you add a border to it? That is the problem currently annoying me with the Ghost. The back plate is supposed to be very simple - it's flat, has some minor greebles, and just has to follow the shape formed by the surrounding hull plates. Indeed, a simple 4x9 triangle constructed from 3x6 wedge plates matches the hull plates quite nicely. But to add a border, I need to wrap plates around it, kind of like the grey edges on the wings of the 75300 Tie Fighter. The best I've got is this, but it doesn't work, the lower red clip is not "in system" and won't even attach to a jumper plate: The 3x6 wedge plate has an angle of about 18.4 degrees, and crunching the numbers shows no right angled triangle that will give this angle while having a whole number of studs for all three edges. I've been trying to get clever with SNOT bricks and brackets, but it becomes too difficult for me to calculate and nothing really works when I eyeball it. I kind of like this solution because I can add a 1x2 rail plate to the border, and it can add a bit of extra support to the main underside hull plates. They are only connected by hinge plates at the airlocks, and are definitely going to fall away under gravity. So if I can make this structurally solid, the ship should hold together: Any ideas?
  11. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    Not sure I can get that to work on the long edge of the triangle wedge plates, but I will certainly give that a try! Thanks! It is good to be back :) I like what you're doing with the Otana by the way.
  12. NathanR

    [MOC] [WIP] The Ghost

    Gosh, has it really been three months since I posted anything on this?? Things have been quite tough for me lately, and it's been hard to find the energy and enthusiasm to do any Lego design. Every time I work on the Ghost, I come away feeling depressed - it always looks messy, I feel my solutions are lacking elegance, and the price is spiralling out of control (I'm now on about 1800 pieces with an estimated price of 280 GBP). That said, I was quite touched that there are people who are still interested in the model, so here's an update! The underside is finished, with some new giant wedge-shaped sections. The inner triangular wedge is at an angle that's just about in-system, but relies on the freedom of movement provided by frictionless technic pins. The flanking wedges, with the yellow stripes, are only mounted on bar/clip hinges at the midsection of the ship. No other attachment point is possible, so I'm not sure how to secure the plates and stop them falling under gravity. Still, it looks good: The interior frame has had to be redesigned yet again. It still looks a bit awkward, and I wish I could figure out how to use fewer 1x16 technic bricks (they're expensive!) but it looks like it will work: The front is basically finished. There's a new 6x7 windscreen coming in the speed champions this year (also appearing in grey as the nose of the new Mandalorian N1 starfighter) which looks like it would fit perfectly, but I don't know if it would leave enough room for Hera at the controls. You can see that Sabine would be able to fit in the nose gun turret, but there's not enough room to attach a control column for the turret guns. Even just a pair of levers would have been nice, but nothing will fit. The interior is also taking shape. There's not much point to adding a cargo bay, as it's too small for figures to fit in, but the hatch retracts and you can see the archway pattern that supported the upper decks: And finally, I dug out one of my old designs for the Phantom. It needs some work round the nose, to remove an unsightly half plate gap on the underside. I also really hate the windscreen, as it looks more like a truck than the shuttle, but it's a necessary evil - it gives the Phantom a shorter, stubbier nose while allowing enough room for Hera to sit at the controls while Ezra and Kanan sit in the back. Well, that's it for now. I'll keep you posted as I do more on the Ghost. Next up will be the engine block and the tail fin.You have no idea how much I wish there was a 2x8 inverted curved slope...
  13. NathanR

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I had this happen to me once when I ordered some sets and some parts from B&P, at the same time, and paid with Paypal. Basically, Paypal would only allow funds to be taken from my account once for the order, so after Lego shipped out the sets to me, and billed me for them, Lego weren't able to get money from my account to pay for the parts from B&P. If I remember right, the B&P order had actually shipped before Lego realised this and contacted me for payment. I had to call customer service and pay by card over the phone. B&P parts that are out of stock cannot be added to your shopping bag. Lego will automatically remove the parts that are out of stock and adjust your bill accordingly.
  14. Brickset isn't listing any exit dates for the sets, so it's likely they will bet available until at least the end of this year.
  15. I can confirm those parts do not connect together, but they are supposed to be compatible. If you manually place each piece at coordinates (0,0,0), they will line up with no collision. I'd just line them up, merge them into a sub-model, and use that.