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  1. NathanR

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    My initial reaction to the high piece count was that this might just be a mosaic, like the world map, but the high price suggests an actual model ship. I had some thoughts about scale a while back: Given the price of $650, it's cheaper than the UCS Millennium Falcon and UCS Star Destroyer but has significantly more parts. This implies very few of the large plates that dominate the Star Destroyer (high cost, low part count). Since another brick company did a pretty good job on a 3000 piece model that was 3ft long, I think my estimated size of 4ft (1.28m) is probably the correct one. Using bricks like the 1x1 headlight as a porthole would dramatically inflate piece count, but still be relatively cheap to include due to the quantity. My biggest fear at this point is that they show the ship "under steam", with a large holding frame and 1000s of 1x1 trans blue round plates scattered around the ship to represent the water.
  2. NathanR

    Small space shuttle

    Nice, sweet build!
  3. I just stuck mine in a (I think) 1 litre jam jar. Works quite well.
  4. NathanR

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Not likely. Titanic was about 28m wide, which at 1:209 (with a 4x4 funnel) would be 13.5cm wide, or 16.8 studs. It would be just about possible, but awkward to disguise the technic holes on the sides of the bricks and blend them into the hull.
  5. NathanR

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Yeah, but price isn't really a good indication of piece count. UCS Star Destroyer is $700 and only 4700 pieces. The new "Bird of Paradise" Botanic set is £90, 1173 pieces, but several hundred are 1x1 round plates for the soil. The price can be hugely driven up by a small number of very large/expensive parts. Is Lego Night Mode still a thing? I hadn't heard any more about it since the controversy over Lego partnering with a company that had apparently cloned someone else's lighting system? Titanic all lit up at night would be awesome, but I wonder if this would be the best model to showcase a new system. The Lego nanofigures are about 5 plates tall, placing them at a scale of 1 stud is 1m. I've used them in models at a scale of 1 stud s 1.5m, but that's pushing things a bit. That's a range of scales from 1:125 to 1:180. As Titanic was 269m long, that would require a Lego model anywhere from 1.5 to 2.1 metres long, which is just not going to be practical. We might get some token gestures like a representation of the grand staircase, or part of the engines, but everything else will be too small to represent in bricks. Scale might be guessed based on the parts needed to build the funnels. To keep in system, they have to be either 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 round bricks (the 3x3 were new last year for the 75301 X-Wing). As the original funnels were 22 feet in diameter, or 6.7 metres, that puts the possible scales at about 1:418, 1:280, or 1:209, for a final Lego model size of either 0.65m, 0.96m or 1.28m.
  6. NathanR

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    From what I remember, the legal rights surrounding Titanic are a bit of a nightmare. The guy who discovered the wreck deliberately chose not to bring up any artefacts or material from the wreck, out of respect for it being the grave of over 1500 people. However, he has since regretted this, as raising anything would have given him salvage rights and control over the wreck, allowing him to keep it undisturbed. Since it's in international waters, and unclaimed as salvage, it's practically fair game for anyone who can reach it. There's a lengthy wikipedia article on it here: I must say I'm surprised by the rumoured price of the set, and more than a little sceptical. I mean, I've seen another brand's take on Titanic so I can understand how a one metre long Titanic would weigh in at around 3000 pieces. A bigger model just doesn't seem practical from the ;point of view of home display. But at $630 we're looking at around 5000, maybe 6000 pieces. Where does the rest go? I mean, they can't possibly build an interior to the ship at that scale. I'll be watching with interest, but this set may well be just too big for me to own.
  7. NathanR

    Black female minifigures?

    Unfortunately, Lego only uses flesh tones on licensed minifigures. That means they will never be sold on B&P or appear in the build-a-minifig stands at Lego stores. The only way to get them is by buying the sets they appear in, or paying the inflated prices of bricklink or brickowl. A non-purist solution is to get genuine Lego heads printed with custom expressions - this UK store does top-notch work and I can highly recommend them:
  8. NathanR

    Box Art Mistakes

    For the Star Wars set 75094 Imperial Shuttle Tyderium, there's an error in the background of the box art where the second Death Star has been flipped. Interestingly, the original shooting model of the second Death Star was actually built that way round, but every shot in Return of the Jedi where it appeared got flipped because George Lucas thought it looked better the other way round.
  9. Have you tried looking at Lego customer service "Bricks and Pieces"? They take a while to ship out at the moment, but they can be cheaper than bricklink, especially for bulk purchases. Also, try experimenting with setting a max price for some of the lots with the Bricklink wanted list.
  10. NathanR

    (Moc) Tryphon Tournesol (Tintin's Comics)

    Looks brilliant, absolutely perfect!
  11. NathanR

    Working Steam Engine

    Wow, that's amazing!
  12. This is totally bonkers, but I like that you included the flushing mechanism. Weirdly enough, it was the inclusion of the toilet brush that sold me on the model. Anyway, you have my vote!
  13. Am I the only one who thinks R2D2's head looks ridiculous? While I am willing to reserve judgement until better photos and other angles emerge, I just don't think that R2's head looks particularly dome-like. I was naively hoping that they'd do it in the studded style that characterised BB-8's main body.
  14. NathanR

    LEGO IDEAS 21326 - Winnie the Pooh

    You and me both Though I am cursing myself for using VIP points when I got the Amelia Earhart promo set a few weeks back, if I hadn't then I'd have been able to get a second one of the Winnie the Pooh sketches.
  15. NathanR

    LEGO IDEAS 21326 - Winnie the Pooh

    In case people haven't realised, the VIP reward centre is offering five sketches (art prints?) depicting Winnie the Pooh and friends in various scenes. 750 VIP points for each one. Two are already sold out in the UK.