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  1. Wow, that is sheer genius!
  2. NathanR

    LEGO IDEAS - Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons

    The press release stated that the dinosaurs were 1:32 scale models. The T-rex was up to 40ft long (12.4m), so at this scale it should be 38.75cm, press release states the model is 40cm long. Close enough for me. I think the minifigures are only really there for playability, but they are roughly the right size (true minifig scale seems to range from 1:24 to 1:44?) I absolutely adore this set, it's got some interesting looking techniques used. I would have preferred if a few more dinosaurs could have been included, like the brachiosaurus, but I'll take what I can get. For sure this will be a day one purchase for me.
  3. NathanR

    If I ran The Lego Group

    Well I wouldn't argue with that...
  4. With MacOS Catalina now available, and support for 32 bit apps removed, I asked Lego if LDD would get updated to a 64-bit app so it could keep running on the Mac. Now, I asked this question at the start of the year, when I was just getting occasional warnings that LDD would not run on later versions of MacOS, and got the standard answer about just updating my graphics card drivers to fix any issues. This time, however, the response was rather different so I thought I'd share: So Lego are now pushing the use of third-party alternatives, and LDD is dead on the Mac I wonder if this can also be interpreted as meaning that there will be not further brick updates even for the Windows version, and that LDD will only be provided by Lego until there are no computers left that are capable of running it?
  5. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Sweet, and supported Though I can't help but feel a Tintin set should be focused on something a little more iconic, like the moon rocket or the shark submarine.
  6. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    With the Ship in a Bottle set, part 6002 6x6x9 trans-clear wall panel (used to make the top of the bottle) had not appeared in any sets since 2001. In the designer video, they said they pleaded with Lego management to reintroduce the part because it was so critical to the design. So yes, it is perfectly possible for out-of-production parts to reappear. However, I don't think an Ideas project should rely on too many out-of-production parts or require too many part recolours. Each Lego set only gets a limited budget for "new" parts and colour combos. So to maximise the chance of passing review, a design should stick to the current Lego parts palette as much as possible.
  7. NathanR

    [MOC] Calling International Rescue...

    Today is a very special day - it is 54 years since Thunderbirds was first broadcast on TV. So to celebrate, I expand my collection with a new model: the spaceship Zero-X from the 1966 movie "Thunderbirds Are Go". The ship carried a group of astronauts on mankind's first mission to Mars, but disaster struck on its return to Earth and the astronauts only survived thanks to the efforts of International Rescue. The model features detachable wings, a removable nose cone, a detachable Mars Excursion Vehicle, and even a small escape unit. However, I still need to prepare some custom decals for the final few details.
  8. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm not, I think it's a great idea! I imagine the only reason for the delay is that (like the piano) it's really complex and the Lego designers are not yet convinced they can actually make it in a way that fits the Lego set quality guidelines.
  9. NathanR

    LEGO IDEAS - Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons

    I am also really excited about the dinosaur fossils set, I loved the ability to use dinosaur skeletons as playable characters in the Lego Jurassic Park computer game and was really disappointed I couldn't build them in real life. No news on the set, but I would imagine it must be out soon - maybe a December release? (pure speculation on my part...)
  10. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I would expect six months to a year, but it depends on model complexity, and if they have changed the behind-the-scenes approval process. When Saturn V got announced, it was over a year before it hit the shelves due to the model's complexity. And Voltron got delayed a review period, and then several months, almost getting cancelled completely because the designer struggled to make it satisfy Lego's design guidelines.
  11. NathanR

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    @MatBoyWonder You can see the complete line up of Lego colours in bricklinks colour guide. It also tells you how many parts exist in that colour, and when they were produced (so you have an idea how hard it will be to find them). For a nice sky colour, I would suggest either "medium blue" or "medium azure".
  12. NathanR

    [Star Trek] Christopher Pike in wheelchair

    Great build, instantly recognisable, and a nice use of the constraction head!
  13. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    No! The bridge is too well guarded... Seriously though, great model. I would love a Lego Stargate, no matter which galaxy it's from. At a guess, the problem is the word "Atlantis" on each side of the picture. You have used a generic font, but it is still quite similar to the font of the official SGA logo. The only major difference is the lack of the stylised A marking Earth's seventh symbol, which could be easily missed if a moderator is only doing a quick glance and is not a fan of the show.
  14. @Philo Fascinating, I hadn't come across this in LDraw before! Off topic, do you think there will ever be a time when LDraw morphs into a form where the bricks are stored as 3d object files (e.g .obj, dae) with saved/precomputed normal data and uv texture coordinates?
  15. Nice! I remember the designer of the 75060 UCS Slave 1 set saying that he sketched out the model in LDD before switching to physical bricks for the final testing. Good to see LDD is still a popular program with Lego's own designers! I'm not so sure I like Part Designer being a widely accessible tool. It's great to be able to create custom decorations, though it would be better if LDraw bricks simply used UV maps and image files, rather than having the image converted into a mesh of triangles and quads. However, Part Designer also allows users to create custom parts, so I fear we will start seeing digital MOCs with brick shapes that Lego have never produced. Digital MOCs always seem to take a backseat to physical MOCs, due to the perception that digital building is "cheating" or "easy" (you are free of constraints of gravity, you don't have to make sure parts interlock securely, you don't need to worry about whether a brick was ever made in that colour, etc.). If digital builders are now free of the constraint of whether a brick even exists, then I fear digital MOCs will lose all credibility as a means of playing with Lego bricks.