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  1. NathanR

    Lego a Christmas Carol

    I'm trying to plan my Lego Christmas shopping and was wondering, does anyone have any information on when this set will be available?
  2. NathanR

    Lego Mythica

    What with the collectible minifigure lines and Harry Potter, there's now loads of mythical creature minifigure parts available - centaurs, the genie, Medusa, the Minotaur... I would be delighted to see any (or all!) of these return in a new theme. I'm guessing it will be an adventure theme, pitting heroes against various monsters. Hopefully we'll get some nice brick-built mythical beasts though. The "C" in the Mythical logo has three different animals that look like a lion, a bird and a snake - maybe we'll get a brick built chimera, or possibly a Viking sea-serpent or phoenix?
  3. NathanR

    Gundam Hip Assembly

    What you propose sounds ok to me, but I would worry that single technic axle is not strong enough to support the mech's body. While it won't necessarily pull apart, it might get twisted. Instead of a 4x4 turntable plate with axle through it, consider building a more heavy-duty version with a stack of 2x2 round bricks with an axle in the middle, slotted into a stack of 11833 v4x4 round plate with 22 cutout. If the hips have a gearbox, it sounds like you are using plenty of technic - have you considered using the technic turntable parts 18938 with 18939? It can support quite a bit of weight, for example, in set 42042 Crawler Crane it is the sole linkage between the caterpillar track base and the crane super-structure. Also, maybe have a look at the 21311 Voltron, the black lion had a great technique using the small technic turntables that allowed the arms to be attached, and gave quite a bit of friction to hold them in place.
  4. NathanR

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That's a Playmobil part from their "System X" construction system, it's used to hold power cables in place. As I recall it first appeared in the Playmobil Space range (sets 3079, 3080) around the year 2000.
  5. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Are you kidding?? By the end of the initial release day, it was backordered for two months! Towards the end it was stuck on shelves on discount, but I think it was pretty popular. I'm wondering if the rereleases of Ship-In-A-Bottle and the Saturn V will be an exact reproduction, or if the sets will be updated in some way. Maybe some new parts to make the Saturn V more accurate? I',m so excited to pick up another Saturn V :D
  6. NathanR

    Seriously, how did this happen?

    I think the problem is that nostalgia is a dangerous thing. The original space themes were great (ok, I was born too late for classic space but I have a huge soft spot for Exploriens), but they were of their time. An exact reproduction of the old sets would feature too many basic bricks to look good next to the rest of Lego's current lineup, and be criticised for lacking advanced building techniques. And if one of the vintage space themes was rebooted with all modern techniques, it would be criticised for not staying true to the spirit of the original. So Lego can't really win. 70816 Benny's spaceship was a great love letter to the fans, the Exo-Suit Ideas set was stunning, and the classic space logo does keep popping up on minifigures, so I don't think the old sets are completely forgotten yet. I would also point out something that I think a lot of people lose sight of these days - Lego isn't a plastic model kit like you get from Airfix or Revell. Lego isn't something where you have to follow the instructions and build what's pictured on the box (though it's perfectly fine to do that if that's what you want). Lego is about bricks that can be assembled in any way you want to build whatever you want. If Lego doesn't make the set you want, then design it yourself. It's entirely possible. That's the magic of Lego!
  7. NathanR

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    This is another of those sets that I'd love to build, but not sure I want to own. I love that Lego have done another playset, I love that it's an actual building and not just another vehicle, and I really think it's on par with the Death Star playset. My only real problem is with storage and display space. The cantina doesn't look that impressive from the outside and only becomes recogniseable/iconic once you open it up - but due to the size of the bar in the middle, I'm not sure I have enough shelf space to squeeze it in. Definitely looking forward to getting more information from reviewers.
  8. I love that Lego are doing a 1:1 scale lightsaber, but why on Earth pick Yoda's? Surely for a GWP with the cantina, it would have made more sense to do Luke's or Obi-Wan's lightsaber?
  9. NathanR

    Part Name Help?

    I could be mistaken, but I believe the parts you're asking about are unreleased prototypes. I've heard that Lego often experiment with new part designs that never make it outside of the factory. If you're interested in seeing more unusual/unreleased parts then you might enjoy this thread:
  10. NathanR

    [MOC] Wan Hu, World's First Astronaut

    Fun story, that for some weird reason I really want to believe is true! The build is awesome, I love the parts usage for the guy's beard and the rocket exhaust clouds are amazing!
  11. NathanR

    Unpopular Opinions related to Lego Star Wars

    UCS sets are a bit overrated, and are excessively detailed with far too many small parts. Don't get me wrong, I love a big Lego set, but I got rid of 75144 Snowspeeder because I couldn't pick it up to swoosh without half a dozen bits falling off it. The original UCS Millennium Falcon was better than the updated version. The original screams "this is an awesome Lego model", whereas the revised one always makes me go "nice model Falcon... wait, that's Lego". It's a subtle shift in the emphasis, butI feel a Lego model should always look Lego-ish. Also, the current Wookie headpiece sucks, the original Chewbacca mini figure was absolutely perfect and should never have been changed. P.S. These are all just my personal opinions, don't flame me for having these views
  12. NathanR

    10272 Old Trafford review!

    Well, your reviews are a little on the short side and they don't have the level of detail found in other reviews. However, from the number of reviews like this you've been doing recently, it's clear you have a real passion for this, I think your enthusiasm definitely shows through, and that at least should be encouraged! Have you heard about the eurobricks reviewers academy? It might be worth signing up so you can learn a bit more about the art of writing reviews.
  13. You might find the brick link catalogue a little easier to browse: I'm also not a classic space expert, but maybe 6928 would be a good match for your description?
  14. NathanR

    [MOC] Calling International Rescue...

    I've been rebuilding the models in, tweaking the designs a little bit as I go, and also recreating all the custom decals from scratch. Thunderbird 5 is the first one to be completed, and as it's my favourite I couldn't wait to show it off. 3D model: Most of the changes have been structural, but the main pylon on the bottom has been redesigned to use more common pieces and have a little more clutch power. I also managed to identify the correct fonts to use for all the labels, so it is now screen-accurate. You have no idea how annoyed I was when I realised I'd used the wrong font for the "5" in the "Thunderbird 5" nameplate! If there is sufficient interest, I'll release instructions after the Lego Ideas project expires - time is running out, but you can still vote!
  15. NathanR

    Dark purple man

    Wow, that's an amazing use of parts! The whole figure looks incredible!