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  1. You need to use mecabricks and blender. Trust me, you'll never look back. Mecabricks allows you to upload models built in LDD, or build using their dedicated editor (which is really good!). Export your model as a Collada .dae file, and then load into blender using the plugin that mecabricks offers (there's a lite version, and a paid for version with extra features for putting thumprints or scratches on the lego bricks...). All you have to do is position the camera, adjust the backdrop (there are links to free HDR lighting files), click render and wait for the result to pop out. Some example renders I did with the lite script can be found here:
  2. Smaller Steam Locomotive Boilers

    You can plug the gap on 30360 by placing 2341 slope double 1x3 on the underside, and placing a combo of 28192 and 92946 on the top. It will look a little angular, but it will work. A couple of alternative techniques for cylinders: 1) Use the 75937 2x2 plate with octagonal bars, and use plates with clips to build a cylinder. It's more like 3.5 studs wide, but you can do a lot of good stuff with this technique. 2) Build a stack of 1x1 bricks with studs on 4 sides, and attach a load of 92946 along the length. I did this with my Mercury Atlas rocket, it was sturdier than I thought.
  3. What a lovely idea! Please share photos when the collection is ready, I'd love to see it Checking wookieepedia, there are a few species starting with x, but I've never heard of them before... There are also a few people with names starting g with an x ( but again, most I've never heard of. The only one which is familiar is Qwi Xux, who appeared in the extended universe as the naive designer of the Death Star (she thought it was a mining platform...) For N, I agree with @obijon Nien Numb would be brilliant.
  4. A bar looks like it would fit (and indeed, it's the only way I can see that such a connection would be possible), but LDD does not allow a bar to slide all the way through the axle joiner. I don't have real bricks to hand so I can't test if this is actually possible or not...
  5. Hi, welcome to eurobricks! You're trying to connect a technic axle (black) into an "axle joiner" (tan?). The axle joiner is designed to connect two axles, so at the middle of the joiner there is a small ring on the inside that stops you pushing an axle any further. I think what you're trying to do is slide the joiner all the way onto the axle. In this case, you might be better using a "Pin Connector" (part number 62462 or 75535). This is a hollow tube, and would slide freely over an axle. Hope this helps!
  6. [LDD MOC] Stephenson's Rocket

    That's beautiful! It looks so simple, so elegant, and utterly perfect. I especially like the faded black-and-white photo, that render is superb. Any chance of any instructions, or an LDD file? As @ColletArrow said, the only real improvement possible would be to add a few matching coaches, or perhaps some trucks (if I remember right, people could get cheaper tickets if they were willing to sit on top of loaded coal trucks...)
  7. That's a fun piece, but I don't think it would have any real monetary value. Lego misprints are rare in my experience (the infamous Back to the future DeLorean with "Sheild" printed on the flux capacitor, and a slightly demented looking Daisy Duck headpiece are the only ones I can think of in my own collection). While they are great to see, I don't think I've ever heard of any collectors who go after them... it's more the kind of thing where you treasure a misprinted part if you happen to come across one.
  8. UCS Imperial Shuttle (2010) Sticker Easter Egg

    Wow, that is fabulous. I love it when these little Easter eggs sneak into the sets.
  9. Help me build a double sized Yoda!

    Yep, that's sand green. Quick glance suggests 2x4, 2x2 and 2x3 bricks making up the skin. Where is this statue? Is this a LegoLand model?
  10. Help me build a double sized Yoda!

    Well, let's try and work it out Assuming a human being has a volume of 80,000cm^3, a 2x4 Lego brick has a volume of 1.6*3.2*0.96 = 4.6cm^3, therefore a life size statue of a human should contain around 17,400 bricks. Yoda would be 130cm tall, or 70% the height of a human. However, volume is cubic - all three dimensions (height, width and depth) reduce by 70% so total volume is down to 0.7*0.7*0.7 = 0.34, or 34% that of a human. So the number of 2x4 bricks reduces to 17400*0.34=6000 bricks. Tan 2x4 bricks are on sale in bulk on brick link for about 0.14EUR each, therefore I estimate total coast of 6000 bricks would be about 850 EUR. So expensive... but keep in mind this is an upper limit, and that if you build a large hollow structure then the number of bricks might drop significantly.
  11. Help me build a double sized Yoda!

    Actually, a "double sized" Yoda (130cm tall) might make things a lot easier, as everything will be bricks rather than rare plates. Lego are having a sand green renaissance, for instance look at sets 70612 and 21136. A lot of bricks (2x4, 2x2, 1x4, 1x6) have recently appeared in sand green, and in the last year or so some of the rarer plates have come back into production as well. You can buy parts direct from Lego, and for some sand green bricks it can be a lot cheaper than bricklink. For example, plate 2x2 in sand green is something like 0.10 EUR from lego or 0.25 EUR from bricklink. An alternative skin colour might be Olive Green, though this has a more limited parts palette. Ok, this is off-topic, but I'm also working on getting the parts for 7194 UCS Yoda. However, I'm trying to do a redesign using the current sand green parts selection. So far I have built the head and gone from 101 of the 2x2 corner plates and 1x1 plates (the rarest pieces as far as I know) to just 33 pieces, and am hopeful I can get it down further!
  12. Help me build a double sized Yoda!

    That's... ambitious! It's going to be expensive building in real bricks... I never go for models that big myself, but I would also suggest starting from the base up as @All in the Reflexes said. Maybe try and find an actual 3D model of Yoda, you could then slice into layers and draw them on graph paper so you have an outline for each layer of bricks. Don't forget to build a good support structure - I've seen large builds use a kind of mesh of 2x10 beams to form 8x8 hollow squares, making it rigid and keeping the total brick content (and weight!) low. Choose your shade of green for Yoda's head carefully - olive green is a good match, but not too many bricks around. Sand green was used on the UCS Yoda set, but it is relatively rare. Another possible method is to work at it like a sculptor. Build yourself a giant block of 1x1 bricks, then delete bricks as appropriate to reveal your sculpture of Yoda. Whatever you do, best of luck and please share work in progress pictures! Edit: Actually, just did a search - there is dedicated software for this! Never even heard of these before, and I'm not going to try any of them out myself, but some of these programs might be worth looking at:
  13. No, this is the right section! This is a glitch in LDD, most of the flex parts are ok (try some of the others and see). But there are a few I've come across where if you try and flex them, they go all zig-zaggy like you've shown. I've no idea why, but I guess it's an error in how the part is modelled behind the scenes.
  14. What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    For Home One, I'm not sure if this would count as a UCS set or be put in a class of its own. At 7 feet long it was certainly ultimate!
  15. Lego and Poliigon

    Mecabricks do a free blender plugin, and a more advanced paid-for plugin. Basically you build in mecabricks (or upload from LDD), then export the lego model as a .dae file. Import into blender, run the script, and you get all the materials and effects set up for you. All you need to do is tweak the background and lighting to suit, and load an environment map (the mecabricks site links to some free HDR files). This was produced with an old version of the free mecabricks script: Check the mecabricks site for more details, what can be achieved with the advanced script is simply amazing (I just don't really have the computer processing power to do it unfortunately)