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  1. @lustoro Huh, that is very odd. You should also have more than just three cable types returned by the search. Which version of LDD are you using? Is it 4.3.11?
  2. Hi, which parts are you trying to connect, do you have the ID numbers? Sometimes a part may have a bug, so the two ends of the cable might behave like one part only. When I add a cable, like part 55806 Cable 0,5M, I see both ends of the cable moving together. Once I place the cable on the grid, not connecting them to anything, then I can click each end of the cable like it is a single piece. You have to click the part, not the coloured triangle.
  3. NathanR

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but LEGO Ideas have a contest on to help choose the next UCS set! You can pick between a Republic gunship, a TIE Bomber, or a Nebulon B Frigate. Personally I'd like a Nebulon B, what would your favourites be?
  4. @Nom Carver If you have the latest version of LDD (4.3.11) then the part you need is available, it's listed with the ID number 23448. When you open a project in LDD, click View -> New Themes -> LDD Extended. This activates extended mode, which gives you loads more bricks to choose from than the standard mode, and only shows the brick shapes (the default is to put everything in red, but you can change this).
  5. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Nice mix of sets! My money is on the Clockwork Aquarium, the Legend of the Binoicle, and the Winter Chalet all passing the review. Though my personal favourite would be the Planet Express ship (assuming it came with Minifigures of at least Fry, Bender, and Leela).
  6. I would suggest to add a few 3x3 plates with rounded corner (part number 30357) at various points in the column. This part matches the curve of the 2x2 round corner bricks, but allows connections to the side walls. Or, if there is enough space, you could use part 18980 1/2 circle plate 2x6.
  7. Wait... so does this mean Freemaker adventures is considered cannon? Because that would be awesome, Return of the Return of the Jedi was brilliantly interwoven with the events of the movie.
  8. I have experience with Blender, but not so much with animation and certainly not with something as complex as animating technic models. For getting started with Blender, I'd recommend you visit the Mecabricks website. They offer a free Blender plugin (and a paid-for advanced plugin with extra features like scratches on the bricks, and slight colour variations), simply export your model from the Mecabricks website as a .zmbx file and import into Blender. Each brick is imported as a separate object, but you can group multiple objects together to work with a group (like two wheels on a shared axle). Animation in Blender works using keyframes - you define key positions at certain times in the animation, and the computer fills in the rest of the frames in between. Just about everything can be assigned a keyframe value - position, rotation, scale, etc. So for a rotating wheel, you define one keyframe at time 0. Rotate the wheel 360 degrees and define another keyframe at frame (say) 24. Then the wheel will make one revolution a second. You can adjust the interpolation mode to define how fast an object moves from one keyframe to the next, e.g. does it start moving immediately, or does it slowly increase in speed. You can learn a lot about the animation process from the blender documentation here: The only downside of the Mecabricks Blender plugin is that it is geared around creating photo-realistic images. Don't get me wrong, it looks fantastic, but the materials are so complex that rendering takes a long time per frame. Even with reduced quality and the new AI de-noise features, my own attempts at animation take about a minute per frame, or 25 minutes per second of animation. So you'll need either a powerful computer, or you might want to look at creating simpler, more "cartoon-ish" materials for each brick colour. Using simpler materials would also allow you to use the EEVEE renderer, which trades some quality for super-fast render times (not quite realtime, but not far from it).
  9. I agree. But since Lego have not updated LDD properly fo some 7 years, and they have just acquired and bricklink, I suspect will be viewed as the replacement of LDD. However, (now Lego property?) is based on the fan-maintained (and currently independent) LDraw parts library. So I wonder what that means for the future of LDraw, will this also be taken over by Lego? There would need to be significant reworking of the software to use an alternative library of bricks, and huge compatibility problems if the .io format moved away from what is essentially the LDraw format.
  10. NathanR

    [MOC] LEGO Tintin - Rocket from Explorers on the Moon

    Already supported Fantastic model, and nice to see that it includes an interior. Also, great work on the figure designs.
  11. NathanR

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    This could be brilliant, or terrible, but I don't think there is going to be any halfway point. I sincerely hope Lego don't interfere with the prices, as a lot of the smaller parts (like 1x1 round plates, technic pints, etc) are way cheaper on bricklink than buying direct through Lego Pick A Brick (or Lego's "Bricks and Pieces" customer service, which an awful lot of people don't seem to know about). A warning that a part can be bought more cheaply direct from Lego would be a nice addition, but that's about the only change I'd like to see. Lego are also not keen on third-party bricks being sold on bricklink, but where will the limits be? What about the sale of Lego bricks with custom prints? Or 3D printed parts? Or chrome platings? Or custom stickers? Or custom reproductions of official Lego stickers? I am also curious about and the future of digital Lego building. LDD has not been properly supported since 2012, so will become the official replacement? Will development of continue under the ownership of Lego? And as uses the LDraw parts library, what does this mean for the LDraw community?
  12. @RoxYourBlox That's very interesting... So they have at least changed their stance and are open to the possibility of updating LDD. However, with Lego having just bought Bricklink, I'm not sure what that means for Will become the official replacement of LDD?
  13. NathanR

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I just got an error message "403 Sorry, Eve and the Turtle won’t let you view this page." With pictures of Eve and the little robot mech from the old Ideas ExoSuit.
  14. @RoxYourBlox You may have some luck with the bricklink team, they are receptive to fan requests. But you're wasting your time with Lego, they haven't done a software update since 2012 and they haven't done a brick library update for over two years - LDD is basically dead as a dodo now.
  15. I believe that the ABS for solid colour bricks and the polycarbonate used in transparent parts shrink by different amounts when cooling after being ejected from the moulds. So the windscreen could easily appear in new transparent colours, but to make it a solid colour they would have to make a new mould (This is why solid and transparent colour parts have different design ID numbers) This Batmobile looks fantastic, though I think the smaller GWP version might be all I have space to display.