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  1. I've tested the main wing with the cannon, it should be able to support itself, the swing-wing however will most likely need some help.
  2. Update# 7 It's been quite a while since I've shown any progress for this beast, but here we go! Not finished yet, but probably about 90% there. Now that this thing is fully plated it looks even bigger then it did before, might just be my imagination though. Anyways, here are the update photos: Enjoy!
  3. Update# 6.5 Just wanted to give a brief update on this project for those who are curious. Progress has come to a bit of a standstill for the moment as since my last update I got reno-victed, moved to a new place where the Twilight took some damage while loading into the elevator, then once finally getting settled in and repairing that, one of my cats knocked over a large light that came crashing down on top of the Twilight. Needless to say there has been a bit of reverse progress, while at this point I have most of it back to where it was, I think some things may have come apart on the inside where I can't reach. So I may have to go backwards before I can continue forwards. All-in-all, updates may be slow for a little while, but thank you for all the kind words on this project so far!
  4. Hey everyone, I bring to you today the AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon. I started working on this to compliment my J-1 a few months back. It was an interesting build, but required a lot less troubleshooting to physically build than the J-1 did. Front and side view Back view I am also happy to say that you can build your own as I have partnered with BrickVault on this one as well. You can find instructions here: https://www.brickvault.toys/products/av-7-anti-vehicle-cannon-minifig-scale Photos courtesy of BrickVault
  5. Progress Update #6 Been making some good progress on this lately, still waiting on more parts orders, but it's getting there. The engine side is coming together quite well, the ship is also at full length now. A look in at the cargo bay, with my Delta-7B sitting inside. How the wing side is coming along. More of a top view to show the full size of this monster. More to come as pieces arrive.
  6. Progress Update #5 The completed dual blaster cannon. The start of putting things together. Start of the main engine build. Adding the start of the outer plating. More to come soon, been making some good progress lately.
  7. IcarusBuilds

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Clone Wars J-1 Proton Cannon

    My J-1 Proton Cannon in conjunction with BrickVault. It took a fair bit of back and forth to get it super sturdy, but here is the result. Instructions are available here: https://www.brickvault.toys/products/j-1-proton-cannon-minifig-scale Photos courtesy of BrickVault.
  8. Congratulations on getting your J1 put onto BrickVault!

  9. Progress update #4 I know it's been a while but some of my parts orders finally came in after 3 months of waiting. So here's what I've done. Boarding area with access to elevator & the beginning of structural build over top of boarding area. The boarding area from below & some additional internal structure build. The cockpit from the front & from the back. Start of the swing-wing. Landing gear retracted & deployed. (Honestly how these tiny things are supposed to hold up such a massive ship, I do not know.) I do not have instructions for this on Rebrickable, nor am I currently planning to make any. This has been a bit of a passion project for me, so for now I'm going to keep it to myself. Additionally this thing would be a nightmare to make instructions for.
  10. Progress update #3 Left side front with indent for main intake & right side front panels. Main boarding ramp & Bottom front section. The white piece is temporary. Missing x2 49668's to fill the gaps. Main engine intake. Rear door. The black plate is only temporary. Start of the main build, boarding level with access to elevator.
  11. Progress update #2 Dual blaster cannon is almost done, just need the pieces to build the barrels and do the dark orange details on the sides. Also built the 'face' of the ship, only missing a couple pieces on the opposite side.
  12. If I do build a stand I doubt that it would be out of Lego, with how far this thing will be off of a table and given the weight it will have, I will probably need something sturdier and weighted. I definitely took some breaks in those 12 years, building the Ghost was one of those moments that really made me re-evaluate how I was building the Twilight. I went back and re-framed the whole thing, and redesigned a lot of sections to make them stronger and lighter. I have most of my LDD files from the start of this project, so I will see about making a compilation of images to show the major design changes. And now time for the first update. Since I don't have 100% of the pieces for this build I'm starting with what I have. Here is the base for the main wing, I had to do a fair amount of redesign for the support structure for it to be strong enough to support it's own weight. I've also subbed in some large plates until I receive the tiles to replace them. And just to show how big this wing is compared to the Falcon.
  13. I've been working on this build since '7680 The Twilight' set came out in 2008. It started out as just modding the set to give it some interior, and slowly evolved with the continuous advances to LDD. Building this was the driving force behind designing my minifig scaled Delta-7, because I wanted to ensure that it would fit inside like in the show. I've gone through countless revisions to my design, even as far as starting from scratch at least 3 times. With every redesign came more research and I learned more and more about the design of this ship. I learned about a lot of things that never made it into the show. Things like that this ship actually has 3 levels to it, and that it uses an elevator to get between them. That they used 2 distinct 3D models of the ship and would switch between them during episodes, etc. It has been a long journey, but I'm finally happy enough with my design to share it. So into the details; Currently the ship sits at a total of 11,259pcs, measuring in at 102 studs (81.6cm) long by 132 studs (105.6cm) wide, by 37 studs (29.6cm) height (landed) or 84 studs (67.2cm) height (both outriggers extended). In other words, this thing is pretty big, still not as big as the Ghost, but it is the same length as the UCS Millenium Falcon. While I did find images and video of the majority of the interior I sacrificed a few of the unseen rooms in lieu of having more structure to hold the whole thing together. I did however keep all of the main areas, this includes the cockpit, cargo hold, connecting hallway and the boarding area. Comparing my build to the official Lego set. Here is a comparison between my Twilight, the UCS Millenium Falcon and my Ghost. As well as some comparisons with some of the official images that used to be on StarWars.com, I couldn't get the angles exactly right, but they're close enough to compare. And as a final note, I am currently in the process of building this monster, I have been slowly gathering pieces for the last few years, I have about 80% of the total pieces required, though I'm sure I'll have to make some modifications as I go. I will be posting updates as I go, but for now, here are my bins of parts, please forgive the unsorted disaster that they are currently in.
  14. This time, I decided to try building something that I have only ever seen one other MOC of. The J-1 Semi-Autonomous Proton Cannon. This thing has a very unique shape, and some fiddly limbs. I did a fair bit of physical brick building to figure out how I could do the legs, I'm happy with what I came up with. The legs can support a reasonable amount of weight, but overall I think this thing would need a stand to help support it. Anyways, here is what I came up with. A side view. The 3mm tubing is a little funky, but given how tricky is is to bend them in Stud.io I think it is a decent approximation. A comparison to 7869, and to my Delta-7b And action shot for fun.
  15. Hey everyone just a small update to an older one this time. Inspired by the new AAT that just came out, I decided to take another look at mine. I ended up tweaking some things, and while most of these changes are minor, I believe they really help the overall appearance and shape. In the process of tweaking my design I also did a test build, which also brought to light some structural issues, which I can happily say have all been fixed. More surprisingly was that with the addition of only two 1x4 plates this thing can actually stand on its own without the need for additional supports. Here is my test build beside the new Lego AAT for scale. And as always, enjoy.