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  1. Progress update #3 Left side front with indent for main intake & right side front panels. Main boarding ramp & Bottom front section. The white piece is temporary. Missing x2 49668's to fill the gaps. Main engine intake. Rear door. The black plate is only temporary. Start of the main build, boarding level with access to elevator.
  2. Progress update #2 Dual blaster cannon is almost done, just need the pieces to build the barrels and do the dark orange details on the sides. Also built the 'face' of the ship, only missing a couple pieces on the opposite side.
  3. If I do build a stand I doubt that it would be out of Lego, with how far this thing will be off of a table and given the weight it will have, I will probably need something sturdier and weighted. I definitely took some breaks in those 12 years, building the Ghost was one of those moments that really made me re-evaluate how I was building the Twilight. I went back and re-framed the whole thing, and redesigned a lot of sections to make them stronger and lighter. I have most of my LDD files from the start of this project, so I will see about making a compilation of images to show the major design changes. And now time for the first update. Since I don't have 100% of the pieces for this build I'm starting with what I have. Here is the base for the main wing, I had to do a fair amount of redesign for the support structure for it to be strong enough to support it's own weight. I've also subbed in some large plates until I receive the tiles to replace them. And just to show how big this wing is compared to the Falcon.
  4. I've been working on this build since '7680 The Twilight' set came out in 2008. It started out as just modding the set to give it some interior, and slowly evolved with the continuous advances to LDD. Building this was the driving force behind designing my minifig scaled Delta-7, because I wanted to ensure that it would fit inside like in the show. I've gone through countless revisions to my design, even as far as starting from scratch at least 3 times. With every redesign came more research and I learned more and more about the design of this ship. I learned about a lot of things that never made it into the show. Things like that this ship actually has 3 levels to it, and that it uses an elevator to get between them. That they used 2 distinct 3D models of the ship and would switch between them during episodes, etc. It has been a long journey, but I'm finally happy enough with my design to share it. So into the details; Currently the ship sits at a total of 11,259pcs, measuring in at 102 studs (81.6cm) long by 132 studs (105.6cm) wide, by 37 studs (29.6cm) height (landed) or 84 studs (67.2cm) height (both outriggers extended). In other words, this thing is pretty big, still not as big as the Ghost, but it is the same length as the UCS Millenium Falcon. While I did find images and video of the majority of the interior I sacrificed a few of the unseen rooms in lieu of having more structure to hold the whole thing together. I did however keep all of the main areas, this includes the cockpit, cargo hold, connecting hallway and the boarding area. Comparing my build to the official Lego set. Here is a comparison between my Twilight, the UCS Millenium Falcon and my Ghost. As well as some comparisons with some of the official images that used to be on StarWars.com, I couldn't get the angles exactly right, but they're close enough to compare. And as a final note, I am currently in the process of building this monster, I have been slowly gathering pieces for the last few years, I have about 80% of the total pieces required, though I'm sure I'll have to make some modifications as I go. I will be posting updates as I go, but for now, here are my bins of parts, please forgive the unsorted disaster that they are currently in.
  5. This time, I decided to try building something that I have only ever seen one other MOC of. The J-1 Semi-Autonomous Proton Cannon. This thing has a very unique shape, and some fiddly limbs. I did a fair bit of physical brick building to figure out how I could do the legs, I'm happy with what I came up with. The legs can support a reasonable amount of weight, but overall I think this thing would need a stand to help support it. Anyways, here is what I came up with. A side view. The 3mm tubing is a little funky, but given how tricky is is to bend them in Stud.io I think it is a decent approximation. A comparison to 7869, and to my Delta-7b And action shot for fun.
  6. Hey everyone just a small update to an older one this time. Inspired by the new AAT that just came out, I decided to take another look at mine. I ended up tweaking some things, and while most of these changes are minor, I believe they really help the overall appearance and shape. In the process of tweaking my design I also did a test build, which also brought to light some structural issues, which I can happily say have all been fixed. More surprisingly was that with the addition of only two 1x4 plates this thing can actually stand on its own without the need for additional supports. Here is my test build beside the new Lego AAT for scale. And as always, enjoy.
  7. IcarusBuilds

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Clone Wars Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor

    I have built one in real life, it's pretty sturdy. Very swoosh-able, the only weak points are the mandibles, but provided you don't pick it up by them, it stays together quite well. I've shaken it pretty violently and everything stays in place. I'm just waiting on pieces to show up so I can swap them out for the correct colours.
  8. So I've been working on this on and off for the past 7 years. I wanted to have the Eta-2's to go along with my Delta-7B's. Initially my design was heavily based on Gunner's, which I had seen on this forum. The size was very close to minifig scale, and it served as a good starting point. However I ended up unsatisfied with my result. Four years later after having worked on my Ghost, I took another stab at it and started to make a bit more headway. I focused more and more on correcting my shaping and overall design. By the end of last year I had finalized a design that I was pretty happy with, the only drawback being the lack of 29119 & 29120 in yellow. Thankfully they came out with the introduction of the 76897 Audi. Earlier this month I took another look at my design, and while I did still like it, I felt it could use some final tweaks. And by simply changing the mandibles I found a new love for the design of this ship. So much so that I went ahead and updated my version for Ahsoka, and did up all the other versions from the movies. So here we go; My design progress. Anakin's Eta-2 from the Clone Wars, with s-foils open and closed. Some additional views. The cockpit interior and under the s-foils (showing the hole through the wing). The usual size comparison to my Delta-7B. Ahsoka's Eta-2 from the Clone Wars, with s-foils open and closed. Some additional views. And now the designs seen in Revenge of the Sith. Anakin's Yellow Eta-2. With a comparison to the new 2020 75281 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor. Anakin's Green Eta-2. Obi Wan's Red Eta-2. And finally Obi Wan's Blue Eta-2. As a final note, all of these are buildable except for Anakin's green Eta-2 (There are several pieces unavailable in Dark Green and some in Dark Bluish Grey). I have Ahsoka's test built in mostly the correct colours, I've placed a Bricklink order to get the pieces I need to finish both hers and Anakin's CW Eta-2. Once I have them completed I'll take some photos and add them here. As always, enjoy.
  9. IcarusBuilds

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Clone Wars LAAT/i Republic Gunship

    Thank you for the kind words! I've actually been taking another stab at my LAAT design. The main goal being to get rid of the central trans-clear brick support, but also some other minor touch-ups and fixes. After a fair bit of restructuring I've finally been able to achieve my main goal as well as being able to get rid of some of the additional supports that ran along the rear door. I did my testing in real bricks but wanted to update my render to show it off in the proper colours. The change also allows for more room to stand figures, and significantly less twisting in the body of the gunship.
  10. IcarusBuilds

    [MOC] Minifig Scale Clone Wars LAAT/i Republic Gunship

    I'm glad everyone likes it! Although I have to admit, I'm a little disheartened to hear that no one seems to like the engine/cannon design. I was really proud that I was able to get the slight variations in diameter with a 3 stud round base. If anyone knows of a way to get a rounder 3 stud wide cylinder that doesn't rely on the 30360, I'd be more then happy to try and incorporate it into the design. In regards to the doors, I scaled mine off of the concept art of the LAAT from the show. Of which the front doors measure out to 9.8 studs in length, with the rear doors coming out to 15.5 studs. Mine are 10 and 15, so the rear door is technically a bit short, but the front door is actually fairly close. I think it looks long because most builds including LEGO's have it as being quite short, and the rear door length on the movie version is actually longer which would make the front door shorter if it had one. But it's probably also a matter of preference, I was trying hard to make mine as close to the Clone Wars version as I could. Regardless, thank you for the feedback.
  11. Hey everyone, today I bring you my take on a minifig scale LAAT/i or Republic Gunship. Firstly, this thing is complicated... I started working on this early last year, but took a break from it because trying to figure out how to translate the complex shape of this thing was driving my crazy. While there are a lot of really nice gunships out there, I really wanted to see if I could match the narrow profile of the front of the ship, as well as get the flare out to the back that it has. Needless to say, accomplishing that in Lego is not easy, but I think I came up with a decent solution. The entire upper part of the gunship actually tapers from 6 studs wide in the back, down to 4 in the front. The "floor" of the gunship also tapers, which is one of the most common things people seem to avoid in other MOCs, probably because it's a major pain to do and it messes with the door alignment. The doors utilize technic fig hands and mixel joints to achieve the sloping from the front to back of the gunship. The doors were a real challenge due to the angles, and my first go at it didn't have enough head room to allow for a fig to stand inside, so I had to take another go at it, but this version seems to hold up. As usual a pic with my Delta-7B for scale. And some other colour variants. I've also done some test building to make sure that this thing actually works, I was worried that with all the angles it would be extremely brittle, but it holds together better then I thought it would. Inspiration notes: Under wing supports as well as some frontal structure inspired by Caleb Ricks. Front nose roundness inspired by Maelven. Engine build inspired by Chef Aslopert. Engine cones inspired by Kit Bricksto. Flood/Search lights inspired by David Buchholz.
  12. So, I'm back again with another MOC, this time I thought I'd tackle the WLO-5 Speeder Tank (aka. the Pirate Tank) seen throughout the Clone Wars by Hondo and his gang. WLO-5 Speeder Tank When I first started the design for this, it was heavily based off of screenshots since I couldn't find anything else. When I was almost finished, I realized that I had scale drawings of this thing the entire time that were included on the Blu-ray (Which I have included on my flickr). I realized almost immediately that my proportions were WAY off. So, I started from scratch. And this was the result. From the start, I wanted to try and incorporate an interior into the build, there wasn't a huge amount of space after the rebuild, but I was able to fit one in. It's not super detailed, but I was able to get the basic shapes, the driver, and most importantly fit the couch at the back, including a bottle of pirate rum. The rear hatches can open and the turret can rotate. You have to remove the turret gunner’s legs for him to fit, but given that the actual pirates legs would extend into the interior it works visually. A couple comparison photos with my Delta-7B and AAT for size. Starhawk Speeder Bike While I was at it, I thought I'd design some Pirate speeders to go with the tank. I didn't realize just how small they would be at minifig scale, so I had to simplify them quite a bit. Overall though I'm happy with the design, and by removing a few plates you can accommodate 2 riders. And a comparison to my Delta-7B. Hope you enjoy.
  13. As with all my MOCs, I would love to actually build them, but it always comes down to lack of finances unfortunately =/ I also really like the colouring in CW, the browns and tans of the movies feels a little boring. As far as part colours, I think the AAT is 99% available in those colours, but the DDT is not, there are some pieces only available in regular blue that would have to be switched out. I changed them to dark blue for the rendering and such, hopefully they'll come out in dark blue soon. When compared to some of my other MOCs the AAT doesn't look quite so big, it's actually a bit deceiving, but I scaled mine off of the official dimensions for the tank. I'm unaware of a brown version of the DDT, the two times it was shown in the CW it was dark blue. (S1E14 Defenders of Peace & S4E19 Massacre)
  14. Hello everyone, as promised here are my AAT and DDT MOCs. AAT - Armored Assault Tank While LEGOs Clone Wars AAT is actually very close to minifig scale, many of the proportions just aren't quite right. I changed the front sections shape a fair bit, as the actual tank isn't quite so round. It sort of flattens out in the middle, I also added the scoop in the front. In cross-section images it shows that the front domed peace is actually also a hatch, so I added that functionality since it was already on a hinge. There is enough room in the turret for a full droid, even with the hatch closed, you just need to fold the head down. The rear hatch can also open, revealing the droid crew, 1 driver and 2 gunners. Also did a palette swap for the AAT Lok Durd rides around in. DDT - Defoliator Deployment Tank The DDT design-wise isn't too different from the AAT. Shaping the stabilizers wasn't the easiest, but I think they came out alright. The turret itself wasn't too difficult to design, but oddly enough getting the grated platform along the side proved rather annoying. I had to leave it for a while and come at it with different perspective. As always, hope you enjoy.
  15. Fair enough, I think one aspect that would help would be adding the lighter design part on the wings, but it wasn't something I could easily do with bricks so I omitted it. The photo that I mentioned that showed them looking very grey was this one. But I also did a quick colour swap to sand blue. I admit, it does bring a little more life to the bomber.