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Found 141 results

  1. As they toured the island, Makny and his father would stop in many towns and villages, making sure that local affairs were in order and speaking on behalf of the Lord of Førstlys when needed. One of the stops on their journey was to Sorgheim, an ancient village that stood at the base of the mountains where could be found many of the tombs, crypts, and barrows that gave the Burial Isle its name. In recent years Nocturnian raiders had begun to frequent the shores of the island, occasionally making their way deep inland. Thus, the people of Sorgheim, like so many others, had bolstered the defenses around their town. The gatehouse at the center of their palisade made use of an ancient, crumbling arch, which they had cleaned and rebuilt to an extent, and which the Jarl's men now patrolled. I've been sitting on this for a while because I wanted to post it as part of a larger assembly, but with the guilds being so quiet lately I figured I might as well post it now. I'll probably clean it up a bit more before I post the whole scene, but for now C&C are welcome!
  2. The palisade around Sorgheim was erected in haste, though not without care, and its earthen ramparts were broken with bastions that allowed defenders clear sight along the outer face of every wall. If an enemy were able to make their way to the base of the wall, they would find little shelter from guardsmen's arrows. Another section of a larger scene, this goes with the gatehouse I posted last week. C&C welcome as always. Hopefully I'll find more time to finish the other sections soon...
  3. ...about 5 years ago, when things started to getting worse for the citizens of Euosmos and strange things where happening all over Mitgardia because of the rising hordes of Algus, a boat with a handful of brave men from Euosmos, sailed across Winter Lakes to the open sea towards East, far away from the known lands of Historica... They were looking for a safe place away from any Algus threats, to make a new start for their civilization and keep the soul of Euosmos alive. It took them about a month sailing before they finally saw land! The region was ideal to build a fortified city, so they immediately started working on it.... the city of "Salonica" Soon they had their first houses ready and about three year after, the fortified walls were ready too. The named "Kastra of Thessaloniki" were one of the toughest walls all over Historica and the citizens were finally safe, for once and for all. Hey there guys :) thanks a lot for hosting this great contest, it was the big period we had available to build, that made me think to finally expand the Kastra Gatehouse I had built and also build the interior village I wanted. (you can exclude the main gatehouse from judging) The project consists of 3x3 48baseplates for now and I aim to further expand it when I find time. The windmill at the hill is rotating with power functions, and there are also several lights at the tavern below it and around rockwork. I was also thinking to make more threads and link them here with the main buildings/baseplates better photographed (detached) but for the time being I will leave it as it is, all together. I am working on this project since the announcement of the contest, with a few months off and on, and the final moc consists of MANY parts as you can see xD I hope you like it Giorgos Solomonidis Gunman Kastra of Thessaloniki Military Parade Every year since the beginning of the new era for the citizens of Euosmos, they organize a military parade to celebrate their new hometown. Sir Gunman has left a clone of himself next to the King, because he has information that upcoming danger in incoming to the city of Salonica, and he has to prepare himself. Every citizen has a chance to see from close-up their brave military The coming of the citizens of Euosmos to this land, wasn't so peaceful... in fact, strange fleshy looking people were living here. All of them were captured and since then are kept on a small island on a lake near Salonica called Skyraloga to avoid any transfer of their illness to the healthy citizens. Every year, during the parade period, a few of them are taken from the small island and are forced to join the parade inside a wagon. Dragonslayer's Inn One of the top Inns in the City of Salonica, famous for its view from the balcony Dimo's Stable The stable, owned by Sir Gunman and his family, named after his grandfather. Some of the finest horses of Salonica and held there. Sir Gunman it getting ready to leave his house and go see if the rumors for incoming danger are true, Market Every Sunday, one of the finest markets of the city is getting place near the Monument of the Fallen Angel You can find from small fishes till one of the finest armors in the lands of Historica The Statue of the Fallen Angel dedicated to all the fallen Mitgardians, during the long journey from Euosmos to Salonica Dragonslayer Windmill This windmill is used by citizens and military people too. Normal citizens use it to produce their flour while military people are on duty and use it as observatory for incoming danger around the city. Next to the windmill, there is also a big Cross made out of stone, to threaten incoming enemies. Many citizens find this place very romantic, and choose it to get married. Lights ON Last but not least I would like to claim the following: Inn phase 3,Stable phase 3,Walls phase 3,Store phase 1 HSS entertainers.HSS Scholars,HSS Religious
  4. The Lord of Førstlys was in fact the lord of all of the Burial Isle, and its safety was, first and foremost, his concern. Thus, trusted members of his household were often seen traveling the length and breadth of the island, taking count of the defenses of the various communities set along the rocky coasts and nestled into the mountainous interior. Makny's father would often take him along when it was time to inspect, leading him on horseback through the hills and gathering news from every outpost they passed along the way. Inspiration for the rockwork came from @soccerkid6, particularly his recent Nordheim Watchtower. I might be lacking subtlety in my own application, but I generally like how it turned out. You're welcome to disagree of course.
  5. Every so often, Makny would go with his father to check on the stores that had been gathered over the growing season. The old warehouses had been dug into the hillsides along the fields to protect their contents. The earth kept the old burrows cool through the heat of the summer, but made sure they didn't freeze in the depths of the cold northern winters. C&C welcome as always!
  6. While the city of Falconstone keeps expanding, the training camp in the nearby Ginnon Valley is also under constant development. An archery range has been put up, from which archers and axe throwers can practice hurling their projectiles at targets placed before a wall of straw bales
  7. The training camp has been expanded again, for the governor decided the horse training would be moved here as well. The horses will be trained to overcome their fears, like dogs, and knights can come to practice here with their lances .. and here is the complete assembly of the Ginnon Valley training camps: I built the tower first, and some people thought the rocks were a bit bare, and some vegetation would be nice. Then the idea rose to create an archery range next to the tower, which could 'connect' to the rock where the tower was built on. I tried some tree design there as well, though I am not too happy with it (stability is too bad, alas) I found some tan bricks as well, and came with the idea to make straw bales to catch arrows gone wild. Then lastly I added the horsegrounds, for I was playing with a horse when I came up with the dog-scaring-the-horse-scene, which I quite liked. The idea of the tan sand is that its trampled all the time, which serves as an excuse not to add texture, as i do not own much tan except for the tan being in a WiP right now:O Main reason to build this was to get started on the tower phase 2, for which I can now make a big build (if I would put the big build as phase one, I couldnt surpass myself anymore xD) The stable was a bit rushed, but I wanted to finish it before the weekend because I would be gone for a while, and now I can immediatly start on my new project :)
  8. Hi guys, after doing a large build for the SJ17 I did not have much motivation for a new large project immediatly. Then I remembered how I have many uncompleted Age of Mitgardia builds left to do :P Here is my take on the tower phase one! My first focus was on the rockwork, and when I started the tower I had no idea where it was going, but im quite pleased with the result.
  9. The new trend in Mitgardian travelling agencies is Sandboarding trips to Kaliphlin lands. Here we can see Gunman testing the Queenscross ride while on vacations before "Book III" adventures start. I would like to claim the HSS Services and AoM Gatehouse 2nd phase. Book your tickets now!
  10. Spring is finally here after the long winter battles with the Algus. Stian and Frode pack the extra weapons into the market wagon to take to Falkidalr’s market. Market day is always extra special in spring, as the chills of the winter are shaken off as a cloak and people from many locations bring wares of all types. Merchants and farmers bring their goods to offer the people of Falkidalr what they need while turning a profit to produce more goods. Entertainers are always a welcome presence at the market, and this day proves to have no lack of performers. As Stian and Frode are crossing the bridge to Falkidalr’s main path, two jesters start their performance early for the market-goers at the bridge. Doing somersaults and cavorting around, the jesters thrill with an element of danger as they cross the bridge around the smithy wagon by acrobatic feats on the bridge border wall. Hopefully nobody falls off! Oh, look! The goatherds seem to be having some trouble keeping the goats out of the fresh flowers along the path! Even with the help of a trusty farm dog, goats are difficult to control. There seems to be traffic congestion at the path intersection! The Vitrs are crossing the bridge right when a band of travelling minstrels is passing on the main path. Always ones to please, they play music as they travel. Their music meshes beautifully with the jesters’ antics, much to everyone’s enjoyment. The pig farmer should probably pay more attention to his pigs than the performers, though. He might have been overzealous in thinking he could lead three hogs at once on leashes! Even the old chicken farmer finds his steps lightened by the music and performance. The Falkidalr Leidvordr patrol is also excited by market day and the new sights it brings, though their task of guarding the path becomes more difficult with all of the travelers and precious cargo. Additional Pictures: The market wagon: …And the characters posing for pictures on the bridge: Without figures: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This build took far longer to complete than I thought it would, mostly due to the elevation on the sides needed to allow for the bridge and stream bank and how to close in the edges. The inspiring technique for this build was the bridge arches simply made of an arch of bricks not fully engaged. I have also wanted to make a stream bank with reeds ever since the medium-flesh spike was introduced to the LEGO world. Comments and constructive criticism much appreciated! Thanks for looking, Slegengr Pine tree tutorial is added under the historic forum.
  11. AoM, Town: House Phase I A traditional Northern home, found far north in the Wolf Clan lands, here in the ever growing village of Mid-River under leadership of Clan leader Finn. The children get used to the icy cold from a young age, until they are ready to become men and true clan members. While fairly uninspired for Cat B of Challenge V (but nearly a full story-board for Cat C ), I thought why not go back to building for AoM again, as there's still plenty to build, and also a good opportunity to start building for a new village/town. I'll give more information later on but I'm hoping to locate it at the base of the mountain in the North Wolf Clan territory, between the two rivers flowing from the mountain (hence the "imaginative" name, Mid-River ), with a traditional Northern, viking-esk, architecture style. - Thanks for looking
  12. Up in northern Mitgardia, close to the boarder with the Frozen Beyond, a stone keep perched atop the rocks. Home to the third Blood Lord, a dwarven master, and leader of the Northern Guardsmen. When the warning bell chimes, these men are the first to respond. So my final Gatehouse phase, and last build for the defence part. Also my largest GoH build so far! A young ice fisherman leaves for a day of fishing, as the dwarven Blood Lord overlooks. Also wanted a working drawbridge on this. Took a while to build this one, although I feel the photography kinda lets it down at the end - Thanks for looking!
  13. Legofin2012

    AoM: Aslo The Ale Salesman

    Even far north, where snowy blizzards frequently occur, the few outposts that far north still need resupplying now and then. But the paths are treacherous, and the wooden supports holding the snow back have been known to collapse. Only few brave salesmen dare to travel in these areas, but being few the profits are great. And of course a simple horse would not withstand the cold, more, appropriate, creatures are used. A build that happened to tie in with AoM and this years CCCXIV, also partially inspired by scenes in Game of Thrones for the ice/snow wall. A Northern Guardsman fills up on ale for his outpost Aslo and the Mitgardian snow horse, along with the specifically built sled And just the landscape: Also happier with the photography for this one -Thanks for looking! :)
  14. Legofin2012

    AoM: Gatehouse Phase I

    AoM: Defence, gatehouse phase I Near the border between Mitgardia and Avalonia, a small town surrounded by a wooden wall, with gates at each entrance, a guard watches whoever enters, the Mitgardian banner flowing in the wind. A farmer leaves the town to sell his produce. A small build I whipped up today after getting back from holiday, after realising the next build for my character story would go well for Gatehouse phase II, just needed a phase I to precede it -Thanks for looking!
  15. Defence: Tower Phase II The Crow-keeper, first of the Blood Lords, distinguishable by their dark red robes and magnificent facial hair, high ranking members of the M.I.S.: Mitgardian Intelligence Service, he uses highly trained crows for reconnaissance in investigated territories, staying half way up the mountain out the way of prying eyes. - Thanks for looking
  16. Here's my build for the second Archery phase. I continued experimenting with cross braces, and took inspiration for the tower’s gables from Brickvader. As the spring weather causes the snow to thaw, archery drills continue at the range. You can see more pictures here. C&C welcome
  17. I had fun experimenting with the cross bracing below the platform, and trying to simulate hay bales around the targets Even in the snow, Mitgardian archers continue their practice. There are a few more pictures on brickbuilt. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, I should be posting the second phase fairly soon
  18. dathil

    AoM: Gate phase 3

    My phase 3 for the Gate category of AoM. I hope this is sufficient for the title :D I had fun making this, because I did not plan anything, and just looked how it would turn out. The building has some interiors, but the bad part of not planning, is that I couldn't really make pictures of the inside :P Im quite happy with how it turned out, especially with the stonework. I need to work on the roofing though, yet thanks for the guide SK :P I spent most of my salary on lego this month, but maybe I should go for a suitable camera one time. One way, I feel the money used for a camera could have been spent for bricks, but the pictures will probably improve a lot :) Usually I edit the photos with photoshop, but due to me quitting my studies, I do not have the license to use it anymore. Im starting an IT study this year, so I might get the licenses at discount :D Gatehouse phase 3, AoM by David de Rijke, on Flickr
  19. High Baron Vindavin

    AoM gatehouse phase 1

    This is a gatehouse situated on the norther outskirts of Odinshire (Odinshire is what I have decided to name the village Lord Clutchski rules over) and serves as a guarded entrance to the village and first line of defense. Here, we see an archer standing watch and a knight leaving for a routine patrol to find lost travelers, or unwanted guests. sorry about the fuzzy picture that's also an attachment, I have been having some weird problems wit the URL pictures. it says that "you are not allowed to use that image extension in this community." even though I have done the exact same thing before. Weird.!Ag1BfaoqmAZShixnY7M0ej_A2J8l this should work better.
  20. Here is my build for Barracks Phase 2. It's a bit of an unorthodox training ground, but I thought it would make sense for Mitgardian warriors to be well trained in how to survive Mitgardia's icy climate. Also, this is my unofficial entry to the Natural Beauty category of the Summer Joust. The smaller pine tree is based off of mrcp6d’s design. Part of any Mitgardian warrior’s training is to learn how to survive for days outside in the frigid cold with minimal supplies. Snow shelters offer relative warmth during the night if well constructed. More pictures: link Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated
  21. Here is my Barracks Phase 3 build for Age of Mitgardia. It was actually made in 2015, but it took me forever to get around to making the other barracks phases. I used SNOT 1x2 tiles for the stone walls, and quite like the stone block texture it gives. Daydelon barracks is a prominent barracks in Mitgardia, and houses from all over the guild send their sons there to be trained as warriors. In fact, it's not overly unusual for citizens of another guild to train for a time in Daydelon. Thanks for looking, your comments are always welcome
  22. dathil

    AoM: Wall phase 1

    So here is the first of some incoming builds. I wanted to create a wooden wall without pallisade bricks, I think I succeeded. (Quite partsconsuming though :) ) This was the first time I ever touched those 3-leave plants, I just ordered them and never had them before, so I had to try how to work with them. (apparently they are much more flexible than I imagined) The trumpet is gonna pop up a lot, I play it myself so I love that brick. It is also my first real shot on an irregular base, I think it turned out fine, but it could have been much smoother. I actually want to create my own settlement, im working on a story for it right now, this will be included too. (I know, the 4 categories for a hamlet all need to be fullfilled, lots of work to do :D) Wall0-2 by David de Rijke, on Flickr Wall0-1 by David de Rijke, on Flickr Wall0-3 by David de Rijke, on Flickr Wall0-4 by David de Rijke, on Flickr Wall0-5 by David de Rijke, on Flickr (and this is where I use yellow rounds for)
  23. Here's my build for the second Gatehouse phase. I used a similar ground texture to what I did in my previous build, “Start of a Journey,” and tried a different stone wall design for the gatehouse. The warrior returns to Nordheim’s welcoming gate after a long journey through the clan lands of Mitgardia. More pictures are available on my website: link Thanks for looking!
  24. With all the villagers trained in basic sparring, Crynis moved on to the next step: training with real weapons. Each man or woman chose their preferred weapon from a pile amassed by the mercenaries Crynis had hired. Ragnor, the mercenaries' leader, personally oversaw each mock duel and gave the villagers important tips which would most probably one day save their lives. Now Crynis and Ragnor looked on as two such villagers began their first trial by combat. Truff the woodcutter, armed with a shortsword, and the fisherman Larne, wielding the spear he used to ply his trade. The two combatants circled each other, looking for weaknesses in the other's defense... Suddenly, Truff lunged without warning, striking at Larne's unprotected side with his sword. But the fisherman, instead of blocking the blow, leaned backwards, evading the woodcutter's strike. Truff, off balance, lost his footing and stumbled just as Larne brought the spear down on his back. He crumpled to the ground, defeated. As the victor helped his opponent to his feet, Ragnor approached the pair. Nodding gruffly to Larne, he addressed the woodcutter: "You're strong, and fast too, but you shouldn't rush into attacks. Be wary of your opponent's moves. And Larne, your trick worked this time, but you'll need to perfect it for it to work in real combat. Well done, both of you." Crynis watched, feeling a sense of pride. Her fervent dream was slowly but surely becoming a reality... Figless: C&C welcome!
  25. So I finally made an AoM entry :P (I have around 10 builds in LDD though, yet I only want to submit real ones :P) Neymara and her brother Marik love brewing beer. One day, some friends told them to sell it on the road, as they thought it was very good. They set up a stand along a mayor road, over which many Mitgardian patrol units passed. And who is a better customer than a thirsty warrior? They sell so much these days, that Marik is continuously getting more with his ox, Byrt. I wanted to try multiple things in this build, it is basically the first time I made trans-clear water, I made everything tiled off, including the rocks that are far more detailed than I'm used to, also the construction of the stand, the autumn tree, and the road. I wondered if anyone has ever built a road this way, I pretty much like it myself! (these are 92 1x2 slopes). The tree was hell, I can't touch it: most of the leaves are not connected to anything. Also I think the dragon knights of Kingdoms are the perfect Midgardian soldiers: two shades of green on the torso, and two shades of yellow on the shield. I am happy with this build for it is by far my best detailed build ever, yet I can improve so much more. So please critizise and say what you would have done different (the light bley 1x1 tiles are a mistake on bricklink, should have been dark XD)