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  1. This thread encompasses all builds within Elizabethville and on the Corrington claimed island of Lacryma. Name: Elizabethville Ownership: Crown Location: Lacryma Mayor: Tom Mercer (SilentWolf) Trade Value: See account sheet Who can own property in Elizabethville: Anyone Who can freebuild in Elizabethville: Anyone Map: To be released someday About the settlement of Elizabethville: Elizabethville is founded on the island of Lacryma which was discovered by Micah and the other members of the WETEC while searching for new islands to the East. They found there a friendly local tribe, and were informed that the island had many other tribes as well. The partners founded a horse ranch in the area near there discovery of a cave. This was the beginning of the settlement that is growing as new settlers arrive from all parts of Corrington and the brickworld. The geography of Lacryma is mostly pedestrian looking plains with plenty of trees scattered about along with a few small forests. There is no great harbor on the island, but several places to anchor a ship safely. Builds in Elizabethville, a Large Town: Properties to reach City Residences: 0 Factories: 4 Artisans: 0 Commerce: 0 Education: 0 Art & Culture: 0 Royal Properties 0 Other Licensed Builds: 0 Licensed properties (91): 1. Residence (28) Chief's Longhouse S-Licensed Captain's Residence S-Licensed On the Frontier S-Licensed Cole Family Residence S-Licensed Mayor Tom Mercer's Residence S-Licensed A First Meeting with the Onondaga S - Licensed An Odorific Homecoming M - Licensed Natural Growth Residence - 20? 2. Factory (4) From all over they have come M-Licensed Micro Mill M-Licensed 3. Plantation (9+3?) Horse Ranch (Includes these two builds: Defending Horses against Pirates and Unexpected Attack) M-Licensed Ahoy, Fishermen! S-Licensed To Make Ends Meet S-Licensed On Lacryma M-Licensed Horse Farm, Elizabethville L - Licensed 4. Mine (2) Mercury Mine (Hi, ho, quicksilver, away!) - Licensed 5. Artisan (12) Preservation of Food S-Licensed The Bittersweet Mug M-Licensed Tomahawk Makers Longhouse S-Licensed Small Inn S-Licensed Stables L-Licensed Merrymas punch stall in Elizabethville S - Licensed Horse logging, Elizabethville L - Licensed 6. Commerce (10+1?) Trading with the Whole Village L-Licensed Founding a Colony M-Licensed Primitive Accommodations, Elizabethville M - Licensed Horse Breeding, Elizabethville L - Licensed 7. Education (6) The Present Will Be History L-Licensed Elizabethville Observatory L - Licensed 8. Art and Culture(14) The Art of Horses and War M-Licensed A Fountain S-Licensed Thanksgiving in Elizabethville S-Licensed Hippodrome Elizabethville R - Licensed 9. Forts (2) Fort di Legno M-Licensed Other Mocs (15) Where Only the Strange Men Go... The First Election We have found gold! Letters to be written Arrival At Elizabethville A Seventeen Point Plan An Afternoon Shipwreck A Day Trip to the Interior Same Stars, Different Names First Snow in Elizabethville Training the Elizabethville Militia Mysterious Bones A Farewell In Elizabethville Hawarden Regiment Encampment Queen's Birthday Parade (Please help me out by posting a link to your Elizabethville builds in this thread as well as what category they are licensed as.) Last Edited 4/19/2023
  2. Hungry like the wolf Hi there! Happy to share my latest creation that it's loosely inspired both by the story of the writer Xavier Liras, creator of the Spiral Universe, and by the illustration of the artist Alexander Shatohin. Below you can read a very brief summary of Xavier's story that describes my creation well. "The story goes that the Guardian of the abyss lives right on the edge of the abyss. His job for generations has been to explore the Abyss and its mists and gain insight into what is happening in the world. The Abyss has many levels, it is the manifestation of the psyche of humanity. There is a terrible war going on in this world now that could plunge us into extinction. The Guardian must lure Wolf Fenrir to the surface and be devoured. But the wolf will not be able to kill him completely and, back in the abyss, he will be forced to spit it out. Only then will the initiation of the Guardian into the deepest Abyss begin." Enjoy and beware the wolf!
  3. Previously: Jack hatches a plan With Jack's plan finalized, he and Kate passed the word to other prisoners. The Lotii guards had become complacent watching over their Halosian prisoners for so long, and the number used to guard them and their diligence in their duty had waned. When an opportunity finally presented itself, the prisoners overwhelmed their guards, secured the keys to release their incarcerated brethren, and acquired whatever makeshift weapons they could. Some were able to get their hands on swords and knives, but others had to settle for pick axes and hand axes from their work site, and even a meat cleaver from a Lotii cook. Once free of their shackles and armed, the prisoners made their way through the jungle toward the harbor. Jack and Kate had assembled a group of enough able-bodied seamen to commandeer at least five ships, and there were no guards to speak of around them. Jack had his eye on a man-o-war, and there were several brigantines or similar ships docked adjacent to it. And the ships didn’t appear to have been stripped of essential materiel. Could he be so lucky? --- I would have liked to have time to MOC the overpowering of the guards, but real life interceded. This build at least gave me a chance to experiment with some different foliage than my usual builds. And this serves as a sistership build, replacing the Wolf (and subsequent sisterships Wolf II and Fenris Ranger) with its newest sistership El Lobo. All C&C welcome.
  4. The WETEC has been expanding into the new islands. Part of the plan was to place offices and stables in strategic locations in order to expedite the delivery of horses to the new settlements. Elizabethville has begun to be the supplier of the horses in the new islands, but some are still being shipped from Belson and Arlinsport. The newest "office" the WETEC has been founded in Mooreton Bay. Though presently the "office" is simply a room in the residence of the manager, Mr. James Palmer. He and his wife are settling into their new home and responsibilities. They already have orders for 5 farm horses that they will soon be sending to Arlinsport for. They hope to receive more so they can get ahead of the needs on the island. This is intended to be a small residence in Mooreton Bay.
  5. It had been more than two years since Willem Guilder thought about the ship Wolf. But after all this time he had decided to sistership it again. But if this time was going to turn out different, he was going to need to do something drastic. And so he found a gypsy's shop in Fuerte Unido. "Welcome to Madam Luna's," said the gypsy. "How may I help you?" "I'm told you remove curses," replied Guilder. "This can be done. I will need to hear about the curse. But first you must pay." Guilder pulled out a 40DB piece and handed it to her. "Excellent," exclaimed Madam Luna. "Now, sit down and tell me about the curse." "Thank you." Guilder sat down on the oddly upholstered stool and began the story. "Over three years ago I bought a ship at auction, the Wolf. It was a Mardierian privateer that had been captured. I had it refitted and put it to use the next month. Alas, it promptly sunk!" "Oh my, that is bad! But what can I do about a ship that has already sunk?" "That is only the beginning of the story. I decided to build a ship to the same plans as the ship that had sunk, and I named her Wolf II. That ship was subsequently captured by the Sea Rats. I endeavored to reacquire her, but before I could, another pirate had taken her from the Sea Rats. "That is unfortunate," noted Madam Luna. "But that's not all," continued Guilder. "The pirate sold her at auction, but I was outbid by a buyer from Oleon. Soon after, it was damaged in a storm, and a Corrish ship salvaged her and took her to port. There was some confusion as to her rightful owner for a bit, but eventually she was returned to Oleon." "My, it does seem that this ship has trouble staying with its owner!" exclaimed Madam Luna. But it is no longer your ship? What would you have me do?" "I have decided to build another ship to the original plans," explained Guilder, "but I don't want this new ship to suffer the same fate as its predecessors. Can you remove the curse that follows this ship plan so that my new sistership will not be cursed?" "Let me consult my mystic crystal," she said as she retrieved a crystal ball and placed it on the table. "I shall look into the past and the future ... hmm ... yes, there is much energy swirling about this ship. But you can avoid the curse!" "How?" "You must evoke the name Wolf in the name of the new ship WITHOUT actually using the word "wolf" in the name. This will break the curse." "Oh, thank you Madam Luna. This is excellent news. Thank you! I shall use a name from one of the ancient myths." And so Guilder left the gypsy's shop, satisfied that he could go ahead and commission his new ship, the Fenris Ranger. ------------------------------ A small build for the purpose of sistershipping the Wolf as the Fenris Ranger. Here's a view of the full build: All C&C welcome.
  6. NINJAGO season 11 is already airing in some countries and I am very excited to watch the latest adventure of the ninjas. In anticipation for the next season in english, I bought this little set. It's a small set so let's not wait further. This is my 23rd Eurobricks review - set number 70671 - Lloyd's Journey. Overview Name: 70671 Lloyd's Journey Theme: LEGO System / NINJAGO / Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu Year: 2019 (2H) Pieces: 80 Minifigures: 3 Price: USD 14.99 / EUR 14.99 Introduction After the conclusion of season 10, we have learned from the NINJAGO team that this new chapter will be more exploratory and creative. And just how exploratory and creative the LEGO sets will be? We shall find out. Front panel What I noticed in the box art for this wave is the usage of manga inspired panel borders and effects. There are lots of speed lines, sunbursts, halftones and written sound effects. This is more evident at the back panel which can be seen below. Back Panel I really like this manga-style art at the back panel. Comparison of the recent "USD 14.99" Ninjago boxes Apart form the box art, I immediately noticed that the box is smaller for its price. Before buying this, I did not know how many pieces are inside the box because unlike the North American versions, Asian boxes do not have the number of pieces printed on the packaging. I have bought The Samurai Mech set recently and it is a USD 14.99 set with 153 parts. It does not help when you compare that the USD 9.99 set from previous wave, 70680 Monastery Training has 122 pieces. Even if it has 2 minifigures only, you still get twice as much parts. So, you are paying 50% more price premium for something that has half the parts. I know it is an unfair comparison but for any casual buyer, it would appear as a bad deal. Am I right? I know that the inclusion of the new wolf mould hiked the price considerably for this set but this made me wonder.-- is a new mould this big actually warrants a 50% price increase for a set this small? Content of the box These are the immediate contents from unboxing. There is 1 small instruction booklet, 2 plastic bags containing bricks and 1 plastic bag containing the 3-tailed wolf. There is also an 8x8 corner plate (wedge) without any plastic packaging. Also, good news. There is no sticker! Minifigures Let's begin with the minifigures (and creature) because this is what you came for anyway. Of course, the creature included in the set is not a minifigure but for the sake of scale comparison, I am including it here. Front view with hairpiece/headgear and armours If you haven't seen my minifigure distribution for the Ninjago 2019 wave, go ahead and check out in the Ninjago 2019 discussion topic. What we get in this set the variant of Lloyd with the hairpiece, and a foot soldier generically named Blizzard Warrior. The print on Lloyd's gi is very crisp with dark brown and dark green colours. Lloyd's right arm is dark brown which likely represents leather arm guards. One cannot deny the resemblance of the Blizzard Warrior from the Game of Trones' White Walkers. Although this trope had been tried in the retired Legends of Chima theme in its final run "Fire vs. Ice" subtheme, I find it more interesting with snakes and samurai. Also, Fire Snake and Ice Samurai -- isn't this a child-friendly version of the Song of Ice and Fire? Anyway, I digress. The Blizzard Warrior is excellent. It has dual-moulded armour in dark red with trans-light blue ice spikes sticking out which makes it very cool (pun not intended). Kudos to the creative team of NINJAGO as they applied the lessons learned from Chima by not putting any gross rotting flesh on the Blizzard Warrior minifigure. Back view with hairpiece/headgear and armours The new sword scabbard is very stylish compared to the older scabbards/sword sheaths. The Blizzard Armour looks good even if viewed from the back and its helmet also look fantastic with the ridged design and trans-light blue ornamental horns. Front view without gears and accessories As mentioned earlier, the Bilzzard Warrior is excellent with its armour. Without it's armour, it is still decent. Both minifigures have dual face print. It is a little disturbing that some ice shards are sticking out of the Blizzard Warrior's right eye and cheek. I don't know if that is necessary. Back view without gears and accessories The back printing is very good as well. Too bad we're not going to see much of the back printing of these minifigures because they will be covered for majority of the times. Back view of the new scabbard and Blizzard warrior's armour worn "backwards" Lloyd looks good with the new scabbard. In case you wonder, the Blizzard Warrior armour can be worn from either side because it appears that the front is a mirror image of the back. Lloyd's Wolf Before talking about the wolf, just appreciate the engraved shape on the shoulder pads that comes with the scabbard.I don't know its significance because I have not seen the season 11 yet but I can tell that the shape is like a snowflake with 6 tips. So about the wolf -- it is the biggest deal about this set and also my top reason why you should buy this set. Comparing the Ninjago wolf with City feline mould Next to the City feline mould, it is the same height. The neck articulation is the same but it lacks the hind legs articulation. Too bad that the 3-tailed wolf mould has no articulated hind legs because it looks like TLG could have used the same approach even if the torso of the wolf is slimmer. Wild dog vs. wild cat All this while, I was wondering why did NINJAGO team used a 3-tailed wolf instead of a 3-tailed fox. After all, if you have watched Naruto or played Pokemon, you should be more familiar with the Japanese folklore surrounding the nine-tailed fox or Kitsune. On the other hand, there is also Okami which is a PS2 game that featured a wolf in the game that bears more than a passing resemblance to this NINJAGO wolf. Not forgetting, using the Game of Thrones analogy, the inspiration could be from direwolves since the system scale wolf should only be a little bigger than the classic Alsatian / German Shepherd dog mould but a LEGO direwolf is the right size as "Lloyd's wolf". I don't know the right answer but if you have any wild guess, feel free to share. Build All parts laid down before building So, let's rewind and do the build now. So is it hard to build? No. It's actually very easy, barely an inconvenience. And just like that, we're done! I like the usage of the part #30166 (PLATE 2X3 W/ HOR. 3,2 SHAFT) as part of the battlement on top of the fortress. There is nothing to see on the other side. Completed build Hear ye, hear ye! I present you the fortress -- the mini fortress. Parts The new moulds and recoloured parts all look great. If we exclude the minifigure-related parts, we only have 1 new mould, the wolf, and only 3 recolour of parts with pointy ends. New armours and helmets are typical designed for new NINJAGO waves so it isn't a big deal. Extra parts Just putting here for your reference. Conclusion In my history of reviewing NINJAGO sets, I have came across very good small to medium-sized sets that satisfy my AFOL needs. This small set is one of those sets that I struggled to score because even if it is good, I feel it lacks several things to make it great. It's easy to spot what you don't like in a set but as a reviewer, my job is to be as objective as I can be, and I try really hard to be very objective in every review that I do even as I throw in some of my opinions. Pros: New wolf creature mould is exclusive in this set Excellent NINJAGO minifigures as always Cheapest way to get Lloyd and Blizzard Warrior Weapon selection is top-notch Cons: Colour scheme is "meh" (this could be a matter of taste) You need to have a big imagination to see the fortress in the build -- frankly, it's just a small tower The cheapest set for this wave is not meant for building regular armies -- if you need to army-build, go buy set # 40342 instead (where you can also get Clutch Powers) New wolf mould tax is ridiculous No mask included for Lloyd So below is my final score breakdown -- Review summary Playability: 6/10 - There's nothing much you can do with a mini fortress but the role-playing aspect of Lloyd travelling the snowy mountains is there for kid's (and adult's) imagination. Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - I will not even score this if I am buying a minifigure pack but this is a small set so the mini fortress building experience only makes this set lackluster. Minifigures: 8/10 - The minifigure designs are great but there are only 2 minifigures as I am not including the wolf in this score -- an additional minifigure could have bumped up the score. Price / Value for money: 8/10 - I guess it could have been worse but if you cannot swallow the price premium due to the new wolf creature, it will be a tough buy. Overall: 7/10 - On one hand, this is very appealing set if it's a minifigure battle pack but on the other hand, as it is a small set, I expected more than just the wolf and a few parts. Blizzard Warrior: "I am so underpaid for this job!"
  7. Been having fun with my Nexo Knights, some knock-off Dinosaurs and Legend Beasts, some real Lego Legend Beasts and a random Mixel. I thought it'd be fun for each knight to have an animal steed instead of vehicles. What kind of things would you like to see in Nexo Knights? Anybody else found any cool knock offs online that you wish were part of the franchise?
  8. "Johnny, why are you still working here in the office? You should be outside with everyone else watching the parade!" scolded James Hendricks. "If you don't leave these books for later, and go out right now I am going to have to fire you." James smiled as Johnny Martin, his young clerk, immediately vacated the office to grab his pennant in the storage room, before scrambling out the front door to see the parade that was already passing by. James is the business manager of the WETEC office in Elizabethville. The Elizabethville office is second only to the Arlinsport office in volume of work and sales. Though he is a shrewd business man who requires detailed and perfect work out of all his employees, James is not one to deprive a young man from the joy of the holidays. The New Year is just beginning and Elizabethville has decided to put on a parade that will travel down the length of its main street, all the way down to Fort di Legno near the docks. Many different people have joined the parade, and most of the rest of the town is crowding the walkways watching. First, came the marines, marching in their perfect order. They were stationed on the boat Octavia that is anchored in the bay. Following behind them are the bagpipes of the Corrish highlands playing their sweet but haunting tunes. Following them on horseback are several of the WETEC Light Cavalry. Following the cavalry, is a most peculiar site. A very tall man is walking by juggling balls. All the kids are in awe of his height, though whispers among the adults about a gadget called stilts has intrigued several who heard the whispers. Following the juggler is an equally peculiar site. A small cart being pulled by a yoke of... pigs! The driver must be skilled indeed to handle pigs so well. Oh, it is a monkey not a man driving the pigs. What a bizarre site to behold. So bizarre in fact that most people missed the man walking behind the pig-monkey cart as if he was in charge of it. The parade goes on with all sorts of fun and peculiar sites. People have moved from all over the old world to settle in this new colony. Many who have settled here, like the bagpipers of the highlands, have brought their own customs and traditions that they continue to follow. Together, all these customs and traditions are mixing into one town and colony that creates exciting holidays indeed.
  9. SilentWolf

    SilentWolf Index

    Sir Micah of Wolfhaven, Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose, and primary founder of the WETEC Elizabeth, Micah's wife Captain George Knight, a former gentleman mercenary, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the HMS El Bellos Captain William Chase, deceased. One of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the Corrington warship HMS Whisper which was sent to Davy Jones Locker in December 2017. Arthur Kellogg, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and in charge of all the WETEC's trade ships (Needs better photo) Caleb, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the Flying Colt Charles, the rancher who manages all the horse trading for the WETEC out of Arlinsport (Need better photo) Hansa and his wife, Onondaga couple from Lacryma who have helped Micah in the past and have joined his expedition Hannah, also known as the lady in black, part of Micah's expedition due to acquaintance with Elizabeth, but not much else is known about why she has assassin skills List of Ships Owned: 35 ship lvlsThe Ant - Class 1 R M F C $ H 1 4 0 0 4 0 Mint Parrot - Class 1 R M F C $ H 1 4 1 0 3 0 Flying Colt - Class 3 R M F C $ H 3 2 2 1 4 3Alexander - Class 3 R M F C $ H 3 4 1 1 4 2Pinto Filly - Class 4 R M F C $ H 4 4 1 1 5 3Filly Winds - Class 5 R M F C $ H 5 4 1 2 6 3Octavia - Class 5 R M F C $ H 5 4 3 2 5 2Soupfish - Class 4 (unmocced)Nightmare - Class 2 (unmocced) Sub-Character is mayor of Elizabethville, on Lacryma
  10. Micah is out with Hanska and his friend, Deganawidah, hunting in the plains of Lacryma. The island primarily has open plains with scattered trees that have the highest density near rivers and creeks. Today, they are hunting for the deer that roam on the island, but it takes a smart hunter to get close to them, as the deer have keen eyes and a sharp nose. They have been following a deer and hog trail right up to one of the creek crossings. They hope to spot the deer on the other side of the creek. Hanska explained to Micah that the hogs that have populated the island like to live in bramble patches where it is hard to get to them. It is unwise to go in after them, and the primary method of hunting the hogs has been to waylay them in the moonlight with spears. Though the Corrington rifles have proven more effective against their thick skin than the Onondaga's bows and arrows and this has drawn the attention of the Onondaga. Notes: This build was a concept since last Christmas, and I have had the deer built and waiting for the forest ever since. I finally got around to building the forest around Thanksgiving and just finished it recently. The build is 72x64 studs which is my largest physical build to date. The trees kept falling over on me, and they also got attacked by the toddler between photography sessions, so they were my least favorite part of the whole build. I borrowed the birch trees from @Kai NRG's great build. I intend to license this in Elizabethville as a medium plantation. Additional photos behind the spoiler.
  11. Elizabethville has grown considerably in the year and a half since it was officially founded. Though its position on an island made up primarily of plains has created a diverse growth of the island. Some people have build clapboard buildings, others have used stone or brick, while some are building log cabins for themselves and their families. Malcolm and Serena Otis are one such couple. They lived in the slums of Belson before they heard about the opportunity to settle in a new colony. They scrimped and saved every last penny, and eventually set sail for Elizabethville aboard the Soupfish. Now that they are here, they have claimed a farm and have built a log cabin from the trees they have cleared from the land. As the crops haven't come up yet, they are living off of the land. It isn't an easy life, but it is a better life than they had in Belson. Malcolm is off to try and get enough meat for the week, as Serena takes care of their one month old baby and collects herbs from the countryside. Note: I was in need of more residences in Elizabethville, and wanted to try my hand again at a log cabin. This one is much more stable than the last one, though it really wouldn't take a lot of handling well. Mesabi, I had planned an interior but in the end beams were attached inside that prevented a look at anything inside. Here is another angle:
  12. Micah is in his office in Elizabethville, where he has been residing since his expedition to Cascadia. Recently, he received a letter from Rear Admiral Fletcher regarding some news personally affecting Micah. Micah felt it necessitated a reply. To her Royal Majesty, Queen Annetta, Sovereign of Corrington, Balondia, and Her Majesty's Colonies, and to Rear-admiral S. Fletcher in her majesty's service. My father, Lord Alexander, was granted his rank and lands from the crown due to his heroic actions and valiant service to the crown during the 49 Years War. I have longed desired and strived to serve my country with as much vigilance and honor as he had. I am profoundly humbled that her Majesty and her officials think so highly of the services I have thus far rendered to the crown by bestowing the title of Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose. I intend to not falter in my efforts to serve her Majesty, and look forward to many years of faithful service should I be granted them. Long live the Queen, Sir Micah of Wolfhaven Owner of Wolf's Equine, Trade, and Expedition Company He also was writing a letter to his business partner Arthur Kellogg in Arlinsport. Dear Mr. Kellogg, I hope this letter finds you well and business continuing to improve. Based on the extensive amount of work to be done here in Elizabethville, and the massive amounts of new land to be explored to the East, including Cascadia, Celestia, and the surrounding isles, I will not be returning to Arlinsport for quite a few months. As I know you have extensive oversight of all our shipping, I feel my presence will not be detrimental to the company. You do have Charles there to aid you in any matter regarding the raising and pricing of the steeds sold from Arlinsport. I do want to remind you to put pressure on the shipwrights to finish refitting our three ships we have in dock plus the ship we committed to fund for the crown. Though I know that they have many ships to make and repair, I feel they are taking entirely too long to put our ships under sail. I hear that there will be a massive push in the upcoming months to trade between the various ports now that war has subsided in the eastern seas. We must press to have all our resources available to profit from this opportunity. I encourage you to make a visit to the headquarters of the East Terran Trade Company, which my estate is a member of, and ask for their help in pressuring any shipwrights who are uncooperative at refitting the ships we have in repair. Speak to the manager at the ETTC headquarters, Mr. Bartholomew Antonius. Greet your wife and children for myself and Elizabeth. Hansa and his lovely bride, Kahente, also wish to say hello and often ask about you, as is their manner. Yours truly, Sir Micah of Wolfhaven OOC: This build is serving the two fold purpose of in-character acknowledging my promotion in Corrington, and to increase my ship level maximum. It also leads into my next build posted here. An additional picture of just the furniture:
  13. XBrickmonster


    Hello! Recently I have decided to enter a contest over on Flickr, the Colossal Battle Contest in the group LEGO War. One of the categories is Beasts of battle, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas/techniques of how to build cool animals that might fit that theme. I already have one entry done, but I still want to hear some ideas and learn some new techniques to apply in other builds as well. I hope this topic will help others too, because I know that animals and beasts are often rather difficult to realistically represent in LEGO brick form. Thanks everyone!
  14. Previously... The Curious Case of the Bottled Message - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 1 - Ayrlego Mysteries on Cascadia Part 1 and 2 - Bregir The Lost City of Gold, Part 2 - Ayrlego (Part 3 follows after my build) Micah, Montoya, and Colonel Allcock continued up the river in search of the large lake, using as their guide Montoya's curious letter from the bottle. and the Eslandolian Marderian map that Colonel Allcock had acquired at no small sum. Though they were chilled by the evidence that the Eslandolian's had been slaughtered here, they had no intention of turning around. Micah did not trust the Mardierian officer's account at first, but the evidence has been leading him to realize that there are unscrupulous men (and women) in all nations. Times of war seem to bring out the worst in them. It was not that long ago that Mardier had tried to take Micah's life. If it had not been for the secretive Hannah, he would surely not be on this boat today. What does that lady do? How does she do it? Micah pushed all these other concerns out of his mind and returned to vigilantly scanning the foliage for any hostile party. The party was quite large due to the three groups converging on this single quest. However, it is never good to let your guard down due to sheer numbers. The journey continued for several days without incident. They did see signs of large cats, but never caught a glimpse of them. Occasionally, one would be heard at night. The women did not seem too thrilled about the cats being that close, but they attempted not to show it. Upon finding the lake, a small camp was set up. It was decided a few of the soldiers would stay behind to guard the boats, but the rest of the party would continue on into the highlands. Following the map and the letter, the Corrington party arrived at the base of one of Cascadia's many gorgeous waterfalls. Per the sources, there is a cave and passage behind the waterfall. After a small amount of searching, it was determined that a small path on the right side of the falls was the most likely route for access. It was not easy going as some places were suitable only for mountain goats. Following the path, they spied a small opening behind the fall, but definitely not outside its mist. Alas, the information was true! Behind the opening was a small cavern safe from the treacherous footing and the powerful mists of the falls. The party decided to leave a guard along the path and bring all the supplies with them through the falls. Of course, this was also not an easy feat. Once in the cavern, Montoya and Colonel Allcock began following the written and drawn directions for navigating the pathways inside the mountain. Micah made sure that the entire party made it through the falls and down the right passageway. It appeared that some advanced race of people had widened and secured these corridors and caverns. One could only imagine what kind of people these were. After following the corridors for about an hour, they saw light up ahead. Hurrying along, they exited the mountain to brilliant sunshine, and a glorious site. The mountain descended quickly on this side to a valley nestled in the mountains. The view was unobstructed for an extremely long ways. In the distance, they saw a large city sprawling out. It was too far to tell what kind of city it was, but it must indeed be the place they are looking for. The letter and the map were also in agreement to this conclusion. ___________ We all ran out of time on this collaboration so unfortunately it isn't as fleshed out as we would have liked. (I somehow thought I had until Wednesday to finish.) Though this is the beginning of Corrington's exploration of Cascadia with its mountains and big cats, which Lego has been so gracious to release this summer. As the challenge simply stated that we could have up to three builds, I am going to have to settle with just one build this time around. My computer is working on a better render of the front view so I will add that once I have it complete. For more pictures, see below.
  15. Micah and Elizabeth have arrived safely on Lacryma thanks to Hannah and her work. There is much to be seen by them since Elizabethville (named of course after Micah's one love) has grown a lot while Micah was away. 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Bolton and Mayor Tom Mercer have worked hard at keeping the settlement orderly and growing. The new settlers arriving from other parts of the Brick Seas have quickly settled in to make their own way in this land. The relationships with the natives have proven to be very amicable and trade with Chief Otetiani and the Onondaga people has continued. There are rumors that some of the other tribes are upset over the Onondaga's success but as of today those rumors do not seem founded. On this mid-morning, Ensign David and Hanska were leading Micah and Elizabeth to an Onondaga village for a meal and trade discussions. They are accompanied by one of the light cavalry and Hanska's bride of less than two months (moons). Micah always suspected the two of them would get together. As they rode along, the party passed a windmill which Ensign David told them had been constructed by the Ruysch brothers. They had settled on the island from Varcoast. Hubert had brought along his wife and daughter and the four of them ran the only grist mill on the island. It was a very busy business but lucrative. Here are some close ups and different angles of the build. Builder's Note: I have found that a baby crawling around has hindered my time available to build with my bricks. Thus the several projects I was working on in bricks have stalled out. I decided to instead do some LDD builds as I had the time for that and I didn't have to worry about the baby eating a brick or two. This is the result of my attempt at the first factory in Elizabethville. The outer dimensions of the build are 91x94. The windmill sits on 16x16 with some overhang of the blades and guide. The warehouse is about 20x40. I am licensing it as a medium factory since the footprint of the buildings take up 1056 studs. C&C welcome. P.S. The windmill is modeled after this one, even though it is not a grist mill. I am sure in BoBS it doesn't matter.
  16. Sailing east out of Arlinsport on the Soupfish, Micah, Elizabeth, crew, and guests have arrived at King's Port where they intend on topping off their supplies before their journey to Elizabethville. Hannah and her two students had not been a burden on the ship, mostly staying to themselves. At least that is what Micah heard. He and Elizabeth had also been mostly staying to themselves in the Captain's Cabin. At King's Port, most of those on board disembarked to walk around and shop while in the city. Micah had one business contact he was supposed to meet the following morning for breakfast, so Elizabeth and he strolled through one of the open air markets. The vendors sold everything from painted dolls, to inkwells, to freshly cooked meat. Micah was certain that he just saw the lady in black he had been seeing around Arlinsport. He had been seeing glimpses of her for the last several weeks. He had for the most part ignored it as they had been visiting many shops in Arlinsport prior to the wedding. Though now here in this market in King's Port? What Micah didn't know was that Mardier was worried that the WETEC would choose the Eslandolan side and provide them with war horses for cavalry and transports. In fact, he had not even considered choosing one side over the other. Rather, it seemed like business would be exceptional over the next several months. However, for Mardier, the Soupfish stopping in King's Port was a golden opportunity to cut the head off the WETEC and guarantee that they would not get involved. Micah didn't even see the blade coming. The lady in black, or as Elizabeth knows her, Hannah, was not so distracted. Her fan blade may appear beautiful, but it is also deadly, as the Marderian assassin found out. Fortunately, the guard on the roof above had also seen the knife at the last moment, vindicating Hannah of the charge of murder. Not that a prison would hold her long anyway... This is an entry for Eslandola as part of Challenge 5A. This was a fun build trying to pack the street with vendors and people, but I still had to see enough to get some decent pictures. It was inspired by my recent travel out of the country and visiting a market much like this. I also wanted to catch up on some story line and weave the lady in black into the party before we got to Elizabethville. There will be more of her in the future. Edit: I realized I missed the 600 post mile marker. Considering that when I joined BOBS last January, I had roughly 12 posts after a year on Eurobricks, I think I can safely blame BOBS for getting me more involved around here. I also did a grand total of 47 MOCs for BOBS last year which is more than I have done in any prior 5 year period of my life. I look forward to another year with you guys and gal(s)!
  17. 25 January 617 A.E. Wedding of the Owner of WETEC! What will the blissfully married couple do next with the WETEC expanding throughout the known world? Exclusive photo here at this paper! The marriage of Micah of Wolfhaven and Elizabeth Griffin was a success. It turned out flawlessly as one would expect when the marriage is between two large trading companies in Corrington. It was attended by the bride and groom's families, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, their youngest daughter, Charlotte, Mrs. Sarah of Wolfhaven, her son, Alexander II, and daughter and son-in-law, Rebekah and Simon. Also in attendance were representatives of trading partners from Eslandola, Oleon, and of course key figures from Corrington. There was music of both the harp and the flute to be enjoyed while tasting apples, bananas, and chocolate danishes. It was a lovely day for the couple who it is rumored will be taking a boat ride to the eastern islands for their honeymoon. I haven't linked to it lately but HERE can be found a complete list of builds that were completed for BOBS and progress this storyline.
  18. Time: 18th of January, 617 A.E., one week prior to Micah and Elizabeth's wedding Location: The Griffin's residence in Arlinsport Elizabeth and Micah had been busy decorating the house for the upcoming wedding and preparing decorations that couldn't be placed out yet. Elizabeth had been acting worried most of the day, and finally she worked up the nerve to tell Micah why. "Micah, while you were away on your adventures I did something in secret that I feel you should know about prior to us being married." "What is it, dear? What did you do?" Micah asked trying to contain his concern. Sighing Elizabeth said, "It is probably best if I show you." She left the room and returned a few minutes later carrying several weapons which she placed on the dining table. "I went out and bought all these weapons, then I went to a local school and learned how to fence and shoot. The instructor said I progressed very well, and he recommended I go to another instructor, a lady named Hannah. She has been instructing me for the last 4 months. I wanted you to know before we got married that I had gone out and done such a very unladylike thing." Micah was relieved that this was the worst thing that she had on her mind one week before the marriage. "Elizabeth, dear, I do not find what you did offensive in the slightest. In the polite societies of Belson it may be said that ladies never learn the art of weaponry. However, in the unsettled lands to the East it is good for a woman to know how to defend herself. In fact, I know several women who have taken to exploring the lands to the East. I have even heard rumors that Queen Annetta practices with pistol in her living chambers. I am proud that you had taken the initiative in this, and only regret that my travels have prevented you from telling me prior to now." "There is one more thing. My instructor, Hannah, wishes to travel with us to the East after our marriage. She and several of her students wish to put their skills to work in the new settlements and islands. I told her that I would speak to you about that. I know the space is limited upon the Soupfish, but if it is possible I ask that we would accommodate them." "As friends of yours, I will consider your request most seriously. Now, in regard to our sailing east, we..."
  19. I've previously posted some of these but have now taken decent picture and added stickers. I think a new thread is deserved. They were all part of my Tie Rack for Brickvention 2017: So here we go. Mining Guild - added custom stickers Dalek Tie Rebels Wolf - added custom stickers Scooby Doo / Mystewry Machine Ectie 1 Classic Space Batman Steampunk ... More picks on Flickr
  20. Micah and Elizabeth were strolling through the public gardens of Arlinsport. It was a beautiful afternoon and they had some time to talk over their future. Charlotte was walking with them but had been distracted by some of the gorgeous flowers in the garden. It was planted with exotic plants from all over the world. Here there bright colors worked together to brighten the city. Micah and Elizabeth wandered to the gazebo that sat in the middle of the garden. Elizabeth: Can you believe that in less than a month we will be married? Micah: It does seem almost impossible to believe. This year has been so different from what we first expected. The explosion of new land for the growth of the nation and the subsequent growth of my company. I know it has been hard on you that I have been away so much with the exploration and supporting the founding of Elizabethville. Elizabeth: It has been hard. However, I am glad that this period is coming to a close. I look forward to traveling with you to see these new lands you tell me about. I particularly look forward to seeing the city named after me. I shall miss my family, but I look forward to the future. Micah: I believe you shall enjoy the people and places we will see over the next six months. At this time Charlotte, approached them. "Have you noticed the lady who is on the boardwalk above the terrace? She seems to be following and watching us. She might want to rob us!" Micah: "Don't be silly Charlotte! I am sure that widow would not have any reason to want to cause us harm." Charlotte: "How do you know she is a widow?" Micah: "Well she is wearing black in the middle of a warm day. Thus it would make sense that she is a widow." Elizabeth: "Whoever she is, she has done no harm to us. Even if she is watching us, there is no reason to think poorly of a person until we know more about them. Maybe someday we will meet her again and learn more about her." OOC: This build started as a gazebo for my Christmas village. I then decided to use it for a garden. I started with the 32x32 plate and then decided to add to it to bring it up to a total 2304 studs needed for a medium Arts and Culture build. The end was 2656 studs. I wanted to finish out the terraced section but I ran out of vegetation. Here is an overview of the build.
  21. Elizabeth's family and Micah were resting in the sitting room after dinner one evening. Primarily, they were discussing the upcoming wedding, but Mr. Griffin was ignoring the discussion and reading his newspaper. He suddenly outburst, "What have they done!? Have you heard the news of what these Eslandoleans have done, deposing their king? It is an outrage!" Micah looking over from the discussion of the wedding responded, "I heard about it this morning. I believe that they only laid down rules of leadership, not depose him." Mr. Griffin responded still excited, "This will cause financial loss and problems throughout the world! What are we going to do?" Micah, "I was planning on selling horses to the king to use in his free time." Mr. Griffin, " I think..." Mrs. Griffin cut in at this point, "Dear, we should really save this talk for another time. We are trying to finalize the last details of this wedding. Besides there is no need to cause such a disturbance over the newspaper. You and Charlotte should continue reading and we will return to our discussions." An overview shot of the build. It will eventually be licensed as a small residence in Arlinsport.
  22. Ever since the night the King of Eslandola had a visit in his bedroom, he has been very skittish. He decided his room was not as safe as he would like it and he moved into his mother-in-law's vacant bedroom. He spent the time hiding under the covers, and anyone who disturbed him had a nightcap thrown at them. This necessitated the servants having to run all over the city acquiring new nightcaps. Some he liked and some he despised. Who in their right mind brought the king BLUE nightcaps!? He threw every one of them across the room. However, one ended up on the beam above his mother-in-law's portrait. It sat there unmoved despite all attempts to knock it off with more night caps. It mocked him. He returned to hiding under the covers.
  23. The Grand Road of Nellisa runs for many miles. One of the difficulties of dirt roads is that when it gets wet, it turns to mud. The downside to mud is that when it is driven through it can create ruts that stay there even when the ground starts drying out again. It also creates a natural low spot that stays wet longer than other portions of the road. The Hendrick family has stopped prior to such a section of muddy ruts on their way to Pontelli. They are going there to sell some of the increase of their chicken flock this year, and pick up some needed goods. Mrs. Hendrick has prepared a picnic lunch for them that they are enjoying under a beautiful shade tree. Jerome Hendrick is enjoying chasing frogs that are living in the vegetation on the side of the road. There are other travellers on the road today who are not taking it quite so leisurely. Some are avoiding the ruts by walking around the muddy section. A courier is riding by on his horse. A gentleman is driving his carriage right through the ruts which fortunately are drying up at the present. A hunter is heading home with the game he procured this morning. Jerome on the other hand is learning that sometimes creatures in the vegetation are not always happy being bothered. One more view
  24. Introducing Mr. Mandamento, the leader of the Mafia of Charlatan Bay by right of inheritance by blood and power. His commands are unquestioned in the gang and respected in the Mafia in the world at large. His second in command, Mr. Rossi, oversees all the day to day operations of the gang and their business dealings. Mr. Mandamento: Mr. Rossi, call a meeting of all the overseers of our enterprises. We will meet at exactly 2:37 pm tomorrow. In the morning, the entire crew had assembled. Mr. Mandamento (at 2:37 pm precisely): I am glad you could all make it here today. I wouldn't have wanted to need to permanently exclude any of you in the future. As you have noticed, there has been an influx in various criminal gangs in Charlatan Bay over the course of the last several months. At first, I ignored it because what harm could a few children and miscreants do. However, their early successes have caused them to be emboldened. They believe that they rule the city despite that all they have done is squeeze a measly few pennies from a few poor souls. It is time that we show them that they do not rule Charlatan Bay. Rather, it is the Mandamento family and all who serve them who are the real rulers of all enterprises above the law. It was just nine months ago, that we relocated to Charlatan Bay that we might expand our business into both the newly discovered world and maintain our control on the Old lands without interference of those pesky kings and priests and lords. Here we are protected from any criminal investigations and can spread our enterprises without hindrance. Now we will assert our dominance on Charlatan Bay's underworld and guarantee that no one dares cross us in the future. Mr. Moretti, our accountant and planner, has prepared assignments for each of you. They reference what gangs you should seek out and how much you should demand they pay us. Use each of your specialties and make them pay if they do not do so immediately. Mr. Moretti Luka (Specialty: collecting money from those of wealth who may have acquired it illegally. Skill: fencing and dueling - purportedly he has won 17 duels in his life.) Tiberio (Specialty: blackmailing women of wealth. Skill: Magic tricks and kidnapping.) Bruno (Specialty: forceful seizure. Skill: his massive size and strength lend to terror and his brute force does not dissuade from this emotion.) Dante (Specialty: Delivering terror on those most hardened in crime. Skill: Assassinations and threats of the same.) Riccardo (Specialty: Distraction of targets and relaxation of Mafia. Skill: Music.) Mercede (Specialty: Cooking and cleaning. Skill: no known, primary job as Mr. Mandamento's niece is to maintain their dwelling and keep their kitchen stocked. There is rumor among others that she has killed up to 13 men in her life. No evidence has ever been seen even among the Mafia, but she does keep that knife in her belt at all times.) Marco (Specialty: Being a pain. Skill: Being Mr. Mandamento's bumbling nephew and Mercede's younger brother.) Mr. Mandamento: Luka and Tiberio open the vault and provide whatever weapons the various crews need to complete their missions. Marco: What weapons should I take, uncle. I may need a pistol, but I have my knife and mace and... Mr. Mandamento: None! What are you doing here? Go with your sister and make sure the cleaning and cooking are done. The men will be hungry tonight. Then lightening his tone: One day, you may lead the Mandamento family, but for now you must learn the business one lesson at a time. Obedience is the lesson today. Marco left joyfully for he shall be the boss soon; his uncle said so. At least, that is what he heard.
  25. It should be recalled that Alex, Henry, and Jimmy were "prospecting" and found what they believed to be gold. Despite their beliefs, it was determined that actually they had found quicksilver. Once they were told, they went around and informed everyone that they had discovered the largest mine of silver in the history of forever. Their fathers on the other hand, contacted the WETEC in regard to the discovery, and soon a mine was opened. The red cinnabar ore that contained the quicksilver was removed from an underground shaft, and carted to the surface. Here we see a wagon load being pulled by draft horses to the new factory on the outskirts of town. Inside the mine, they are about ready to push a new cartload out to the next wagon waiting to be loaded. Lanterns provide light for the workers. Here is an overview of the build.