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  1. Grover

    CDC1 Tale: The Hiding of the Druid Shrine

    Gorgeous! Good to see you building for the guilds again! The lighting is fantastic, and the irregular rock cliffs and hang of the trees is very natural. I like your coloration of the waterfall, too. Nice posing of the mini too, I like the outstretched hands. I hear you on the spiraling out of control. The lighting and dimensions are very similar to my pool room build, and I remember that thing kept getting bigger. Not to mention that, but you have more detail in all your vegetation and rockwork than I did. I'd shudder to know how long this took you. Great work, and I hope to see more of you around here again soon!
  2. Grover

    Spice ship on the Arkbri

    I will admit, I thought this was posted in the wrong forum because I read "Space ship on the Arkbri". I thought "Did @adde51 build Benny into his creation?" and then I realized had misread it. Ooops! In any case, nice little ship. I like the tan and white on the sails. It looks very natural. Clever use of the pitchforks as oars too!
  3. Grover

    Tribe of the Akhenaten delta

    Fun use of the new tribesmen! Very interesting build. I think it's hard to get a dense jungle looking right without making it too chaotic, but by taking a small slice of it here, you've done a great job. Funny, I didn't even notice the boat until @zoth33 pointed it out, but it looks good. I think the hanging foliage from the trees is my favorite, though followed a close second by the tree roots sticking out of the sides. Well done!
  4. Grover


    Beautiful! I've seen the dumped 1x1 trans light blue for water before, but not the dumped leaf pieces, and it really looks good! I love the swans! Your color choices are well done, and the whole scene flows together. I'd hate to be there when it floods though!
  5. Grover

    Castle gate of Brikn'eerd

    Really beautiful aesthetic. I love the vegetation, especially the vines winding up the walls. Clever use of the decorative pieces over the door. It's very reminiscent of a 19th century castle to me. Were the rings in the castle towers intentional or an artifact of the build somehow? The roundness of the towers really looks good. I also see that you found many of the same elements at the PAB wall as I did! Nice work!
  6. Grover

    CDC1 Tower: Autumn Watchtower

    Gorgeous work! I think your stonework is some of my favorite: not too busy, but plenty of interesting texture. Your rooflines are very nice too, and you use the not fully pressed down tiles to great effect, almost too perfect! The fall colors are bright and exciting, and look great with the dark tan and DBG stone. The slightly indented boards on the wall are very subtle and nice as well. The land itself is impressive. I don't know that I'd have enough patience to make a natural slope like that. And thanks for the Dr. Doom torso, I'm going to add that to my BL wishlist!
  7. Grover

    CDC1 Tower: Harburg's Southern Watchtower

    Very nice! I like the stonework on the sides and above the door. The 'inverted' color scheme (DBG with LBG hilights instead of the opposite) looks nice. NPU on 3839. Well done with the curved slopes on the corners of the tower, too. I'm glad to see you're still building for Mitgardia!
  8. Grover

    A Right Knightly Adventure

    Nice work! I like the brightly colored roofs and the humor of the knight chasing a pig. You have a lot of nice details from facial expressions, the carrot market, and the woodpile to the tudor framing and the stones embedded in the road that really bring the creation to life. Well done!
  9. Grover

    CDC1 Tale: The Chosen Kings

    Oooh, cool! I am really excited to learn about the secret entrance the elves know about... this is going to be fun! As for the build, it looks great, especially the backlighting. Going big is a problem sometimes as you mentioned in your other post, but you managed to make the scale look good with the nanofigs. I first looked at this on my phone and thought the same thing, but then when I looked at it on my computer, I was able to see a lot more contrast and detail. I tried it on a few different screens and get very different results, so this may be one of those unusual pictures that is screen dependent. Well done! Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see where the story goes!
  10. Grover

    [MOC, freebuild] The City wall of Oxenfurt

    Great to see a GoH build from you again! Make sure to claim the build for Military on HSS! I really like the build, especially the proportions since you built to minifig scale. The realistic height on the town wall and towers, along with the functional crenelations look fantastic. The brick built flag gives a good sense of motion, too! You have enough texture and detail in the wall with the dark tan and the headlight bricks on their sides that the wall is interesting and yet not too busy. I also like the buttresses on the corner of the octagonal tower. The help with the sense of being round and break up the angles nicely. Very well done!
  11. Grover

    Future Castle Sets?

    I agree, hence why I put in the caveat. I think it works better on larger builds, too, where it's less distracting. If you have a 300 stud long wall that's 20 bricks high, it tends to add texture, as opposed to a 12x12 vignette where it kind of sticks out.
  12. Grover

    Future Castle Sets?

    I have an insane amount of light grey since I used to collect it for castle building as a kid, but not much of the brown. On mixing the colors, I would agree, it usually looks terrible, especially with the browns. However, I have found that LG and LBG can be mixed to make a more interesting stone pattern, if done carefully. It's much easier if you use plates. Using LBG/LG bricks can work if you have a large enough surface, but if it's small, can look blocky. All that being said, I still prefer the old LG over LBG. The LBG looks too bright to me and not as much like stone to my eye.
  13. Grover

    Future Castle Sets?

    Since I typically only build medieval stuff, I miss the old brown!
  14. Grover

    Future Castle Sets?

    Yeah, I'm old too. I grew up before green and brown entered the color palette. That being said, I think that green and brown were great additions, and I like the dark red, dark green, and dark brown, as well as sand blue and sand green for MOCcing (and sand red if they ever made it again!). Of course, for a throwback, I would have thought that black and yellow timbers with a black roof, plus a banners of some combination of black, blue, and silver on the front would have been awesome. I still prefer light grey and dark grey over their bluish variants, but I guess we have to live with it!
  15. Grover

    Future Castle Sets?

    Out of all the color changes TLG has made, the loss of old brown is really sad to me. Reddish brown is really red to my eye. It does not look very brown and in all but the best lighting I have trouble telling it apart from dark red. I'm happy to have the dark blue slopes, I like the idea of brown, and would have been good with black timbers as well, but the theme doesn't seem to be very consistent. What is the red and white banners doing with the black and blue falcons and a yellow and dark blue timber/roof? Great as a parts pack, but it seems a little confused as to what it is trying to throw back to. Regardless, I like the set and the build and will probably get a couple, then maybe modify a few for fun!