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  1. Grover

    The House at Wither Woods

    It was a lot of fun to be a part of this collab. As you mention, it's amazing it holds together. You don't really get an appreciation for how strong and flexible wood is until you try to replicate the organic shape of a tree out of plastic!
  2. Grover

    The Beck of Adventure [GoH 10 C]

    Lots of fun here! You have a very tight, clean building technique that looks great. Love all the downed foliage, and the very natural angles that you have with the leaves on the curving tree trunk. The first photograph with the blurred background is great, too. I like the rounded tiles on the roof, it has a nice flavor. The snotted tile walls are great, and the whole build really comes together well!
  3. Grover

    GoH 10 B: New Belynia

    Wow, this build is outstanding! There are so many great details here that I love to go back and look at repeatedly. There are some marked topographical changes as well as structural changes (the castle is the most pronounced), but the idea still feels the same, which is great in my opinion. The change in color palette (I'm assuming due to the greater abundance of specific colors now) adds some nice texture and mood to the new build. I love how you have made the 'weep' effect from water running down under the windows in the castle to make it appear older. The larger mountain I think is a good change as well, in part due to making the spring and waterfall more believable in an otherwise flat landscape, but it also helps break things up without dominating the build. The old fantasy era mini torsos look great, and I like the cheese slope timber in the Tudor frame construction. The full interiors are fantastic, and you have some NPU (the goggles as smoke) as well as some nice techniques that add to a realistic look (the leaf woven pine tree with bar trunk), and some nice architectural features like the barrels as ornately carved corner timbers. The brewing contraption cracks me up, and I like the mermaid tail stuffed into a crate to make it look like part of a larger fish. The waterfall looks a little unusual in that the final fall appears to rise up just before the spill over, which doesn't quite look natural to me. The water would likely either fill up the dip before it or pour out the lower sides if there are some, but this is a pretty small point in a large build and not easily seen. I love the brick built sheep, and the wheat field is spectacular. I may have to borrow that technique for one of my builds! You do a nice job with the brown foliage by the waterside as well, and I really like the brick built tapestry hanging down. Although the 'not fully pressed down' and 'staggered' roof tile techniques aren't new, you do them well, and it's great to see them combined for variation. And on top of this we get to read a fun story too! Love it!
  4. Grover

    GoH 10 A : Exploring Cedrica

    Great to see you back @soccerkid6! Love the build. The colors work well together, I really like the detailed roof techniques that are varied, and as usual, your interiors are awesome. I particularly like the small steps in the roof on the bridge, and the use of the minifig crossed sword holder as decorative elements hanging off the balcony. You do a lot of amazing work packing tons of details into a tiny space, something that is difficult to do on the 'minifig' scale (as opposed to an actual linear scale model). The beds and stool are standouts here. Great work, and thanks for sharing!
  5. You are welcome! I joined Eurobricks because I wanted to grow as a builder, and there are a lot of really awesome builders on here who provide feedback, so I try to give as detailed feedback as I can. Trees and other organics are the hardest thing to make, anyone here can tell you. We all struggle with it. Trying to make a full leaf, branching tree that has the strength to hold the leaf pieces and still looks good is really hard. Full Plate has some tutorials out there on some smaller trees that look good, so it may be worth a look if you have some time.
  6. Grover

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome! Great to see a new guild member! I like your sigfig and look forward to your first build!
  7. This is a brilliant build! You are new to us, but it is obvious you are an experienced builder. There are a lot of great techniques in here, and some subtle aspects to the build that are really nice. First, I really like your water. You did an amazing job with the wake of the boat, and the staggering of the tiles helps break up a repetitive scheme. A bit of color layering under the trans pieces helps with depth. The snot tree trunks look good, and the regular square shape to the ruins help them look like ruins and not just rocks. You also did well to limit your greens, which makes the scene more believable. I like your color choice for the boat, not too bright, and as others have said, the detail on the hull is very impressive. I particularly like the all Lego picture through the trees (pic 3). If I would have any suggestions it would be to add a bit of light for the photographs to show a bit more contrast, and perhaps add some foliage to the trees. That last bit is something someone told me years ago, and I found to be true: you can't have too many leaf pieces on the trees. Overall, this is a fantastic build, and I enjoyed the story as well. I look forward to seeing your next builds!
  8. Seems like you take a lot of pride in your work, to roaring a-paws... I'm not lion! These puns are really mane-stream, but we are at the tail-end now.
  9. Grover

    [NCW] Skeleton raid on Merodaquinas

    Very nice! As others have mentioned, the angles are really great. They are subtle, so they don't dominate the build, but they are just enough to make the build feel more organic. I get a "Ninjago City" with a Nocturnus feel to it, which is great. Your choice of colors here, particularly the yellow, gives the build an old school vibe, which is fun. I like the complicated roof on the right, and love that you have some nice interior detail. Really well done. I also like that you are building Nocturnus with 'normal' colors, since it reminds us that Nocturnus is not all crazy things. I remember looking at a lot of the old Nocty builds and they were more 'normal' colors than outlandish most of the time. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Grover

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome! It's great to have a new Avalonian! I'm excited to see your sig fig. As @Henjin_Quilones said, there is quite a bit of flexibility, so you can be as creative as you want!
  11. Grover

    Black Falcon Castle

    This is a superb build. It is sleek, compact, and has a ton of detail. Love the modern, detailed build with the feel of the old Black Falcons. The windows are great, the use of the pentagonal tiles for banners is well done, and I love their use on the roof tiles in the back. The huge bonus is the interior, which is very cleverly done and full of detail. All the working parts like the drawbridge and chandelier really add to it. Fantastic. And congrats again!
  12. Grover

    The Cake

    Beautiful! Great use of the tooth pieces for the roof, and very creative with the spilled flour on the floor. Also very nice use of the unusual old blue eyed heads. I find that they are hard to integrate and you have done a great job. The lime is also a very bold color choice and yet it works well here. I'm really enjoying reading the story as it progresses. I like that you have an interior to your piece so it can be played with as well. Great job!
  13. I took a few of my favorite sets and bagged theme for rebuilds. The ones I didn't care much about went into the MOC bucket.
  14. When it gets to this, I plan on buying a case, then painstakingly weighing each box with fig, and reporting weights and standard deviations here so everyone else who is nerdy can benefit.