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  1. Grover

    Dwarven Mine

    Brilliant microscale! Love the upside down handbags as carts. The new rock pieces are great as the footing of the walls, and the derrick is awesome. Love the up top bit with the entrance carved into the mountainside and the chocolate frog hauling the cart!
  2. Grover

    Castle Palisade

    Thanks! I had some fun with the staircase. Getting it SNOTted to make the masonry profile was easy, but getting it to turn the corner and actually frame all the bricks without a lot of gaps was tricky! Thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for future editions! Thanks! I'm glad the palisade doesn't look flimsy. I was hoping to give it the look that you described. Glad to see the lily and seagull making it onto the flora thread! I'll keep writing up some small features with my future builds!
  3. Grover

    Castle Palisade

    I'll have to do a thread that's just the progression of the castle over the builds when it's all done. More than just the palisade, this reduces the vegetation, and you can see the transformation of the rocks as they are dug out as well. The ramp leading to the castle gate has begun too!
  4. Grover

    The pup and the whore Part I.

    I think you do a good job dealing with a sensitive subject without making it obscene. Really, no one needs graphic descriptions of what's going on, we get it. lol The stickers look great! Wish they did some printed torsos like that. I look forward to seeing more of the outdoor pictures, too!
  5. Grover

    The Lost Fleet Part 1: The Investigation

    Very nice! I'm intrigued by the story and want to see where it goes! I like the use of the trans light blue and trans clear plates/tiles for the water. It looks very cold, especially with the snow caps. Your shoreline looks awesome with the curved and wedge plates. I wish those flower plates came in olive. I think that would serve you better here, in keeping with the cold Mitgardian landscape, but alas, they do not make them. Great use of the olive in the bush on top of the rock, though! The shipwreck looks great, you can see the hull shape and see where it was damaged. Here is where I wish that Lego made a weathered gray color, like old wood. Brown seems too new, light bley looks like rocks. Dark brown can be OK, but tends to be rare, expensive, and not produced in enough different pieces. Seems like a missed opportunity. You've got a lot going on here, and the pictures really benefit from being seen on the computer, my phone was not doing it justice. Great work!
  6. Grover

    Castle Palisade

    Thanks! This is the evolving microbuild that keeps showing up and changing a little each time I do another Prenmôr build. I am hoping it is interesting to follow along as we go! I was happy with the way the diagonal staggered fence came out and glad you liked the plates holding them together! Thank you! I have to credit @Aurore for the plant and animal descriptions. I think it will be fun to try and fill in some of the flora and fauna of the lands with little entries like these. Glad you liked the rubble! It's funny, I didn't think much about it, just mixed some plates and cheese slopes together and dumped them along the base, but it seems to have come out well!
  7. Grover

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    New freebuild for Avalonia, and another box checked for the HSS!
  8. Grover

    Castle Palisade

    The Tales of Lady Gwenllian 10. Castle Palisade Concurrent with the temporary palisade around the town, a small palisade was built on the castle grounds. Temporary defenses for the castle grounds differed from the town because of the shallow bedrock that the castle would be built upon. This bedrock, and the location at the top of the rock outcropping precluded a surrounding ditch. The logs for the wooden palisade were placed directly on the shallow bedrock, and the wooden wall was shored up with rock and dirt at the base. The logs were staggered and reinforced with wooden rails for strength. Care was taken with these logs so they could eventually be reused for the castle timbers, since wood was in short supply due to limited logging rights in the Enchanted Forest (minimizing impact on the forest and pleasing their elven trading partners). To further reduce demand on timber, only the temporary housing for Lady Gwenllian's household was enclosed by the palisade, no guard towers were built, and only one large gate was constructed. Like the gates on the temporary town wall palisade, the gate was rudimentary, with two swinging doors, but unlike the town wall, this gate had a defended platform above for an extra layer of security. A wooden framed rock staircase provided access from one side, and the logs were raised along this side to provide cover to soldiers climbing the stairs. Outside of the palisade, Lady Gwenllian had begun training Gisela how to use a weapon. While some of the guards looked on from the wall and Mohatu stood close at hand, the women sparred with wooden swords and some spare shields Lady Gwenllian had grabbed from her armory. Gisela's father Staffen had sent word that their family had located the assassin who had made the attempt on Gisela's brother Bernaldo's life, and that retribution to the Varlyrian family responsible was at hand. Gisela of course, wanted to be part of the retribution for her brother, so she had obtained leave from Lady Gwenllian to temporarily return to Varlyrio. Lady Gwenllian had agreed on the condition that she take Mohatu and a small contingent of her own Avalonian guard for her protection. She was not keen on losing her new ambassador. She had further suggested that Gisela learn to defend herself, despite her ever-present and formidable bodyguard Mohatu watching over her. Never a shrinking violet, Gisela had readily agreed, although now in the heat of the summer sun, fighting the skilled and powerful Lady Gwenllian, she wondered if she had bitten off a little too much. Lady Gwenllian did not hold back and hit Gisela with the force of a kicking horse, numbing her arm with several hits to the shield. Gisela grit her teeth to push down the pain, ignoring her sweat soaked clothing and numerous bruises, focusing her anger at her family's dishonor on becoming skilled with a sword.
  9. Super cool! I love the expansive spread of the wings. Is that build sturdy? I can't tell by looking at it, but it looks pretty solid. I totally want to use this deity in my builds in Historica now!
  10. Grover

    Rise of the Baiamontes (Full Story)

    But taming and riding bears on the other hand...
  11. Grover

    GoH Book III

    From what I’ve seen real world religious discussion is frowned upon but the fantasy religions are fine. I included Neptune the sea god in a shrine in one of my builds and no one seemed to care. I haven’t seen much in the way of a cohesive story for Historica though. I could be wrong so I would wait for the guild leaders’ replies.
  12. You have to be willing to have all your parts held up. They tell you if they backorder one part, all the parts will wait to ship until the one part is available. If you're awaiting several parts to come back in stock and can back order all of them (and don't need the other parts right away), it's usually worth it. Most of my orders are backordered in this way due to the unavailability of parts at a given time, and because I'm not in a hurry to get any of my parts.
  13. Grover

    The pup and the whore Part I.

    Great job building a complex story, as usual! I applaud you for tackling a darker, more serious subject in a mature manner. I think it is interesting to read more of the realistic, more complex story that deals with character development that is probably very much life like and yet something many people don't like to talk about. I like reading about each of the members of Conrad's crew, too. Great idea to develop each of them individually with different stories. I really like the dungeon build with the juxtaposition of the wooden columns against the stone, and your wonderful furnishings are highly detailed. Are the torsos for Scarlet custom stickers? I don't recall seeing anything like that before, and they work perfectly for what they are. The sack on the head is great, as mentioned before, even if it's a reuse! Love the outdoor build! The rounded rooftops are great, and I love the irregular base and change in elevation. The weather vane is awesome! The craziness in the street with the foot traffic and animals is exactly what I would imagine for a medieval build. Very cool. The room where he's chained up is hilarious. Love him chained up to the wall. Great builds and entertaining story. Nice job!
  14. The nice thing about ordering on the phone is the ability to back order. You can order the olive plants that are out of stock and just wait for them to ship when back in stock.