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  1. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thanks! I took a look through the Samsonite sets on Bricklink, and I think that the top box is a mix of several sets, mabye the motorized truck set, as it has the tow truck and the semi-truck, but it seems to be missing pieces. The second box I never found it exactly, but this is the closest that I was able to find:{"iconly":0} The bins are similar and the pictures on the side of the box look the same. I was unable to find the same large pack that I have, though. Thanks for your help! It appears that second box I have does not have an entry on bricklink or brickset, so it will be interesting to find out what it is eventually.
  2. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I recently picked up some old Lego sets, mostly from the 1960s. Two of them, however, I have been unable to identify and I was hoping someone out there might be able to ID these. The first set came in a white cardboard box, and came with a number of instructions, some of which may or may not have been part of the set, and I don't know how complete this set is. The real find, however, was this set, in a plain cardboard box with 5507 stamped on the end. When opened, it was a set still wrapped in the cellophane (although it had split in a couple places) Any help would be great!
  3. I don't miss Bionicle, Hero Factory, or a host of other lines, and won't miss Nexo Knights or Ninjago either. I don't even miss the classic space line, but then again, I don't like much music that was made since about 5 years before I was born, so I am somewhat of an anachronism. I do, however, miss the classic castle line, and enjoy the city and creator lines. That background aside, I think that Lego did somewhat of a disservice to the Castle line (and still does something similar with City). In my opinion, the designs were stale. In the City line, if you look back over the years, there's always a police station, always a fire station, there's been a lot of police and fire trucks, and there are some sorts of sports vehicles. Even back to the late 70s there are Coast Guard stations and what not. The Ferry that's out now has a counterpart from almost 40 years ago, and many of the designs that we see and think are new actually have previous incarnations. For City, I think this can work all right, as we live in a world of mass produced things now, and we expect to see slight variations on similar vehicles and buildings through the years. Real-world police and fire units update their vehicles and stations, etc. On the other hand, the medieval world is somewhat frozen in time. A castle is are not built anymore, so we do not see continuous variation in these structures. Similarly, horses and knights in armor aren't going to change year to year like City themes, as these are part of the past. Given this, I think that trying to put out the "King's Castle", which has been put out with even the same name over and over since its original inception circa 1984, is less appealing and somewhat stale for kids. Since the first blue roof castle, there has even been little change in the design in my opinion. Some of the classic castle heyday included some non-castle dwellers, such as the forestmen, and the wolfpack. Getting away from the reuse of old sets was a great advancement in my opinion--the Forestmen's River fortress and particularly the Mill Village Raid and the Medieval Marketplace were outstanding. I think that Lego getting away from rehashing the same sets would be highly beneficial to a classic castle line; in particular, some examples that come to mind are peasant houses, a cooper, a tanner, a cathedral or other medieval church (although I can understand the reluctance to produce a religious set), a quarry, a small dock or port, a fisher (with or without boat), town guards, and some town sheriffs chasing brigands. Personally, I really enjoyed the fantasy element to the castle setting (unfortunately mostly during my dark ages), and wish that we could have more dwarves, orcs, trolls, and other races. A few castles, towers, and sets of siege equipment are good, but I would suggest changing these designs to cover different terrains, different shades of grey, tan, black, and brown, and even a few of the wooden palisade fortresses (similar to some of the Viking sets). Different areas for castles, including Russia, Spain, France, and of course the British Isles, would be another source of variety as well. My particular complaints with NK is that they have few pieces that are useful for castle building. Many specialized pieces in blue, trans orange, etc. Good for some space things, maybe some volcanoes or something, but not really enough grey/bley/brown/greens that I use for castles and medieval settings. When the Angry Birds theme has more useful pieces, I submit that it is not a real castle theme.
  4. Lleidr Citadel

    Excellent! In general, I am not a huge fan of the style of stonework in here on a lot of structures, but I do think it lends itself well to older, run down structures, and you have used it here to great effect. I also appreciate your color palette. The greys mixed with the white, dark tan and brown of the wooden structure and the orange of the fall tree is great. As I keep reading these forums and looking at MOCs, I find that the best ones take an artist's eye for color to choose the correct shades and know where to place them to make believable and textured builds. I think that you have that in spades. Thank you for sharing with everyone!
  5. Welcome, Tyndale! I am in and out of here recently, so my apologies for not saying hi sooner. One of our dogs had puppies about 4 months ago, and we've been busy raising them. The pups (aside from the 2 we're keeping) are now off to their permanent homes, so my time is slowly coming back, but I have a lot of chores that have been neglected in the meantime. In any case, I am still fairly new here myself, but have found this to be a great community. We just finished a large push to build the end of Book II, so things slowed down for a bit. It's starting to pick back up. To answer your question, I think that Artorius Rex may still be our leader, but someone else can probably tell you for sure who's running Avalonia now. Welcome again, and have fun building!
  6. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Fantastic! I love the clean lines and the detail on the Tudor work, especially the slope roof pieces. I like the juxtaposition of the well-kept manor with the more wild vegetation outside of it--something that I really think of when I think of Avalonia. The dark green water is awesome. I really wish I had that many dark green bricks, but it is not to be yet! As Kai says, the microfigs look awesome in the water. I don't think there's anything wrong with the tree; its size and shape, plus the bright green color, seem to tell me it's a younger tree, but that's nothing bad. The overall color scheme is very appealing with the greens and browns. Awesome job!
  7. Book II Challenge V Voting

    1. Henjin_Quilones 2. Faladrin 3. MiloNelsiano
  8. I'm in the camp with ElectroDiva. I don't know for sure, but I'd guess I spend $1.5-2k/year on Lego, almost all of it on the large creator sets. Sure, if something is on super-sale or looks really awesome on the small price range (like the snow plow did the other year), I will pick it up, and I get the CMFs that interest me, but for the most part, it's the large sets. I would also like to say, I am interested to buy my first Ninjago set ever, the new large modular coming up in September. Not to build it, as I doubt I'll ever do that, but for parts. It's got a lot of great parts I'm interested in for my own medieval MOCs, so I'm going to get it as a parts set. Usually there's too many parts that are not useful to me (this is particularly true of Nexo Knights, where 99% of the pieces are uninteresting to me) in my building, but this particular set has some great trans tiles, browns, and interesting shades of colors. I'll probably keep the town minis and give away the Ninjas.
  9. For me, it's not as much the theme as it is the quality of the build. I would buy a Modular Space or Pirates set, despite not being that interested in those themes. I would probably buy multiple copies of Castle or Train Modulars, as I am interested in these. I wonder if marketing has taken into account the buying power of the (probably) fewer AFOLs compared to kids. In the last 3 years, I have bought more Legos than I did from 1980-2000. That is because I have a real job and multiple times more disposable income than I did when I was a kid and then going through my dark ages. Thus, 20 years of being a kid is replaced by 3 years of my adult Lego consumption, a 6.6:1 ratio. Maybe there's 10x more kids than AFOLs, but something to consider.
  10. Thanks for doing all you do, Z. I am happy to be patient. I have an insane work schedule and am raising a litter of puppies right now, so I feel your pain. Good luck at BrickWorld, and we will be here when you get back, don't worry!
  11. Perhaps not, although I could imagine that they keep the City Modulars as an evergreen theme while they rotate the others. I suggest that because, although 5x as many modulars won't correspond to 5x sales, it would for me, and thus, there may be others like me out there. I think they have not saturated the Modulars line yet, and can rotate another theme in and out each year.
  12. I would agree that I'm glad that Nabii and SirBlake both posted. I agree with SirBlake more than anything. and I, too, am disappointed along with x105Black, in that it seems that there's some disconnect between some of the audience and the designers. That being said, I am unusual. Growing up as a child (1980s), my favorite genre was the Castle line, followed by Town. I had a couple of odd Pirate sets, but my interest was low, and actively disliked Space. I never had any of the Fabuland stuff. I did buy a lot of raw bricks (remember the 62 brick assortment pack?) and other accessories for MOCs. Perhaps because of my aversion to Space (which I realize is unusual), I dislike Nexo Knights. I realize that marketing shows that kids may like the Nexo Knights theme, and I am OK with it, as I am with the Elves and Friends themes (the latter of which I am not really fond of), as I realize that LEGO is out to make money. My problem with Nexo is that although it's supposedly 'Castle' themed, I cannot use most of the parts. Lots of trans orange, blue castle crenelations, weird space armor and other oddly colored pieces are not useful to me. Sure, a few of the pieces are light bley, dark bley, silver, etc., but it does not justify the cost of buying a full set. I have wound up buying Creator modulars (which are awesome) for parts, as they have better value for me. The Elves line also has more useful pieces to me. As I say, I am unusual because my preferences are not normal, and I am an adult now, not a kid. However, I would argue that I disproportionately have consumer power now. I have a real job and much more disposable income for Legos than I used to. I have likely spent more in the last 5 years on Legos than I have in the previous 30 (and none of it on Nexo). Thus, although I am only one person who gets one vote on a theme, I probably consume 5-10 times that amount of younger consumers. I think that something LEGO should consider is the popularity of the Modular themes with AFOLs. I think modular sets aimed at AFOLs in other classic themes would be wildly popular. Imagine medieval modulars with marketplaces, stables, blacksmiths, etc. Same with a modular pirate theme. Modular Arabian themes. Modular space themes (look at how popular the Saturn V is!). If kids really want Nexo Knights and Ninjago, great. I don't. I have no interest in purchasing these sets and probably never will. I look at all of them, realize the pieces aren't useful to me and pass. If an awesome modular Castle line came out where each tower, wall section, or gatehouse was modular so you could construct your own castles, I would go broke buying those. On the other hand, there is a part of me that's a little happy that there are no awesome Castle sets now, as it allows me to spend more money on old Castle sets and bulk pieces on Bricklink for my own MOCs (none of which helps the coffers of LEGO at all--something to note). Silver linings and all that.
  13. [MOC] Council of Elrond

    Gorgeous! The color scheme is fantastic, and the architecture looks great. I wish I had that many olive green cheese wedges! Too bad the actual sets weren't that big!
  14. [MOC] - Chapel of the Bat God

    Fantastic! I always thought the bat lord line was kind of hokey, but you made it look really awesome! The stained glass and giant bat statue are amazing. Great job!
  15. [MOC] Ice Dragon. Fire Dragon.

    Love it! I really like the idea of dragons that are matched with an element or area somehow. The use of the CMFs really work well, too! Excellent job!