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  1. Grover

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    @Megbricks you have a great selection there! That's one of the best walls I've ever seen!
  2. Grover

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    They might be fine. Just check!
  3. I wanted to stack them, so I needed rigid sides. PP and PE are fine, but are usually not rigid unless opaque, and I didn't want all my stuff in bags.
  4. $1.54 each? Ouch! Those glowing plates are rough!
  5. I think there's animosity on both sides for whatever reason (personally I don't care, it's all Lego to me). Regardless, it is interesting that a large number of Bionicle fans only want Bionicle and not system, and vice versa. It seems to be some sort of division that has attracted fans that would not ordinarily be attracted to system, and probably for the same reason, does not appeal to many system fans. There are people who like both out there, but it remains a divisive issue. I personally like system and have never been interested in Bionicle, but I don't hate it, it's just not for me.
  6. Grover

    LEGO in stock alerts

    I'd be very interested if you can make it have alerts for pieces on B&P!
  7. Yeah, my medieval blacksmith says "in warehouse" on the order status online despite having been delivered last week too!
  8. I have two orders from Jan 1 that are in warehouse and I'm in the US. I think they're pretty backed up. Maybe it mattered how big or how diverse the order was, or even who was picking parts that day? I wouldn't be too concerned yet. Once it leaves the warehouse and it takes 2 months to get to you, then yeah, it's a problem! When I ordered mine they said March 3rd, but that was a week or more ago now.
  9. Grover

    Future Castle Sets?

    I think she's referring to part 973pb---c01. @makoy did a great job listing the BAM parts here.
  10. Grover

    Stables near Batuhan

    Very cute little MOC! I like how the roof has a low slope back, and I particularly like how you kept the paddock gate simple, yet believable. The colors in the trees and the irregular base are nice touches, too!
  11. Wow, another great dragon build! The dragon is the real show stealer to me, with its great articulated wings and fiery breath...The laser cut wings are awesome. Not to detract from the rest of the build, since the bridge is great, and I love how you are able to clearly show the Mitgardian architecture with the steep sloped roofs and the snow everywhere. The snow is particularly good, looking like old snow with a few cleared or melted areas. One of my favorite parts is the stream, where you did an excellent job portraying depth, and I think the deep blue color is an outstanding juxtaposition to the red in the dragon. The trees work well too, some fairly sparse pines denoting the mountainous region. Great job and good to see you building again!
  12. Grover

    Allanar Mine

    Very nice work! I am surprised how well the lime green and olive work together, but they do. The massive amount of dark brown really provides great contrast throughout. I wish TLG would use more of it in their creations. I love the textured blue roof, and the rockwork and Tudor styling are excellent. I love the interior and basement. Very clever to have a mine built under this huge building. The hallway with the tracks is fantastic! As others have said, that looks like a steep front path, although they may not get much use out of it with the mine entrance. The triangular backed chairs look good from the back but I bet they are uncomfortable to sit in! I particularly like the stonework around the entrance to the train tracks. Is that free standing or is it somehow connected to the wall itself? Great work as usual, and amazing you were able to bring that to completion in such a short time!
  13. I would be happy to simply wait until the parts I wanted were available if I was assured that they would be available for a period of time at some point, but my experience tells me that the parts will be unavailable until they are no more. Many of the elements I order I can only get because they have been backordered. It would be nice to form a collective, and whoever finds a part first buys 200 and then we distribute them among ourselves later.
  14. In my experience, many of those parts are only available through backorder, or maybe for a few seconds here or there before they go OOP for good. I am hoping this is temporary for the pandemic, but I bet it will be permanent. I have a feeling I'm going to be missing out on a lot of parts in the future.
  15. This happened with the white bird. That's really annoying. I don't have time to check back every day for pieces, and I'm not going to place 7 orders for 7 different pieces since they will never be in stock at the same time, and I'm sure not going to pay scalper prices on BL. Maybe this was designed to keep the scalpers down, but I think it will just make the scalpers worse since they are the people with time during the day to keep checking back in every hour to find what they want. I'd be more than fine waiting 2-3 months for a backorder if I don't have to keep checking back in.