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  1. Grover

    VOTING topic CDC2 CMF

    2 points 19. @kahir88 1 point 18. @Aurore
  2. Grover

    VOTING topic Ancient Wonders

    This was very difficult. There are no bad entries here. Since I have to choose, one point each to: 5. @Kai NRG 8. @Aurore 11. @kahir88
  3. Grover

    CDC2 CMF: Gideon

    Ah, OK, I see that now. The angle makes it look like the shield is printed. Very nice!
  4. Really beautiful little build. Lots of detail here, which makes sense for foliage. The groot characters are perfect, and the rockman tree is perfect! Your use of bright colors really works here, and there are some creative parts like the hard hats and the orange half dome bricks. Good job on the story and the irregular base too! Look forward to more of your builds!
  5. Nice! I like the small, tall design on the plate. The viny plant out back looks good, and I like the Avalonian banner up top. The doors look good on the front too. Good job!
  6. Grover

    CDC2 CMF: Grover [Magical Mishaps]

    Excellent, thank you! Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed! I figured if I couldn't reach all my minis because parts were blocked by storage bins, I'd at least go for some laughs, so it seems to have worked! Maybe I will use the sandmaid in another build... And yes, hard not to bring Bob into a build that is supposed to be humorous! Awesome! Glad people are enjoying this!
  7. Amazing. This build is brilliant. There are so many wonderful aspects to this, and I love the detail: the grass in the cracks in the floor, the lion pacing, the SNOT detail in the columns, the decorative mixel joints in the walls, the flowing tapestries to add a splash of color, the braziers on the columns... all fantastic. And so many minis to place! Wow! I really love your time lapse video, particularly with the voice-over, as I learn a lot from watching others build and describing their techniques, what worked and what didn't. The disparate styles of the big block dark grey and the light grey work. The animation at the setting sun is fantastic as well. My only nitpick would be to have the flames on the braziers going the same direction since the wind would be in the same direction more than likely, but it's such a big build it's a little hard to notice. Fantastic work and I hope to see more of these videos!
  8. Grover

    [Freebuild] Cobold's Crusaders

    Nice work! Love the little details like the bluebird and egg. You really have the centaurs down, and the body seems more proportional to a lego figure than the smaller actual lego centaur torso. You have a good sense of color holding things together too: the blues, gold, and purples are great! Nice builds and nice description!
  9. Grover

    CDC2 CMF: LordDan

    Ha! The Nocturnus teacher is brilliant and had me cracking up! Love it! You have a lot of really solid builds in here, such as the Avalonian knight. Really well thought out and executed, with a touch of humor (the immortal baker!). Great job!
  10. Grover

    CDC2 CMF: Gideon

    Nice work. Photography is really top notch, as usual. Very clear. The astrologer is fantastic, and I love the throwback to the Algus. What's the shield on the Petrean swordsman from? I don't recognize it. The cyclops cracks me up and the painted face on the satyr is really in character. Great job!
  11. Nice work! Heck of a build, that must have taken a while! I love the uniformity of the troops, and the water looks good. I really like the scale/proportions. It really looks good and majestic. The column carvings are funny too!
  12. Wow, very nice! Love the all brick border! I really like the thatched roof, too. It is fairly simple but has good texture to it. The dormer window looks good as well. You have a good sense of color and the fall foliage looks great. I'm a little surprised how well the monkey king works with the elf woman hair, but it does! Nice placement of the house at an angle to the studs, and the smoke is a nice touch. The tiles in the pig pen work very well. If I had to make a suggestion it would be to make the path lower than the grass, rather than raised, since it would normally be beaten down. I really love the front door: great use of the minecraft tiles! Keep up the good work!
  13. Grover

    CDC2 CMF Umbra-Manis

    Wow! That's crazy it's a render and not a real build! Well done! The letter stamper is hilarious! My only suggestion would be to downsize the pics and then not hide them, as clicking on the spoilers to see them all got a little monotonous.
  14. Gorgeous! I think your building style is one of my favorites on the guilds here. I don't know how to describe it, but if I were to try, I would say it is understated yet detailed. The building you have here has a lot of detail and texture, but it doesn't feel like an over-greebled wall. I really like the aesthetics. The lamps are great, the windowed overhead trellace is fantastic, and the proportions are great. Love the color choices and the detailed roof too. The only thing that looks a little off might be the narrow stairwell (maybe one stud more would make it look more natural), but then again, if you actually go to Italy, you will see old stairwells that are very narrow based on building restraints, so not unrealistic. Great job!
  15. Grover

    Il Baile di Mascherati (Collab: Part III)

    Nice costumes! I like the detail of the pie slice tiles behind the hooked plates. Nice use of the technic, too. I like the background, but I think it overpowers the build. I like the evening shot more because I feel it brings the build to the forefront rather than the picturesque backdrop. Overall well done!