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  1. Gorgeous! So many hairpieces I still need! I think my favorites are the dryad and the succubus. The archmage looks awesome, too. I think my next build with the queen will have to incorporate the archmage of Cedrica, her advisor!
  2. Grover

    CDC2 CMF Eyrezer

    Awesome! I love the tracker. Hilarious little writeups on some of them. Well done!
  3. Grover

    [Freebuild] A Twilight Return

    Nice work! I like the sunset, and the micro mountains. The SNOT border is also quite nice. Keep it up! I want to read more of the story!
  4. Grover

    [Freebuild] Great Wall of Batuhan

    Wow, this thing is huge! Very pretty landscaping. I particularly like how you have emulated a real forest with the various colors including greens in autumn, since nature rarely makes everything uniform. The height of the wall looks great, and I love the detailing on the water. I'm not sure if the main picture shows the inside or outside of the wall, but if it is the outside and you're going for realism, I will echo what @derEselausErgste said and the area outside the walls would be clearcut for defensive purposes to prevent enemies from having cover. Of course, if it's the inside then it doesn't matter much, and frankly the foilage looks so good it's hard to justify clearcutting a whole baseplate worth of space for realism! Another note on realism might be to make the crenelations larger. Historical merlons were actually much larger than people imagine (soldiers were able to hide behind them) and a lot of the modern fantasy castles have vestigial crenelations. (Link to picture of people at Conwy castle for merlon proportions) Of course, this is a fantasy world, so it's up to you what to do with it! I like the ruined stones and the dock as well, especially the waterfowl and the nice way the wall is angled and sets into the rock. The change in elevation near the tower adds a nice layer of detail, and you have a nice level of detail for the walls without being chaotic and while still maintaining all light bley, which is awesome. I love how you tie it in with the road to Barqa as well. Awesome work, and I can't wait to see as you add to it!
  5. You're welcome. Be aware, when their stock gets low on a piece and it's out of production, they will remove it from B&P so they can keep some stock on hand to fill replacement orders. That has happened to me on dark red leaves, some flowers and other random pieces before. Seeing < 200 stock left online but having them cancel the order or tell you they can't sell it is another indicator it is out of production.
  6. If you call in, they can usually tell you if a part has a restock date. Unless the part is brand new (and you should know what these parts are), it should have a restock date. If it doesn't, it's usually out of production.
  7. Grover

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome! Great to have you, and love the creative use of some of the more interesting figures! I can't wait to see the trappers' camp!
  8. Grover

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: The Tree Gate.

    Love it! I really like the 'other world' effect through the doorway that you create by having entirely different lighting on the desert side. The desert ground is awesome, and the tree fits right in, really popping with those new bright leaves. The rockwork inside is quite nice, looking very much like the doorway was carved out of the natural stone. I'm curious what the brown thing to the right of the door is. A chocolate frog? A wayward root? Very nice work with the geometric shield designs. It all looks very dwarven. Can't wait to see where this goes!
  9. Grover

    Brewery at Prenmôr

    Thank you! The roof took some doing, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. And yes, the gulls are eating the starfish! I had some fun with the stone carving above the door. I'm glad that you could recognize the source material from the build. I try to make things realistic if I can. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the text. I try to provide some historical snapshots, even if this is a fantasy world! And yes, I had fun with the dogs following the ladies around. I thought it only natural! Thanks! It took a lot of work to pack all the detail in, but in the end it worked out. Aside from some of the decorative bits (like the grasses and birds), the building itself is quite solid and does not fall apart. Thank you! I try to keep updating the micro build to show the progress of the castle as it comes together! Thanks! I try to make sure my story builds have interiors and thus they all need a way to see inside, so I plan a lot trying to get it into separable pieces! Glad you liked it!
  10. Grover

    Bianca Family

    Glad you liked it! Now that your CDC2 minifigure series is out, it seems to go along with them! I didn't know if people would catch the Breaking Bad reference, but I wanted to lighten some of the darker aspects of society with some humor. And no, I'm not with Varlyrio, still building for Avalonia!
  11. Wow! I really love this build. You manage to get a ton of detail into the shots while not making it too busy somehow. I keep looking at the pictures and finding new things each viewing. And what a ton of special pieces in there too! Love the story, and am excited to see it continue! As always, great use of color, and the minifigs are perfect! You do a good job capturing the chaos of a street fair while retaining the ability to photograph, which is impressive!
  12. Grover

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Tōrō Nagashi

    Very cool! This seems to go along with your last tower build. The snow looks great, and I love the path through the snow. Well done!
  13. Very nice work! I like the accuracy. The rockwork is great, and I really like the Lego background with the trees. Very well done!
  14. Grover

    The Falls of Melancholy

    Nice artwork! I particularly like the knight in black. The texture on the falls and moon look nice. If I were to offer a suggestion, I think the whole scene would look even better if you had a full Lego sky built. The drawn in sky is OK, but in my opinion detracts somewhat from the rest of the awesome brick built scene.
  15. Grover

    [Freebuild] A Demon's Game of Chess

    Outstanding! I wish TLG would sell this as a set! Love the big demon guy and the idea of bleachers. Nice story with it!