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  1. Grover

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    We'll know for sure when there's a 21+ architecture set of the Coors factory!
  2. Grover

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    I just find it funny that it's marked 18+, since here in the US that label is usually reserved for pornography and cigarettes!
  3. Grover

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    Bricks and pieces. You can find them listed in the new Elf Clubhouse set. I managed to order mine the day the price dropped. If you call, they can tell you when they are due back in. Last I heard it was Nov. 12. I'd suggest buying that morning if you can, since I suspect these are going to be popular. I think these made for easier cavalry since the normal horse saddles fit reasonably well (although not perfectly) and you didn't need to custom build a saddle for the torsos. I think ostriches and other non-riding specific animals may suffer the same problems. Should be interesting to see where they enter into some stories! I also need to build some cavalry for Nocturnus, Kali, and Varlyrio now. Just have to wait until region specific animals show up on B&P! Yeah, I made a few archers to try and bulk up the count on the riders, although I exhausted my LoTR elf minis, forestman shields, and Elf S3 shields to do this!
  4. I ordered them the day the price dropped. Last I heard they're backordered through Nov. 12 now.
  5. Latest order arrived. Deer weren't supposed to ship until Nov 6th but showed early!
  6. Grover

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    Thanks! As soon as I saw the stag was coming out in the WV set, I wanted a bunch for cavalry. I managed to jump on it on B&P the day prices dropped. It wasn't supposed to ship until Nov 6th, but it arrived yesterday, so here we are! I want to make them ride with the dwarven bear cavalry... It's funny you mention that, as that was my original intent, but I only had 2 of those shields. As it turns out, I found a third, but still thought it would look weird unless everyone had one. Then this morning I realized I might have enough of the old forestman shields to give the leaders the big shields and the rank and file the forestman shields. Not sure that elves use heater shields, but I think it comes off OK and the S3 shields look good! Had to lose the banner, but the Avalonian colors come through and are now general stag cavalry. Thanks! I'd hate to be gored!
  7. Avalonian elven stag cavalry | Grover | Avalonia
  8. Grover

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Fun and silly freebuild, but freebuild nonetheless!
  9. Not to be outshone by their northern ursine cavalry brethren, the elves of the Dragon Clan in the Enchanted Forest in Avalonia had long maintained their fleet footed stag cavalry. Or, if you like, the generic stag unit.
  10. If true, it would make feeling for figures more difficult. May be a way to try and sell more full boxes, especially now that they're smaller.
  11. Are there non-licensed pigs that are to come available soon? All the pink ones from the pirate ship and HP were marked as Licensed earlier.
  12. They do have Satruday hours, at least here in the US, unless of course you work Saturdays.
  13. This is obviously speculation but I think there is some price point problems. The new HP series has sold out on the first day in neighboring towns, but in our town, the retailer marked up the CMFs to $6 each. There's a full box, untouched, sitting on the shelf. And the neighboring towns are almost an hour away, so it's unlikely that people are making that drive just for CMFs. There are some good points made in this thread. I wonder why the licensed and unlicensed themes are both $5? And why does the unlicensed themes, which theoretically make more money due to lower costs, always seem to include a 'throw-away' city-clone themed figure like the firefighter?
  14. My VIP points are coming in weird. If I have a $100 purchase, it shows up as four unequal amounts on the same day that add up to the right points. I have heard there are some issues with folks not getting the right points right now. Make sure to check your double VIP points and stuff you order on B&P, too, to make sure you get them, because sometimes they don't show up. Sorry you are having trouble with an order. I had trouble with one earlier this summer. They've been fairly fast recently for me, but I'm in the US. They supposedly have tracking on B&P and PAB now, although the B&P tracking is supposed to be on their end only. I have yet to see any of it. Glad they resent it! They're usually good about that.
  15. Finally got pieces from my last 8 orders together since July and got a picture.