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Found 29 results

  1. MOC Lego Technic Fishing Boat Building Instructions: removed until a proper presentation is made Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Fishing Boat (Building Instructions)
  2. MOC Lego Technic Military Truck Building Instructions: Lego Technic MOC - Military Truck (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Military Truck (Building Instructions)
  3. Lego Technic Cartoon Truck (Building Instructions) Building Instructions: Lego Technic Cartoon Truck - Color Version (Building Instructions) Lego Technic Cartoon Truck - Black and White Version (Building Instructions)
  4. Small Hummer - 42102 Mini CLAAS XERION Alternative Build (Building Instructions) Building Instructions: Small Hummer - 42102 Mini CLAAS XERION Alternative Build (Building Instructions)
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Shah, and I like making models using just one Mindstorms kit. As I create new builds I'll add them to this post. Would like to share my latest MOC, a steamboat loosely based on Steamboat Willie. STEAMBOAT WILLI3 by Ahmad Sahar, on Flickr STEAMBOAT WILLI3 by Ahmad Sahar, on Flickr STEAMBOAT WILLI3 by Ahmad Sahar, on Flickr Short video clip and building instructions here. Hope you like it.
  6. With Covid restriction's impacting AuckLUG's ability to run LEGO shows, our LUG members decided to embark on something to give to the AFOL community. LUG members have been beavering away to create small (ish) models and then make the building instructions for the model available for free to the LEGO community. The models are diverse; some have a Christmas theme and some do not. The models are generally small, influenced by the size of models you might get in LEGO's Advent Calendar sets, but one or two may be a bit bigger than that which you find in an Advent Calendar set. In the run up to Christmas, we will release the building instructions for the models, one per day. The building instructions can be downloaded from our LUG's website but I intend to add a post to this thread each day illustrating the given day's model. You are welcome to download and use the building instructions for free, so long as it is for non-commercial use. Regards and Merry Xmas on behalf of AuckLUG. David December 1st : Duck
  7. This is a gearbox meant for scale 1:8 cars. It has 10 forward gears, park and reverse. See it in action in this video: For demo purposes I attach a fake engine and a rear section which shows how the driven wheels turn: These are also included in the building instructions if you want to try for yourself. The instructions are available here: As explained in the video it uses a center differential in order to get just a single reverse gear and a single park "gear". I call it park instead of neutral as the gearbox is locked up when in that gear. Neutral would mean that the rear wheels are free running. The gear ratios are: Gear ratios (1 : X): R: -0.3 P: 0 1: 0.42 2: 0.6 3: 0.9 4: 1.2 5: 1.62 6: 1.8 7: 2.7 8: 3 9: 3.42 10: 3.6 And by changing the final gear, all ratios can be subject to a multiplier of your own choice. And speaking of multipliers. The gearbox has a 3 speed and a 4 speed transmission like those from the Chiron. And earlier version had two 4 speed transmissions. This, however, didn't allow for the Park and Reverse gears. For those to work I needed the following subtractor: I don't know how to fit that into a car, so I'm glad that the final design has ratios that actually work. In the video I go through the design process in detail and also give tips to others who want to design their own gearboxes, should they want to follow this approach. The instructions are in public domain and I will submit it to the gearbox thread:
  8. Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Airport Crash Tender Building Instructions: Lego Mini CLAAS XERION 42102 Alternative Build - MOC - Airport Crash Tender (Building Instructions)
  9. Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna Mosaic Building Instructions: Lego Art MOC - Che Guevara Mosaic (Building Instructions) Lego Art MOC - Che Guevara Mosaic (Building Instructions)
  10. Hi everyone, Here is my last original creation : The RC Car from Toy story movie ! I would like to make a RC car controlled by smartphone and easily recognizable by young people (and older one too...) Features : RWD by 2 L motors Steering by 1 Servo motor Controlled by 1 Sbrick (or 1 Buwizz without bbox) Independent suspensions External switch for power supply Some nice colors I used 2 pythagoriciens triplets to improve chasis stiffness. The car is divided in 3 modules : front, motors and rear In the picture below you can see red bush on 4l axle with stop. It's the switch to power up or down the battery box. I used Anto's buggy motorisation : http:// but il replaced 8t by 24t. HD photos gallery : Building instructions are available : I added 3x3 lime dish for the eyes on 3D model : I hope you'll like it, See you soon !
  11. Hello Pirates fans, Like many of you I can't stop loving the old Classic models so I wanted to rebuild this one but using modern parts, that because I wanted people, who don't own vintage parts, to be able to enjoy the model. To share my creation, I created building instructions with partslist and stickers (not everybody has those rare parts) and put them on my website. You can find get them for free at this adress : Saber Island Redux Instructions I did my best to respect the classic style and introduce new colors and parts, hope you'll enjoy the model. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think, please. Now go building
  12. As an FYI for any users of LPub3D, an update (version 2.2.1) was recently released. This release seems to have addressed issues I had been experiencing with getting LPub3D to successfully render images using "faded" parts in versions 2.1 and 2.2. It appears to have also remedied an issue related to using POV-Ray to render images and POV-Ray is now successfully working for me to render images. My installation is a Windows 7, 32 bit machine, so you may not have been experiencing the same issues. The most recent version of LPub3D is available for download at Regards, David
  13. Is there a guide anywhere for working with LPub3D when you have a black & white (grayscale) printer? For example, I would like to add the name of a colour next to each part — or a colour code — so when I'm reading my printed instructions, I can determine the part's colour. Even seeing the colour info on the BOM would be useful. Note that I'm using macOS. Any advice on this issue would be appreciated.
  14. Guide: create build instructions with LPub This is a guide to making your own instructions with LPub. There is a: Short Guide Walks through the basics of producing a set of instructions. Full Guide Provides more details on the main steps for making instructions and explains the main features of LPub. User's discussion You are encouraged to ask questions, provide constructive criticisms and suggest proposals to improve this guide and suit it to users' needs. This guide will be updated over time to reflect the frequently asked questions. A complete guide to using LPub can be found here. List of recent topics that are related with LPub and build instructions: Instruction Miner vs. LPub (-> Go) MLCad: hiding parts in instruction step but showing in BOM (-> Go) LPub and MPD Files (-> Go) Help to create digital instructions for a physical MOC (-> Go) LPub not showing my main assembly (-> Go) Better building instructions than LDD? (-> Go) Problem with MLCad and Lpub (-> Go) LPub tree step - how? (-> Go) ... Credits - Thanks to Kevin Clague, the creator of LPub. - Thanks to Jaco van der Molen for his complete LPub guide. Note: This guide was prepared using a Mac. There may be minor differences for the Windows version of LPub.
  15. Last year, I've built a Blade Runner-inspired MOC on Mecabricks : The original model can still be seen here. As you can see, some parts used in my build don't exist in dark blue. So this model remained a virtual MOC, until March 2018. The Speed Champions Ford Fiesta had some new parts in dark blue, so I redesigned my MOC to be able to build it with physical bricks. Here's the result : I've put a lot of thought in this model, trying to make it sturdy, fun and interesting to build (as you can see below, the MOC is made of several distinct modules), but without compromising the looks. The build is so smooth, there are only four visible studs on the whole model (or five, if you count the half-studs of the 3x2 wedge plates) : two on the windscreen, and two on a wedge plate on the bottom of the MOC : I've created PDF instructions with's instructions maker, which are available on bricksafe, as well as the parts list to get the required parts on Bricklink.
  16. Building Lego Technic creations and posting videos is a common bussiness for every MOC designer. Coming up with small and large inventions and sharing them is a continuing activity that never bores. However, there is one common dream, one ultimate goal that every Lego enthousiast silently dreams about: to design a professional Lego model. Several builders do what is called 'commissioned work'. Building a Lego Technic model and selling whatever it became to a company or private party. In general, Lego Technic custom models are loved by non-Lego enthousiasts because 'it works'. Several years ago, I got the unique chance to do commissioned work because a company CEO's brother accidentially saw my scale model. I first refused to sell my beloved Luctor, but two years later the one metre model was ready I got positive reviews about the looks, but the most comments were: "wow, it really works". Somehow this model must have been leaked inside 'CEO-land', as one year ago I was asked by the Hoeflon company (based in the Netherlands) to build a give-away Lego Technic model, to be used as a business gift. How cool is it to not receive the 32st boring USB drive, but a complete custom Lego Technic model.. The company builds mini cranes that go inside buildings to do heavy lifting. My task was to build a scale model of a machine that is already very compact in real life. As a result, I present a 1:14 scale model of the Hoeflon C6 crane. (please note I'm NOT paid by Hoeflon in any way, the whole story is just about how things happened and to explain the link with reality). The crane is my smallest MOC for a long time. It was really a challenge to fit all the functions inside the cramped body. The functions are: Track widening Boom rising/lowering Boom extension Fly Jib Rotating superstructure Friction winch Self-locking outtriggers Variable angle outtriggers with over 90 degree range These functions happen in a Lego Technic model of a smaller volume than the 9391 Technic crane set. Over the years I had lost some creativity to build small models so this one was a real challenge. I'm happy with the current setup but who knows.. The model is delivered with black or LBG tracks. LBG track links are slightly more expensive and this quickly adds up when 100+ cranes need to be made. To be fair, I find the looks of the 9391 stunning for the low part count. However, as I show in the video, it does not really work as a crane. The above photo shows the comparable sizes of both models. The front view. Please note the relative widht of the tracks: They are each 3L while the vehicle width is 7L. The resulting chassis is one stud in width! To widen the tracks, the crane has a shifting axle system with half bushes as stoppers. The final result is not the strongest system, but the crane at least has the function! The top view shows why this crane is called the 'Spider Crane': the outtriggers can be seen as the legs. The great thing about building such small models is that every part can be seen and every part has its function. There are very few 'unused studs'. This crane has a 3-section boom. In transport shape, this crane is 12 cm high so all of it should be folded. Therefore it looks like a proper mess when folded in. It is a common known fact that Hoeflon cranes will lift their own weight, because one crane should be able to lift another crane into a cellar. Hopes were low for the scale model as it is fully made from plastic Lego pieces. Under these loads, they will simply bend. Using the correct crane position and the winch, I got one crane to lift the other - just. On this small scale, I could not use the same strong structure from the real C6, so it was a nice result that my building resulted in something with the same strenght. The crane in full extended mode. The shape changes dramatically when the boom is unfolded. It reaches a maximum height of 42 cm. This model is meant as a business gift. This box was developed by a third party and it looks great. It is just big enough to contain the 425 parts and the A5-sized building instructions. I spent really hours drawing a 3D model and creating building instructions with lPub. By doing it yourselves, it becomes clear how much time goes into it.. The agreement with Hoeflon was: me delivering the PDF, Hoeflon doing the printing. I'm really pleased with the end result. To conclude, this MOC shows that you don't need a lot of parts to build a fun Technic model. I have many parts now compared to five years ago, but all of it is useless when someone knocks on the door to ask for a small scale model. This model also shows the problem of modern Technic sets from the store shelves. They are built large, very large. The 8265 Wheel loader is an example. It is enormous, while having less functions than this small crane that will fit into its bucket. Now the size may speak to the inner desire of the (hu)man to posess big things, but personally I like finesse and elegance over size. It is my big hope that TLG sees this in time, otherwise the awesomeness of new Lego Technic sets will fade away. The video
  17. Hello all, I want to present you my first MOC: it's a red Tatra t-813 8x8, short cab, Dakar version. I wanted this truck to have either great look and performance. That mean that's not a trial truck, but it can of course ride over little obstacles! I have imposed upon myself theses constraints: the truck needs to have 81mm wheels and be propulsed by only one XL motor. It steers with a M motor. It weights 1,83kgs ! Propulsion: XL 12/20 - 8/24 - 12/12 pr 20/20 - 8/24 wheels. Steering: M 8/40 - 12/rack and links for first axle, - 12/20 - 16/16 - 12/rack and links for second axle. The turning radius is pretty good compared to the truck size.. The suspension is provided by 8 springs, one per wheel. Yellow springs for front axles and gray for rear ones. As you can see, the cab is largely copied from Madoca's Tatra, and this for one reason: this cab is is the best I have seen in studless ! However, I allowed myself to adapt it to my scale, and I modified it. I have added some details for example position lights on the bumper or blinkers on each side. On the frame I built a sort of Dakar rollcage. I have tried to do my best in building details like the rear bumper and fuel tanks. Thanks for reading! A little and bad quality video: Credits: Madoca 1977 for the cab Nico71, who inspired me to build the axles and the frame. Comment's are always welcome Edit: building instruction post #22 !
  18. I'm happy to present to you my first modular building. I have put it on Ideas too, so if you like it, please support: edit: It is now available on Rebrickable Some time ago my daughter got this Duplo set from her aunt: That got me thinking I could use one of these cones for my own purposes, especially since my little one was very interested in throwing bricks across the room, instead of proper play (or maybe that was proper play ;) ). Anyway I borrowed four bricks from her (I honestly intend to give those back to her) and thought it would be nice to make a big advert out of this ice cream and make it rotate. Such an Ice Cream Parlor should have nice clientele drawn by this big sign of what's inside :) So power functions was a must. But since I was to integrate PF info a modular, why not go further and add some lights too? When I was young (long time ago...) I always liked things that moved and had lights :P so you can call it late compensation :P Later on I will present it module by module, but if you want to have a quick look at it in action, here's a video: Ok, so let's start with a view of all the modules separately: And now let's talk about the ground floor: As you can see, on the right there is the ice cream parlor with seating available inside and at the back of the building. You can buy ice cream, lemonade, donuts and coffee. The staff is taken from the Ice Cream Machine set :) I'm happy with the bench - it gave me some headache, but I wanted to have something distinctive. The lamp is also different to typical one, but it's nothing special. On the left there is an entrance to the owner's apartment. There is also a small storage room for bike. The top of it is removable for easier access, but you can get the bike in and out through the door (but it's tricky). Ok, now - the heart of the modular - the Power Functions module: All electronic components are here. That is: 1 Rechargeable battery 2 switches 3 sets of PF lights (so 6 sources of lights total) 1 M motor Of course apart from that there are also all the technic components to make it work. The motor is running the Duplo brick with a 1:9 reduction. The lights are provided for the ice cream parlor (4 of them), entrance to the staircase (1) and the apartment (1 for the table lamp seen above). My idea was to be able to control lights and motor separately, that's why I have 2 switches here. Look closely at the picture above. There are two holes for technic axles above. The one on the left is for access to the switch controlling the motor (advert). The hole on the right allows access to the switch controlling all the lights. Those go on/off simultaneously. You can't have just part of them on. That would require even more switches and there is simply no room for that. It's crammed inside already. Now, have a look at the bottom of this module where all the lights can be seen and the front of this module, which allows access to the rechargeable battery in case you need to recharge it (power cord access). Through the holes in the front section you can turn the battery on/off and change the voltage too. Now, the last two modules are the roof and the apartment of the owner. It's not much room inside - the advert required quite some space already, but it's cosy :P As you have seen already this apartment get light from the lamp on the table, which is actually part of the Power Functions module. Yes, I know the TV is kind of useless on that wall, but... hey, he wanted a TV so I gave him one :P So, how do you operate this thing? With a KEY :) and last, but not least - two pictures of it with lights on, and ambient lights off: Full gallery is available on my Bicksafe: http://www.bricksafe...ce_Cream_Parlor I hope you enjoyed this little presentation. Please consider support on Ideas:
  19. Hello, everyone. I want to introduce my first Explorer Robot. It's just a simple Mindstorms creation that started as a base to test sensors and motors. I made building instructions. I'm new in making instructions for Technic models and I found it to be much more difficult than instructions for buildings. I had to spend a lot of time basically because of two things: 1. The cables are not easy to model. 2. The stud system is basically a two-angle-oriented system: Horizontal (180 degree) and Vertical (90 degrees). While technic beams can go in any degree. Plus, buildings are built from the button to the top. Technic models are usually built from the inside to the outside. At the end, I was happy with the result. But it's only a 306 parts model. Features: It simulates an explorer robot: It drives around and tries to avoid obstacles. It can be manually controlled using the IR Remote: Drive the robot and move the head using the Remote. In Auto-Mode the robot starts moving around with a mix of random movements. The robot measures distances searching for a clear path, but it doesn't follow an optimal path. It just moves around giving the impression that it's exploring. The robot scans the floor using the Infrared sensor. Full Inventory at Building Instructions and .EV3 program at
  20. Hello, I'm currently trying different thing with my instructions, so I made some small pictures videos. The last one is building instructions for the Treadwell droid from the Jawa sale. You can see it in my youtube channel here: BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO And here's a photo of the real thing. Your feedbackS, comments etc.. are welcome as I want to improve my future videos. Enjoy.
  21. Here’s my new little MOC: I wanted a small MOC, using the container truck 42024 wheels. But I also wanted that the vehicle was not been done a lot. So I chose the reach stacker, not very famous. And TLC steal my idea I wanted a quite good design, "better than reality". (the real vehicle is not very nice ^^) I think the style of the real model is here. Functions are : Steering 3 cylinders fake engine Lifting arm Extending arm Clamp, to catch the container Steering is very simple. A "rack" is activated by a crank. Fake engine is activated by only one wheel. (not enough space to put a differential). The arm is controlled by 2 LA. You can torn the 2 sides of the axle, soi t’s easier to move the arm. The arm extension is very simple: there s just a 8t on a rack. It is braked by an other 8t with a pin with friction. It can be extended quite far. To catch the container, a clamp is closed on it. Do you know what element was the more difficult to do? The container! It was difficult to find the limit between weight and full design. I’m working on building instructions. I took screenshots on LDD and I’m assembling they on Photoshop. I though this idea would have been faster than a specialized software, but I’m not sure now. ^^' I don’t know when they will be finished.
  22. Does anyone have the official PDF building instructions for the following sets? I'm considering to build them myself unfortunately the stickers for some of them will be absent if I do proceed with the idea. 2011 - LEGO Duck 4000001 - Moulding Machines 4000007 - Ole Kirk's House 4000008 - Villy Thomsen Truck
  23. Hello Everyone, As some of you may know I've built a Tardis last year. It's been displayed on several events in several different layouts including a steampunk layout on Lego World Utrecht 2014 (of which I still have to post pictures) and a collaborative layout with Ecclesiastes on Lego World Kopenhagen last February of which I posted a picture below. The Tardis on Lego World Copenhagen 2015 by Tijger-San, on Flickr One of my fellow AFOL's, TAFOL, liked it so much that he offered to make building instructions for it. And that's what he did! I've made some small changes to the cover and the part callout but overall TAFOL is the one to take credit for making the photos and individual steps. I think he's done a brilliant job! Yesterday I've created and uploaded this teaser picture and asked people to send me a message titled "Torchwood" if they want a PDF version. Doctor Who LEGO Tardis building instructions by Tijger-San, on Flickr I've actually got quite a lot of requests so I've decided to do things differently. I'm going to try to upload one step each day. To kick it off, here are the cover page I made for it and the parts callout. The rest of the pages will upload over the coming days. Lego Tardis Instructions page 0 front by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 0 parts by Tijger-San, on Flickr And as promised here are more steps. Lego Tardis Instructions page 1 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 2 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 3 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 4 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 5 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 6 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 7 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 8 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 9 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Some people mentioned it's a bit small but I actually tried to build it on minifig scale. A minifig is a bit short compared to people and that's why my Tardis is a bit smaller to compensate that. Here is a picture I used for reference. As you can see in the picture above, the doctor can look trough the window although he may have to stand on his tows. That's also the case in my version. The picture below isn't briljant, but it shows a my Tardis compared to a minifig. Dr. Who's Tardis by Tijger-San, on Flickr Also, the height of the Tardis changed a bit with each doctor. The picture below shows a comparison of different Tardises (is that spelled correctly? ). That's why I think little differences between different MOC's are no issue at all. Let me know what you think and if you're building one, please post pictures. I'm also looking for someone who can print bricks and tiles. After all, what's a Tardis without the police box sign and public use notice?
  24. This is an issue that has been happening to me for quite a few days now. Lately, whenever I generate an HTML building guide for a model I'm making, and then open the instructions on my internet browser, the images won't work. This has been happening in just about every browser I use, whether it be Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Opera. Is there a way to fix this problem?
  25. Hello there, lately i've been working on a software for creating good looking building instructions for LDD models, that is called Blueprint. The program is in a very alpha stage, but some basic functionality is somehow there. I'd like to test it on some different graphic hardware to see if it runs. Is there anybody kind enought to donate some time? Must have some minimal tech skill, like knowing what a stacktrace is, using the command line, configuring java versions etc. and some patience. PM me if interested :) Thanks!