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  1. Coder Shah

    MAR5 Rover building instructions

    You're most welcome, glad you liked it!
  2. Found the link, see it here:
  3. Maybe this one? Instructions and program here:
  4. I was able to store all the parts for the Core and Expansion sets in the Core set's box by using resealable plastic bags. Solution might not be for everyone though. Yup. I believe the metric used was that teachers and kids could build and program a robot in a 45-minute period. Do note that kids (and teachers) starting out with SPIKE Prime would not build as rapidly as an experienced LEGO builder would. There is now, check out this video. Link here: Just thought I'd mention that the USB cable used to transfer programs from a computer to the SPIKE Prime hub also charges the hub. In my use case where I plug the hub in to program it, then unplug to run the robot, theoretically I'll never run out of battery.
  5. Fantastic review @Jim! Thank you!
  6. SPIKE Prime / Robot Inventor Among Us astronaut building instructions.
  7. I would not be able to verify it as I don't have a PC. Perhaps you can post the file on Dropbox or Google drive, and share the link here, and hopefully someone with a PC can check it out.
  8. Building instructions for my SPIKE Prime Mars Helicopter here:
  9. That's because he's using a Mac. On a PC you can use the Settings. Here's a video that shows how to connect a Bluetooth device (headphones in this case) to your computer.
  10. Hi, you can make your own Space Shuttle using the LEGO Mindstorms 31313 set.
  11. Coder Shah

    SPIKE Prime Surface Transport

    @caiman0637@Jim Thank you!
  12. Building instructions for the Robot Inventor version of the LEGO Space 6871 Star Patrol Launcher. All you need is a single 51515 kit. Have fun!
  13. SPIKE Prime version of the LEGO Space 6823 set, just using the parts from the 45678 Core set. Have fun!