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  1. Model of Moby Dick made using the parts from the 51515 set. Have fun!
  2. Hi all, here are building instructions for a T-Rex model you can build using the 51515 set.
  3. RI5 Educator robot based on the EV3 Educator robot design. Built using parts from a single 51515 set.
  4. How to program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 with Scratch using the latest EV3 app
  5. Coder Shah

    RI5 Wooden Truck building instructions

    SPIKE Prime version here:
  6. Coder Shah

    RI5 Wooden Truck building instructions

    Thanks @Jim!
  7. Building instructions for a LEGO Mindstorms model based on the wooden trucks produced by LEGO in the 1930s. Uses the parts from a single 51515 kit. Have fun!
  8. Braille display you can build using either the Robot Inventor or Spike Prime set with additional medium motors.
  9. Coder Shah

    [MOC] Robot Inventor Walker

    Great job! Just occurred to me that you could actually have the Mindstorms app running on the mobile phone itself (on-brick programming :D)
  10. Sorry, initially playlist was private, have fixed. Tested working on my computer and phone. Have added links to the individual videos.
  11. Playlist of official LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Guide videos from LEGO. Links to individual videos as follows:
  12. Coder Shah

    R5D5 building instructions

    No worries! Sounds like you're having fun though!
  13. Coder Shah

    R5D5 building instructions

    Thanks @Jim! BTW, did you try building the Panda?
  14. Building instructions for R5D5, made using the parts from a single LEGO Mindstorms 51515 set.