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Found 18 results

  1. Is there a guide anywhere for working with LPub3D when you have a black & white (grayscale) printer? For example, I would like to add the name of a colour next to each part — or a colour code — so when I'm reading my printed instructions, I can determine the part's colour. Even seeing the colour info on the BOM would be useful. Note that I'm using macOS. Any advice on this issue would be appreciated.
  2. Guide: create build instructions with LPub This is a guide to making your own instructions with LPub. There is a: Short Guide Walks through the basics of producing a set of instructions. Full Guide Provides more details on the main steps for making instructions and explains the main features of LPub. User's discussion You are encouraged to ask questions, provide constructive criticisms and suggest proposals to improve this guide and suit it to users' needs. This guide will be updated over time to reflect the frequently asked questions. A complete guide to using LPub can be found here. List of recent topics that are related with LPub and build instructions: Instruction Miner vs. LPub (-> Go) MLCad: hiding parts in instruction step but showing in BOM (-> Go) LPub and MPD Files (-> Go) Help to create digital instructions for a physical MOC (-> Go) LPub not showing my main assembly (-> Go) Better building instructions than LDD? (-> Go) Problem with MLCad and Lpub (-> Go) LPub tree step - how? (-> Go) ... Credits - Thanks to Kevin Clague, the creator of LPub. - Thanks to Jaco van der Molen for his complete LPub guide. Note: This guide was prepared using a Mac. There may be minor differences for the Windows version of LPub.
  3. I'm using Bricksmith and LPub 4 to create instructions for a rather large MOC (~8k pieces), but I need help with angles for a few ROTSTEP commands. Currently, I have two steps set in Bricksmith as: Step: Relative to default view: x,y,z = 10, -8, 7 Step: Additive: x,y,z = 180, 70, 180 This gives the following commands in the LDraw file: 0 ROTSTEP 10.971 -6.596 8.335 REL. (Side issue - why is this different to the angles I specified??) 0 ROTSTEP 180.000 70.000 180.000 ADD The problem is that Bricksmith does an ADD relative to whatever rotation was used for the previous step, while LPub does an ADD rotation relative to the default step orientation (i.e. ROTSTEP 0 0 0 ADD is identical to a STEP command with no previous rotations). So LPub shows a different view to the one I set in Bricksmith. I know xyz rotation angles cannot be directly added, so I tried converting them to quaternions, combined them, then converted back to an x,y,z rotation angle. Unfortunately (10,-8,7) + (180, 70, 180) gives (-140, -76, -148), which is nothing like what I expected. Is there any way to convert the ROTSTEP ADD command to a ROTSTEP REL command showing exactly the same rotation?
  4. Hi guys, been working with LPUB here the past few days and I am having a few issues that I can't seem to find solutions to. Props to anyone who creates instructions with this program, it is very finicky. My issues: I can't figure out how to remove the complete sub-models from the parts list. I've been able to remove the parts list from the callout but the assembled sub-models still show up in the parts list with all of the required parts. Also, I can not figure out how to move a callout to another page (if this is even possible). This callout is somewhat large and I am having issues sizing it correctly for the page. That brings up another issue, whenever I try to change the margins of an individual callout, nothing changes. This program is highly frustrating to say the least. I've attached a screenshot of the specific step that is causing me so much issues. part_list_issue by Jeffinslaw, on Flickr As you can see, I've crossed out the parts in the part list that I want to remove. I also want the first smaller callout to be displayed underneath step 1 and 2 such that the whole callout will fit within the page. Hopefully you guys are able to help! -Jeffinslaw
  5. After browsing many tutorials about LPub, MLCAD and trying things out, I haven't found a solution for my problem: I want to create a model in MLCAD, which has to be built four times (like a substep), but it shouldn't start with step 1, 2..., but with a consecutive step number. I mean: main model (e.g. step 1,2,3) --> model, which has to be built four times (e.g. step 4,5,6) --> main model (e.g. step 7,8,9). If you want to have an example, go to step 43 - 56 from the instructions of 10253 Big Ben: Thank you in advance!
  6. Greetings,LPub3D 2.0.14 is released. LPub3D is an Open Source WYSIWYG editing application for creating LEGO style digital building instructions. It uses the LDraw parts library, the most comprehensive library of digital Open Source LEGO parts available and reads the LDraw LDR and MPD model file formats. LPub3D is available for free under the GNU Public License v3 and works on the Windows Operating Systems. Portions of LPub3D are based on LPUB© 2007-2009 Kevin Clague, LeoCAD© 2015 Leonardo Zide.and additional third party components. LPub3D can run under POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OSX, & BSD using WINE HQ. You can download from or check for updates in your existing installation. LPub3D Features and enhancements ------------ Fix: File reload after external source change breaks page drop-down combo dialogue(r837) * When a file is reloaded after being changed by an external source, the drop-down menu for selecting a page doesn't work until after navigating using another method. Fix: Image orientation does not conform when page orientation changed to Landscape (r836) * Image generation was not inheriting the proper page size values. Fix: Extra characters "%3" in margin meta and page size meta does not display the page size identifier(r835) * Oops, allocated the page size identifier variable to the wrong meta - should have been allocated to page size meta instead of units meta (units meta is used for setting the margin). Consequently, the page size meta is missing the size identifier (A4, Letter, etc...) because the place-holder to pass the variable is not there. This must have happened during the patch process from the maintenance branch because it did not present during my tests. Both issues are now corrected. Cheers,
  7. Hi! I got some problems with Lpub [Again] at first it loads the instruction just fine with no errors, but when I try to print it into PDF or trying to load more than 1 pages at the time, it is showing this message, and then loading partlist and no steps/image on the page. And if I check the assembly file in LDview, it has no errors... but keep crashing in Lpub.... Anyone got an idea why this is happening? ... Complete assembly file with submodels: https://www.dropbox....z7uo88Wfaa?dl=0 I have no idea what causing this, so I asking you :D ...
  8. I am working on instructions using Bricksmith followed up with LPub and I am noticing that the Flexible element Lsynth Power Functions Cable with LSynth Constraint Part - Type 6 - "Power Functions Cable" is not rendering in LPub, but the LSynth Fiber Optics Cable with Synth Constraint Part - Type 7 - "RCX Cable" is. I am running LPub version and Bricksmith version 3.0. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Greetings, LPub3D 2.0.13 is released. You can download from or check for updates in your existing installation. Interesting fixes are the ability to switch part occurrence (times used) in the PLI between per step and per submodel on called out and submodel pages; the ability to insert one-to-many non-faded models (e.g. with alternate attachments/views etc...) when fade step is on; and new meta for pages size including the standard identifier - e.g. A4, Letter, Legal etc... and print/export performance improvements. LPub3D Features and enhancements ------------ Fix: Logging options added to Preferences (r832) * Select logged attributes and logging levels. Fix: Prompt search directory settings reset (r831) * Prompt to inform that the search directories have been reset after the search directory reset button is clicked. Restarting LPub3D is not required. Also changed menu items "Reset 3D Viewer Model Cache" to "Change Temp File Cache" and "Reset Image and Model Caches" to "Reset All Caches". Fix: Inconsistency between part counts in submodels and part counts in call-outs where multiple instances are involved (r829) * For submodels, the PLI part counts reflect only one instance of the submodel, even if multiple instances are used in the same step. The instance count is correct, and the BOM has the correct total number of parts. With this update, sub-model pages displaying instance count now have a context menu option to display parts per step/page or not (total parts consumed by the number of instances indicated. Previously, for callouts, you have the options (see context menu) to display parts list per callout (one instance) or not. When you select no parts list per callout, the PLI will show all the parts consumed by the total number of instances in the callout. If you choose parts list per callout, the PLI is moved to the callout and only the parts for a single occurrence of the callout is shown. The idea here is if you have 5 occurrences of the called out assembly, you'll need 5x the parts total, but only 1x parts are shown to indicate what you need to build an instance of the called out assembly. On sub-model pages displaying the instance count, there is only one behaviour for PLI counts (the most intuitive) which is to display the parts list per step. This is intuitive because the primary role of the PLI is to show what you'll need to build an occurrence of the step shown - it is not the intention to mimic the BoM. Nevertheless, I added a context menu item to not display parts list per step and instead display total parts consumed by the number of occurrences of the submodel in the parent submodel/step. Fix: Page size and orientation processing update (r826/833) * Further industrialization of the print/export module. This update streamlines the process and realizes some performance gains. There are some key changes. Notably, page orientation and page size are now mutually exclusive. This means when switching from Portrait to Landscape, accompanying the orientation meta with a transposed page size meta no longer required or managed. Here is an illustration: Previous behaviour when editing a page size change required the following meta commands: 0 STEP 0 LPUB PAGE ORIENTATION LOCAL LANDSCAPE 0 LPUB PAGE SIZE LOCAL 11.0000 8.5000 Note that the page width and height have been transposed. Going forward, transposition of the page width and height when switching from Portrait to Landscape is automatically managed by LPub3D. NOTE: This update is NOT backward compatable. An accompanying transposed page size meta to indicate the switch from portrait to landscape as shown above will be treated as a new page size meta for that page. Consequently, using this meta to 'switch' orientation will actually result in NOT switching the orientation as LPub3D will automatically switch again the switched page size meta. If the user is only interested in changing the orientation, the proper meta command going forward will be: 0 STEP 0 LPUB PAGE ORIENTATION LOCAL LANDSCAPE To help with accurately displaying the page size identifier in the setup and context menus, the standard page identifier is now appended to the page size meta command. For example: 0 LPUB PAGE SIZE 8.5000 14.0000 Legal 0 LPUB PAGE SIZE LOCAL 8.5000 11.0000 Letter 0 LPUB PAGE SIZE LOCAL 5.8000 8.3000 A5 0 LPUB PAGE SIZE LOCAL 5.8678 8.3456 Custom Along with the width and height values, if the page size is non-standard, the identifier "Custom" will be automatically used. Additionally if an identifier is not present, the identifier "Custom" will automatically used. The page identifier is displayed in the Page Setup dialogue and Size/Orientation change context menu dialogue. Also, the LPub3D print/export function no longer needs to parse the model file to capture, in advance, page sizes. This capture is performed during the existing page parse and load functions and is exposed to the print routines during printing/exporting. This change was necessary to better enable mixed-size page export/printing where it is necessary to 'look ahead' to get the next page's size and orientation parameters in order to configure the printer engine before processing the page. Fix: Expand INSERT MODEL meta command behaviour (r825) * When using part fading LPUb3D will now process multiple INSERT MODEL commands rendering the CSI content at each command. For example, if the instruction document includes different model attachments, the editor can now include a non-faded image of the entire model with each attachment. Here is an example of he proper command sequence when used in conjunction with BUFEXCHG: 0 BUFEXCHG B STORE 0 //... default model content... 0 STEP 0 BUFEXCHG B RETRIEVE 0 BUFEXCHG A STORE 1 0 445 -46 -10 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 attachment1.ldr 0 STEP 0 LPUB INSERT MODEL 0 LPUB INSERT PAGE 0 STEP 0 BUFEXCHG A RETRIEVE 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 attachment2.ldr 0 //STEP These last 3 lines are optional when editing the model file. 0 //LPUB INSERT MODEL If they don't exist and fade step is ON, they will be automatically created by LPub3D 0 //LPUB INSERT PAGE Fix: The PNG output of a model with various page orientations is not correct (r824) * Cleared page buffer before rendering each page. Also corrected a typo causing page range to sometimes not work for image exports. Cheers,
  10. Today, a new major update of LPub3D was released. I suspect not everyone here is following the LDraw forums, so I figured I'd make a topic here too; it's a big update. It has some great new features (including a big speed upgrade) and a huge list of bug-fixes and other little improvements. Quoting Trevor: You can read the whole announcement and changelog here or say thanks to Trevor for his great work.
  11. Hi! I'm working on my instructions for my 42043-C model. but i have some problems with lpub. been making the 3D file in both MLcad and LDcad and it worked fine until I added some pneumatic hoses in LDcad. After adding the pneumatic hoses Lpub is not loading any of my submodels, but only the main file. main file is a [MPD] file, and all the submodels incl the pneumatics are [LDR]files. this is how it looks when opening the complete file in LDcad: Skærmbillede 2016-05-06 21.29.12 by Madsen's Technic Workshop, on Flickr but here's what it looks like when opening the file in Lpub: Skærmbillede 2016-05-04 20.13.45 by Madsen's Technic Workshop, on Flickr only LDcad and LDview is loading the complete file with no errors, MLcad is crashing and Lpub is only loading the half. I simply have no clue why it is doing this, so I asking you guys, anyone knows what I'm doing wrong all files I been using for my build is at this link
  12. Greetings, If anyone is interested, I've made some additions to LPub and posted version 1.0 to LPub3D on Here are most of the added features/enhancements: LPub3D ------------ -Integrated 3D Viewer powered by LeoCAD -Set ROTSTEP (step rotation) meta using 3D Viewer -Fade previous step's parts -Use any LDraw colour as fade colour -Manage colour parts for complete part fade -Unlimited PLI part annotations -Split the BOM (divide parts over number of BOM occurrences) -Formatted front and back cover pages -Automatically generate formatted cover pages -POV/L3P high-quality rendered instructions -Customizable front and back cover pages -Text and picture (e.g. logo) front and back page attributes -Customizable content page header and footer -LDraw editor line numbers -64/32-bit automatic installer -Automatic check for updates -Qt 4.8.6 -Bugfixes and robustness improvements Screenshots:
  13. I'm trying to make building instructions for my 24 leg strandbeest. I like to share it. I'm new at this. Just wanted to know how to add text (if possible) to my instructions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi Guys! I'm having a bit of trouble with callouts wanting to fly away!!! The best I could find on a solution was this, but I have no idea how to apply a patch to LPUB. If anyone could help with this I would be very grateful. If anyone knows any code that stops each callout referencing the last one or next one that can be added I would love to know it! Cheers
  15. Now you can download new version of LEGO Instruction Book Creator at Please, share you comments here. In next version one wish per person will be graded**. I you put more that one I selected only one - randomly. This list will be closed at May 20, 2015 at 20:20 ** maximally 10 in total. If I can do it.
  16. I'm relatively new with MLCAD and Lpub so I have lots of problems... One of those is that my Lpub seems to ignore the PLI file located in extras folder (I use Windows 7, 64bit). I have a problem with 32x32 baseplate showing upside down in part list. I want it to show studs up and smaller. If I do any random change in the pli.mpd file to the original entry of the baseplate, which by default looks like this: 1 0 -878.808 0 -839.192 -0.5 0 0 0 -0.5 0 0 0 0.5 3811.dat I see no changes at all. I have no clue what those numbers mean, so I thought I will make random changes, one number at a time, and simply see what changes. But nothing changes. So I tried to turn this file off altogether in the preferences. No effect. I tried to change to a different file - I can't select any, even the original one in extras folder. I have no more ideas...
  17. I am having trouble with LPub recognizing one of the assembly steps in an LDraw .mpd file. It's the step where the two sub assemblies are shown just prior to being assembled. They are separated, and have arrows showing how they get assembled. Here is the message I get: Invalid LDraw Line Type: main model.ldr:22 0 GHOST 1 72 0 0 -220 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 Multi Sheave Boom Head Left Side.ldr There are 8 pages of instructions, and the problem is when trying to render page 7 in LPub. Here is the file: It's called the Multi Sheave Boom Head Assembly.mpd
  18. Hi, I'm new here, I've recently started designing Lego models in computer and I'm trying to put together some proper instruction manuals for them (LDD's instruction are usually quite bizarre for me). I've downloaded LDraw, Bricksmith and LPub for the Mac, it's all set up and working well but there are a couple of things that bug me: 1) In LPub, it seems to be impossible to ignore the last step of a callout where a floating part is placed correctly with a BufExchg Retrieve command. I've read the eurobricks guide, and the google site instructions for this ("'") but it never seems to work: e.g. 0 FILE untitled model.ldr 0 untitled model 0 Name: 0 Author: Nathan Readioff 1 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 -0 0 1 3022.dat 0 STEP 0 !LPUB CALLOUT BEGIN 1 4 -20 0 10 1 0 0 0 1 0 -0 0 1 Pins.ldr 0 !LPUB CALLOUT ALLOC HORIZONTAL 0 !LPUB CALLOUT POINTER CENTER 0 0.496622 0.492857 0 !LPUB CALLOUT END 0 STEP 0 NOFILE 0 FILE pins.ldr 0 untitled model 0 Name: Pins.ldr 0 Author: Nathan Readioff 1 0 20 -24 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 -0 0 1 32000.dat 0 BUFEXCHG A STORE 1 25 10 -14 -111 0 0 -1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3673.dat 0 PLIST BEGIN IGN 1 25 10 -14 -41 0.707107 0.707107 -0 0.707107 -0.707107 -0 -0 0 -1 hashl4.dat 0 PLIST END 0 STEP 0 BUFEXCHG A RETRIEVE 1 25 10 -14 -11 0 0 -1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3673.dat 0 !LPUB NOSTEP 0 STEP 0 NOFILE Is this just a bug in the Mac version of Lpub or have I got the commands wrong? 2) Is it possible to fine tune the placement of callouts? On multistep views it never seems possible to just click and drag, the way you can when only one step is shown per page. 3) Also, is there an alternative Mac editor to Bricksmith that allows BufExchg commands to be added within the code rather than typing everything manually in TextEdit? This gets a bit tedious… Would really appreciate any help! Cheers, NathanR