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  1. Thanks, great to hear! :) Thanks! I've tried some of those programs in the past, but they have their share of issues, in the end it's just better to let user install their JVMs Yeah that would be an idea. If you want to try something similar now, you could use some unicode character such as 🔃, combined with high text zoom. They should scale based on "Text field zoom" value in Settings. Uh, i'm afraid there's no way around, either put the pieces into separated steps or turn off highlighting :) I can't see the video now, something like that probably can be done. I'll have to experiment a little. It should be possible by setting all pages color to white.
  2. Awesome models! :) I like a little less 3d effects on mine but they're supercool nonetheless :P The error probably regards unsupported format, i think it only eats jpg and/or png. I need to test it but i'm pretty sure BrickyFab support custom decals just like Blueprint.
  3. Hi there! I'm not sure what could it be. Previous versions used to work? It looks like it could be something OpenGL related. You could try to check if your drivers are up to date. @Malou could it be something Mac related?
  4. What's exacly the problem with decals? BrickyFab should upload them correctly in most cases. Or are you using custom ones?
  5. Thanks! (i had to look up what tubular means :P) Have you published some building? I don't see new models in there :)
  6. From (another) rib of Blueprint, another program was born! I hereby offer you: BrickyFab upload your LDD models to Sketchfab. How it works: Just open the program, load an LDD model , enter your Sketchfab API, add some descriptions and tags and click Upload. Features: Single click interface, remembers your key and tags. Share your models around with Sketchfab fine embedded visualizer (works in Facebook too!) etc Requirements: Java8 (revision 8u40 or better) A Sketchfab account Lego Digital Designer Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, i decline any responsability for anything that may happen to you using the program. Donation: Should you like the program and you feel like, you can donate any amount of money here: thanks in advance! Download: Download the latest version here! Screenshot: See some 3d models here! Changelog: 0001: first release!
  7. Really? didn't know that. If so, then my guesses are wrong, but it could still be that latest news spread the word much more than before (i've seen many people see this for the first time) and it caught the eyes of TLG. has the problem reentered ? I see a submission from yesterday in the Gallery
  8. Hi there, i'm part of the Remake project and indeed it's like you said for the update. The website is still up, we fan designers are waiting for the third wave but the project is idle at the moment. Anyway, remember that updates never needed "downtime" on the server, so i don't think this is an update, unless they're updating the whole software and infrastructure and not just the part library. My opinion? This has to have something to do with the recent unlocking of the Developer Mode. Timing can't be a coincidence. I think that developer mode maybe have some authoring power on the "official" part library, or some other "write access" that could cause trouble. They noticed the problem and did the quickest thing to stop it: tearing down the update site (since LDD is super low priority for lego now). If it's like this, then they're now probably deciding what to do, since modifying the software to remove the bad code is out of question. Perhaps they're working on the web endpoint to change it's functionalities, in which case it will take time. Just my 2 cents
  9. Great idea, thanks :) You can already do that, at least for step rotation :) use ASDW keys I can look into it. I don't remember exacly how i handle grouping as i went throu different approaches (and the layout code is a mess btw), but i think it could be done. I was wondering something: do you guys prefer to produce "single step per page" instructions or "multiple steps per page" (the default)? I used to like cramped, multi step per page layouts but lately i turned to prefer single steps (after Lego Remake required us to do so). Sure you produce much more pages but in the end nobody's printing them and it's cleaner when looking on a screen. I was considering getting rid of the "multiple step per page" layout that's much harder to produce and stick to single step per page.
  10. Uhm looks right, i don't know what could be wrong.. You start to sound like my boss at work :P I've repackaged version 0026 with Length indicator in Bom. Let me know if it works :) @Malou if you would kindly repackage Mac version too, thanks :) Here's the link
  11. Hi there, actually it's just a piece of code, but i don't think i'll make into a generic exporter. I'm pretty sure TLG wouldn't like it. Uhm perhaps you're right, im exporting the RGB right out of LDD. I see if i can convert them. EDIT: just made a quick test, looks like i was missing some conversion! This is the result now with no adjustement to colors:
  12. Are you sure you've unzipped the whole content to a folder? enought to make me shiver only by reading your post :P awesome, thanks! i'll update the main post soon
  13. I wrote an exporter myself based on my blueprint/bluerender code :P It's just a prototype for now. I don't know why but when it imports colors they're really off, this is the very same model with the original materials as imported. Perhaps you can share some info on why it behaves like this? (probably i'm missing something) Here's a bigger technic model:
  14. how about this? :P
  15. Ops, i'll include length in BOM asap. For the problem: unfortunately arrows, texts, positions etc are attached to the layout, if you change the "structure" of the model, the layout has to be recalculated. The only thing you can do is the "regenerate page" command which regenerates a single page instead of the whole layout, so you only loose that stuff