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  1. Tijger-San


    Thank you everyone for the kind words! I recall that's been said as well, but a sixth of the whole build belonged to Tijger-San. So not completely a one man Lug My friends, are already making jokes about it as well: Big, Bigger, Marco! Yup! Big, Bigger, Marco! That's what I always say. Thank you Jonas! It was beautiful with your part connected. Now I know how you must have felt, displaying just a 'tiny' bit compared to Ecclesiastes's castle. The plan was to make it larger, but circumstances forced me to adjust my ambitions. Most of it is already taken apart. We'll probably won't be in Skaerbaek this year. I think we wil be busy with finishing our new layout for Lego World Utrecht around that time. If I remember correctly there are about 50.000 trans round plates. It's about time the Doctor landed in Guilds of Historica. The Tardis is a teaser for our next build. I'm posting instructions of the Tardis on Eurobricks for those of you who want to have a closer look. Edit: I just realised this was my first post in the Guilds of Historica forum and I haven't figured out my character and it's name yet...
  2. Tijger-San

    MOC: Doctor Who LEGO Tardis with building instructions

    Thank you very much Robin. I just added another step.
  3. Tijger-San

    MOC: Doctor Who LEGO Tardis with building instructions

    That's a good idea! It will probably be a bit bigger than this version. But that's fine, since it's a lot bigger on the inside. I've just added two more steps in the first post.
  4. Tijger-San

    [ MOC ] Carrousel

    It looks really good! The movements are smooth and I think it will look even better if it was running a little bit slower.
  5. I like how you managed to get the irregular panel look on this scale! It looks really good!
  6. Tijger-San

    MOC: Doctor Who LEGO Tardis with building instructions

    Thank you everyone. I've just added the first to building steps. I hope you like them.
  7. Hello Everyone, As some of you may know I've built a Tardis last year. It's been displayed on several events in several different layouts including a steampunk layout on Lego World Utrecht 2014 (of which I still have to post pictures) and a collaborative layout with Ecclesiastes on Lego World Kopenhagen last February of which I posted a picture below. The Tardis on Lego World Copenhagen 2015 by Tijger-San, on Flickr One of my fellow AFOL's, TAFOL, liked it so much that he offered to make building instructions for it. And that's what he did! I've made some small changes to the cover and the part callout but overall TAFOL is the one to take credit for making the photos and individual steps. I think he's done a brilliant job! Yesterday I've created and uploaded this teaser picture and asked people to send me a message titled "Torchwood" if they want a PDF version. Doctor Who LEGO Tardis building instructions by Tijger-San, on Flickr I've actually got quite a lot of requests so I've decided to do things differently. I'm going to try to upload one step each day. To kick it off, here are the cover page I made for it and the parts callout. The rest of the pages will upload over the coming days. Lego Tardis Instructions page 0 front by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 0 parts by Tijger-San, on Flickr And as promised here are more steps. Lego Tardis Instructions page 1 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 2 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 3 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 4 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 5 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 6 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 7 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 8 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Lego Tardis Instructions page 9 by Tijger-San, on Flickr Some people mentioned it's a bit small but I actually tried to build it on minifig scale. A minifig is a bit short compared to people and that's why my Tardis is a bit smaller to compensate that. Here is a picture I used for reference. As you can see in the picture above, the doctor can look trough the window although he may have to stand on his tows. That's also the case in my version. The picture below isn't briljant, but it shows a my Tardis compared to a minifig. Dr. Who's Tardis by Tijger-San, on Flickr Also, the height of the Tardis changed a bit with each doctor. The picture below shows a comparison of different Tardises (is that spelled correctly? ). That's why I think little differences between different MOC's are no issue at all. Let me know what you think and if you're building one, please post pictures. I'm also looking for someone who can print bricks and tiles. After all, what's a Tardis without the police box sign and public use notice?
  8. Tijger-San

    [Petition] Save LEGO the Lord of the Rings

    I think the main problem is that Lord of the Rings doesn't have any support to keep selling and getting popularity from kids. The main focus group is still children and they are the ones that ask their parents for certain sets. So, if you compare LOTR to Star Wars for which there is still a series airing on TV, video games are created and with a new movie in development you can easily figure out why Star Wars sets or even super hero sets sell and LOTR doesn't so much. The same thing happend with Pirates of the Caribbean. One of the reasons why Ninjago and Chima are so populair is because Lego produces a TV series and video games. How unfortunate this may sound, I think that themes like LOTR and Hobbit can't compete with that. The most important part of getting this to work is to convince Lego that a next wave of (special) sets will sell. By looking at projects on Lego Ideas I think you need at least 10000 votes for that. To help that cause I just signed. I think it's very wise to ask LOTR communities to sign. Projects like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, the NASA Mars rover and Doctor Who achieved 10000 votes via communities. It's also very important to let the world know that this is going on. Awesome MOC's could help getting people to vote. Write a contest! Who knows, do something funny or crazy and make this viral.
  9. Tijger-San

    MOC: Modular Coffee bar

    Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
  10. Tijger-San

    MOC: Pixel, the peeing Mixel

    Thank you Jared.
  11. Tijger-San

    MOC: Pixel, the peeing Mixel

    Thank you Freddy Bricker!
  12. Tijger-San

    MOC: Pixel, the peeing Mixel

    Whaha! Now that you mention it, he looks kinda like a bulldog. He can be set in different poses but everything is quite sturdy.
  13. Tijger-San

    MOC: Pixel, the peeing Mixel

  14. Tijger-San

    [MOC] Ei-wing bomber

    Thank you Doc_Brown!
  15. Tijger-San

    [MOC] Ei-wing bomber

    Thank you. It is quite hard to not let he bottom greebles stick out less thick, because it needs the stability for the stand but I'll keep it in mind.