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Found 90 results

  1. Agent Kallus

    [MOC] The Skaro Summer Bake off!

    Last summer on the Planet Skaro the evil Kaled scientist Davros gathered a legion of the most gifted Dalek warriors. They were taken outside of their cities, past the ruins of Thal civilisation to a great empty plain. There was a contest to determine who among them could serve him in his most nefarious scheme yet, but with was no ordinary contest, it was a BAKE OFF!!!!! Broadcasting this spectacle across the universe had seemed like a potentially lucrative opportunity to Davros. Money being in short supply because Daleks do not pay taxes and he had already spent a tonne on new sink plungers for his creations. Knowing now that he would televise the event Davros needed to find himself a co-host that could match his charm and wit, luckily he found one in the recently Cyber-converted Noel Fielding. Cyber-Noel was able to find them some judges in the form of a nestene duplicate of Paul Hollywood and the Weeping Angel division agent Mary Berry. Daleks competed in baking challenges for the title of star baker, all entrants to the bake off were exterminated expect for the overall winner, who earned a place in Davros's scheme, baking an irresistibly good cake for his birthday party so that he can get the Doctor to come to his party, cause Davros wants his autograph. So yeah, this was made as my entry to the summer time style contest based on very favourite Lego theme Doctor Who except it's not my favourite them as it only got 3 sets, though I'm always hoping for a revival of Lego Doctor Who. I might've of bent some of the rules slightly but hopefully I didn't break any. Whilst the Lego theme it's based on is Doctor who, this is obviously also inspired by the Great British Bake Off, making it somewhat of a mash up. There is a small 1*2 stud overhang from the base of the ground, Mary's wing and some other character parts do also have slight (hopefully negligible ) overhang of th12*12 base. It is not fully presented as a static scene as I show the characters in different places in the scene (if you can only consider one configuration, them I'd chose the one with the handshake and the loser being blown up by the special weapons dalek). Some fun little details include: A Hollywood handshake (Plungershake?) given to the victorious grey Dalek. The tart in the bin, referencing Bingate from the from Series 5 of GBBO. (after the loser is destroyed his cake goes in the bin too, a sad waste of a possibly decent cake) The Bin itself being a blue box is because Daleks tend want the inhabitants of a certain blue box destroyed Cyber-Noel was supposed to wear the Torso from CMF alien torso but I don't actually have that minifig (I got confused) so I improvised, but had he been wearing that torso I would have made it clear that the planet on his shirt is Mondas not Earth. The gingham tablecloth is meant to represent a technical challenge judging, where the bakers are supposed to all follow the same recipe and produce the same result, clearly one of our 2 Dalek finalists missed the mark, he must've been playing too much minecraft. The bakes on their workstations are meant to be their showstoppers, a chocolate bombe from the grey Dalek and an Éclair from the Imperial dalek. It is Chocolate week, hence the Bombe, éclair and chocolate cakes. Remeberance of the Daleks is one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, hence the inclusion of the imperial daleks (the grey dalek isn't based on any particular design however), the special weapons dalek (serving as executioner and exterminating the loser) and Davros in imperial colours (though not the emperor disguise as whilst I have made attempts at the closed dalek emperor design the parts needed for the version I liked don't come in the right colours) I omitted the tent because then it would just look like normal bake off, outdoors on an alien planet gets the vibe across better I think, besides I don't think it rains much on the post-Thal, post Time War Skaro. The GBBO finale usually has 4 bakers, however I cut it to 2 to give me some more room to play with, and to make the storytelling of the loser being exterminated more streamlined. And finally here is the scene with the characters removed and a line up of the characters. From left to right the character are: 1: Davros, 2: Cyber-Noel, 3: Nestene Duplicate Paul Hollywood, 4: Weeping Angel division agent Mary Berry, 5: Special Weapons Dalek, 6: Imperial Dalek Baker (Unexploded), 7: Imperial Dalek Baker (Exploded) and 8: The Grey Dalek/ Dalek Star Baker. Thanks for taking a look, I apologise for my subpar photography.
  2. okay so...technically this is sci-fi, but the build style is pure town/city. Overall view (Animated) "Lid off" view - Escalator closeup Phone booth / ice rink closeup Overall view (Top down) Music store closeup Food Court closeup Sporting goods closeup Fitness Center closeup Historical Costume photobooth Rear view (for power functions) Bonus: smooth escalator side-rail technique:
  3. Sir Gareth

    Doctor Who General Discussion

    Anything Doctor Who related (but, not show-related, that belongs in Culture and Multimedia) is welcome here! To start us off, I need some help: I've been working on a 9th/10th Doctor TARDIS Interior, and just can't get the console right, mainly the parts that curve along the sides: Any ideas?
  4. The Twelfth Doctor's Tardis by LegoPercy J, on Flickr I've wanted to build my own Tardis since I got the original ideas Doctor Who set, and I knew it had to be 12's, and while my collection of pieces wasn't robust enough at the time for the scale I wanted, I kept the idea in my pocket as the years went by. I began making progress planning the build in last year, and with the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who coming up decided to start work on it in earnest earlier this year. I loved how lived in the 12th Doctor's Tardis felt, with the bookshelves along the walls being one of my favorite details of the interior and one I started working on right after I built the central console. The lights along the top of the walls were also a detail I knew I wanted since I started planning the MOC and while that was something new for me I'm happy with how they turned out too. The build is based off the appearance of the Tardis Interior in Series 9 and 10, with some added references on the lower level. It isn't a perfect recreation of the actual interior; I took some liberties with the height and other aspects but I think I managed to nail down the feeling of 12's Tardis Interior if not the exact scale. As a bonus, here's the Tardis at Brickworld Chicago last weekend alongside my Doctor Who 60th Anniversary build with my Dalek designs and purist Doctor figures (all of which also need their own Tardis to call home, which hopefully will be coming soon). It was fun seeing the build I had imagines for so long finally come together and being able to share it with the community. And of course, don't forget to click below
  5. somelegothings_

    [MOC] David Tennant's TARDIS Console

    10th Doctor’s Console by SporadicUser, on Flickr Nothing to really say here, did go through Tennant's catalog and really enjoyed it. Forgot how much I liked it as a kid and that interest is revitalized as an adult. It's really exciting to see he's coming back. I'll also have a build for 14 (or whatever Doctor Ncuti Gatwa is) when it's revealed. For now, I'll post about some of my favorite parts... the screen actually spins! I have stickers numbered "10" and "14" on the console - though the "14" is hiding behind a microphone. Hand in a jar is there, and Wolverine claws are used to mimic wiring under the console. Unfortunately, Tennant is edited by myself and is not a figure anyone (even myself) can purchase. I've composited different figs into one. The base of Tennant's head is Owen from Jurassic World, eyes and eyebrows are from Star Wars' Cassian Andor, cheekbones are from Star Wars' Biggs Darklighter, and the mouth is from one of the Weasely twins. The sneakers are edited on from Beaker (Muppets CMF). The sonic is made from a Harry Potter Gryffindor sword (the red gem I edited blue), an X piece from Speed Champion tools cut for the base of the sonic, and a Harry Potter wand for the butt of the thing. The sticker on the screen isn't super accurate but I thought using some stickers from the new Harry Potter sets would be fun and this wizard looked particularly time-lord-y!
  6. ...secretely being watched by the Doctor and Clara Oswald The Doctor enjoying his private collection by Marc S., auf Flickr We have the opportunity to see the 12th Doctor enjoying his private collection of defeated adversaries and menaces onboard the Tardis in one of his scarce moments of peace. He hasn't realized, that he is secretly being watched by the 11th Doctor and Clara Oswald. Or has he? :) This MOC is my contribution to the BB2020@home building competition by Bricking Bavaria. #BB2020 #BrickingBavaria
  7. gryffindorbrickkid

    CMFs for former themes

    Imagine if LEGO brought back any of your favourite themes like The Simpsons, LOTR or POTC for a CMF series. Who will you choose to be in that said series.
  8. NathanR

    Doctor Who: Chess Set

    Doctor Who and the Daleks prepare to do battle... on the chess board! The board itself uses a 48x48 baseplate with 6x6 squares that alternate between light and dark tan. Each square has a 2x2 plate in the middle of it to help anchor the chess pieces to the board, either for display purposes or during gameplay. All the chess pieces have a base made up of 3x6 wedge plates, with the cutouts making great finger holds. For the light pieces we have all the elements of classic Doctor Who, from the time lord himself down to his faithful robotic dog K-9: Against him is quite literally an army of Daleks! This was an old MOC I decided to spruce up after discovering the excellent range of custom printed Doctor Who figures available from For the Doctor's pieces, the King and Queen are represented by the 7th Doctor (armed with his umbrella) and companion Ace (as seen in the classic story Remembrance of the Daleks, armed with the baseball bat from the Hand of Omega). The bases pay homage to the classic roundels on the Tardis walls, and to the transparent column in the original Tardis console. The figures shown here are just placeholders and will be swapped out for the versions when built in real life. The bishop is the Doctor's vintage roadster Bessie - this small car was used extensively by 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee, but made a brief return in the 7th Doctor's story "Battlefield". I've always been proud of the fact that I got to sit in the driving seat of the real one. The knight is the TARDIS console, and it was an absolute nightmare to design a hexagon that fit within a 6x6 footprint! Lastly, the rook is the TARDIS itself - I've got some custom printed 1x4 tiles labelled "Police Box" to add in, though I can't remember who the manufacturer was. For the black pieces, the king is none other than the creator of the Daleks - Davros! Shown here in his original black-and-silver wheelchair, I'm still working on a version of him as he appeared in Remembrance of the Daleks, which would probably fit better with the 7th Doctor opposite him. The Queen is the black Dalek from the 1965 movie with Peter Cushing, which ruled the dalek city - this piece features a 2x2 swivel tile that lets the dome and eyestalk spin freely, as a reminder that the queen can move in any direction. The bishop is the red Dalek from the 1965 movie, and includes the claw that was the movie alternative to the sink plunger. The knight can hop over other pieces, so in this case it's a white Dalek hovering up a flight of stairs (another homage to Remembrance of the Daleks). And lastly, the rook is the tank-like "Special Weapons Dalek". A better look at the Dalek hovering up the stairs It only took them 25 years to learn how to do that! The chess set is quite fun to play with - just remember that the Daleks can be sore losers....
  9. The 1967 Doctor Who story "The Evil of the Daleks" introduced the malevolent ruler of the Dalek empire. Its bloated brain occupied a casing that was over three times the size of a normal Dalek, incapable of movement and hardwired into all of Skaro's control systems and battle computers. However, the Emperor met his match when he ensnared the second Doctor and his companion, Jamie, in a devious plot to turn the Daleks into an unstoppable fighting force. The Doctor instead imbued the Daleks with the "Human Factor", which made them start questioning their orders and turn on their Emperor. The story climaxed with a massive firefight within the Emperor's throne room, as the elite black Daleks tried to exterminate all the humanised daleks. The Emperor Dalek, unable to move and having lost all control over its empire, could only look on and helplessly scream "Do not fight in here!" This playset includes the 2nd Doctor, his companion Jamie, a silver dalek, an elite black dalek, an exterminated dalek, and the Emperor Dalek (with hinged front panel to reveal the mutant inside). It was an older MOC I discovered in my archives, and it seems that several years ago I uploaded it to Lego Cuusoo, but never got round to sharing here. I've updated the dalek mini figures to follow the designs from my recent chess set, made the Emperor's plinth dark blue, and given the Emperor a slightly more secure connection to the plinth. I'm quite proud of the cylindrical construction used for the Emperor's head, but it relies on a 3mm bar that has a slightly flimsy connection to the central column of 2x2 round bricks inside the Emperor's base section.
  10. (it is a typical Fall evening in Newbury, USA. - misty and chilly. Our main Hidden Side protagonists, Jack, Parker, and Spencer the ghost dog have tracked a large well of ghost energy to the graveyard on the far side of town. Mr. Branson, the cemetery caretaker, has arranged to open the gates for them while they search for ghosts after being convinced of their reality.) Mr. Branson opens the heavy iron gate, letting Parker and Jack inside, their ghost-hunting phones fully charged. Parker, who is usually optimistic, suddenly blurts out: "I've got a funny feeling about this, we should've brought Professor J.B. as backup." Jack says in reply: "Come on, Parker, what so bad about a grave yard? We've fought math tests harder than this. Besides: J.B. is helping out with the cleanup at school from our last adventure with these ghost hunting apps. The group heads on inside the cemetery.... About five minutes into scanning the grounds, Jack does a double take and calls Parker over. "I swear that statue just moved!" Jack proclaims." Impossible", says Parker, it's not showing up on the ghost app. "You are probably just tired from all your ghost fighting." Mr. Branson insists, but Jack wasn't so sure... Suddenly, a ghost appears on the app's scanners: "We got one!" says Parker, as she starts to fight with spirit. Wailing and moaning, the lost soul suddenly screams loudly "Leave while you still can!" Jack joins in the fight, sending the spirit tumbling through the air, smaller and smaller.... The ghost becomes a spirit orb, ready to be picked up by J.B. with her specialist gloves at a later time. But, just then, Mr. Branson approaches the orb, swings his lantern and shatters it, freeing the ghost. "Why did you do that for!?" Jack and Parker shout in unison. Mr. Branson snaps his fingers and the gates to the grounds slam shut. "They need to feed on something.... after all, I do have a deal to bring them food." Mr. Branson continues, "and your the latest meal." Jack shouts "The gates are locked and electrified! We're trapped!" Parker then notices the statues slowly waking up. "Uh, Jack, we got bigger problems. About the statues you mentioned, they are definitely alive!"... Jack and Parker begin to back up slowly to the rear of the the graveyard, always keeping an eye to the statues, as it strangely makes them stop moving. What they don't notice is one of the statues right behind them, that is until it is crushed to atoms by certain blue police box falling from the sky. Everyone is stunned for a second, especially Jack and Parker. Then, out of the box steps a ginger haired woman. She says to the two ghost hunters an iconic line for the ages: "At last! A ginger!" Getting her bearings, the ginger haired woman tells the two teenagers to get behind her: She will take care of the "Weeping Angel" and it's caretaker. Jack then finds it's probably a good time to ask Spencer to go find J.B. to get her involved, as any backup (and the Newbury police would be welcome at this point) The ginger haired lady then takes pair's phone's and fries them, mumbling something about the "graven image". She does this while asking them to take refuge inside her "TARDIS". "What's that? The blue box? It can't possibly fit us all!" shrieks Parker as Jack shoves her in. (Jack probably realized that logic went out the window a while ago.) The ginger haired lady follows them in, pulls a single switch on a dark console in a pitch-black room, and the box dissolves from Branson's view in a groaning, wheezing, sort of way. Now alone with the remaining Weeping Angel in the graveyard, and with police sirens getting nearer, Mr. Branson is considering his fate. He has failed to get food for his masters, and even destroyed one of them. He awaits his fate with dignity and closes his eyes as the end comes swiftly.... (SNAP) What will happen to Jack and Parker and the ginger haired woman? Will Spencer manage to get the message to J.B. about where Jack and Parker are? And what will happen to all of those ghosts' data stored on those fried phones? Only time will tell!
  11. Christmas might be over, but the next one is just around the corner,isn´t it? Are there any Doctor Who fans here?This moc was inspired by the 2010 episode "A Christmas Carol" which takes a lot of inspiration from the Dickins original but not without adding a good chunk of Whovian scifi elements. Notable scenes include a flying shark that is later put in front of a rickshaw to pull it through the air with ease. The MOC contains said giant shark with the rickshaw tied to it and the Doctor piloting while young Kazran and Abigail are having the time of their lives. IMG_20181227_125800 IMG_20181227_125815 IMG_20181227_125854 IMG_20181227_125901 IMG_20181227_125916 IMG_20181227_125932 IMG_20181227_125940 IMG_20181227_125954 Hope you guys like it, comments are welcome.
  12. Episode 5: The Edge of Existence After many adventures together, The Doctor and Sarah travel to a resource facility gathering infinite energy from the Edge of Existence. The Doctor finds an enemy he thought was long gone. Doctor Who is owned by the BBC Lego is manufactured by The Lego Group
  13. Lego Doctor Who: Episode 4: Re-Birth of the Daleks Please be sure to watch right to the end for special scene. The TARDIS lands on an overgrown jungle area on an unknown world. The Doctor and Sarah discover a secret laboratory on a ship and the resurrection of the Dalek Empire. Doctor Who is owned by the BBC Lego is manufactured by The Lego Group
  14. LEGODalekbuster523

    Doctor Who CMF Campaign

    Billy Treacy of FiveWhoFans' fame has launched a Twitter campaign to get LEGO to produce a Doctor Who CMF series:
  15. Episode uses close up shots in official lego plane, and large forest i created. Always wanted to have episode with lots of people trapped together. Similar to real 'Planet of the Dead, Midnight' episodes. Next ep will re-use forest and dark hallways as seen in Next time teaser. Lego Doctor Who - Episode 3: Flight of a Lifetime The Doctor tracks an alien signature to a departing plane flight. He boards the plane in attempts to stop the alien threat but ends up trying to bring everyone back home after they are sent to an alien world. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe. I would love to hear feedback.
  16. My first episode, fully voiced, but low fps. i am using higher fps each episode. TARDIS interior is custom made set. After effects used. LEGO Doctor Who Episode 1: A Different Eleventh Hour A newly regenerated Doctor crashes in the middle of the ocean on Earth. A nearby coast guard receives an SOS and approaches the sinking TARDIS. Sarah Paige, risks her life to save The Doctor, who in returns offers her to chance to travel in time and space with him. Full credits at end of video Doctor Who is owned by the BBC. Lego is manufactured by The Lego Group Please leave feedback and comments, i would love to read what you think. Thanks for watching.
  17. sander1992

    MOC: The Doctor vs. The Daleks

    Hi all, I wanted to create a scene with Doctor Who and I wanted to experiment with floor techniques. The Doctor found out that the Daleks have created a portal to travel through time. The Daleks want to go back to the Time War to save their race from extinction. The Doctor have three Daleks in his vision, but he is not aware there is a fourth Dalek. Clara keep a low profile and stays with the TARDIS. No one have noticed that Weeping Angels are present and absorbing energy from the portal. For more pictures you can go to my Flickr album. Doctor Who Comments and questions are welcome. Sander
  18. BenLegoFilms

    Lego Doctor Who Teaser

    Hello everyone.Please check out my teaser for upcoming lego brickfilm Doctor Who series i am working on.Episode 1 has almost done editing, just need to add voices. Teaser 2 is going to be uploaded soon, then full trailer. Please let me know what you think.
  19. This is MOC of November 2014. I tried to build my own TARDIS almost the year before the release of 21304 Ideas set (Andrew Clark's project was approved in February 2015, and my TARDIS was inspired by his project, which I voted with a great expectations and got my fingers crossed till the results of the 2014 review were announced) My aim was to build a TARDIS, which CAN open and close the doors. So it doesn't looks well, it doesn't looks like original, but it works! :) I'm going to return to my project and to represent another characters, including Ood Sigma, the Judoons, Martha Jones, River Song, Amy and Roryand my own Clara (because I don't like her minifigure in the set). Probably I'll also add to this company such characters as Jackie Tyler, Mickey, Sarah Jane Smith and K9. But I need a lot of time and inspiration, so this will happen not in the near future. Perhaps this summer, maybe later) WARNING: this MOC contain spoilers! You have been warned by River Song! xD Because I like to collect the characters of my favorite films, I just could not pass by one of three my the most favorite TV series - Doctor Who) But the Doctor is not the Doctor without his TARDIS, his sonic screwdriver and his trusty friends) I put some soundtrack music into the text, hope you will like it))) Murray Gold - Westminster Bridge The first music heard in the show, it marked the return of the Doctor on TV screens. You can describe it by the first phrase you heard from the Doctor in the new series - "Run!" So, who is the Doctor, why no one knows his name, what or who is the TARDIS, and why everyone loves this series? The Doctor - is the (almost) last one of his kind of great and powerful alien race of the Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey. They differ from humans in that they evolved from reptiles, they have two hearts, they live just an incredibly long time (several thousand years), and they can to regenerate up to 12 times, if they are on the verge of death. When regeneration, not only the appearance is changing, but also the personality. The Gallifreyans were smart enough (no one human can live with the knowledge of the Time Lords, our brains too underdeveloped) to come up with the idea to travel in space and time. They invented the time machines called TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Its a live being, so you can't to build a TARDIS, only to grow it. They may take the form of any object through a device called the Chameleon Circuit, but it was broken at Doctor's TARDIS, so it stuck at the form of an police phone box. But the most important thing in this amazing machine is that it's bigger on the inside (than the outside). Much bigger. Definitely. De Lorean from Back in the Future never can be like this))) The Doctor can't say his own name because "one wrong word can change all the time and space". Because he protects the Earth from the scum of the universe better than the Men in Black, it's better to him to keep his real name in secret. So this cult British sci-fi TV series celebrated more than 50 years and it is firmly inscribed itself in popular culture. It is impossible not to love the show, where you can visit Pompeii, open the London 2012 Olympic Games, to go to the end of time, to live in a parallel universe, to solve a mystery of Agatha Christie, to save the planet from the Daleks, to go to a tour of the planet Midnight (well, what wrong could happen?), go through initiation into the knights and then be exiled, to stuck into the longest traffic jam in the world, to learn that statues are not always stay still, meet a friend of your future, for which your acquaintance is the past, and much more! Let me introduce the characters to you) Murray Gold - The Doctor Forever This theme first heard in the Christmas special of the second season, later used in the third. The Doctor can regenerate 12 times, which implies a 13 completely different personalities. Usually, most viewers like that incarnation of the Doctor, whom they saw first. In my case it was Tenth, brilliantly played by David Tennant, so I decided to add him and his companions to my collection first. Tenth Doctor in general appears to us carefree, talkative, good-natured, witty and daring, but he becomes more serious when dealing with enemies. He sometimes also ruthless and dangerous, as well as his seventh incarnation, but has much less tendency to complex schemes and intricate action. Like the Seventh and Ninth Doctor, Tenth sometimes uses a cheerful, energetic appearance to mask true feelings. He loves to talk, always twists important information with complete nonsense to blunt the vigilance of the enemy. Also on occasion he can be rude and cruel, but this incarnation of the Doctor is merciful. His catchphrase - the French expression "Allons-y!", which means "Forward!". Murray Gold - Rose's Theme Despite the fact that the first episode of the revived series is named in honor of Rose, a separate theme music for her only appeared in the episode The End of the Worlds. The Doctor could not stand a thousand years of loneliness, if he didn't have true friends. The first companion of the Ninth and then Tenth Doctor was Rose Tyler, played by actress Billie Piper. Rose Tyler was an employee in a shop in central London, who met the Ninth Doctor during the invasion of Autons. The main track, which she had left after her travels in the TARDIS, is a time paradox which was associated with the words "Bad Wolf". Ninth Doctor and Rose during their travels constantly found these words without understanding what they mean. As it turned out later, trying to save the Doctor from the Daleks, Rose stared into the heart of the TARDIS, becoming the temporary storage of its forces. She gave herself the name "Bad Wolf", because it was a name of corporation where they were, and sent a message to the Doctor and Rose in the past. After destroying the Daleks, she could not restrain the force more and the Doctor absorbed it into himself, resulting in the regeneration of the Ninth to Tenth. By the way, the stickers on all the characters painted by me, but being based on the already existing and released Lego torsos, that is, in fact, some of the details I just repainted in a different color. Welcome to the TARDIS! Murray Gold - Doomsday This music sounds in the finale of the last episode of the second season - one of the most memorable and recognizable scenes of the series. Reading of this paragraph is not recommended for those who don't like SPOILERS. Unfortunately, Rose Tyler was locked in a parallel universe, a way to which was finally and completely closed at the same moment when the Doctor with the help of the hologram was trying to say something that he was going to for a long time... The moment of farewell of Doctor and Rose at the Bad Wolf Bay somewhere in Norway - one of the saddest episodes of the series. Another view. Murray Gold - The Runaway Bride Music from Christmas special issue of the second season. Surely writers couldn't finish the second season on such a sad note, and so at the last minute of episode Doomsday some bride unexpectedly materializes at hanging in a space somewhere in a galaxy far, far away (but not in the Star Wars, of course) TARDIS and she requires the bewildered Doctor immediate explaining how she got here. As it turns on, a bride named Donna Noble was attracted by Huon particles, which her fiance force-fed her, who worked on the aliens. These particles pulled her into the TARDIS. Donna refuses to continue to travel with the Doctor, so in the third season Martha Jones becomes his companion. Unfortunately, at the time when I was building this MOC, Lego has not released any Afro-American women yet, so I can't portrayed her then. But now I have a Storm from X-Men in my collection, so wait for Martha! :) Murray Gold - All the Strange, Strange Creatures Music from the trailer of the third season, then sounded in different series throughout the season. Speaking of the third season. In one series the Doctor had to temporarily become a man in order to escape from the hunting of the Family of Blood (no, they are not vampires, but they hunted for the Doctor to get his immortality). He did it with the help of an interesting device called Chameleon Arch. All his memories and knowledge of the Time Lords were enclosed in pocket watches, as in the photo above. And yes, sometimes the Tenth Doctor wears glasses, but only in order to appear more smart. Although no one can be smarter! :) And once again we are talking about the Doctor, it is impossible not to mention his famous gadget - sonic screwdriver. Sonic screwdriver is not a weapon. This is a complex instrument with many functions, the most famous of which - the opening of locks by a power of a sound wave. You can read about other functions here. This is how it looks in the TV series (but in fact it's a photo of a toy): In the fourth season Donna returns and becoming my favorite character in the Doctor Who universe) Murray Gold - Donna's Theme The composer wrote a new theme for the triumphant return of Donna. Donna Noble is a secretary from Chiswick, played by actress Catherine Tate, not just back, but also independently find the Doctor - and it is not the thing that everyone can do! She has a quick temper, and more independent than other companions. Another view. One critic wrote that Donna Noble acts as the "conscience of the Doctor" and stands out against the background of all the other companions of the Doctor, because "she does not need to be saved", and she never asks,"What is it, Doctor?". Critics also praised the fact that there was no love theme in a relationship of the Doctor and Donna. In addition, Donna can easily put boasting time traveler to the place: The Doctor: [stepping out of the TARDIS] Ah! Smell that air! Grass and lemonade! And a little bit of mint. Just a hint of mint. Must be the 1920s. Donna: You can tell what year it is just by smelling? The Doctor: Oh, yeah. Donna: Or, maybe, that big vintage car coming up the drive gave it away. The dialogue between Doctor and Donna in the episode The Unicorn and the Wasp. I made few different stickers for Donna. I'm going to make new stickers for Rose as well in the future. Another view. Another view. Welcome to the TARDIS once again! Murray Gold - Life Among the Distant Stars Very beautiful theme dedicated to the amateur astronomer Wilfred Mott. In the first episode of the fourth season also appears Donna's grandfather Wilfred Mott, played by actor Bernard Cribbins. Unlike many people on Earth, Wilfred was ready to believe that the aliens will one day come to the world, and that humanity will eventually travel to the stars and to communicate with aliens. In the evening, he comes to the hill with a telescope to watch the stars. In the special of the fourth season Wilfred was a temporary companion of the Doctor and played an important role. Donna and her grandfather. Another view. Wilfred and his telescope. Donna Grandpa will look through his telescope after the Doctor) Murray Gold - The Doctor's Daughter According to the composer, this series is not possible to come up with a slogan better than "Hello, Dad" In one series of the fourth season the TARDIS brings the Doctor, Donna and Martha on the planet Messaline, where there was a war between humans and fish-headed humanoids. Against the will of the Doctor some machine took a sample of his DNA, the genes were shuffled together, and they've got a clone - Jenny, the Doctor's "daughter", played by actress Georgia Moffett. Despite the fact that she was raised for the war, she is still very cheerful. Another view. Murray Gold - The Source The culmination of the episode The Doctor's Daughter - one of my favorite in the series. I hope that we will see Jenny again one day... Screenshot from an episode. The Lone Dalek Although initially this music was written for an episode The Lone Dalek of the first season, it was used as an additional theme for Rose later. Reading of this paragraph is not recommended for those who don't like SPOILERS. In the epic and grand finale of the fourth season the Daleks stole an Earth and another 26 planets, and placed them to the Medusa Cascade. They also captured the TARDIS, the Doctor and all his companions, including Rose Tyler, who managed to escape from a parallel universe, because of the actions of the Daleks the borders of the worlds starts to collapse. Due to biological meta-crisis of the severed hand, which the Doctor lost during the Christmas special of the first season, increased his clone - Meta-Crisis Doctor with all the knowledge and memories of the original Doctor, but turned out to be half man. He destroyed the Daleks, and as the punishment for this genocide was to be sent to a parallel universe, which starts to close again. And Rose, unfortunately, also can't leave the parallel universe, so the characters met again at the Bad Wolf Bay to say farewell forever. The Doctor: We've got to go. This reality is sealing itself off, forever. Rose: But, it's still not right, 'cause the Doctor is still you. The Doctor: And I'm him. Rose: All right, both of you, answer me this: When I last stood on this beach, on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me? Go on, say it. The Doctor: I said "Rose Tyler". Rose: Yeah? And how was that sentence gonna end? The Doctor: Does it need saying? Rose: And you, Doctor, what was the end of that sentence? Another view. Another screenshot from an episode. Rose and two Doctors. Doctor and Meta-Crisis Doctor. Meta-Crisis Doctor and Rose. Another view. So, we met with the Doctor and his companions, and we can now go on a journey, and to begin to explore the TARDIS) Murray Gold - The Greatest Story Never Told In general, it is a theme of the first appearance of River Song in the fourth season, but I like it a lot, so I just put it here) Here it is, a world-famous British police telephone box! All stickers for the TARDIS were drawn from scratch by me. The basic design of my TARDIS is inspired by the work from Lego Ideas, especially AndrewClark2's. But my know-how is the doors? which can open and close. However, in fact, they should open inward, but the design does not allow me to do so. My TARDIS is a bit disproportionate relative to the minifigures because of the need to create a functioning door. If you look inside the TARDIS, you can see its core and center console, as in this picture. View from above. View from above without the roof. Here you can see heavy paper insert. A picture on insert were drawn by me - partly at Photoshop, partly by pencils. So we looked at TARDIS outside, we can move now to its central room - the console room. Murray Gold - This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home The composition is dedicated to Doctor's home planet - theGallifrey, locked in a trap of the Time War. The TARDIS have a lot of different rooms, but most of the scenes of the series is featured console room from which you can control the movements of a time machine. In different seasons TARDIS interior design has changed, so the console of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor is particularly different from the Ninth and Tenth consoles, which I took as a basis. Unfortunately, I could not get with a drawing of coral background, but in general, I think, it works. TARDIS inside door is looks mirror reflection the door outside. View from above. View from above without background. View without background. Another view. The central part of the TARDIS consists of the center console and the time column. TARDIS time column keeps the energy due to which the time machine can operate. The design of the main consoles I took from The TARDIS Handbook. Although there are depicted the console of Eleventh Doctor, to build them from Lego is quite difficult, so they just served as an example of console design. TARDIS when flying often shakes, because it must be controlled by six pilots (according to the number of consoles) but has to be controlled by one Doctor as only he knows for what all these unthinkable buttons are intended. On the helm console placed steering mechanism with eyepiece and time rotor handbrake. To the right of it (or counterclockwise) is a navigation console, on which time and space forward/back control and directional pointer are placed. To the right of it is a diagnostic console, on which quantum foam manipulators, bunsen burner and organic diagnostic are placed. Between the previous and next console is the monitor placed. Image on it was took from an episode Stolen Earth. To the right of it is a communication console, on which voice recorder, analogue radio waves detect/monitor/change, scanner/typewriter and an analogue telephone are placed. To the right of it is a fabrication console, on which materialise/dematerialise fabrication and fabricated dispenser are placed. To the right of it is a mechanical console, on which engine release lever,locking down mech and gyroscopic stabilizer are placed. The TARDIS also have two assitional consoles - left and right. Left console. Right console. Tenth Doctor and Rose at the TARDIS. Tenth Doctor and Donna at the TARDIS. It's time to meet the enemies of the Doctor. Murray Gold - The Dark and Endless Dalek Night Music that accompanied the Dalek invasion in the fourth season. The Daleks are the main enemies of the Doctor, armored beings, devoid of all emotions, but hatred, dreaming to become the only race in the universe. Their catchphrase is "Exterminate!". Daleks of different eras differ by color. I made a small squad of the Time War Daleks. Brown is ordinary soldier. Left view. Front view. Right view. Rear view. Black is the leader. Left view. Front view. Right view. Rear view. Red is the supreme commander. Left view. Front view. Right view. Rear view. Doctor and Donna surrounded by the Daleks. Murray Gold – The Cybermen The Cybermen theme from the first season. The Cybermen are humans who have put their brain and central nervous system in a robot's body. However, they are deprived of all the emotions and also tend to turn all the humans into Cybermen. Their catchphrase is "Delete!". Another view. Doctor and Rose hides from the Cybermen. Murray Gold – Blink (Suite) Music from an episode Blink - the first episode in whch the Weeping Angels are appeared. The Weeping Angels are quantum-locked beings, which means that they turn to the stone statues when someone looks at them. If no one is watching, they move very fast. That is why they hide their faces, as if they saw each other, they turn to a stone forever. If Weeping Angel touches a living being, it will go into the past, and will live there until his or her death, without the possibility to return to his or her life at nis or her own's century, with the Angel gets power of all the days that his victim could live. The only way to escape from them - not to blink. The Weeping Angel. Angel hides its face (this is quite problematic for a minifigure to do that). Weeping Angel stretched out its hands to the victim. Another view. The angels takes the phone box. A good way to neutralize the Weeping Angels forever. Screenshot from an episode Blink: "Don't blink, don't even blink! Blink and you're dead. They're fast, faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink! Good Luck." Thanks for watching and any comments are very welcomed!
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    I built a Tardis interior but I wanted to put a new spin on it so.... Presenting Time machine DIY with portals. Chell's not using the official legs or gun cause I haven't gotten the portal dimensions pack yet but I got the torso and head separately.
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