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  1. One detail that most people are missing: This is the very first Technic set with 4 doors and seats! Given the quality of the set, I can't help but think of how bad the collaboration with Ford appears to have been. Did LEGO not show the suits at Ford what the set looks like without stickers? Who at Ford would approve a 2WD version of one of their most iconic 4WD vehicles... and at that price point!?
  2. What a beautiful recreation! I'm especially impressed with how you have designed the rotor hub and the small details there. I know how devious of a design detail that can be to recreate.
  3. Lasse D

    Lexus LC500

    Thanks. I'm glad that you like it. It seems like the cut-out version was worth the effort!
  4. I have to agree with you here. LEGO seems to be extremely happy with Volkswagen AG. We now have three Beetles (10252, 10187, 40252, not to mention the huge amount of beetles in the H0 era, such as for 1261, 260, 810, etc.), three camper vans (10220, 40079, 10279, not to mention all of the H0 version) and all of the flagship Technic cars (Porsche 911, Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Sian) are from Volkswagen AG. I know that Volkswagen is highly loved in Denmark, but not every LEGO fan is also a Volkswagen fan (especially after 2015!). If I were a French LEGO enthusiast who was not good at creating MOCs (and didn't know about Rebrickable), then I would be sad to not see any iconic French vehicles, such as the DS or the Type H that you mention. The shape of the T2 seems to be very well recreated in the set - although I am not too happy with how the bodywork flares out at the bottom of the rear window. Also. It would have been nice to see the doors extend down like on the real vehicle.
  5. When we go sub-half-plating, it is difficult to make something both correct and small. I typically use the 0.2 mm space between LEGO parts for these kind of offsets, such as seen on the headlight in the car shown in that picture, or more clearly in the rear diffuser of the Ford GT: This is achieved by turning 1-stud connections. In Technic-creations I typically use bushes on cross-axles.
  6. This is my 1.20 version of the Lexus LC500. Building instructions where you can change the color here: The car turned out to be the most complicated scale LEGO model that I have ever built! To highlight the complexity of this model, I have built this cut-out version highlighting the hinges, brackets and other SNOT parts that lie under the surface: It started in 2017 where I started planning and simply had to scrap the project due to a lack of ideas for how to create the finer details. In 2020 I started the project up again This is the version I had completed by December 2020: It was shown in LEGO Masters Denmark 2021. However. I was not satisfied with the results and started all over. This time I measured the real car instead of relying on pictures. This white version shows how I'm experimenting with different building techniques in the two sides. The final car took several straight months of building and rebuilding, so I hope that you enjoy the result, and perhaps the building instructions. That said, in the video you can also see how far from the real car the design is. LEGO is an imperfect medium, and this is the best result that I have been able to achieve.
  7. In the semi finals of LEGO Masters Denmark, the theme was "the four elements" and the task was to build a society. Esben and I drew "air" and built the "Society of Wind". This society harvested wind in order to support their extravagant lifestyle. In total there were 12 motorised features of our society. Two of those are these models: A manual flyer with wings: It bashes the double-hinged wings up and down: While this wind powered organ has the keys, pump and windmill moving: The windmill drives the pump, which pushes air into the organ: I show these models in action in this short video. Please turn on subtitles. The building instructions can be found here; It was difficult to find the right sub forum for these models. Luckily Time Cruisers exist, so this fits alright here, I believe. The next episode is the finals. I hope you enjoy both the models from the semifinals, but also what we come up with for the finals.
  8. In the sixth episode of LEGO Masters, Esben and I built Esla. You can get building instructions for this model here: Esla is a giant scaly Wyvern and it was suspended from a single 1x16 Technic brick. You can see the original on the poster where they are looking for contestants for season 2 A light brick is placed in the mouth to light up the flame. It looks best when it is completely dark.
  9. Lasse D

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    My theory: Money. I have two Town Halls - one of them has a pair of brides, and the other a pair of grooms on the steps. They stood so for years before getting rebuilt into something else. And LEGO sold two town halls to a single customer. It is the same with this new set. You get so few arches in each color that you have to purchase multiple if you want to build certain models in these colors.
  10. Lasse D

    [MOC] Giant Bunny Mech

    Get building instructions for this model here: This is a giant bunny mech was among the models that Esben and I built for the evil kids in the "Super Heroes VS Villains" episode of LEGO Masters Denmark. There are also a lot of other toys - all with building instructions on Some of these toys are UCS Star Wars models that the judge of the show had designed Unfortunately only the Star Destroyer made it to the show since we didn't yet know if he also had designed the Tantive IV. It turns out that he has, so there are also instructions for it. The mech is controlled from the head and uses light bricks for lighting up the eyes The model is also posable and has details, such as the stumpy tail All of the toys are supposed to look as gruesome as possible. I think that we achieved that goal!
  11. Lasse D

    [MOC] Surfer Dude

    This is the "surfer dude" from the fourth episode of LEGO Masters Denmark There are building instructions for the model here: The model is posable so that you can make him ride the waves just how you want him to: I have tried to include a lot of fun building techniques into this model. As an example, I use half-plate offsetting in the surf board to make a smooth shape, bananas for hair, and 1x2 log pieces for the six pack. The tattoo on the chest is there because the host of the show thought the model looked like him, and he has a tattoo right there - so naturally we had to include that detail as well :D
  12. The main problem I have with the scale models is that they take a very, very, very long time to build. For instance, my CT200h took 4 years to complete with several months dedicated to the model. The amazing tug boats and other models shown in the forum might take even longer to construct. Having models that take months seems to be the norm, and with so few builders making content, it is clear why the amount of new content is limited.
  13. In the third episode of LEGO Masters in Denmark we built fairground rides. I want to share building instructions for each episode where Esben and I participate, and this week we built and airport themed section of the fun fair. See building instructions for the models here: The toilet is themed as those red and white buildings you see on the runways of real airports It even has an accessible stall, and full interior, of course: For visitors I invented a way of creating wheelchairs using the parts available. I am very happy with the result, even though these are not the most complicated of models We also had some crazy big rides. Sharing building instructions for those would have been futile, so I transformed our grand ferris wheel into this swing It goes all the way around: Esben and I are safe for the next round where I also want to share a building instruction with you :)
  14. Thanks. I unfortunately do not know of any legal ways of watching it outside of Denmark. It will have to be TV networks that pick it up. And they will only do so if we build something really extraordinary... so we will try just that!
  15. LEGO Masters episode 2 aired in Denmark yesterday. In that program we built fairy tales from H.C. Andersen. The fairy tale Esben and I got was The Steadfast Tinsoldier Esben and I have a promised of sharing as much as possible from this program. We are making streams with "behind the scenes" and interviews of other contestants. Unfortunately these streams are in Danish. However. I am also creating building instructions. This week the instructions are of the two models above. Get them for free here: I have changed the base of the ballerina a bit compared to the models shown on TV. Creating a shelf would not work as well as a standalone model. Special building techniques in these models include using strings for the ballet shoes, and feathers for the skirt.