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  1. There are special retailers for LEGO education sets. Here in Denmark we have "Mikroværkstedet". I'm sure you have something similar in Australia.
  2. Hi @SylvainLS Is it this you are referring to? I wonder if there is some way of seeing that in a way where you can read the messages without clicking on them all and get lost in the maze.
  3. I'm the author of LDDMC which uses Java, but doesn't require additional downloads. I'm looking into features that people want in mosaic software. Are there any must-have features in PicToBrick behind your reason for choosing it over other LEGO mosaic makers?
  4. Lego GBC Looper thing

    It's a sweet little module and a great intro to GBC. You don't even have to do much to comply with the official 10x10x10 inbox design of GBC should you want to go in that direction.
  5. Pull back motors have been explicitly banned from FLL now due to this kind of usage. This is why you saw the tall weighted towers last year - they were substituting the pull back motors. Retail vs. Education? Easy choice: Education comes with better parts and a good box for storage. Just remember to get a rechargeable battery.
  6. [WIP] Big Truck

    I see a Renault Magnum in a similar scale and style on the shelf in the background of one of the Bircklink images. If that is the style he is going for, then we can look forward to a really big scale model. I, for one, am looking forward to see what becomes of this.
  7. Thanks Jim. Yeah. A less biased review would be preferred, so let's see if anyone chimes in.
  8. First of all. How!? How on Earth has Peter been able to make a book? He is possibly one of the most productive builders I know of and my insight into book making (Meg's Adventures and one of Sariel's Vehicles books) tells me that this takes an enourmous amount of effort. That guy must have days consisting of 34 hours to pull that off! I would love to read his book, but I'm a big fan of his work, so any review from me would be extremely biased. That said. It shouldn't be a problem for me to build some of the models and provide feedback (sturdiness, part rarity, playability, accuracy compared to the source material, fun-to-build and swooshability).
  9. It's pretty cool that your signature changes every time I reload it.:thumbup:

    1. Lasse D

      Lasse D

      Thanks. And it is also super simple as well: Show random models from the instructions. If people by random see something they want to build, then it's a win-win :)

  10. I believe your question is answered in point #8 of Jim's predetermined Q&A. But this isn't completely clarified? Are legs with wheels allowed like on a tachicoma? Think tanks can both walk and drive using these multi-purpose legs.
  11. I hope not - it often takes me significantly more than 8 weeks to build a scale model! (My TS050 is currently on week 10 and still only half rebuilt) ... but it also takes me more than 8 weeks to build a Technic model, so there's that.
  12. As promised I have now made 10 of these modules and put them in a closed circuit. This turned out to be a great test as seen in this video: The building instructions have been updated as promised in the video. See the links in the first post. It turns out to be quite fun to test it like this, and having ten tightly coupled modules like this might even be fun to bring along to a big layout. By the way. What is the record number of modules running on a single motor? 15, 20, more?
  13. Hey. Then it seems like we agree completely :) The reason why I'm running for the number's game this year is for the World Record attempt. To maintain this many modules is a nightmare. My plan is to get to 50 quick, then slowly replace those modules with new inventions. And with inventions I mean GBC modules consisting of large wheels... which is kinda my thing :D
  14. Unfortunately that's what I will have to do for a large percentage of those 50 modules since it takes me roughly a month to create a new module. And often my new modules don't even come with new ideas - just fresh decorations. Fortunately I can try to do something cool even with duplicate modules, such as power as many modules as possible using a single motor. For perspective. We are now already in August and even though I have spent a lot of time on GBC starting from January, I have only managed made these modules: The Yellow Submarine, which is a set mod and a simple ball pump. The only new idea here is the anti-jamming mechanism. It took most of January to figure this mechanism out: Most of February went with improving the pump mechanism and I presented this simplified module early on: In March I updated the Hamster wheel. It, however, needed a lot of additional fine tuning to become reliable: For April I was delayed with my presentation of the Easter Bunny module. It was based on an old module of mine: In the same thread you will see my module for May with a mechanism similar to that of the Easter module. With no new module in June, the updated conveyor was posted in July: I have now created 10 additional conveyors which brings me to a total of 17 new or refurbished modules (There we already 2 conveyors including the colorfl prototype). But I agree with you that it would be nice to see a record based on different modules. But then we also have to define when two modules differ. Do my bonny wheel and 1984 modules differ? They use the exact same lifting mechanism after all.
  15. I was thinking the same. It's a very, very expensive idea. Perhaps a cheaper idea would be to build a smaller replica of the A-model? See how small you can build while retaining the functionality :) Like the others have said. Thanks for taking one for the team @Sariel