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  1. [MOC] Trabant Universal 1.1

    It looks really nice and sleek. Awesome job! I love that you have made a half-plate offset on the headlights, and I can see you are favoring sturdiness instead of closing that thin line below. That is probably something LEGO would prefer as well if you get it through LEGO ideas.
  2. With the time given, I believe there is enough time for me to learn how to build a car 6 wide. I hope the competition will be like back in 2007(?) where we raced on the minigolf tracks and such :)
  3. Finished MOC Fairplay IX tugboat in scale 1:50

    This is some increadible quality from the build itself to the stickers, lighting and tubing. Are you a certified professional, and if not, have you considered becoming one in order to make it easier to help those who inadvertently want to purchase copies?
  4. Thanks a lot. The model is fairly sturdy - only the rear wing has a tendency to fall off during transport. I am currently working on the other LMGTE cars for Le Mans this year in the same scale. I will start a big WIP thread once I have first prototypes for all the cars.
  5. 10. LEGOWORLD in copenhagen

    And Elena and I will be going mad in the GBC layout all days :D
  6. This is my latest finished pair of Le Mans race cars from the 2017 race: Chevrolet Corvette C7.R. The scale is 1:20, like in Legoland. This is purely display model without interior, engine or functionality (apart from rolling wheels). There are building instructions here: The sticker sheet includes the stickers of the #63 and #64 models. Construction started after the race where I was asked to build this model. Members from my local LUG were helpful in giving me constructive criticism, and the design of the car only took around 3 weeks. As usual I use Griddy for the design document: Here are some shots from the construction process: You can see how I struggled with getting the lines on the sides right: And some times progress was... reversed: The body work below the windows was also a challenge: The rear end has mostly undergone refinements rather than complete redesigns: And the same can be said for the front: As you can see, I'm using both sides to experiment with various ideas: Also the roof has received many reconstructions. The transition between the windscreen and roof was difficult to get right: See how the windscreen is flush with the side windows, but not the roof here: Finally the car was finished and I added some simple paper-based stickers: I'm quite pleased with how the it was possible to build in this angular fashion and still end up with a easily recognizable result. Next up on my "2017 Le Mans GTE PRO" grid recreation will be either the Porsche, Ferrari, or Aston Martin. LEGO911 has already made a very nice Ford in this scale, so I will focus on those other models first... and of course the impossible TS050!
  7. Sumobots

    I once built a bot with white skirts for fun when attending one of these competitions. It won matches by tricking other bots to think they were at the edge. This was a surprisingly effective strategy!
  8. I'm still trying to finish this model. Here is my current progress on the complete rebuild: The front has received new headlights and I have been able to include wedges for a lot of the coloring, so that it no longer has as many stepped plates to represent triangles. I'm running low on the 2x2 wings, hence the orange ones. This should be fixed soon enough. The major challenge with the front is now the cockpit. I will try to make a brick built version to see if that works better than the current transparent windscreen version. Up back we have a new rear diffuser, rear wing, and a new flow along the body with more space between the body parts. Here the challenge is to make the lines flow along the tail fin. This will probably demand some retries before I get it right. To be continued...
  9. You can just join rebrickable, add the part to you "loos parts list" and search for MOCs where you already have some of the parts needed. This should give you a list of MOCs.
  10. I believe you are correct. Can you perhaps try to have liftarms on both sides of those wheels in order to lock them in? See how @Maico added liftarms on both sides of all the wheels in his Rainbow module. He is in a similar situation where the main mechanism is pretty far from the motor:
  11. That's a really good picture of the mechanism. I'm not so sure it's the stepper since that part of the mechanism is its own "leaf". My best guess is that it is the press mechanism or the spiral since they are quite far from the motor. Is it possible to test where you have disabled one of these two?
  12. Great idea! It's a very interesting gizmo to look at. Well done. Can you give us an overview of the geartrain? Then we might be able to see why it's strained.
  13. It turns out that the csv-file from the API is very limited compared to the information you get from the colors page. So I ended up modifying the parser. And with that it was time to release version 0.9.4. The first page has been updated with new functionality and screenshots. The changes have been quite extensive. This is my current TODO-list. All items beginning with "V" have been added or fixed in this latest version, while the items starting with "X" are on the roadmap for next release: BUGS: V Legend disappears once in a while. ½D V Legend lacks behind when changing size (Observe by changing to size 1) 1D V Text size when printing seems wonky (also on preview pages). 1D V Items in legend can be selected. V SNOT gets long white lines now... 2D V Legend highlights disappears once in a while (Reproducible by changing color names in print dialog). ½D V BrickedView doesn't grab focus when magnifier is turned on. V Legend loses height when placed back in Frame. V Main icon doesn't load in task bar once in a while. X Filter menu button text is bold. 1D V Color loads from Rebricable etc. fail. 2D TODO: V Make size lock (on/off like in any other size changing software) 1D V Make divider toggle button something you can turn on (not shown as default) 1D V Make Legend a main panel like the editing options. 1D V Update print dialog. 3D V Open and save action in Ribbon. ½D V Test screen as default image (Lasse Spand) ½D V Paint brickedView directly in screen buffer. 1D V Drag 'n Drop images and image files. 1D X Output construction optimization. XX LDD 2W XX Tiles 2D XX SNOT 4D VV Smarter scoring (additional connections) 3D VV Corner plates and bricks VVV Turn correctly! 1D VVV Center point for corner elements (not middle) 1D VVV Use empty spots when optimizing 1D X Progress VV Progress when waiting for print 2D XX and export (relevant because of optimization). ½D V Update ribbon when magnifier turns on/off (replace construction technique, size, propagationPercentage with magnifierSize, toggleColors). ½D V Move magnifier to right pane 1D VV Add buttons to navigate ½D VV Add position guide to right pane when in magnifier mode 1D VV Add button for changing position guide to ribbon (only visible when in magnifier mode) ½D VV Fix position view when using SNOT. V Handle feedback from eurobricks. VV Save jpg/png/gif: (Reintroduce functionality) 2D VV Change size of magnified area in print. V Update icons 1D VV "SUM" -> "SUM=" VV Add "person" to crop image. VV No color in "Exit" V Only show progress bar in bottom when on for more than 300ms. X Improve color approximation by allowing user to boost colors. 3D V Handle feedback: gmail. ½D VV Brick optimization (works for non-SNOT, non-tile, LDraw export) VV Printing. Position on print pages. Page number. Color customization in print. Print in chunks. X Introduce some hybrid color+id magnifier view option. Consider using patterns like when knitting. 3D V Release 0.9.4
  14. It has changed since last time I wrote a parser for it (I'm talking about this page: ) It used to have the following information in the columns: ID, Name, #rgb, |parts|, |sets|, from, to, LEGO names, LDraw IDs, Bricklink IDs, Peeron names I will either have to modify my parser or create som new "color xml" file and parser which can be used instead of this unreliable html-parser. The Peeron color chart doesn't seem to even respond to the request from the software anymore! I have also removed the functionality from LDDMC. I recall I changed to rebrickable due to the state of Peeron. I'm also using information from ldraw.xml (LDD color ID's for the LDD export functionality) since it isn't present on the rebrickable site. Another advantage of using a "color xml" file would be to include these ID's as well. As a first step I can update the rebrickable parser. Edit Perhaps I should just use this instead:
  15. The printing dialog has just been updated so that the size can be set. I have made some changes to how the magnifier is used. Hopefully it is all more intuitive now. Any other suggestions are welcome. Yes. This has also been added as an option in the printing dialog. This is not an official release since there still are problems with the loading of colors from rebrickable, peeron, etc. I'm thinking of making my own color page on since these sites seem to change the structure of theirs a bit too frequently.