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  1. lmcpicture

    [COR - FB] Sugarcane Plantation, Queenston

    Thank you!, the landscaping was the most time consuming part. I wanted it to have different textures not only colors based on how often people would walk there. Thanks
  2. lmcpicture

    [COR - FB] Sugarcane Plantation, Queenston

    Haha, thank you Thanks! Np
  3. lmcpicture

    [COR - FB] Class 3 microship

    Thank you Thanks, It's actually a cylinder half with 2 round plates. Thanks everyone for the compliments! I'm honored, thank you!
  4. lmcpicture

    [COR - FB] Sugarcane Plantation, Queenston

    Thanks, did a lot of micro management throughout the hole build to get everything as I wanted. Thank you! I think one kg of sugarcane is about 350ml of juice. So I would believe that it should be enough to have it flowing, if you have a continues flow of sugarcane being crushed. Kind of hard to duplicate in lego because of the sugarcane and the juice it self being proportionally larger in lego then irl.
  5. lmcpicture

    [COR - FB] Sugarcane Plantation, Queenston

    Thank you. The windmill was the most challenging to build, especially because I wanted to have the interior and I wanted it to work even though it's digital
  6. Sugarcane plantation for Queenston with windmill, boiler house and ofc sugarcanes. After over a year in the making, Killian Goodwill had conpleted Queenston's very own Royal Plantation. The large floodfields surrounding Queenston, as expected by the first settlers, proved to be optimal for the cultivation of sugar. And with the harvest season having started just only some weeks ago, the efficiancy and producitivity of the plantation has shown to be nearly unrivaled. The massive stone Windmill cruches sugarcane faster than any animal powered mill ever could. The boiler house, biggest one in the new world according to the specialists, allows for an immense amount of sugar to be produced. Some of corringtons most renowned sugar scientists were invited by Edward Scarver, recommended to him by Mayor Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock from Jameston, before departing for El Oleonda. The scientist have been working every day, checking the quality of every single batch of sugar produced. They found themselves most impressed by the consistency of each batch, finding little to no variation in the quality of the sugar. A quality which they assure is on par with the best of the known world... if not a little better Windmill with fully functional gears. It can be rotated to face the wind. Boiler house To be licensed as Royal Plantation for Queenston. More pictures on Flickr ( https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAPvBM ) Parts count: ~76 700 Dimensions: 200x200 (without border) Biggest moc I've created so far. Took awhile to complete/2 years because I've been busy with other stuff and maybe a little lack of motivation. But finally finished, learned some lego technics and history throughout the building process. Was a trip to build but fun at the end Thank you to @Justsomebrix for helping me with the minifigs and for writing the story
  7. After visiting the graves of his father and grandfather, Killian Goodwill discovers a Bermuda sloop left behind by his grandfather. The gift was never completed before his grandfather's death, so it was left to rot in a forgotten shipyard. The sloop was in rough shape, with rusted metal and damaged sails, but Killian was determined to bring it back to life. He spent many months restoring the boat, repairing the sails, and replacing the rigging. Finally, The Parvus was ready to set sail. Now in the harbor of Queenston, she is made ready for war as she prepares for her maiden voyage: pirate hunting in the New Haven Sea. Finally using the Class 3 license I won in the mini challenge back in September 2021 .
  8. lmcpicture

    [COR-FB] Tavern, Queenston

    @Ayrlego thank you. And I'll share a breakdown of the dome on discord. @Professor Thaum, if it gets worst I might have to. @Captain Braunsfeld, thanks!
  9. lmcpicture

    [COR-FB] Tavern, Queenston

    @NOD, thanks! And yes you're correct, more guests are expected to come hence the unloading of more goods @evancelt, thank you. The updates on IG and the support I got helped me finish this oversized thing @Capt Wolf, Thank you. The option to change fov in stud.io really helps with the interior pics. @Justsomebrix thank you for all the support and I'm happy to help build Queenston. @Professor Thaum, thanks. But I'm afraid I might be contaminated by the syndrome. Let's hope it goes away before my next build @Kai NRG, Thank you, always fun with a ''little'' interior. And they are great for creating scenes.
  10. lmcpicture

    Settlement, Queenston, Arlintina, Corrington

    Tavern, royal artisan licensed for Corrington.
  11. Killian Goodwill and his little crew had been enjoying their time in Jameston. But when he heard news of a new colony on the far side of the world, he knew his time there had come to an end. With his ship filled with cargo and adventure on his mind, he set sail for Queenston. When he arrived he was welcomed by the newly appointed mayor, who led him to the mayor's office where they discussed future plans for the settlement. Goodwill offered to fund the construction of a Royal Tavern that would be large enough to host several newcomers whilst they search for a place to settle down. Mayor Edward Scarver gave Goodwill access to all the settlement's resources and the next day the building's plans were being made. It took several months of construction for the tavern to be completed. It certainly didn't help that throughout the whole process the plans were being changed, as Goodwill kept adding more and more to them. But finally, the tavern, if you can still call it that, was complete. It has enough space to fit hundreds of people at the time, a bar, a kitchen with great cooks who offer fresh food every day, rooms for rent, a lookout tower and Killian Goodwill’s own personal office. It was everything Killian dreamed it would be. Such a large Tavern would be sure to attract new settlers and hence make good profits. But Killian was not after money, so it was decided that all profits generated from the establishment will be donated to the crown to help finance the war. To be licensed as a Royal artisan by the Crown.
  12. I'm grateful to have won. It was a fun mini challenge, with many cool and impressive builds. I really enjoyed seeing all the different approaches.