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  1. lmcpicture

    [COR-FB] Tavern, Queenston

    @Ayrlego thank you. And I'll share a breakdown of the dome on discord. @Professor Thaum, if it gets worst I might have to. @Captain Braunsfeld, thanks!
  2. lmcpicture

    [COR-FB] Tavern, Queenston

    @NOD, thanks! And yes you're correct, more guests are expected to come hence the unloading of more goods @evancelt, thank you. The updates on IG and the support I got helped me finish this oversized thing @Capt Wolf, Thank you. The option to change fov in stud.io really helps with the interior pics. @Justsomebrix thank you for all the support and I'm happy to help build Queenston. @Professor Thaum, thanks. But I'm afraid I might be contaminated by the syndrome. Let's hope it goes away before my next build @Kai NRG, Thank you, always fun with a ''little'' interior. And they are great for creating scenes.
  3. lmcpicture

    Settlement, Queenston, Arlintina, Corrington

    Tavern, royal artisan licensed for Corrington.
  4. Killian Goodwill and his little crew had been enjoying their time in Jameston. But when he heard news of a new colony on the far side of the world, he knew his time there had come to an end. With his ship filled with cargo and adventure on his mind, he set sail for Queenston. When he arrived he was welcomed by the newly appointed mayor, who led him to the mayor's office where they discussed future plans for the settlement. Goodwill offered to fund the construction of a Royal Tavern that would be large enough to host several newcomers whilst they search for a place to settle down. Mayor Edward Scarver gave Goodwill access to all the settlement's resources and the next day the building's plans were being made. It took several months of construction for the tavern to be completed. It certainly didn't help that throughout the whole process the plans were being changed, as Goodwill kept adding more and more to them. But finally, the tavern, if you can still call it that, was complete. It has enough space to fit hundreds of people at the time, a bar, a kitchen with great cooks who offer fresh food every day, rooms for rent, a lookout tower and Killian Goodwill’s own personal office. It was everything Killian dreamed it would be. Such a large Tavern would be sure to attract new settlers and hence make good profits. But Killian was not after money, so it was decided that all profits generated from the establishment will be donated to the crown to help finance the war. To be licensed as a Royal artisan by the Crown.
  5. lmcpicture

    [COR - Free Build] A gift for the ETTC

    looks great
  6. I'm grateful to have won. It was a fun mini challenge, with many cool and impressive builds. I really enjoyed seeing all the different approaches.
  7. lmcpicture

    [COR - Faction Flavours] The Hertzie tower

    Thanks. Didn't plan on making the interior at all, but at the end it was worth it . Thanks!
  8. lmcpicture

    [COR - Faction Flavours] The Hertzie tower

    Yeah sure, and thanks. I used a telescope as part of the telescope it's just not that visible in any of the pics (it's placed at the back of the telescope). Thanks! Thanks. Wanted it to feel like a astronomer lived there, so the device was a must . Thanks. Glad the extra effort on the slope base and the interior was worth it . Used about the same time on the lighting as I did with the build to get it the way I wanted it, I'm glad it paid off. Thanks. I tried to mix it up a bit to make the design more interesting.
  9. lmcpicture

    [COR - Faction Flavours] The Hertzie tower

    @CaptainEdwardNoon Thanks haha thanks, And thx again @Justsomebrix for helping me with the story!
  10. [COR - Faction Flavours] The Hertzie tower | Corrington Entry
  11. Deimos Anaximander the well-known Oleon astronomer and cartographer who serves no faction, has recently been put under Corrington protection. After gossip involving his religious beliefs spread the streets of Oleon. Despite having helped all factions by creating accurate maps of the new world, his religious views have led to him receiving many death threats. And after a failed assassination attempt, he saw no other option then to seek refuge in another colony. He managed to reach out to some of his fellow scientist friends in Port Woodhouse, who hired the Privateer Edward Scarver to assure his escape. He was welcomed to Woodhouse with open arms after spending some time with his friends, he was moved to an old tower on the west coast of Celestia which one of the scientists had bought some years ago as an escape from society. The tower was supplied with everything he might need to proceed with his research and just to be on the safe side, he was accompanied by a small company of guards. Thus, after the most stressful time of his life, Deimos can finally continue his passion and seek answers in the stars above. And creds to @Justsomebrix for helping me with the story and writing on my post
  12. lmcpicture

    [COR-FB] The Delphinus Orca

    @Wellesley and @Brickwolf. Thanks for the compliments ;)
  13. lmcpicture

    [COR-FB] The Delphinus Orca

    Thanks @Professor Thaum, @NOD, @CaptainPolluxofOrion, @Justsomebrix, @CapOnBOBS and @blackdeathgr .