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Found 5 results

  1. For this contest I wanted to make something unique, LEGO already reintroduced Pirates with 21322 and now Imperial Guards with 10320 so we needed a 3rd faction. The Islanders, and what better set to remake than 6278/6292 Enchanted Island. This set has 1398 parts 8 minifigures (7 of them have new exclusive prints). I tried to keep as much of the original while using new parts and techniques.   (my first version)
  2. Inspired on 6254 and 6258 Lego set... On a pair of atolls there is a semi-buried treasure, marked by two palm trees crossing each other to form an "x". While newborn turtles conquer the sea for the first time and a hungry shark ambushes a small dolphin following its mother, two female buccaneers celebrate the discovery of the chest with bad rum. Others had reached there in the past, but luck had abandoned them leaving them shipwrecked on those remote islets, and discord had taken over. Now, the only survivor has nothing left to defend his treasure but an empty bottle...
  3. My last (propably) entry is a remake of another small, yet living in infamy, set: 6245, Harbour Sentry: There are so many things wrong here, which I decided to fix. First of all, the laws of Physics defying giant cannon on such a small boat. Second of all, why Lieutenant De Martinet, a high ranking officer of Imperial Army, and right hand man of Governor Broadside is rowing the boat by himself? Surely he would designate such menial task to a low ranking lackey. And he doesn't even have a place to store his personal weaponry, he had to clip his pistol on the cannon, and carry his cutlass on his lap. This is unacceptable! So, let us turn this dinky ol' dinghy, into a true, bona-fide gunboat! ARRRR, Now, that's more like it! A sturdy, yet smooth and curvy rowboat, with a small, yet still functional howitzer as a main weapon. There's plenty of space for De Martinet, one of his Marines, an amunition barrel, and any accessories and weapons our brave Lieutenant would need when patroling the docks of El Dorado Fortress! Hope you like it me mateys!
  4. We have seen the return of infamous Captain Redbeard in Pirates of Barracuda Bay, but where was his loyal First Mate Rummy? Propably had too much rum again, got marooned on a ramshackle Renegade's Raft, and woke up in the middle of the ocean, fighting with a big shark, and an even bigger headache, just like before, in a set from 1991: But now, the raft have recieved a substantial update: Why just have a flimsy flag and a pair of paddles, when you can have a full Gaff rigged sail, a steering Oar, and fishing rod! Rummy was also wise enough to bring a compass and spyglass to know where he's going. A parrot also perched on the mast top, so old Rummy has someone to talk to, and there's a bottle of unknown contents. Might be drinking water, might be the remainder of his rum binge that ended in this misadventure, or something else? You decide! Overall, it's a simple redesign, of a simple old set. Hope you like it me Mateys!
  5. For my contest entry, I wanted to make a small, yet feature packed little ship. Made in LDD and rendered in Bricklink Studio, It was based on 7416 Adventurer's set Emperor's ship, but I've remade it to be less of a Chinese Junk, and more of a Golden Age of Piracy Gunboat. I've added a bowsprit, cannon, steering wheel and a Poopdeck, and replaced cloth Junk sail with brick built Jib and Gaff Rigged sails (Ideally I'd use cloth sails, but I don't know how to do that in Studio). I'm very proud how it turned out, and I'm sure it would be a fine addition to Admiral Woodhouse's Navy. It's a very versatile vessel, perfect for patroling the shore, escorting and interception, and it's manned by a crew of three: Two Marines and One Captain. This is how it looks like from Starboard and Port. Even though the cabin under the poopdeck doesn't have much space, it's enough to keep charts and delicate navigation instruments away from the Elements. There's also a nice little hold for confiscated pirate contraband and treasure, though, to gain access to it, you have to remove the cannon. I guess that's what the huge crane at the Eldorado Fortress is for. Obviously it's the first cathegory entry, and I mainly tried to emulate the 2009 era, as it's evident by the Minifig Prints, and rather modern parts. EDIT: After hearing your suggestions, Here's the improved model: The Sails are now tan and with much less visible studs. New cannon! it's still not perfect, but it's much smaller, and has a built in stud shooter. And yes, you can open the hold with cannon still attached: Other changes: -Added Figurehead -Reduced number of golden decorations. Now it should be more aesthetically coherent. -Tweaked the stern a little bit. Added colours flag, and an additional lantern. - Made the hold trapdoor open the other way, this should make it more accessible.