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  1. Eggyslav

    Lego Modern Times

    Nice video, but toilet humor here was a little bit too obnoxious...
  2. Eggyslav

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    So, in Lego Universe, Friends are aliens, interesting...
  3. Eggyslav

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    Adventurers, All the sci-fi, all the historical (and Pirates too), CMF.
  4. Eggyslav

    why does lego lord voldemort have a nose?

    Just as real Voldemort has no nose while everybody have one, The minifig Voldemort has a nose while every minifigure don't have one. Simple.
  5. Eggyslav

    Should I hire Ninja-Pirates, or Pirate-Ninjas?

    It depends. If you want to stealthily plunder a ship or port town, use Ninja Pirates. If you want to infiltrate a Pirate fortress or ship, then use Pirate Ninjas.
  6. Eggyslav

    question about theme juniorisation

    Yep, that's the one. The Juniorization here isn't as severe as @pauldaniel claims.
  7. Eggyslav

    question about theme juniorisation

    First of all dude, It's EggYslav, not Eggslave. Second of all, No-one is saying you're wrong, yes, the Juniorization was a thing, and I explained the fenomen to you. I's just that I think 4561 is not an awful set. It's just the tone of your post seemed a little pretensional to me.
  8. Eggyslav

    question about theme juniorisation

    Oh, don't be so critical, I looked at the set in question at Brickset, and I have to disagree here. Sure, this came in the era of Juniorization, but come on man, It's really detailed and cool, maybe not as intricate and sophisticated as Emerald express, but still, it looks like a fun set, My family couldn't afford to buy me that set, so I would be thankful If I ever got it, even if it was <insert that tiresome argument>. You see, juniorization, as it's name implies, is a Lego set style, that cathers to younger builders, it's easy to build, often uses BURPs, LURPs, and other big premanufactured pieces and shells (of which there are none in 4561), and is the basic building experience, no fancy SNOT techniques, little next to no technic pieces, the set is more focused on play value. In late 90's, early 2000's, the whole city/town line was flooded with <insert that tiresome argument> sets, which were designed for kids who just grew out of their Duplo, and these sets were PANNED by AFoLs, because there was no "advanced", non-<insert that tiresome argument> alternative city theme at the time. And later came Jack Stone, next to Galidor most reviled theme, of even more juniorisation, and weird, non-minifig figures. This is why this period is the Dark Age of Lego, along with TLG's financial problems. They just tried something else, to keep their company afloat. But with the advent of non-<insert that tiresome argument> World City and then City themes, everything came back to normal. STOP CENSORISING THE WORD J U N I O R I Z ED!!!
  9. Eggyslav

    [MOC] Sailing in bottle with ship in bottle

    Yo Dawg, So I heard you like ships in a bottle, so we put a ship in a bottle in a ship in a bottle , so you can ship in a bottle while you ship in a bottle. *Insert Inception BWAAAAH sound effect* Yeah, try to wrap your mind around this one... Other than that, that's an awesome MOC you've got here.
  10. Eggyslav

    [MOC] Science Museum

    Wow, just wow, this is breath taking, such an amazing building, with so many awesome details, just brilliant! Yet another proof that digital MOCs can be as awesome and legit as IRL ones.
  11. Eggyslav

    [MOC] Yoda

    Very good MOC it is, a lot of talent you have.
  12. Lego should connect it's fans, not divide them, and yet, just like in some Marxist wet dream, there are two struggling classes: IRL Builders in their ignorance shun away those unfortunate ones who have no choice but to use LDD and other programs to build their MOCs. While IRL MOCers bask in the glory of their constructs made with physycal bricks, and praise eachother in a cycle of arrogance, narcissism and self adoration, We are the dirty brickless plebes to them. I tried, many times, to explain, to show how it hurts, when you are alienated from a community you try to be a member of. LDD users are ignored and unappreciated, and when they try to make their voice heard, they meet with patronizing, ridicule, sometimes disgust and hatred, and ultimately they are pacified by the moderators, like in some sort of police state. My tone may be harsh, my words crude and unpleasant but they are true, and the truth bites. All that I, and other digital builders want, is some understanding and just a little bit of recognition. We want to be able to participate in contests, we want to be treated with equal rights, we don't want to be ignored, shunned and pushed over by anyone. DIGITAL BUILDERS UNITE! The time of our Emancipation is nigh! This is our Manifesto, sign in if you're a LDD, MCLad,, and other digital Lego builder, and you agree with me! Eurobricks need to change, and we need to fight for our rights!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Eggyslav


      So, what you say is basically: I should be content, that me and other Digital builders are TOLERATED by others? Imagine how the world would look if minorities were fine with them being just tolerated. What if Women in 19th century were fine about being just housewives with no voting rights? What if Ghandi was OK with Brittish oppression in India? What if Martin Luther King jr. was cool with racial segregation? What if George Washington and other Founding Fathers settled on United States being just King George's colony? We don't want just TOLERANCE. We want EQUALITY and RECOGNITION. You can't tell me to know my place, I am as passionate with Lego as you, or other AFOL, and I want you to respect me as one.

    3. Exetrius


      I don't know how many people bear a personal grudge against digital builders and are disrespectful to you as a result of your way of MOCing. I have a feeling it's almost negligible, but if you have evidence that suggests otherwise I'd be interested to know. Many people may not like digital MOCing itself, and that's a completely different thing. Anyone is free to (dis)like what he/she (dis)likes, that cannot be changed. In short: being discriminated is unacceptable, being disliked and tolerated is fine (yet slightly unpleasant).

      You have some good historic examples where people stood up for their rights and the situation changed for the better. In this case I think the most important goal (or 'right', if you will) is to have contests where digital builders can participate and actually win physical prizes. I would suggest talking to the LDD forum moderator and otherwise try to source prizes from bottom-up within the digital builder community.

    4. Eggyslav


      Well, It all started when I posted a digital MOC, and no one even looked at it, I felt ignored, and betrayed, I thought about it and other such cases, and my conclusion was, that the digital builders are victims of marginalization and disdain because of their medium and methods. My theory was proven right, when I tried to disscuss the issue by opening a certain thread, I was treated with contempt, and the IRL builders didn't even try to understand my point of view. Their remarks were arrogant and hostile, they treated me as if I was stupid, which angered me, and when I retaliated with my contrarguments, the Mods closed the thread, saying that the discusson is pointless, and I won't convince anyone to my standpoint. Then there was Peppermint_M's contest, and since some time ago I made a MOC in LDD, which after some alterations could be a good entry there, but I then I saw that digital entries were not allowed, I was dissapointed and really annoyed: Yet another instance of Digital Builders being discriminated. So I allowed myself to express my objections, and yet again I was scorned, ridiculed, and pacified by Eurobricks staff. I'm afraid that if I start another disscussion I'll get banned. I want to fight for my rights, but I don't want to become a martyr for a lost cause. I really try to be polite, I try to be patient, but I only meet with ignorance and loathing.

  13. Eggyslav

    Contest: Lester's Big Adventure!

    Sure man, I'm really, really, REALLY sorry for my agressive and non-comformist demeanor, It's just that I get triggered everytime LDD users are ignored and alienated, but now that I let all my steam vent off, I'm cool. I can assure you, good sir, that I will act nice now. Have a nice contest and good luck everyone, while this brickless unfortunate (aka. me), will go back to his smelly cave in LDD ghetto.
  14. Eggyslav

    Contest: Lester's Big Adventure!

    @Roadmonkeytj: YES, LDD is shunned (and it's users are treated like dirty plebes, I made a whole thread abou it, before it was closed), YES you are patronizing me and treating with contempt (you say you don't, but actually you do, don't deny it, I know you are), and YES, there is something stopping me: LACK OF FUNDS. MONEY. CASH. MOOLAH. And your train of thought is wrong and dumb and so monumentally asinine on so many levels it makes me angry. Just Think for a moment, What kind of prize would be a digital model? OF A MINIFIGURE? I can make one myself, thank you. And it's not about the Prize, It's about how me, and other LDD-only builders are mistreated and shunned. WHY-OH-WHY is it so difficult for you people to understand the plight and struggle of poor LDD users... Just imagine, you got your bricks taken and hidden away, you try to be a part of this community, you share your LDD creations, but no one even bothers to look at your MOC. How does that feel? You feel like trash, nobody likes you, you are just a dumb LDD peasant no one cares about. OK Rant over, go over your lives folks, nothing to see here, I'M DONE.
  15. Eggyslav

    Contest: Lester's Big Adventure!

    @Jim, I'm sorry for my foul language, but I'm sick and tired of this LDD user oppression, so please don't patronize me, that doesn't help to calm me down. Besides, the scale doesn't matter, because, currently, I HAVE NO BRICKS on my person anyway, if not to count a couple of Pirate themed MOCs. So what am I supposed to do with that? a bloody rowboat? I don't even have a pair of wheels! Why won't there be for once, a digital contest on this sodding website? Where I cant truly unfurl the wings of my imagination and creativity, and not have to deal with such petty nuisances like not having any bricks to build? You all think it's so sodding easy, "just go grab some bricks and build you idiot, durrr, go order some from Bricklink you twat, hurr" I have NO bricks, and NO money to spend it on bricks. LDD is currently my only outlet for Lego related activity, so is (I presume) for @Takanuinuva, and other. digital MOCers This is just not fair. Does it hurt to add a new, separate "Digital" cathegory for the entries? You may close my threads, you may ridicule and treat me like a piece of garbage, but you can't, YOU WON'T silence me. For I speak in the name of other digital builders. I will not tolerate this kind of appartheid, Lego bricks should connect it's fans, not divide!