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  1. Either LDD is officially Dead, or, and that's just my hopeful thinking, they're preparing an update? But no, I guess not, It's just ded. You should contact TLG's Customer Service, and ask them about it...
  2. Some ideas for CMFs

    So either Hades, or Zeus, I pressume...
  3. MOC: Hussar

    OMG, I really need to know how you did the dolman (that jacket on his shoulder)!
  4. Some ideas for CMFs

    @RebelliousRebel: For your convinience I've compled them in one place:
  5. Some ideas for CMFs

    @RebelliousRebel Spooky knight already has a bio (8BrickMario), so does Samba dancer (Nerd-With-a-Pencil) and Trojan (Yours Truly). As of the others, well, I guess none of us three could think of any good bios for them. If you want you can write down your ideas for bios.
  6. Another Idea, this time for a Christmas Minifig: Reindeer Suit Guy: Gender: Male Torso Print: Dark Orange/tan Reindeer furry costume with a golden bell on a green and red neck collar, decorated with holly. Facial Expression: Jolly expression, with bright red round nose Headgear: A loose hood with accessory holes on it's side, plus new piece, an antler x2, fitting onto the hood Legs: Continuation of the costume, with black hooved feet (Could use Satyr's leg mould) Accessories: Aformentioned antlers, and a new mould, a candy cane.
  7. your bad experience(s) with Computers

    Recently my HDD broke. TWICE. I've lost everything the first time, luckilly the second time My dad made a backup, so it's cool now. :)
  8. How's about that: Oriental Villain Gender: Male Occupation/Print on torso: Chinese Mandarin style Dark Red and black robe, with jade beads necklace Type of Headgear: A bald head, A mandarin Hat (Sailor's hat in Black with golden details), or a new mould, a queue, a long single Braid of Hair, either falling straight down the figs back, or wrapped around neck. Also a black Cape with a dark red or golden Chinese Dragon design. Type of Facial Expression: An evil smirk, or a serious expression with furrowed brows. Long, thin handlebar moustache (mayhaps as a neck accessory) and a Spiky Beard. Colors on Torso/Legs: Dark Red, with Design of the Torso continuing onto Legs. Optionally, Legs in a form of a slope. Accessory: Some sort of Dagger, or TLNM Lloyd's Dao sword. Gothic/Spooky Guy Gender: Male Occupation/Print on Torso: A fancy black Victorian-like coat with ruffled shirt and Cravat, and black/silver pinstriped vest with silver buttons, white hands Type of Headgear: A new Hat+hair combo: A black top Hat with long black straight Hair. And a black Cape with standing Collar. Type of Facial Expression: White Head, Very grim and serious, frowning mouth, eyes with grey eyeshadow, small round glasses with tinted lens, optionally a small goatie. Color on Torso/Legs: All Black, with silver Pinstripe, Matching the Vest. Accessory: A black Bat, or a new walking cane mold. Steampunk Pirate Gender: Female Occupation/Print on Torso: A white Frilly Blouse and a heavy leather Corset with brass buckles in front, Goggles slung on neck, dark reddish brown hands, arms printed with leather belts on wrists, and a logo on back of the torso: A Gear with two crossed wrenches. On the Bottom a black belt with golden Buckles and some pouches. Type of Headgear: Either Calamity Drone's hair with a new hat, Cavewoman's hair with a wrench clipped onto it, or Fortune Teller's hair + Bandana Combo. Hair in Black, hat/bandana in reddish brown, wrench in pearl grey. Type of Facial Expression: Eyelashes, red lipstic. Playful smile. One eye covered with steampunkish mechanical eyepatch, with a scar underneath. Color on Torso/Legs: Dr. Rathbone's prosthetic leg in copper or Pearl Dark Grey, Brown hips, black leg with a high boot design, Accessories: An aformentionned wrench, Ninjago Skybound Pirate Cutlass in gold, or Flint Pistol in Copper; A tattered cloth skirt with printed White and Dark Red Stripes.
  9. What is your favorite youtube channel?

    Yeah, MatPat was partialy my inspiration there...;)
  10. What is your favorite youtube channel?

    Game Grumps, Jontron, Game Theory, Film Theory, Pro Jared, PeanutButterGamer, Space Hamster, Cinema Sins, Cinema Wins and Gaijin Goombah, to name a few. Also, Classical Music Channels, and GMod/SFM Movie channels, my two favourite being Doctor Lalve, Genowhirl and Eltorro64rus. Oh, and SMG4.
  11. [MOC] Lightclaymore

    Very cool concept, but unless the quillons on the crossguard are made of Mandalorian Iron, Cortosis, or other lightsaber-resistant material, not very practical... Still, a fantastic moc, I love it. :)
  12. Some ideas for CMFs

    Yeah, at first I wanted to do the Agatha Christie-like Edwardian crime story "The Butler Did It" kind of trope, but I figured out it was no fun, so I did the "Alfred" Approach... On the other hand, how did you like my twist on Female Rogue?
  13. Some ideas for CMFs

    Nice bios, as always @Nerd-with-a-Pencil, I love the Retro Robot quote, It reminds me of Team Fortress 2, and Soldier's halloween costume...
  14. Some ideas for CMFs

    Ok, so let us commence the biographies, shall we gentlemen? Clairvorant/Psychic: Ah, Yes, It is all clear now, the spirits tell me that you shall soon lose a large sum of money... That will be $100, please. The Mystical clairvorant claims himself to be a conduit to the future knowing spirits of the Netherworld. To be fair, his divinations are always correct and accurate. Just as soon as he glances into the crystal ball, he can tell what future holds to a discerning client. Even though his prophecies are 100% correct, there are sceptics that think that Clairvorant is a fraud. To them he only says: I guess it's a matter of faith, by the way, your Great Grandmother says hi from the Netherworld... Butler: Excuse me sir, but supermobile's rocket launchers are jammed. Should I fix them? Being a butler in a millionaire's mansion is hard, but it's even harder, when your boss is also a masked superhero vigilante. Luckilly, our butler is a professional, he not only knows how to swipe the floor and bookshelves in the manor's library, or taking care of shrubbery in the garden, but also how to maintain order in a superhero's hidden lair. He knows how to arm and disarm bombs, how to polish utility belts, and how to keep hackers from breaking into command center's main computer. What is difficult for him, is all that keeping the secret identity of your boss... Gladiatrix: What's the matter Antoninus, are you afraid to fight a woman? It's not usual to see a girl fighting on the Coloseum's sandy Arena, but Gladiatrix does her best to satisfy the bloodthirsty spectators. She fought with them all, Murmillos, Retiarii, Secutors, Provocators, she even fought wild animals as a bestiari, and she not only prevailed, but also won. The Caesar himself was very impressed and offered her Rudis, the wooden sword, symbol of freedom and prestige, coveted by all gladiators. But Gladiatrix rejected it, saying that her job as Arena Fighter is not over, as she wants to prove those chauvenistic Romans, that women can fight, both at colloseum, and for their rights. Female Rogue Stand and Deliver, Your GP, or HP! Unlike her male counterpart, female rogue isn't a medieval bandit. I know it sounds weird, since she looks like one, but she doesn't even live in the Middle Ages! In fact, she's a completely modern girl, who's very much into Role Playing games, and most especially LARP. Female Rogue is indeed a walking, talking Game Master's Handbook, she have memorised all the monster stats, and min-maxed her character class to be the best player. Also, when it comes to Imersion, she meticulously cares about every detail of the session. That's why her costume looks so real, even her sword, although made out of foam and plastic looks like a real steel blade. But does it mean she's constantly living in a world of fantasy? Of course not, even though she loves to play a session or two with her friends, she still is a normal girl. Little Witch: Trick or Treat! I mean, it better be treat, or I'll turn you into a frog... Don't let her colourful costume and cute face fool you, the Little Witch is not your regular trick-or-treater, she really has magic powers. No one's sure, how did she got them, But series H Imp may be the culprit. Even though powerful, Little Witch has still much to learn about Magic and Witchcraft, but luckilly, she's a quick learner. For example, she learned that you should never fly your broomstick indoors...
  15. Some ideas for CMFs

    Aw Mah GAAAAAAAAAAAAWD! The evil Scarecrow is very spooky, I love the Female Rogue, the Gladiatrix is also awesome, the Clairvorant is a perfect pair for series 7 Fortunteller (although I think Psychic, or Medium would be a better name for him), the Pilgrim is just great in his simplicity, the Butler is very elegant, Retro robot is kinda weird, but I like him, The Pawn, well, I hope the King, the Queen, Bishops, Knights and Rooks join him (also, do you also plan to make Black versions too?). All in All, fantastic series Robert! About the bios, I'll certainly write one for the Butler, The Gladiatrix, The Clairvoyant/Psychic, Rogue Girl, and Little Witch, Unless @Nerd-with-a-Pencil or @8BrickMario would like them. :)