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  1. All I can say about the last minifig is: YARRR!!!
  2. Yes, I can make fine builds, that's not the problem. The problem is that the Virtual builds, even the really, REALLY good ones are drastically underappreciated, in favor of real brick MOCs. They are ignored just because they aren't built with real Lego. I rarely post my LDD MOCs, but when I do, I do it so that other AFOLs can see it and discuss it's merits and flaws, share opinions and advices, so I can learn from them to be a better builder. But I can't do it if no one even bothers to look, just have a little glance at it. That is what pisses me off, that is the cause of my frustration, that is why I started this topic. Don't treat LDD builders with contempt, don't be put off by [LDD MOC] tag, or raw screenshots, Virtual builders are as passionate and tallented as the IRL ones, just give them a chance, that's all I ask for. Love our work, Hate it, but don't ignore it, please...
  3. But still, your case is singular, one might say it's an exception that proves my point, but I guess you're right, presentation is important, but not as important as the MOC itself. Sure, professionally photographed huge dioramas are very impressive, but not everyone can afford a good camera, or have enough space to display them. I think that virtual builds deserve even more recognition, because their authors struggle, yes, I said STRUGGLE, to express their creativity despite their material limitations. Also, the LDD is not an unlimited powerhouse, it has it's own restraints, like limited decorations, or lack of the newest elements, and I don't think we'll get an update anytime soon. An IRL builder who has the money, room and time can go to his local Lego Store, or Bricklink, and order any bricks that were released. But we don't have this possibility, and we need to build with what we have. I, for one, am an unemployed student living with my parents in a small flat in Warsaw, Poland. There is no Lego Brand store here, and if there was, I don't have money to buy me some bricks, not to mention, that currently we have a general makeover of our apartment, and there is no place for me to display my MOCs. My sucky life aside, I'm pretty sure many AFOLs are in the same, or even worse situation, But we all are passionate people, just like the Uber Pro MOCers out there, we just lack the possibilities that they have, and thus, we are sentenced to use LDD and other programs, and so, we are shunned from this community.
  4. Fun fact, this Spyrius robot's name is Andy Droid, and he's a reprogrammed brother of Ann Droid, from Explorien faction.
  5. Yes, please, Ice Planet Babe (that's her actual, official name btw, not Ice Planet Girl, female or gal, but Babe) never looked better. :)
  6. Fantastic MOC my fellow Egyptology Enthusiast, but,This is not the great Pyramid of Cheops, but Cheops' successor's, Chefren (Khafre), and the Sphinx is a part of Chefren's Burial Complex, not Cheops'. Also, and this is just my Nitpicking, the Moc is still great, but the scene of Sphinx inauguration, the Pyramid should still have it's white outer shell, and a golden tip, since it was just Built, and the Caravan scene should depict the Pyramid and the sphinx nearly completely buried in sand. Also Also, the IRL Sphinx of Giza has a votive granite stele placed there by Thotmes IV, which is absent from your depiction of the Monument. Also also also, I Think you should also make the scene depicting Napoleon Bonaparte's famous speech to his soldiers in front of the Pyramid, just before battle during his 1799 campaign, ratther than the magical sky people scene. But, these are just suggestions, Historical Innacuracies or not, I still like it. Oh, Also also also also, the latest two scenes should feature the Sphinx without it's nose and beard.
  7. Some ideas for CMFs

    I absolutely LOVE the revamped Mardi Gras King...
  8. Are these going to be classic town minifigs only? Or will you branch off? I'd love to see the Yellow Castle prince, the Classic, or Futuron spacemen, or Governor Broadside... ;)
  9. Awesome Yooha! can't wait!
  10. See? Then you know my pain, and the pain of all those who's creations ae ignored BECAUSE THEY ARE DIGITAL. It's perplexing, why is it so? The real brick MOCs are dominant, after all, Lego are plastic bricks in the first place. Are LDD MOCs too niche for mainstream Lego fans then? Is there a way to popularize them, so the digital MOCs would be on equal rights?
  11. [LDD Moc]: Space Police IV Outpost

    Thanks @Murdoch17, I feel much better.
  12. I know about bluerender, but I made 12 pictures, and rendering them all would be time consuming. Besides, If it's about presentation, then you could as well say it in my MOC's thread, instead telling me this here. I am open for constructive criticism, but if there's none of it, if my work is ignored, than this is not good. Just like any other builder, I need feedback, I'm not sharing my MOC's so they be ignored. But I apologize, we are going offtopic here.
  13. Is it just me, or in Lego communities in general, people who build digital MOCs, are discriminated? By that, I mean, In most contests digital builds are not allowed, and LDD MOC's are largely ignored, while those built with real bricks are getting attention and are praised by many? I understand that software allows some things that real bricks can't do, like making a part in any colour, and that the contest needs to be fair to all the participants. But I can't understand why no one cares about LDD MOCs, it really irks me. Yesterday, I posted an LDD MOC, and no one even cared to view the topic. NO ONE. An LDD MOC was, as far as I know, never featured on the Eurobricks frontpage. Those who have lots of bricks and whole photo studios and whole rooms dedicated for storing Lego bricks, sets and MOCs, do not realize that some people build in LDD out of necessity, that they live in small appartments with no space to display huge dioramas, or they can't afford to buy new Lego sets, not to mention, that in some countries, like Poland (where I live) there are no Lego Brand Stores, and the luxury of Pick-a-Brick is unavaible to them. In some ways, us, LDD builders are treated like plebes. The IRL builders have an unfair advantage over us, because, paradoxally, when it takes more effort, time and money to build their MOCs, they also gain more recognition and respect, while the LDD users are treated like amateurs and "casual buiders", just because they are not building in real bricks. I'm not writing this to antagonize anyone, I'm just trying to analize this problem, and raise awareness of it. Maybe it's just my impression, maybe in fact those who build in LDD aren't discriminated, maybe it is just me who is ignored because my LDD MOCs are rubbish and no one cares about them... Who knows, but let's get one thing straight: The digital builders are also passionate fans of Lego, and their work also deserves appreciation. And what are your thoughts? Please, do not ignore this thread, it is very important to know your opinion.
  14. [LDD Moc]: Space Police IV Outpost

    Um, Hello? Anybody here? I have shared a moc, And I would love, LOVE, to hear your opinions on it... *sigh* Why does nobody like me? I'm sorry, that I'm building in LDD, but I don't have the money to buy more sets, or space to build large dioramas, or whole cities...