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    <p> I Love Historical and sci-fi (including Star Wars). My latest bought set was Salvage M. E. C. from Ninjago.</p>

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    Lego (Duh!), Ancient History, Archaeology, Arms & Armour, Vieo Games


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  1. Merry Christmas Guys! :D
  2. Wow, the Grapes are ingenious!
  3. I kinda prefered the closed helmet original, but still, This is awesome!
  4. Eggyslav

    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    Yeah, that's a nice train, but you shouldn't give your topic such a clickbaity title...
  5. Damn, the Queen is beautiful!
  6. I'd say Redbeard is just based on a general, syncretic archetype of a pirate captain, an amalgamation of pirate tropes. He is stylized on infamous Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, but also has the hook hand of Captain Hook, and the pegleg of Long-John Silver, and the eponymous red beard might be a reference to Hizir Rais Barbarossa (Barbarossa means Red Beard), famous ottoman privateer and admiral.
  7. Eggyslav

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Captain's log, Day 8. Still no manatee in sight. The morale of the crew plummets. They start to say I'm crazy, that there is no such thing as xmas raffle manatee, that I'm deranged, and obsessed, and should give up on the expedition, and if they'll have to, they'll remove me from the chain of command by force. But I'm not crazy! CopMike told me there is a high chance to encounter this mythical beast, and the calculations support it! I know it is somewhere, and I'm going to find it! Even if that means mutiny. Heh, how ironic, Mutiny caused by a search for a manatee... IT'S A MANATEE MUTINY! AAAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!
  8. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    AW MAH GAAAAWD!!!!!!! Dibs on Executioner, the Art Restorer, and Canival Barker!
  9. Oh, gender-bender, I like it!
  10. So far, so good! :D
  11. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    It's 200 already? That's crazy! And here's to 200 more! Cheers Robert!
  12. Marvel: "MCU is the greatest crossover ever!" Yooha & Robert8 "Hold my beer..." YEEEAAAH BOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!, I'm really excited for this one!
  13. I can already hear Chocobo Theme...
  14. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    Damn, That Themis is awesome, perfect pair for S7 Judge...
  15. Eggyslav

    Disney Advent Calendar

    How About Pride Rock in Micro Scale? I mean it's the most Iconic location from Lion King, and far better suited for an Advent Calendar gift...