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    <p> I Love Historical and sci-fi (including Star Wars). My latest bought set was Salvage M. E. C. from Ninjago.</p>

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  1. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    Absolutely. I hope there's a back printing on the dress, showing Watteau pleats of Robe a'la francaise.
  2. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    And Robert's fig has a better looking (and more historically accurate) wig, while TLG version has a more realistic dress print (court dresses at the time were open at the front with visible stomacher and petticoat), though a chihuahua as an accessory is questionable, small dogs were popular house pet at the time, but chihuahua, in 18th century France? A poodle would be better choice.
  3. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    Which Marie Antoinette is better, Robert's or official Lego?
  4. Roman Centurion Gender: Male Occupation/print on torso: Lorica Hamata (Roman chainmail) in pearl grey over a white tunic with red focale (neckscarf), reddish brown harness with pearl gold phalerae (medals) and cingulum (belt), red cape. Type of headgear: Roman helmet cast in pearl gold, with Roman Commander's crest worn sideways, the horse hair part of the crest in black, the base with peg in pearl gold Type of facial expression: Middle aged, with stern expression and slight stubble Color on torso/legs: Dualmolded, top white, continuing the design of the tunic, with pteryges (leather strips hanging from the belt) in reddish brown, with pearl gold studs and finials. Bottom in yellow, depicting mostly bare ankles and feet in caligae (sandals) in reddish brown, and pearl grey greaves. Accessory: Gladius in pearl gold, NEW Pilum style javelin, Scutum shield in red, with pearl gold blazons. Baroque Dandy Gender: Male Occupation/print on torso: Light royal blue Justeaucorps (form-fitting coat) with Vibrant Coral Gilet (long waistcoat) and white frilly cravat, both coat and vest intricately decorated with pearl gold embroidery. Type of headgear: NEW full bottomed powdered wig (the type S7 Judge is wearing) combined with cocked hat. Hat in black with pearl gold embroidery print, wig in white. The hat has a pin hole, in which a lavender feather plume is inserted. Or Captain Hook's hat/hair piece in same colors as above Type of facial expression: Contented smile, on a heavily powdered and rouged face, with thin black mustache and a beauty mark. Color on torso/legs: Dual molded, top light royal blue, continuing the justeaucorps and gilet print, along with royal blue knee breeches. bottom in white, depicting stockings and black bucled shoes as worn in the era. Alternatively, the bottom in tan, depicting horse riding boots with flared top. Accessory: NEW Cane sword accessory: a slender blade with cane handle cast in pearl grey, that sheaths into a hollowed out lightsaber blade.
  5. I can do you one better, I compiled the parts in a .lfxml file, it's all colour coded too, so you'll know which part should go to which:
  6. Also, two minifig head prints are missing. Specifically the Knights of Ren ones. There are also some bugs carried over from previous versions, The TBLM Red Hood/Mr. Freeze armor piece can't attach to the dome piece (you know, the one piece it was supposed to connect with), and Axel's Body is somehow clipping with most of the helmets it should be compatible with, y'know, like nexo knight helmet. There are also some Star Wars helmets that should be multicolored (like the ones with what supposed to be a transparent visor, like Sequel Trilogy's X-wing pilot's helmet). But these can wait for the next update. Keep up the good job!
  7. I tried to upload a picture, but it's too big. Generally, the right leg has prints for both left and right legs, and they are doubled. What's weird tho, it only concerns bad batch decals, knights of ren prints are working correctly. As of the SC canopy, I see the problem has been resolved.
  8. OK, so, for some reason, LDD crashes to desktop when I open, and try to browse the canopies cathegory... Just shuts down. I'll try with others as well, also, there are duplicates of leg prints. Also Roof tile 1x1x2/3 has missing mesh. And Mario's displays can't be decorated. Other than that, no bugs encountered.
  9. That's a relief, can't wait!
  10. So, today's the day, and still no update. I'm not hurrying you guys, just a little bit worried here, but still patient. Take all the time you need to polish everything.
  11. The big day's tomorrow!
  12. 11 days, synchronize your watches ladies and gentlemen!
  13. Eggyslav

    [M4-22 - Brick Built Creature] - Blurrg

    Those look weirdly similar to Guars from Elder Scrolls games...
  14. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    Ninjago city also has a lot of that Cyberpunk vibe.
  15. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    Thank you Robert for all those years, It was a great pleasure and an inspiring adventure you have taken us all with your beautiful designs. Writing Bios for you was really fun, and I wish @8BrickMario and @Nerd-with-a-Pencil would join me in writing bios for this last batch, for the old times sake. I am sad that this is the end, but also happy for your achievement. Maybe one day Lego will hire you as a designer, or at least make some of your minifigs brought to life. I wish you the best. Now, enough sappy stuff, to the minifigs, and truly, for the grand finale you pulled out all stops, these are just wonderful, I actually fell in love with Phantom Thief, so classy and beautiful, Thor is also well done, the helmet looks detailed, and just fantastic! The Emperor from Series C finally has his troops, and they look great! I also love the creepy doll maker, and the crazy colored Cyberpunk Guy (great use of Secret Agent's hair!) and Traditional Dancer is also lovely (It's always nice to get national dress from around the world), then there are Davy Crockett and Mowgli Expies, both with some really nice puppy companions, and Turtle girl is so Adorable! It's an all around great series, the only bad part is that it's the last.