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    <p> I Love Historical and sci-fi (including Star Wars). My latest bought set was Salvage M. E. C. from Ninjago. </p>

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    Lego (Duh!), Ancient History, Archaeology, Arms & Armour, Vieo Games


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  1. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    I am SCREAMING with Joy here, La Katrina looks beautiful!
  2. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    OOOO, Is that a card soldier from "Alice in Wonderland"?
  3. I didn't either , But The titular castle really looks similar to your MOC, just an observation from my part.
  4. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    Well done Robert, I am intrigued!
  5. *Insert obligatory Howl's Moving Castle Analogy here* Other than that, It looks amazing, I love me some steampunk!
  6. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    Ooooo, I'm dying with anticipation, can't wait to write the Bios!
  7. Eggyslav

    [MOC] New Century City Block I

    Very nice, It's like Edwardian Era meets Steampunk and High Fantasy, I love it!
  8. Eggyslav

    Ideas for CMFs

    They would look better printed, or decaled than painted, but still, that's awesome!
  9. OMG, I just had this thought: What If TLG and Nintendo colaborated and released Nintendo themed CMF (With Mario, Zelda and other games characters?) line, but with Amiibo functionality?

  10. Eggyslav


    Damn, that's creepy, in a good sense of course, it is as if H. R. Giger himself got his hands on some bricks, BRAVO!
  11. Guys, I'm in a pickle, I can't place picked bricks, whether from the Toolbox, or the Model it self. I can grab a brick and move it around with mouse, but I can't put it down in it's place, and when I press ESC to cancel, LDD crashes to desktop. Help... EDIT: Nevermind tho, the problem fixed itself... somehow, idk honestly, but hey! That works for me!
  12. Eggyslav

    Lego Modern Times

    Nice video, but toilet humor here was a little bit too obnoxious...
  13. Eggyslav

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    So, in Lego Universe, Friends are aliens, interesting...
  14. Eggyslav

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    Adventurers, All the sci-fi, all the historical (and Pirates too), CMF.
  15. Eggyslav

    why does lego lord voldemort have a nose?

    Just as real Voldemort has no nose while everybody have one, The minifig Voldemort has a nose while every minifigure don't have one. Simple.