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  1. (MOC) Large-scale Buzz Lightyear

    Maybe if you could make the torso narrower, It would look more proportioned, because now it looks like Buzz was taking workout tips from Ben Swolo... XD Otherwise, that's a very cool MOC.
  2. [MOC] Playstation CMF Series

    I would also Add Alucard from Castlevania: SotN, and Cloud Strife, or Sephiroth from FFVII, Solid Snake maybe?
  3. Baptism of Poland

    At first I was: Oh, a Historical vigniette about the beginnings of my country, cool, but when I saw it I was WTF? Where's Prince Dagobert, Why is this a present day depiction of Baptism, And why does the baby look so weird? Then I looked at the "baby" and I finally got it, said "baby" is the shape of Poland in our national colors! Baptism of Poland! Very clever dude!
  4. Ideas for CMFs

    Tru Dat, @8BrickMario, It seems that it's sort of a hybrid, but still, Robert's design and Idea of a Dragon Costume was first.
  5. Ideas for CMFs

    Robert, you might want to see this: According to Brickset, It's Legit from upcoming Series 18, looks familiar doesn't it?
  6. Johann Sebastian Bach (BrickHeadz)

    Wow, Awesome! The Roller skate powdered wig, the Organ, Bach's clothes, just excellent!
  7. Ideas for CMFs

    Aw, sorry @Nerd-with-a-Pencil, next time We'll wait for you to choose, I promise. Terracota Soldier Any Moment now... Made from heat-hardened clay, the Terracota Soldier was buried amongst thousands like him in Qin Emperor's tomb. It is prophecied that one day The Emperor's ghost will rise from the dead, and will lead hisTerracota army to conquer the world. Even though the Soldier is just a statue, deep in his terracota heart he is a true warrior, and is so eager to fight for his emperor. Problem is, that millenia have passed and the Emperor is still asleep, Terracota Soldier even thought about waking him up, but he can't just leave his Post... Politician: Vote for me and I promise to lower the Lego Sets prices, Bring back Sand Red to the colour palette, Revitalize old themes, and build a Lego Brand Store in every city and town! Ah, democracy, for some a perfect system, where the whole nation has an influence in Politics, to others, a way for crazy dictators, thieves and liars to seize the power over the country. Luckilly the Politician is none of those things. When it comes to Election, he makes a lot of promises, and, he actually keeps them... For better or for worse. Like that one time, when he promised the return of old themes, but the Budget only allowed to bring back Jack Stone and Galidor. But despite these political hiccups, he still is popular amongst the people, and he is sure to get reelected.
  8. [MOC] Ă˜sterlars Church

    I love the gravestone epitaphs, The Wooden Duck, Fabuland flowers on it's grave, Pink flowers on Belville's, how the Sand Red's grave soil is in that colour, and Jack Stone's has withered flowers, as if no one cares about it... XD
  9. Ideas for CMFs

    Yeah, the Doctor turned quite dark, I kinda based him on Team Fortress 2 Medic, even borrowed his quote... I don't know why though... And let me guess, the future minifig I predicted is a Standup Comedian? Also, not only Grim Reaper had a referrence, I also mentioned the Emperor and TLG's Swashbuckler in Pirate Queen's bio... Glad you liked them Robert. :)
  10. Ideas for CMFs

    Gravedigger: Sir, I can assure you, I never heard my customers complain, after all, you can't hear them from six feet underground... Working at Lego City Funeral House, the Gravedigger isn't DEAD serious about his job. Despite his stiff and cold demeanor, he's got quite a sense of humor, when it comes to dealing with the city's bucket kickers. As a young lad, he wanted to be a standup comedian, but unfortunately, due to ironic twist of fate he started a career in the most grim and dark industry, that is Funerary services. But that doesn't stop him, unlike other undertakers, he's not a dead inside, Memento Mori- kinda guy. In fact, since the living are being offput by his creepy cackle and inapropriate behavior when dealing with the dignity and gravity of ones death and funeral, he decided then to entertain the undead roaming his cemetary. His jokes, anecdotes, and japes have made the ghouls giggling, ghosts grinning, the skeletons had their funny bone tickled, and everyone would die from laughter if they haven't been already dead. Hell, he even made the Grim Reaper smile, even though he doesn't have lips to smile with them. Toy Clown POP GOES THE WEASEL! Wait, too soon? Everybody knows the toy clown jumping out of his musicbox and his song, but this one here has real problems with his timing, he always springs out at the wrong time, either just before the song ends, or after a while. Whether it's something wrong with his mechanism, or a personality quirk, he just can't help it, and it iritates him so much. But kids really love his unpredictable nature, after all, It's all abut suprise, right? The Jouster Yes, yes, I won, now can someone help me dismount? I CAN'T MOVE! The champion of many tournaments, the Jouster loves all the aspects of being a knight... except from wearing armor, It's heavy, clunky, and it hinders him so much, he needs to be constantly helped when he trips and falls on every turn. Plus, It's a nuissance, putting it on, piece by piece, locking it with buckles and hooks. And then he must climb a horse, encased in that steel shell. But this unwieldy burden has saved his life many times at the lists, so it's not that bad afterall, since he's jousting with opponents armed with sharpened lances. Doctor Anyvay, when ze Patient voke up, his Skeleton vas Missing, and ze Doctor vas never heard from Again! This doctor is surely treating the Hypocratic Oath more like the Hypocratic suggestion. In his twisted mind, the noble art of Medicine is just a tool to satisfy his morbid curiosity, and he treats his patients as test subjects, in wicked and gruesome experiments. No-one is even sure if he really is a trained professional, since, you know, sewing in an additional heart or liver, transplanting brains, conjoining people together and replacing limbs or heads of a minifig is not what a real medic would do in his spare time. But suprisingly, all his experiments and surgeries are always successful, and his patients are all well, some even get superpowers from these crazy operations. Pirate Queen Avast, ye scurvy sea-rats! Your cargo hold surely needs a woman's touch! Every seafaring merchant and every port tremble in fear when they see the black sails of Her Majesty, the Killer Syren, the Ruthless Goddess of the Ocean, the Pirate Queen. Commanding huge fleet of bloodthirsty scoundrels, she is a force to be reckonned. Woe to anyone who opposes her, as she empties her victim's ship from valuables, and takes no prisoners. Even though the Emperor himself offered a huge bounty for her beautiful head, no one's brave (or stupid) enough to claim it. Though everyone knows the Pirate Queen is so badass, because she just wants to impress her secret crush, the Swashbuckler, anyone in her crew who says that out loud, is sure to have his tongue ripped out and used to swab the deck with it. And don't mention a word about her "booty", lest you want to face a fate worse than death from the Queen's own hands.
  11. Ideas for CMFs

    When I saw the Pirate Queen I screamed with Joy, I just LOVE HER! And the Gravedigger, I'm certainly writing a bio for him, he Cartoon girl is super cute, and My god, the Jouster, It's just PERFECT! As for the Bios, as I already said, I'm taking on the Grave Digger the toy clown, The Jouster, the Doctor, and Pirate Queen.
  12. Ideas for CMFs

    OOooooooh, I just can't wait!
  13. Perhaps TLG has taken it off because of bugs, like missing minifig parts elements...
  14. Well, that was a brutal truth bomb you've thrown in my face, I was very proud of that station, I've spent most of my vacation evenings to build it, but if you say it's nothing special, and a 10 year old kid would build it, I guess I'm a rubbish builder and I suck. I AM VERY SORRY, That you didn't like my "MOC" (Do the quotation marks imply my creation doesn't deserve to be called MOC?). Oh, wait, no I am not sorry. NOT AT megablocking ALL. I don't care about your stupid condescending remarks, I made my digital MOC (without quotes), and I'm 100% satisfied with it. And if you have no feedback for me other than "hurr durr Ur MOC sux0rz use MLCad u stupid feg", then, Mein Freunde, GO. megabluck. YOURSELF. I asked for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, not for thrashing, argumentation ad personam and ridicule. Jeez, I though Lego Community was a friendly one and free of trolls... And getting back to discussion, @1963maniac, Your post doesn't bring any merit to discussion. Yes Lego mainly is plastic bricks, but Digital builders are also part of this community, and they also deserve equal rights and respect.
  15. And because of such ignorant mindset the Digital Builders are treated as they are. Well, for your information, @zor2ox, not everyone can allow themselves to build with real bricks, as we disscussed earlier. If you design a MOC digitally, and have enough bricks and workspace to build it, or have money to order more bricks, then good for you, you have the pleasure and privilege to be an IRL builder. Unfortunately, the Digital builders don't have this type of luxury, and so we must resort to just digital builds. We don't treat digital designs as a blueprint, or schematic, we treat them as a fully pledged MOC, because LDD is all we got to develop our passion for Lego. We do not have the means to feel the sturdiness or forces, but speaking for myself, I really try to build my digital MOCs as realistic as possible. So, basically you are just saying that LDD builders are a worse kind of Lego Fans, because they don't have, as you put it, "full perspective on their models". And if that's the case, then GTFO from my thread this instant, I don't want such an elitist rhetoric in here. Why do you even come here, if this thread doesn't concern you? After all, you are the representative of Super Elite IRL Builder Master Race, why would you care for us, dirty LDD peasants? If you just came here to trigger me, then congratulations good sir, your stupid, snobbish opinion did trigger me.