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  1. [LDD MOC] Space Police IV Interceptor

    Just a little something I was working on (other than my bachelor degree work )... teaser by Jarek Wrzosek, on Flickr Consider this as teaser.
  2. Aw man, that sucks... I hope you'll be back... :(

  3. [MOC] Ugliest MOC ever

    Meh, I've seen uglier...
  4. I DID IT! Here are a couple of bricks with Classic Space Insignia, copied from lately added torso print, plus, as a bonus, a pressure (?) dial on 1x1 round tile: Classic Space Logos! by Jarek Wrzosek, on Flickr Classic Space Deco
  5. Question, How did you do those? I'd love to make some bricks with Classic Space logo, and a 1x1 brick with gauge print...
  6. Some ideas for CMFs

    You're welcome, but now that I think about it, there's one last minifig without a bio: The poor Pijama Party Girl, but I'll leave it to @8BrickMario, since he only make the Ghost Bride bio, let's let him have some fun too... ;)
  7. Some ideas for CMFs

    Huh, So, I guess The Milkmaid and Schoolboy are the only ones left: Milkmaid: Do I got Milk? Ja, I haav. Two whole boockets! The Milkmaid spent her whole life at a Diary Farm, taking care of cows, making Cream, butter and cheese. no wonder she's an expert in milk and other diary products. She knows exact energetical value of balkan yoghurt, just by smelling the milk she can accurately guess it's fat content, and she knows so many types of cheese, some of them so exotic and obscure, that even the Conneseur has never dreamt about. This whole expertise is even more impressive, given that the Milkmaid has never tasted milk, or any of it's products, because she's lactose intolerant... School Boy: Sigh, When will the vacations end? I miss school... Call him a nerd, but for the School boy, there's nothing more cool than, well, School. Unlike other kids, he loves to go to the classes, make homework science projects, and hang out with his friends at recess. There's no more beautiful sound to him, than ringing of the schoolbell, and from Monday to Friday everyday is a new adventure, when he learns something new from the Teacher, and his thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. If he only could go to Summer School, he wouldn't be so bored during vacations...
  8. Some ideas for CMFs

    OMG, Robert, I just noticed this, and can't unsee it: On your Banner, the Sculptor's Hammer is positioned in a way that makes it look like he's bonking the Pyjama Party Girl in the head, like, "Go to sleep! WHACK!". And PJP Girl seems to like it, just look at that face... XDDDD
  9. Collectible Historic/Fantasy Minifigure Series

    @Umbra-Manis Nope, this is just printing, so far, there can't be both dual molded and printed legs on a minifig in LDD. Besides, this printing already was on Bard, but now is more clear because I no longer have to use LDD's safe mode. @VaderFan2187: Check this topic out, It has everything you need to know about LDD Developer's mode:
  10. Some ideas for CMFs

    Ooooh, an Ice sculpture, I wonder, how you'll design it, will it have transparent bodyparts?
  11. Collectible Historic/Fantasy Minifigure Series

    Yup, I gave him an armor, but that's not the only minifig I "upgraded"...
  12. Some ideas for CMFs

    Let me Guess, the Evil Prince (Prince John) to antagonize the Forestman? The one I mentioned in Hermit's bio?
  13. Some ideas for CMFs

    I Guess it's my turn now, OK, let's go! Barbershop Singer: When The Saints Go! When the Saints Go! When The Saints go Marching In... Unlike other Barbershop Singers that usually go in quartets, this fellow sings solo, and to be honest, he's really good at it. As he says, he's harmonising the best with himself, although he isn't a stranger to singing with others... That one time he was in Venice, he made quite a handsome duet with the Gondolier, they even had matching straw hats! Sculptor: Just Hold still, need to chisel those beautiful features of yours... The Sculptor is a real Master of his art. No matter if it's wood, clay, stone, marble, bronze, or even Ice, his trusty chisel can create incredibly lifelike effigies and sculptures that are giving the impression of movement. No matter whether it's just a tiny figurine, or a grand monument, they all are crafted with great precision and attention to detail. Sometimes, the ilusion is so great, that even the Sculptor himself is catching himself talking to his creations... Forest Hermit How may this humble servant of God help thou my child? Being fed up with the trivialities of life, this minifigure chose the life of ascetic solitude. Deep in the forest, the Hermit has everything he needs, peace and silence, a rudimentary roof over his shaven head, fresh spring water and berries and roots to eat. Even though he enjoys anchorite lifestyle, he still is very sociable, and is happy to see other minifigs. Also, as a kind samaritan figure, he sworn to help anyone in need that step on his hut's treshold. Lately he joined Forestman and his Merry band of outlaws, not only to evangelize them, but also to help them overthrow the evil Prince. Golfer FOOOOOORE! Oops, sorry for your windshield! Golf may be a little bit snobbish, I mean, It's a highbrow sport for social elite, there are bound to be some snooty players out here, but that doesn't concern our Golfer, who's a really sympathetic and humble minifig. The golfer aspires to win his Country Club's trophy, and start a professional putting career. As a kid he discovered he has a really strong strike, when he completely destroyed the tiny windmill at his local minigolf course. It was then when he believed he was destined to become best golfer in the world. And indeed, on every course, he could easily go for birdie, but unfortunately, despite his strength, he has a really bad aim. His balls usually land everywhere but the hole (please don't take it out of context guys...). But with enough training and determination, the Golfist believes that he'll soon show everyone, how good he can be... Usher: Tickets please! This young lad works at Lego City Cinema, checking tickets, showing spectators their seats in the dark hall, and cleaning the room after projection. Despite low pay, and having to wear that old uniform, he likes this job, as it has it's boons and merits, such as meeting movie stars at the red carpet during premieres, access to the projector room, where he can watch any film he likes, and even free popcorn! He also became best friends with Cinephile, and together they go on weekends, where else, to cinema on the various movie marathons... The Rest of Bios go to @8BrickMario, or whoever want's to write them.
  14. Collectible Historic/Fantasy Minifigure Series

    Hey guys, some time ago, I discovered LDD's Developer mode, and what did I do? I've enhanced my Historical CMF designs. Guess what's different:
  15. Some ideas for CMFs

    I love the Ghost Bride, the Sculptor, The Hermit (although we all know it's supposed to be Friar Tuck), the Islander, and the Barbershop singer (Love the cane element). and the Imp. Also, thanks for the shout out Robert, it was a pure pleasure to write those bios.