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    <p> I Love Historical and sci-fi (including Star Wars). My latest bought set was Salvage M. E. C. from Ninjago.</p>

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  1. Eggyslav

    Small builds to spice up your Pirate life

    I like the Organ, though I doubt there ever was a whole honking pipe organ on board on a sailing vessel, Flying Dutchman and Nautilus nonwithstanding. I'd say a harpsichord would be a better choice for an instrument.
  2. My man, this isn't the place for that, go there:
  3. Eggyslav


    I didn't post it on Eurobricks yet.
  4. Eggyslav


    You're Welcome, I modified my copy of Brick Bounty (also a Brig) into a Brigantine. Changing ship rigs is fun.
  5. Eggyslav


    Interesting, Barracuda was a Brig before, and now it's a sort of Barque with lateen mizzen. Cool.
  6. Eggyslav

    [POLL] Best Pirate Captain

    Captain Redbeard. He is the OG Pirate captain, and he commandeered the most of the ships out of all of them: Black Seas Barracuda, Skull Eye's Schooner, Red Beard Runner, Cross Bone Clipper, (arguably) Brick Bounty. He's an absolute icon and a legend. PoTC captains don't count, as they are from their own theme. Brickbeard was way too shortlived and his Jolly Roger looks childish and goofy. Creator Captain is sloppy seconds minifig with no class or even name, and CMF Captain doesn't even have a ship, nor name. Also the list is incomplete, it Lacks the CMF Zombie Captain, Duplo Pirates and Jack Stone-like junior Pirates.
  7. Well, then Theory confirmed! With official approval from TLG, no less! :D But I still prefer your version Robert!
  8. Eggyslav

    [POLL] Imperial Soldiers

    In my Eldorado Fortress, I use 2023 one as regular soldiers, and 2015 one as Musicians, although ideally I'd do the opposite, since aiguilettes fit musicians and NCOs more. As of the vote, I voted for 2009 one, even though I don't have any of them, but I like them very much. And I'd like to see a geen uniform.
  9. Not really, they are just generic Fantasy Figures.
  10. Flying warrior is either DC's Hawkman, a reference to the myth of Daedalus and Icarus, or one of the two mythological Boreads, Calais or Zethes, who were winged sons of Boreas the god of Northern Wind, who were also part of the Argonauts. Ice Queen is most likely a reference to the Eponymous Ice Queen from a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. And Night Protector is a generic fantasy Dark/Night Elf, especially inspired by Warcraft Night Elves.
  11. It's a long story: when I installed the newest update, I also downloaded the parts only folder, as I was missing some stuff. Whe I downloaded and opened the folder, I noticed there are actually some extra stuff in there, like additional parts and decorations. So I Also installed them as well. I thought I knew what I was doing. But I was wrong. LDD would nearly instantly crash to Desktop. So, I had to re-add all the parts, and after a lot of fiddling, I was able to make it work. But in the process I somehow lost all the colour options. The colours are still there, but I can't chose them in the colour picker menus. May I just have the necessary files to fix it?
  12. Excuse me, but why no one answered me? I asked for help and got ignored. As such I'm kindly repeating my plea for help: Somehow while installing the latest update, I did something wrong, and I had to reinstall all the parts again, and in result, I somehow lost ALL the custom colour options in LDD. Can someone Please, PLEASE help me?
  13. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!! I don't know how or why, but I lost all the additional colour options. I screwed something with the instalation, and I had to reinstall each and every new part pack. And now I only have colours that came with regular LDD. Help?
  14. Eggyslav

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Thanks. I always interpreted these eyes as pince-nez glasses. :)