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    <p> I Love Historical and sci-fi (including Star Wars). My latest bought set was Salvage M. E. C. from Ninjago.</p>

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    Lego (Duh!), Ancient History, Archaeology, Arms & Armour, Vieo Games


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  1. Eggyslav

    Themed CMF Series

    Unfortunately, if we're going for historical accuracy, no. Genoese Crossbowman could be a Crossbow-woman instead, tho.
  2. Eggyslav

    Themed CMF Series

    Here's my Idea: The Army Builders! Based on real historical soldiers. 1. Roman Aquilifer (Standard Bearer): with new helmet covered with lion's skin, gladius and Aquila (made with lightsaber blade in pearl gold + new molded top piece). 2. Crusader: with the greathelm in gold, Blue surcoat (With updated golden lion coat of arms of Crusaders Theme) a lance piece with pennant, and the newest sword mold. 3. Karolingian, Early 18th century swedish infantry: blue uniform tied with yellow sash, he also wears the Pirate Tricorn with yellow trim, and yellow epaulettes, his equipment is a flintlock musket and rapier. 4. British Grenadier: 18-19th century style red uniform, new mitre mold, backpack, a cutlass and a hand grenade (baby's head in black/gunmetal with a candle flame piece stuck in the neck hole) 5. Spanish Tercio: Basically the conquistador figure, but with silver armor and clothes in yellow and blue. His accessories comprise of the long sword mold in silver, and the smaller round shield. 6. Berserker: Naked torso covered in viking style tattoos, brown cape, new bear skin cowl or the goggled helmet, and two axes. 7. Winged Hussar: New helmet mold, New Chima style armor with two studs in the back, new hussar wing piece x2, and a cutlass/saber or longsword. 8. Genoese Crossbowman: Kettle helmet/Kapalin, crossbow, new Pavise shield mold, brigandine print on the torso. 9. Jannisary: Ottoman style robes (optional chainmail), New Jannisary hat, musket or bow, new scimitar/saber mold. 10. WWI Era Stormtrooper (very unlikely to be made): Dark Tan or grey uniform, new military helmet mold with gasmask, Backpack, tommy gun, shovel. 11. Ashigaru: Samurai armor, Master Wu's hat in black, musket and Katana. 12. Mameluke: Arabian style armored robes, PoP Keffiyeh mold in white or black, spear, round shield, scimitar introduced with Jannissary. 13. Cataphract: New helmet with chainmail face cover, Byzantine or Sassanid style scale armor, shield, mace. 14. Cossack: New Oseledets hair mold or fur lined hat, Zhupan torso print, mustache mold, flintlock pistol, spear. 15. French Cuirassier: Imperial Armada half armor mold, red epaulettes, blue Napoleonic Era uniform, New "Minerva" pattern helmet mold, cutlass/saber flintlock pistol. 16. Hodenoshawnee (Iroquis) Tracker: New native american long hair with feather, buckskin pants and shoes, bone armor similar to Tribal Chief, musket, tomahawk.
  3. Eggyslav

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Hehe, Yeah, It's just like Ogel mixed with this:
  4. Eggyslav

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Congrats on your secont front page feature Robert! And here's to many more!
  5. Eggyslav

    Ideas for a CMFs

    You're welcome. :)
  6. Eggyslav

    Ideas for a CMFs

    It's based upon Frida Kahlo, she was a very well known Mexican painter. ;)
  7. Eggyslav

    Ideas for a CMFs

    OK, the Supreme Commander reminds me of Astra Militarum Commisars from Warhammer 40k, mixed with Ogel's goons from Alpha Team, and that's AWESOME! My second favourite must be updated Alpha Centauri, from my favourite Sci-Fi theme, 1997's UFO! You also nailed Frida Kahlo and Don Quichote, Robert, love them both. Sphinx is also awesome (Tho Egyptian sphinxes never had wings), hope you'll reuse the body for Assyrian/Babilonian Lamassu. ;) The Carnival Man has amazingly detailed prints, and looks really cool! And that would be my favourites, others are also great! Now I just can't wait for January!
  8. Exactly, that's what I was thinking!
  9. Do we have a Trans Black moonstone? It could be used for Boogeyman, and the Dark Blue could go to the Ghost Ship. Oh, the trans black would be used for skeletons, never mind. HOWEVER, There is a Trans Bright Green, that is different from Swamp Monster's trans neon green. That could be the colour for the ship!
  10. Funny you mention a skeleton mecha being piloted by a skeletal monarch, since we gonna get one in the Monkie Kid set...
  11. Another Idea for the Dark Blue Moonstone: A ghost ship! A cursed Pirate Galleon ascending from the briny deep, complete with an undead crew, commandeered by a wicked vampire, Captain Bloodbeard (Who may, or may not be Lord Vampyre in pirate costume)! The emblem would be a Jolly Roger, or an Anchor. The set would also include a small motorboat for Monster Fighters. Still keeping with the maritime theme, but much more traditional. :)
  12. Trans Dark Blue could be something Lovecraftian, A Cthulhu expy of sorts, perhaps as a biomechanical mecha driven by a cultist and powered by the Moonstone. The Emblem would be an octopus.
  13. Eggyslav

    Ideas for a CMFs

    OMG! Robert, yet again, you've outdone yourself! My favourites are The Dark Elf, the Slenderman Expy, Horus, Pinocchio, Outback Guy (could have just call him Bushman), and Monster Huntress.
  14. Eggyslav

    Ideas for a CMFs

    OH, The Easter Bunny and a Monster Hunters throwback? Can't wait!
  15. Eggyslav

    [MOC] Roman stuff

    Roma Victrix!