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  1. Ross Fisher

    [COR-FB] The Rover Privateer

    Bowler hat, weird accent, sharp weapons. I think I know the guy:
  2. Ross Fisher

    New troops at Eltina

    Nice Curassiers. What regiment are they from? Planning on including more in my series, but mine wear bearskins. ..
  3. @Mesabi Innocent? They were in uniform! On an Oleonaise Island. Very suspicious... And yes. That is what passes for "just talking" for the Padre.
  4. Despatches to René Duchamp, from Sgt Carel on behalf of Monsieur Jones, October 14, 618. Sir, our detachment is now occupying a lodge in the hills at the heart of the Île Zeus. We took this encampment following a short skirmish with Promethean heretics, who had previously been occupying the position. Our scouts discovered the encampment shortly before dusk yesterday. Signs of their heresy were clear to see. Under Monsieur Jones's orders, we worked our way around the site until we had it surrounded. Thereafter, he used a loudhailer to order the lodge occupants to come into the open or face the consequences. When they failed to comply, he loaded a grenade into the barrel of brimstone we had with us, and rolled it down the hill until it struck the lodge. When the grenade detonated, it sent a shower of brimstone into the air. This mixed with the mist, and produced a hellish caustic vapour. When we heard sounds of coughing from the lodge, my squad moved in to subdue the heretics. While most of my men were smart enough to cover their mouths, I felt it essential to keep mine uncovered, the better to relay orders and encouragement to the men. Sadly, we were unable to keep the scum alive for their interrogation. Nevertheless, there was some good news, as they had kept charts of the area and the coast. While we are not clear whether the marks on the map are the same target we are searching for, they provide us with a good next step for investigation. Your servant, Sergeant Carel. PS. Please warn my wife that my looks have not improved...
  5. Ross Fisher

    [AMCRA-Mesabi] Southbound and Down

    @Mesabi actually, now I've done my research, the old London Bridge did have a drawbridge, so I'll just sit down and shut up...
  6. Ross Fisher

    [AMCRA-Mesabi] Southbound and Down

    Nice one, but do you mean Tower Bridge? There have been a couple of London Bridges over the year. One had shops on, and burned down, hence the song. One was sold to a guy who lived in a desert somewhere in the US - true stroy. But the current London Bridge is a pretty boring expanse of road laid across some concrete piles. It's Tower Bridge that has lifting sections for shipping. It's also named after the Tower of London, right next door, rather than the fact it has towers. Source - I work in London. Mansplain done.
  7. Ross Fisher

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    @Drunknok I'd feel guilty taking DBs and PIPs from anyone who would take that bet though...
  8. Ross Fisher

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    Has there been any official gambling yet? I'll throw 5db on the Hawks to win against the Infernos if anyone else want to test the system out? Edit: probably should've noticed that the game had already been played...
  9. I will add it to the list. I still have questions, but I guess that's all part of an Inquisitor's job. Don't want to bump an old topic, so I'll just say here that it's a very funny build.
  10. Ross Fisher

    [BTSC] BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup 618

    Good luck for today's games guys!
  11. Ross Fisher

    [SR-FB] Rahab's Gambit

    I like this one best out of the three. Great little tub.
  12. Fair play for turning the confessional booth into a privy. You can see why Padre Francois didn't want the job himself.
  13. I am all over this. Give me some time...