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  1. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Bright Eyes

    Fair criticism, and yet a lot of your own faction members are guilty of the same criteria. I assume you're picking me up on it because I'm a judge and they aren't?
  2. Ross Fisher

    [J12 - Atrisia - CFS] Bright Taco Delivery

    Wait, has this whole thing just been a really terrible innuendo stretched out for far too long?
  3. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Bright Eyes

    I was a bit gutted to have to redo the vegetation when this build needed to move from Trandosha to Uyter, but I think it did reasonably well.
  4. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Bright Eyes

    *Your entry has earned 16 XP* By the time I got back, CorSec's inspectors seemed to be largely satisfied, and I was able to get the deal logged. Took the participants up to an old retreat centre that once belonged to Uyter's Department for Agriculture. Seemed a fitting spot to seal the agreement. And with that, Uyter had a guaranteed purchaser for future harvests, CorSec had a vested interest in keeping the situation stable in our corner of the galaxy, and Clan Eldar had a decent revenue stream that wasn't dependant on bounty hunting or mercenary contracts. Agreements like this don't get a whole lot of attention when it comes to writing the history books, but trust me, this deal was the cornerstone of all of Clan Eldar's efforts in this sector.
  5. Ross Fisher

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Bounty Hunter Bright

    I really love the weathered look you've added. It's a very solid looking building. And I'm glad you added a piece to space out the Rodian's neck just a little.
  6. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Trandosha - CE] Bright Young Things

    Yep, not sure where all these yellow guys came from, but I hadn't had a chance to use them yet, so in they went. My favourite thing was all the archways and nested details, like the domes and the arched bricks at the top of the wall. Thanks! I do like it when a Lego build has a nice clean aspect. Usually I leave them a few days before photographing, and there's a fine layer of dust.
  7. Ross Fisher

    P9-Trandosha-CE] A Bright Shrine

    Some great parts usage here. I thought that dragon head was a phoenix model and I was trying to figure out what scale it was at. Good stuff.
  8. Honestly, that's insane. Fantastic work!
  9. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Ring of Bright Water

    Great minds think alike, I guess. Although it is fitting that Toraak managed to find his quarry, and Fnab couldn't see his even when he was looking straight at it.
  10. Ross Fisher

    [R4 - Lur - CE] Saying farewell to Lur

    Honestly, this is a really impressive feat of engineering. Getting the whole thing cantilevered against the base must've been a lot of hard work. The shuttle itself is a really fun little build. Reminds me of the Phantom.
  11. Ross Fisher

    [K12 - Kalist VI -TT] A bright homestead

    Kudos for making this technique work, it can't have been easy!
  12. Ross Fisher

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] A brighter future

    A really nice idea for a build. It looks suitably war-torn.
  13. Ross Fisher

    [P9-Trandosha-CE] It wasn't his Brightest idea

    A really great idea. Must've been absolutely gutting to drop it before you could complete it!
  14. Ross Fisher

    A Guide to the Free City of Essen

    I think we have 10 official factions now, but at least 3 of those have effectively retired, and the 2 newer ones only have 1 member each. So, yeah, only 5 factions really.
  15. Ross Fisher

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] Bright sunset on Gorse

    I hear you. This challenge has really stretched my brick supply. This is a really nice build though.