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  1. @Wellesley @caiman0637 @evancelt @Khorne Thanks guys! I'm glad it came together so well. Gonna have to rush my Cat D before all these bricks go into storage.
  2. Woo, first build! I'm going to be moving house soon, so my bricks are going into storage. Had to get this one in ASAP.
  3. "What does this have to do with the Order?" Canon Fran├žois asked. "Not a damn thing," replied his secretary. "But it is popular." "And you think popularity should be our goal?" the priest challenged. "Not at all," Monsieur Gallo responded. "But a degree of diversification might help to support the Knights Treasurer somewhat. And this outlet seems blessedly innocent." "Hmmm," came the reply. "Tell me again what it is." "Monsieur Silhouette holds a patent for what he calls 'Umbran Cameos'; portraits of profiles in shadow. The setup is simple enough, and requires no more artistic skill than the ability to trace a line." The notary paused, to appreciate the interest on his master's face. "Because of this, they are relatively quick and cheap to produce, putting them within the reach of the common man. Suddenly sweethearts have something to put in lockets besides hair; imagine it!" "And you want to export them out here to fleece the commoners of Nola Mar?" the Canon asked. "For the good of the mission, yes?" Gallo responded, hoping that he had chosen his investment opportunity well. "Very well," came the response. "Take the money from our petty cash. I will be expecting to see returns before the year is out."
  4. Ross Fisher

    [OL - FB] The rat-catcher, Acropolis

    @JintaiZ Thanks for the highlight!
  5. Ross Fisher

    [COR-FB] A New Chapter

    A really nice idea for a build. I'd love to see more abstract designs like this.
  6. Ross Fisher

    [COR - FB] A Royal Proclamation

    Congratulations guys. Well deserved!
  7. Ross Fisher

    [COR - FB] Bakery, Jameston

    It is a very nice little build. I love your experimentation with colour!
  8. Oh, cool. I've sent a DM
  9. Happy to take part in a Category D collab if anyone fancies taking that risk... I have ideas ready to go!
  10. Thanks guys! The roof actually wasn't too hard. I put the long ridges in place first, and then figured which wedge plate would mesh well with it. It did involve a bit of back-and-forth, but nothing too frustrating. I probably could've mathed it all out beforehand, but I honestly prefer trial and error.
  11. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the feedback. Glad you like it.
  12. Ross Fisher

    [COR - FB] Wullham Quarry

    Very nicely done. A great example of studs being used proactively.
  13. Ross Fisher

    [Esl -FB] A surprising port extension

    I'm getting some strong Peter Pan / Hook vibes here. Love it.
  14. Ross Fisher

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Congrats @CapOnBOBS on a well deserved promotion. I'm gonna keep very quiet on this front myself, lest people assume I'm being rewarded for my imperious conduct...