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  1. Ross Fisher

    All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia

    @merc thanks! I'm glad to have your approval.
  2. *Waits for the Sea Rats to launch the Crimson Permanent Assurance*
  3. Ross Fisher

    All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia

    @gedren_y Hope you know there's no OOC harm meant.
  4. Ross Fisher

    All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia

    That would've been a smart idea! Thanks for the tip. The idea was based on all those white New England wooden chapels. I'm not sure I managed to make it as pretty as I wanted, but it's a decent go.
  5. Ross Fisher

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    @Bodi Interesting choice. We will follow these developments avidly.
  6. That's an awesome building! Congrats. Do we get a look at the finished building?
  7. Ross Fisher

    All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia

    @Drunknok @Bodi thanks! You can see why the Padre doesn't take insults lightly.
  8. Ross Fisher

    All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia

    @Professor Thaum Thanks! I'm only sorry that I can't show you more angles. Sadly, I didn't have enough sloping bricks to complete the roof, and you'd see a gaping hole if I changed the shot in any way.
  9. All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Brother Fran├žois, University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, August 608. Your eminences, I beg your forgiveness, but I am beginning to suspect that I am not the right man for the position here at the University of Tiberia. When I applied for this post, I had hoped that it would be suitable for a man of action. I believed that by great labour, or sheer force of will, I might have an impact here. I had hoped that I could bring some of these Corlander intellectuals into the light of the Faith. However, in truth, I see now that this task requires someone with far more patience than I. Someone with a tolerant demeanour and a comforting disposition. The chaplaincy here is small. When I arrived here I was surprised that it would never fit the entire student body within. In hindsight this should have been my first clue. The school governors here regard my presence as a box-ticking exercise; something to appeal to prospective students, but not a part of the university in its own right. Moreover, I have been superciliously told that this temple is a "multi-faith" chapel, and that any old heathen can use my building for his own twisted rituals. Fortunately, after I ran the first few heretics out, word got around, and the titan-worshippers and "three goddesses" hippies have stopped coming. By Hades, it's all I can do to stop myself erecting a pyre on the quad! In short, I ask that you consider someone else for this position. Perhaps a priestess of Hera? Far too many of these feckless Corlanders come here in search of mothering, and I am disinclined to accommodate such pathetic mewling any longer. Please help me find a different path. Something I can really sink my teeth into - preferably not more horse. Your humble servant, Brother Fran├žois
  10. I'm uploading my build today. Just wanted to check how far into the past we can set the story? 20 years? NVM, just spotted the "est 605" date on the map. Which means max 13 years into the past.