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  1. Ross Fisher

    [L9 - Coruscant - CorSec] Old, but still useful

    Great fun. I might suggest that the klaxons produce a different noise though; that particular one has another meaning in the UK...
  2. Ross Fisher

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) The Horror of Rampart Station

    The SCP is strong with this one! I love the story, and the builds great, too. My only concern is that the New Republic and the Confederacy seem to be working together, here. Seems a bit suspect to me.
  3. Ross Fisher

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) Horror in the Tunnels

    A fantastic little build, and a great story. Very nicely considered. Kudos!
  4. Ross Fisher

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] A deal with the devil

    Nice build. I'd love to see you experiment with pythagoras, and put at least one of the buildings on an angle next time.
  5. Ross Fisher

    [R4 - Lur - CE] Salvaged A-Wing Landspeeder (R4-Lur-CE)

    I love this build. What a machine! Really well done.
  6. Ross Fisher

    [M13 – Quarzite - TT] The horror bellow

    Gnarly! I love it.
  7. Cavalier Colonel Corbett's Callous... rogues? Surely Corsairs!
  8. Ross Fisher

    [OKT - Culture] "Beer Shrine"

    Honestly, this is perfect.
  9. Ross Fisher

    [S3-Kir-CE] Kir reprise

    A really nice little partner to your other build. A victim of Order 66? Or just cut down in the battle? I met someone once who collected all of their brittle browns and used them to make a really cool broken wood effect. An idea?
  10. Ross Fisher

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Yep. @MKJoshA @goatman461 correct me if I'm wrong but do they resubmit their character creator form?
  11. Ross Fisher

    [V8 - Malagarr - CFS] Collecting Samples

    I really like the colour combination on these. Good effort!
  12. Some great SNOT work here, and a really strong SW aesthetic. My only worry is that you've got mando boys guarding CFS crates. Doesn't seem right to me!
  13. Ross Fisher

    [V8 - Malagarr - CFS] Desolate Habitat

    That train track piece works well, here. I love yhe crab greeble, too. Good work!
  14. I love the colours, the whole pulpy vibe; there's a lot of fun here. It almost seems more like the films that inspired Star Wars than Star Wars itself.
  15. Ross Fisher

    [S3-Kir-CE] Kir Royale

    Honestly, I reckon this is one of your best builds so far. Really well done!