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  1. Ross Fisher

    [SR - FB] Galleon Habana

    Phwoar, a beautiful tub. Nice all round.
  2. Ross Fisher

    [OL-FB] Nola Mar War Monument

    Nice work, a great little build. Will it be licensed? Can you add it to the settlement thread please?
  3. Ross Fisher

    [OL - Faction Flavours - Micro Reward] Le Petit Bleu

    Good work @Thomas Waagenaar. Happy to let that license go to the nation.
  4. The builds that I made to go with this story: I thought it might be interesting to spice up the storyline just a little by throwing in a murdering. Kudos to @KotZ for tempering my instincts. Is the implication that Mollet was the soldier on the back of the wagon? Because thats really funny!
  5. Ross Fisher

    [OL - Claim] Down in the Tunnels

    A great little build. We should all be looking at more mining builds.
  6. Magic, thanks guys! I don't really play the EGS side of things, so happy to let that free license go to the nation. I also don't have my brown bricks available yet, so someone else might have to build that for me. Anyone from Oleon willing to step up?
  7. This is a great build. Size-appropriate and stylistically accurate. I love it.
  8. Ross Fisher

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    It's so good. Fits really nicely with the black robes the rest of my guys are rocking.
  9. Ross Fisher

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Bishop François attends the Silithonia Peace Talks...
  10. Ross Fisher

    Port Wilks Waterwheel

    That's a fantastic build. Really nicely done.
  11. I'm afraid that I'm still parted from my Bricks. I've decided that this might have to be a longer-scale thing. Like my Great Alliance States story.
  12. Agreed. Those tiered roofs are giving me a bit of a Stave Church vibe. None too shabby. Good work!
  13. Does anyone fancy doing some Sleepy Hollow builds for Halloween? Could be suitable for any of the settlements, really.
  14. Ross Fisher

    [SR - FB - Oct 21] The frigate Magnetic North

    Excellent work! The level of detail here is astounding. Hearty congratulations.
  15. Nice start. Now it needs to be at least... 3 times as large.