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  1. Ross Fisher

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    @Drunknok shhhh, you can still get away with it!
  2. Ross Fisher

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    That gingerbread house is awesome microscale work!
  3. Ross Fisher

    [SR-Poppy Port] Golden Poppy Bank

    Nice touch with the caves beneath the building!
  4. Ross Fisher

    [OL-FB] Acropolis gunboat no.2

    Also, isn't a boat that small going to be too manoeuvrable for a mortar to fire on? On the other hand, a boat that small, with a cannon that big; the recoil would push the boat the wrong direction!
  5. Ross Fisher

    The WTC Advent Calendar 2018

    And there was me thinking I had killed the WTC's best knitters on the Île Zeus...
  6. "Esteemed". I should visit Kingsport more often!
  7. Ross Fisher

    [Cor Dec FB1] Myzec House

    I'd be interested in that challenge.
  8. Ross Fisher

    [SR - FB] Tanner

    Nice work. Smelly, but nice.
  9. Nicely done @Drunknok! I'm impressed with your railway.
  10. Ross Fisher

    A boat, adrift

    Really like the sea effect. Quite a clever prop.
  11. Ross Fisher

    [COR - FB] Official schooner Concord - Class 4

    Tres pretty. I want one.
  12. Ross Fisher

    [Cor Nov FB2] Wainwright, Jameston

    I really like your building style. It is really impressive.
  13. Can we drop the debate about how much the WTCM bends the truth? Or at least move it into a different thread? I feel like we may have lost the plot of my AMRCA here.