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  1. Ross Fisher

    Take that Corrington!

    Words I live by.
  2. Ross Fisher


    Nah, this is fine. It could be low tide, or it could just be a dock for tall ships. All is good here.
  3. Ross Fisher

    Rising through the ranks

    If you're on Astrapi, why not come and visit the new Treasury of Hades the Harvester? Bend a knee to the Underlord, too. Nothing better to prove you've got nothing to hide...
  4. Ross Fisher

    [O5 - Junction - CS] Snarky Gundark

    A beautiful rendition, nicely done. My main peeve is the fact the the floor is a grid throughout the ship, rather than following the shape of the rooms. But that's a by-product of working with Lego, so I can't get too mad.
  5. @marvelBoy123 Thanks! He seemed a bit too comfortable on Scarif, so I wanted to throw him in at the deep end.
  6. Oh I am ready for this. @Captain Dee better finish his party quick, because the gloves are coming off. Just kidding. He'll keep the gloves on. Less blood to wash off that way...
  7. What I love about junks is that none of the masts seem to be parallel. Really gives it loads of character.
  8. @goatman461 now with figs!
  9. @Retro Thanks! I love a bokeh. Sadly, my phone only has the one Bokeh setting, so all of those pics look the same...
  10. @Reaper Thanks! @goatman461 Gah, I'm afraid I don't! I'll try to take one tonight. Fortunately, it hasn't been broken up for parts, yet...
  11. @Darnok Hope everything's ok. Fingers crossed we hear from you again soon.
  12. Have I told you about the time I was exiled to Gigor? I don't suppose I can have; that was my punishment for the debacle on Rishi, which I'll get to in due course. Anyway, the point I wanted to make was that, for an Imperial Diplomat, it has more than you'd expect in common with Scarif... I was there- no; you don't get to know that yet. Just know that it involved starships. Very expensive starships...
  13. He won't be dancing, if that's what you're asking. A smaller staff would be acceptable, but he doesn't need one at all to be dangerous.