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  1. Ross Fisher

    A Tale of Revenge - Part 2: Heretic!

    Someone's askin for a burnin.
  2. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Kashyyyk - CE] Among the wroshyrr

    @Darth Bjorn I know what you mean. The curved bows don't look like they're leading to a canopy. If I had more leaves, I would really build this up. Alas, I don't. That was the idea with the walkway leading off to the right. I wanted to make this a rope bridge, but it's really hard to suspend a rope bridge from only one end...
  3. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Kashyyyk - CE] Among the wroshyrr

    Thanks, that's what I was going for. Definitely not because I ran out of brown slopes. No sir. Wroshyrr are so iconic for Kashyyyk that I had to build one. Unfortunately, they're also huge. The boat hull was the only thing I had that was even close to the right size. Thanks. I'm really happy with the angles. That top branch, though. The more I look at it, the more I think it should be coming out of that keel line in the bow. Oh well.
  4. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Kashyyk - CE] Mission: Free Kashyyk

    As I've mentioned, I really like how atmospheric you've managed to make this feel with a relatively small build. Great photography!
  5. Ross Fisher

    [L13 - Teyr Vulvarch - CFS] Uncivilized Lady

    This collab has been great, kudos!
  6. Ross Fisher

    [P9 - Kashyyyk - CE] Among the wroshyrr

    If Clan Eldar wanted to secure its heartland, it was clear that it would have to do so quickly. After a little bit of negotiation, the Wookies were only too happy to let us set up a listening station; monitor traffic in that quadrant. Lu'vel decided to stay and man the outpost herself. Be the official liaison between the Wookies and Clan Eldar. I must admit, I was sorry to say goodbye. We'd been through a lot together. But, I guess it made sense to her. Slavery had left its mark on her, and she was keen to protect this world from a similar fate. And maybe she found healing up there among the wroshyrr. I guess I'll never know. Lost contact with her after that. But I like to think that somewhere, in some corner of the galaxy, there's a deadly little Twi'lek guarding her scrap of planet against anyone who would dare cross it. It's a thought that makes me smile on a lonely evening.
  7. Ross Fisher

    (N7 - Wayland - CFS) Mato VI: Fear Leads to Anger

    This is getting to be quite a serious story. I like it, but I hope you can find space for some levity as well.
  8. Ross Fisher

    Episode VI: Pyerce Rising

    *Eyes T15 suspiciously* _______________ To be clear about the wording, when you say a Majority, do you mean "at least 51% of the awarded points", or just "more points than anyone else"? If its the former, it encourages us to be more tactical about which planets we target. If its the latter, then it's a free-for-all.
  9. Ross Fisher

    Episode VI: Pyerce Rising

    Hey, just a heads up, Fondor isn't in T15. It's in L13.
  10. Ross Fisher

    (N7 - Wayland - CFS) Mato IV: Along Old Lanes

    There must be something in the water if a Trandoshan and a Wookie are best friends! That's a rare combo. I like the forced perspective in the second build, too. The low wall is a great way to disguise the gap.
  11. Ross Fisher

    [P10 – Umbara - TT] Battle of the shadowy world!

    I read this in the voice of the Clone Wars episode recap guy. Great stuff! I really like your lighting on Umbara. It's really nicely done. Hard to light a black build to make it work well, but you've managed! How recently did you get that Pong Krell? One of my guys was looking at one recently, but it was purchased before he could splash out.
  12. Ross Fisher

    [P8 - Gizer- CE] A turning point

    @Simulterious Cheers buddy.
  13. Ross Fisher

    [K10 - Widek - CS] Ancient Temple

    Seconded. And those walls are amazing. Its a shame you didn't post a full-width shot.
  14. Ross Fisher

    [P8 - Gizer- CE] Favour for a favour

    @Simulterious Thanks!
  15. Ross Fisher

    [M11 - Corellia - CS] Hall of Records

    Looks really good.