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  1. Ross Fisher

    The Mardierian Legion

    I have a proposal for a uniform upgrade: Potentially add to the Encyclopedia entry as a second company?
  2. Not sure what this is meant to imply. Huzzah! Gazebos for everyone!
  3. Ross Fisher

    [TC] Storm Chasers, Wullham

    A great build. Lovely references. But I lost the plot towards the end. Who stayed with the carriage, and who disappeared?
  4. Ross Fisher

    [SPC - CAT A] Piranauts and Imperatrons

    Yeah, I see that. I was definitely thinking of Treasure Planet's sailpunk, but there's a bit of both. TBH, 40K already does quite a bit of that themselves...
  5. Ross Fisher

    [SPC - CAT A] Piranauts and Imperatrons

    Thanks guys!
  6. Ross Fisher

    ERA III - Coming Summer 2024

    Now do marsh, moorland, fen and bogs. Make them distinct.
  7. Out in the Windward Worlds, honest recruits are hard to find. In their absence, the Imperial Armada has seen fit to equip the latest Imperatrons and send them off to combat the scourge of the renegade Piranauts.
  8. Ross Fisher

    ERA III - Coming Summer 2024

    Honestly, these are all looking awesome guys. Excited to see how they play out.
  9. Chapter I. - The Patrons The Archbishop François knelt in vigil. His older brother's coffin rested on the floor before him. He would rather be doing this at the family crypt in the countryside. But ever since Hercule had died a war hero, the nation had laid claim to him. People who had never even heard of the man while he was alive were singing songs about him now. So now, in the vaults of Granoleon's Grand Mausoleum, he was having to collect his thoughts, make peace with a fresh mortality among his kin, and prepare to hand over responsibility to more important and less familiar persons. He heard a noise beside him, and subtly glanced at the intruder. His sister. Celeste had been spending a lot of time at the Chateau Guemain recently; working to establish a guardianship until young Hercule Junior came of age. Of course there were some kinks still to work out with establishing the succession. His Majesty had been all in favour of it when Hercule was alive. Now, there was a sudden reluctance. Of course, the right application of pressure in the right ears might speed things up again, but that was Celeste's arena, not his. "Sorry to interrupt, Jules..." she whispered. "Hmm?" he replied, standing, and straightening his cassock. He looked over his sister, but spotted figures behind her. "We have guests." And they did. Four of them. Monsignor Orfeo, the Nuncio, was the most familiar to him. Matriarch Melodia he knew vaguely, she led the Silent Sisters; the nuns who washed and prepared every body for the grave. There was a shorter man. The Archbishop had a feeling he might represent the Grand Master of the Knights Irrevenant; the "gravekeepers". The highest ranking layman in the Church. And then there was a masked figure. Wearing a broad-brimmed hat, and bearing an idol of Hades, this was the leader of the Shadow Council; "He who walks in shadow"; Hades' own representative in the mortal realm. To many he was pure myth. His true identity was supposedly forgotten the day he put on the mask. The Archbishop, however, had resources. He had a good idea just whose face sat behind the mask. A time might come when that information might prove valuable. But not today. He knelt again before the dark figure, and kissed an onyx ring. "Holy Father, Brothers, Sister, you honour us with your presence." "As does the late Général François with his." answered Matriarch Melodia. "It is an honour to be in the presence of so great a man, so recently deceased," added Orfeo. "Indeed, the newly departed may intercede on our behalf with those in the world below," added the Knight. "Glory be to Him." They all echoed the catechism. "Was there any particular prayer that a devout man should ask of his brother?" François asked. It was about as delicate a way of phrasing it as he could manage under the circumstances. The councillors all looked to the masked man. "Pray that Jean-Luc Montcalm returns to Granoleon in health. Many fates depend on it." The masked man intoned the words, but Jules thought he detected a slight northern twang to them. He inclined his head towards his sister. "Montcalm?" "One of Pierre's old set. But where Pierre fell from favour, Jean-Luc waltzed into the crown apartments with panache. He was last seen heading north, I believe?" "Yes, there was a Royal Charter granted for an expedition to journey north. You may have heard rumours of a 'Northern Passage'?" asked the Knight. The Archbishop shook his head. "I have been mainly concerned with the East these last few years." "It was speculation, but it seems Montcalm managed to persuade His Majesty to invest heavily in a voyage to discover this Northern Passage. If they found it, they were to map it, claim it, and fortify it against all comers. You see, such a route, to lands unknown, might prove valuable beyond all measures in the game of nations." "And if he doesn't return?" "Then either he has met a terrible fate, and all of the royal investments are wasted, or he has taken that money, and abandoned his nation and his senses. Either way, it could be highly embarrassing for His Majesty, as well as anyone else who lent him money towards this venture." "And if that included the Church of Hades?" François ventured. "Then they would not be alone. The amount leant to Montcalm was significant. Multiple colonies were to be established." "Then it certainly seems like a worthy subject to ask for intercession on," he replied. But in his head he was considering the cost of chartering a ship. He was pretty confident he could sense the same thoughts crossing Celeste's mind, too.
  10. Ross Fisher

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    I have been told many times that the Sea Rats are not the Pirate faction, so I avoided that suggestion. That said, Pirates and Maroons were responsible for establishing a number of independent enclaves, so "Freedom Fighters" isn't an entirely inappropriate direction to take things.
  11. @Capt Wolf Salut for your many years of service!
  12. Ross Fisher

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    I like that. It would be great if we all doubled-down on our identities; Oleon would become a Cult, Corrington would become a Sophocracy, Eslandola would become a Megacorporation, and the Sea Rats would become a movement of freedom fighters.
  13. Ross Fisher

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Welcome @RocketRacer42! If you need any blessings or excommunications, just call for Archbishop François!