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  1. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    ...wait, they're getting rid of translucent neon orange? Why? I need an ocean of translucent neon orange parts for my minotaurs and Nexo builds!
  2. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Ogel's base

    This is cool! I really like the conveyer belt and the red-tinted window panels. And I think those doors are launchers positioned vertically -- pretty clever!
  3. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Monkie Kid -- The Iron Cutter

    Thanks, @Lyichir Well, I hafta be honest, I've had that giant trans-orange piece for years and could never figure out what to do with it. Then one day I thought, "It looks kinda like a sail," and I was off to the races. Could be a case where a single piece has hijacked a design. Same thing with the rudder -- I had set aside a bunch of black pieces and giant tires for engines, and then saw those neon-orange giant axe blades and figured they'd work instead. And then I found those random black rigging pieces and suddenly I needed a trans-orange crow's nest. And then this, and then that, and then...
  4. My favorite Lego theme is Nexo Knights, but I really liked the styling of the Bull Clone Army of Monkie Kid's first wave. That mix of black, hot pink, and neon orange is really striking. So I couldn't resist pulling together a quick boat for the bulls, which I've dubbed the Iron Cutter for lack of any safe puns on the word "bull". No story for this one (unlike my ongoing Nexo Knights tale, shameless plug here) but it was fun to build! Here's the side profile, showing off the massive solar sail: Here's a shot of the prow, with the distinctive gold ring just below. The captain guides the vessel from here. I set the bull banners in the back. Here's the sci-fi rudder. You can just see the storage hold under the captain's control station. A hapless bull clone is sent up the rigging to inspect the solar sail. I don't think robots know how to swim so he had better not fall off... ...though fortunately robots do not taste very good to sharks. I set the solar sail on a turntable so it could be turned about sixty degrees in either direction. And of course we have a couple of compact laser cannons in case they need to attack...uh, I mean, defend themselves from other vessels.
  5. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    I'm in northern Virginia. Maybe it's a localized discount. I ought to stock up before they sell out!
  6. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    The Monkie Kid sets, even the newest ones, are 20-25% off at my local Lego store. I appreciate the bargains (I'm piling up bull clones for a minotaur spaceship idea) but it makes me a little worried about how well the theme is selling here in the US. I hope my worry is misplaced. Please, please don't kill off this theme, already ended my beloved Nexo Knights and Hidden Side...don't take Monkie Kid away from me too!
  7. The world holds its breath as Queen Macy and Axl threaten to move to open warfare over the ruins of Knightonia. But the land's most experienced warchief, Jestro -- who shook kingdoms as lord of Monstrox's armies before betraying the evil Monstrox and rejoining the doomed King Halbert -- wants nothing more to do with war. He has retreated to a quiet home to write his memoirs in peace. But no one can hide forever from his past. Life is good for Jestro and his beloved Lavaria, who together have built a lovely and lonely home in the woods to raise their rambunctious triplets. Each day Jestro writes more of his bestselling memoirs. Sales of such volumes as "A Game of Stones" (about Jestro's command of Monstrox's stone army) and "A Splash of Kings" (the loss of King Halbert to the dread brickpile) give him the modest means to sustain his family. Lavaria has learned that parenting is far harder task than her former life as a deadly assassin for Monstrox's army. Even for a lava monster, being a mom is exhausting! Fortunately, Jestro recently scraped together enough free cash to buy a couple of bots, who now perform most of the chores. And then suddenly there is that magic moment when all the children are asleep at the same time. Lavaria immediately seizes the opportunity to nap. Jestro takes this rare chance to grab a book and step outside for a little light reading. Truly this is a perfect moment... ,,,a perfect moment for the bots to unleash their sinister design. It is time to reintroduce Jestro to his old acquaintance: Monstrox. Jestro is dumbfounded. Monstrox had been trapped in the chapterhouse -- why, Clay had turned to stone to keep the evil wizard locked away forever. How could the villainous Monstrox have escaped? And how did he find Jestro? But Monstrox isn't here to explain the past, but the present. The bots? They're all under Monstrox's control. The lava monsters? Magmar is ready to betray Lance and has sent him on a wild-goose chase to find the elusive Ambassador Ava. The stone army? Once Lance finds Ava's location, the bots will kill her and retake control of the stone army. And the impending war between Macy and Axl? The bots will hijack Macy's bases once her crusaders take the field. Everything is prepared -- except one thing. Monstrox needs a second-in-command. And that will be Jestro. Jestro screws up his courage and gives the only possible answer: NO. Never again. Even though it means death, he will not join Monstrox. Not this time. Oh really? Monstrox's cyclops mech seizes Jestro in its claws and slowly squeezes his plastic limbs. The choice is between power and death. Monstrox invites him to reconsider. If you will not join me, warns Monstrox, then you will be eliminated. My bots are invincible. My lava monsters are completely loyal. No one can stop me. Ten seconds later... Monstrox violently hurls Jestro aside and faces Lavaria. Et tu, Lavaria? You would betray me -- for this jester, these babies, this neon-orange picket fence? Evidently yes. With a vicious stab, Lavaria puts out the eye of the cyclops mech. The hologram cracks, sizzles, and fades. The happy couple is reunited -- but they have no time to lose. Monstrox now knows where they live and will return soon with a larger force. And they must warn their old colleagues of the trap that Monstrox has set. Lavaria goes to collect the children and whatever possessions they can fit into their vehicle. And Jestro enters his shed -- the shed that no one was ever permitted to enter, not even the bots -- to retrieve one last thing to take with them on their flight. It is Jestro's first and oldest friend, Clay, trapped in stone. Ava and Jestro together had rescued his paralyzed body from the chapterhouse and Jestro had been running fruitless experiments to reverse the curse. Now those experiments will have to wait. But will Macy wait before launching her attack on Axl? The Fall of Knighton: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil Spellbreaker: #1 -- Lance's Lava Train #2 -- Ava's Summer Home #3 -- Macy's Campaign Headquarters #4 -- Axl's Audience Chamber #5 -- Jestro's Final Chapter
  8. Grey Magistrate

    First MOC, Treasure ruins via a rope bridge

    Great photography, too! It's always tough to get shadowed spaces without losing detail, but these shots have a good contrast between sunlight and shadow.
  9. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Axl's Audience Chamber

    There'll be a happy ending, I promise!
  10. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Baby Adventures [MOC]

    These are adorable! The jungle scene is my favorite. Those plants tower over the kid!
  11. Queen Macy's crusaders are on the verge of assaulting Axl's fortified position in the ruins of the old capital, Knightonia. Once comrades and friends, the two had a falling out after Axl ousted Macy's parents in an accidental coup d'etat, precipitating the destruction of the city and the loss of King Halbert to the terrifying brickpile. Only one slim hope for peace remains: Macy's mother, Hama, has crossed enemy lines to plead for reconciliation. Hama arrives in the reconstituted palace, escorted by two bots, and walks alongside flowing rivers of energy crystals. She allows herself a moment of optimism. Maybe Axl has not been corrupted by power, his years of isolation, and his forbidden research. Maybe he is not the mad scientist that the rumors claim. Or maybe he is. Hama takes a deep breath and approaches the yellow throne. She was once a queen herself, after all. But to her surprise, Axl prostrates himself before her. He insists is still a loyal subject of the true queen -- Queen Hama. Axl orders his bots to bring a table of food, and Hama immediately launches into a plea for peace. Her daughter, Queen Macy, is going to attack unless Axl recognizes Macy's authority and halts his forbidden research. Axl may look like a brute but he is a smooth diplomat. He refers to Queen Macy simply as "your daughter", calls Hama "my queen", and refers to her lost husband as "the king". Axl says that he believes King Halbert is still alive, still trapped inside the brickpile. Axl says he is working with Captain Robin to use vampirate technology to rescue the king. Could the king yet live? For a moment, Hama forgets herself, and her mission. Her mind reels. Perhaps Axl is just playing for time, as Macy suspects. Or maybe Axl really is the key to rescuing her husband. Axl is all smiles and reassurance. Confident and calm, he says he is certain all can be peaceably resolved with Macy, so long as Axl retains control of the capital and may continue his research. Hama is all smiles as well, glossing over that these were the two non-negotiables when Macy dictated terms. Two of Axl's bots volunteer to escort Hama back to Macy's crusader camp, which inspires Axl to observe that science is perfectly reliable, unlike religion. Prayers may or may not work, but technology will never betray you. Will Macy agree to further talks? Will Axl find out how to rescue Halbert? As they walk along a quiet and isolated corridor, Hama considers her options. The bots consider their options too. In a sudden dash, Hama is thrown into a nearby cell. Axl's bots will return and claim that Hama arrived safely. Macy's bots will return and say Axl kidnapped the queen. The bots' true chief has no interest in peace. The Fall of Knighton: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil Spellbreaker: #1 -- Lance's Lava Train #2 -- Ava's Summer Home #3 -- Macy's Campaign Headquarters #4 -- Axl's Audience Chamber #5 -- Jestro's Final Chapter
  12. Grey Magistrate

    Parisian Restaurant

    That secret ceiling pattern is a great detail! It reminds me of the secret "CHEZ" under the floorboards of the original modular.
  13. The standoff between Queen Macy's crusaders and Ambassador Ava's stone army has settled into stalemate. Now the queen prepares within her mighty campaign headquarters to retake the military initiative and restore throne and altar to the ruined capital. Queen Macy is riding along the perimeter when she comes upon her mother, the widow Hama, standing wistfully by an energy well. Queen Macy dismounts and asks what brings her mother to this lonely spot. Hama admits that she threw a coin in the energy well to make a wish -- a wish for peace in the midst of unending conflict. Peace? Wishes? Macy adores her mother but, honestly, how could she ever have been queen and not understood how the world really works? With a sigh, Macy summons her bots to bring the campaign table. Weary bots trundle in with their heavy burden -- the campaign map. Queen Macy's crusaders (identified in red) control the field, and her inquisitors are even now rooting out superstition in all the major population centers: Diggington, Grindstead, Dnullib, Auremville, and Waterton. Only Knightonia, the former capital which lies in ruins, continues to defy the royal family. Axl ousted Macy's father, King Halbert, in an accidental coup some years ago, and Axl refuses to recognize Queen Macy's authority. Axl claims against all evidence that King Halbert is still alive, and further insists he is researching among the wreckage of the capital for a way to rescue him. Macy has no patience for such a transparent delaying tactic. Axl's intransigence is intolerable. Either he surrenders the capital -- or her armies attack. Hama protests as the bots carry away the campaign map. An attack on the capital -- against Macy's old friend and comrade-in-arms -- would be a disaster. And what if Axl is right and Macy's father is still alive? But Macy is firm. As she assures her mother, energy wells are not places for superstitious wishes for a hollow peace... ...but are the source of her crusaders' greatest weapon, the mighty spellbreaker cube. The cube practically drips with liquid power before Macy tosses it back into the well. As Queen Macy prepares to remount her horse, her mother pleads with her for one final chance for peace. Let the queen mother lead a delegation to Knightonia to meet with Axl and make one last effort to secure his support. How can she say no to her beloved mother? Macy agrees -- to one last chance. When that fails, her crusaders will retake the capital. And once she has reconsolidated royal control over the capital, Macy's forces can turn their attention back to Ambassador Ava's stone army. And meanwhile, the bots gather in secret to relay to their true chief that the crusaders will soon be on the move. It is nearly time to strike. The Fall of Knighton: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil Spellbreaker: #1 -- Lance's Lava Train #2 -- Ava's Summer Home #3 -- Macy's Campaign Headquarters #4 -- Axl's Audience Chamber #5 -- Jestro's Final Chapter
  14. Grey Magistrate

    MOC: Battle of Time Twister Tower

    This is amazing!! I love how the buildings are merged together with their split frontdoors. And that portal is really cool!
  15. Grey Magistrate

    Undersea Base

    I love undersea structures! This looks really great -- although maybe it would look more watery if you put it on blue plates or on top of a blue blanket?