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  1. Grey Magistrate

    MOC: Battle of Time Twister Tower

    This is amazing!! I love how the buildings are merged together with their split frontdoors. And that portal is really cool!
  2. Grey Magistrate

    Undersea Base

    I love undersea structures! This looks really great -- although maybe it would look more watery if you put it on blue plates or on top of a blue blanket?
  3. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    I really liked those Nexo vampires/vampirates! I will always appreciate Lego for sneaking that wave out the door during the Toys R Us funeral march rather than killing the line prematurely. I like Hidden Side too and I'm happy to have at least one final wave before it sinks beneath the Lovecraftian seas.
  4. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Lance's Lava Train

    Hey, thanks, everyone! My favorite Hidden Side set is the ghost train and its color scheme inspired me to build a train for the lava monsters. I hadn't built a train before so I made a lot of rookie mistakes trying to figure out how to make a Nexo version work. Here are a couple of pics that didn't fit in the story, but show the other side of the train and how the top layer opens for access.
  5. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Lance's Lava Train

    Hey, thanks! Y'know, I went back and forth on the wig piece for Lance -- I have that 87991 tan piece, and I used it initially, but somehow it didn't look right to me. But neither does this one. I will just pretend that, like many of us, his pandemic haircut proved a little too short.
  6. Caught between the pincers of Queen Macy's revanchist crusaders and Ambassador Ava's stone army, Lance and Magmar and their loyal lava retainers retreat deep underground. The lava monsters have spread a vast network of tunnels and tracks through what once was Knighton, establishing bases to harvest vital energy crystals and reforge weapons of war. Yet perhaps even their underground home, riven with rivers of lava, is not so secure as they supposed. On a typical day the station is packed with commuters heading to and from the mines and workhouses. Passengers on, passengers off! But today something is amiss. A commuter train is stuck in place and cannot be moved. It was first thought to be a maintenance issue, but Magmar has learned there is something more seriously amiss. Lance accompanies him to investigate. Lance's two bots follow closely as they enter the station. Careful on the steps! The maintenance team reveals the culprit: the tracks concealed a spellbreaker cube! Queen Macy's crusaders pioneered the use of spellbreaker cubes on the front lines... ...but this one glows with a blue, stony energy. The evidence points to sabotage by Ambassador Ava. But why would Ava sabotage the train tracks? And surely no stone monster had access to these tunnels. Who would have access? Who, indeed? Lance decides that maybe it is time to pay Ambassador Ava a personal visit and demand an explanation. And two little bots decide to alert their chief that the first step in their plan is complete. The Fall of Knighton: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel´╗┐ #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil Spellbreaker: #1 -- Ava's Summer Home #2 -- Lance's Lava Train
  7. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    I liked the shrimp boat and ghost train best. Especially that pale crocodile! I briefly flirted with the app but dropped it when I realized how shallow it was -- it just seems wrong that the app forced you to keep the set unmodified -- but the sets themselves were good enough that they stood alone without the app. As many here have lamented, I'm now stuck with a dozen Jacks and Parkers. The kids have started putting Parker's hairpiece onto skeletons. Seems weirdly appropriate as a send-off for the theme!
  8. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Monkie Kid and the Legend of Korin

    Whoah, that's excellent! I love the rat mech -- it looks like it could've come straight out of Nexo Knights' second year. It's the perfect pairing for the cat mech. That building is great, too. Does it have an interior?
  9. Grey Magistrate

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    5 -- 1 point 7 -- 1 point 8 -- 1 point
  10. Coolness! I really like the tongue and the trail of ectoplasm.
  11. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    I just built Red Son's Inferno Truck. It's great! It gives off a Nexo Knights vibe, right down to the trans-neon orange styling. It reminds me of an updated version of Jestro's Headquarters. I didn't think anything could distract me from Nexo Knights, but I am thinking maybe I should give this Monkie Kid a try...if only because I can cannibalize the parts later for Nexo builds.
  12. In a time when pox and plague scourge the Knighton mainland, Ambassador Ava Prentiss, ruler of the reconstituted stone army, must leave the stone embassy and retreat to her summer home to escape the pestilence. Her glittering blue fortress sits atop an inaccessible block of carved stone that juts out above the waves. She arrives aboard her personal watercraft... ...and is greeted at the dock by her most trusted advisors. Ava's rocky servants unseal the imposing gates... ...and the ambassador advances into her new base of operations. She holds an impromptu conference with her advisors to discuss military policy. Such comfortable chairs! (Of course, Ambassador Ava retains the most imposing chair for herself.) Ava tells herself that she should spend more time reading...but actually she will probably just play videogames. She goes to put some popcorn in the microwave, but then remembers she has forgotten something vital. Even ambassadors need to wash their hands before eating! Except for the occasional shark attack -- sometimes Ava regrets insisting on that unfenced pool in the middle of the fortress! -- her new home is perfect. Yes, this is the perfect place to buckle down for a few months and ride out the storm. Surely Ambassador Ava will be safe in this island fortress. Unless unexpected visitors arrive from the mainland, that is... Previous episodes: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel´╗┐ #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil
  13. Grey Magistrate

    Newbury High School MOD

    This is really great! I especially like the stone path and the courtyard fountain. I like the black-and-white tree trunk too. Did you retain any of the indoor detail or is it empty inside?
  14. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Space Elves

    Coolness! You need to keep the revision and original side-by-side for the full effect -- they look like two parallel dimensions, or maybe the fever dream of an oxygen-starved astronaut. (Or maybe the elves are dreaming of astronauts?) I like everything here, but especially how you use a clump of plants to approximate the crater rise in the original plate.
  15. This is great! I am very fond of big square castles perched on lots of high rock. I really like the added gate.