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  1. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Robin's Vampirate Ship

    Thanks, @Viper Knight! I'm really proud of this one -- I've demolished a lot of my other projects, but this one stays on the shelf.
  2. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Ava's Geological Institute

    Thanks, @Lemerbrix! There are three more chapters coming eventually...but...I got so caught up building the Geological Institute that I took a hiatus to build a giant tower for the school. And then I figured a campus needed food service, so I'm in the middle of building a huge food court ("Lithomancy Plaza") for those hungry students. Once that's done, I'll return to the main storyline. That is, unless I decide to start adding some dorms...and maybe a bookstore...
  3. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    I can't say anything better than "amazing", so -- AMAZING!
  4. 2 -- 1 point 10 -- 1 point 1 -- point
  5. Grey Magistrate

    [VOTING] Create a Theme Contest - Best Theme Category

    18 -- 1 point 15 -- 1 point 8 -- 1 point
  6. Grey Magistrate

    [CATC] Time's champions

    This looks absolutely lunatic. I love it!
  7. Grey Magistrate

    [CaTC] Isla Mística

    Those evil aquatic villains are great! And that fishing village is fantastic. I love the snakeboat.
  8. Nexo Knights and Hidden Side were my two favorite themes, so I combine the best of both for a new Nexo enemy faction -- the Gloam Centaurs. The Nexo Knights have beaten back the lava monsters (year 1), the stone army (year 2), and the vampirates (year 3) -- but now this evil equine enemy has emerged to challenge Queen Macy and her loyal Nexo inquisitors. These fearsome centaurs use sinister idols to summon unholy powers from long-dead themes (in this case, Hidden Side). The theme's main colors are black, olive green, and trans-neon green. First, the tiny $10 set, The Gloam Cannon: This contains two centaurs and a Nexo warrior -- "conflict in a box!" -- plus a centaur laser cannon and one of their dread idols. Creepy! On the pricier side ($119 because of the single-piece hull), here's the larger set, The Gloam Drifter. No, the boat doesn't actually float, but those centaurs are good swimmers so it all works out. (I only have one centaur in these pics, but the set also comes with another centaur and two Nexo opponents. There's conflict in this box too.) And here's the chorus line of high-stepping, green-glowing centaurs ready to challenge the Nexo Knights. They may be evil cultists, but they know how to dress up! What's not to love about a theme featuring a colorful centaur cult? Vote Gloam Centaurs today!
  9. Grey Magistrate

    [CaTC] Cryptid Hunters

    Brilliant idea! I was quite fond of Hidden Side so I would be happy to see its spiritual successor. I especially like the red light hidden behind the rock to give it an eerie red glow, coupled with the red-leaf tree. I'd buy that one for sure!
  10. Grey Magistrate

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    This is AMAZING! I only just today discovered your series (thanks to a stray mention over at Brickset) and devoured it in one sitting. it reminds me of a Legofied version of the videogames 999 or Danganronpa. Looking forward to the next episode, however many Mondays it takes!
  11. Grey Magistrate

    Deep Freeze Scavenger

    Love those trans-neon orange parts! I peeked on Flickr and saw you have a cool interior too with a little resting area, perfect for those long-distance voyages.
  12. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] The french Grand Hotel

    Delightful! I thought at first glance that it was only a facade -- how charming to find that you have a complete interior as well. Well done!
  13. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] A Soiree In The Scrubland

    Really great! I like the cracked ground and the dry riverbed. Looks both festive and desolate.
  14. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Jestro's Final Chapter

    There's one more completed episode after this -- "Ava's Geological Institute" -- and then there'll be three episodes after that to wrap up the nine-chapter storyline. I think I have all the pieces for episode #7, and I'm in the process of Bricklinking what I need for episode #8. Could be awhile!