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    [MOC] Nexo Golem

    I like it! -- simple, compact, and clever how the head is an upside-down build.
  2. Grey Magistrate

    [REVIEW] Bandit's Secret Hideout (6761)

    Hilarious review! -- and I especially like the alternate builds that you present.
  3. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Thanks for linking that, Digger of Bricks -- I hadn't seen that video, and it's fantastic! Clay's sword-ship is the best on the table, but the whole layout is marvelous.
  4. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Lance's Lava Mine

    Oh yeah, agreed, there's way too much dust -- I could pretend that it's meant to look like the place is littered in sand, but really, it's just been on the shelf too long!
  5. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Lance's Lava Mine

    Thanks! Yeah, as the lights go out across Knighton, I'm trying to keep a flicker of life burning in the Nexo Knights universe. Macy is next in the queue, though it'll take awhile to finish her building.
  6. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Pirates Display

    This is fantastic work! I love water scenes and the pirate theme, and your waterfall is amazing. I really like how you set up the underwater section. Great work!
  7. Things fall apart and the centre cannot hold in Knighton (in the wake of the cancellation of Nexo Knights' third year sets), forcing ambitious commoners such as Ava and bold knights such as Lance to scramble for power. Lance may be the richest knight in the kingdom, but he needs more resources and allies if he hopes to play kingmaker -- leading him to forge a risky alliance with the lava monsters to operate an illegal lava mine. Here Lance arrives for his latest visit to speak with General Magmar -- now General Manager Magmar. Lance is only accompanied by his loyal bots on these missions, who are programmed for utmost discretion. If word were to leak out that Lance is employing lava monsters, the scandal would be disastrous. There used to be bad blood between Magmar and Lance's family, but now the two are on the best of terms and toast their business arrangement. "The quality of money is not strained," as Shakespeare put it. Magmar escorts Lance to the mine, walking past a shrine dedicated to the lava monsters' former leader, Jestro. An honor guard maintains the shrine, although both Lance and Magmar know that Jestro has become a fierce loyalist to King Halbert and will never return to the lava monsters. (In fact, Jestro has found that though he may be a terrible jester, he has a real talent for middle management, and King Halbert has been entrusting more and more authority to his forgiven subject.) Magmar finds it useful to maintain the illusion of Jestro's memory to motivate the troops, and Lavaria spends many a sad hour in meditation on her lost Jestro. Magmar shows off the latest haul from the lava mine. These lava crystals are vital to rebuilding Lance's bank account and rearming the lava monster army. This pile of gold will help Lance bribe supporters in the palace and buy the loyalty of the army. The mine is powered partly by this ramshackle, dangerous device... ...and partly by raw physical labor. Alas, it seems that Lance is turning a blind eye to the use of child labor in the mine. Magmar has increasingly been pushing Lance for more high explosives to facilitate the mine expansion -- and, incidentally, to rearm his troops. Such weapons proliferation is highly illegal, but the bots are completely trustworthy and would never reveal the truth to the Knighton authorities. Yes, the secret is completely safe with the bots. Nothing could possibly go wrong with Lance's plan, so long as the bots... ...uh, wait a minute...
  8. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights - Hell Truck

    These are great! I like these three later rebuilds better than the one for Magmar's vehicle that you have at the top. I agree, your second tank is better than the first, but the first is pretty good too. And for the dragster, I especially like how you have the stoplight built out of shields.
  9. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Ava's Stone Embassy

    Thanks, everyone! I sometimes feel like the only AFOL out there who likes the stone monsters, so I tried to make a worthy home for 'em. It's just too bad that stone monsters can't swim...although maybe that's part of the reason that Ava picked this site for the Embassy. Oh, and Lordofdragonss -- I am not sure what happened to the krakenbeast, but I hope its fate is better than what happened to Ruina's pets. Ava declawed them to make the docking bars for the pier.
  10. Ava was pretty miffed about getting left out of the third-year sets, so she left Knighton and took up with the rocky remnants of Jestro's stone army. Desperate for leadership, the surviving stone monsters threw in their lot with Ava. Styling herself the Ambassador, she has holed up in a waterlogged fortress she calls the Stone Embassy, where she now leads and protects what few stone monsters remain. A flooded Embassy complex provides great security advantages, but there are some inherent risks, too. Ambassador Ava is trying to present a friendlier image, but the approach to the Embassy, accessible only by boat, is still a little intimidating. Today, Ambassador Ava has received Clay in the hope of arranging a formal treaty with Knighton. King Halbert may have been a little worried about Clay's loyalties because he insisted on sending two minders along as well. First, the Ambassador escorts Clay past the barracks, stopping only long enough to chat with a couple of chess players. Next she takes him to the lecture hall, where the Ambassador has engaged her troops in a crash course on literacy. The results are promising! Clay seems taken aback by the bell tower and its faceless occupant. The Ambassador assures him that everything is all right and quickly hurries the tour along. Clay is curious to know what is in the infinity room guarded by Ava's personal heligoyle transport. Ava invites him to see for himself... ...but at the sight of Ruina, Clay decides to skip that part of the tour. (All he missed was Krakenskull crackin' away at the piano.) Ava is quite happy to show off her luxurious accommodations, constructed to her exacting specifications -- a greenhouse, living room, and bathroom. Her most prized possession is this big-screen TV... ...and her collection of videogames and portable consoles. The Ambassador invites Clay to take a drink, but he wisely declines, preferring to start the treaty negotiations right away. He has reason for haste; it seems that the Vampirates are lurking outside at this very moment.
  11. Grey Magistrate

    NK Vyro Vampire MOCs

    It's going to take me a bit of time, but my next project is to make a vampire ship -- "vampirates", I guess you could call them -- using the third-year colors (translucent green, black, white, and light green) and the Virus Vampires as the crew.
  12. Grey Magistrate

    In Memoriam: Remembering Nexo Knights

    First-time poster here to mourn the passing of Nexo Knights. I was that rare AFOL who adored the theme and loved the second-year stone monsters best of all -- many found the purple-grey-blue color scheme off-putting, but I thought it was fantastic. I really admire the courage and creativity of the theme (even if some of the sets didn't click), and I don't see anything else in Lego's catalog at the moment that draws my interest in the same way. (But though I collected the sets, I couldn't be bothered to watch the TV show or play the game, so I clearly was not the target audience!) I could read the writing on the wall -- the raft of discounts, the lack of advertising, the limited shelf space -- and knew that the theme's days were numbered, but I'm still unhappy that it had to end. Farewell, NK!