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  1. WHOAH!!!! That's amazing! Nexo forever! The lighting work on this is really excellent. I like the use of humor too. Please make a sequel!
  2. Grey Magistrate

    You Only Live Twice

    Whoah, this is great! The helicopters really add to the scene, too.
  3. Grey Magistrate

    Feudal Japan

    This is great! I really like the house on the hill. River settings are always attractive.
  4. Grey Magistrate

    M:Tron Themed locomotive [MOC]

    Coolness! I agree, this is a nice change from the usual monorail. And I approve of anything M:Tron! I hafta ask, though...seeing as this is M:Tron...why aren't you using magnets to connect the train cars?
  5. Thanks, @BrickJagger! Once I found that leg piece for Ava (from the Disney Hades minifigure) the conclusion practically wrote itself. ...that's because (full confession) I didn't watch the cartoon, read the books, or play the app. So yeah, that explains the artistic license. He's not dead! He's just trapped in stone until King Halbert escapes from the dread brickpile. Or the statue enters the brickpile, whichever comes first. I suppose if I were to write a sequel series then I'd have to contrive a way to make that happen...hmmmmm...
  6. Thanks, Peppermint_M! This storyline is over and done -- my goals were to redeem the bad guys, demolish everything, and hand the inheritance to Ava and Macy. Now that's all done. However...I'm thinking of maybe a few one-off ideas...if I build anything, I'll post it here! I was inspired by the hero-in-stone sequence in Dragon Quest V, a very old videogame where your hero is turned to stone and watches helplessly as the world changes around him. I agree, it's a great story motif!
  7. Grey Magistrate

    Action and Adventure Themes Discussion

    I vote for frequent little contests and digital prizes. We can get physical Lego sets anywhere, but you're the only source for digital loot!
  8. Oh, well, he wouldn''s bait for Monstrox. I mean, obviously, none of this is canon -- but seeing as Lego killed the theme early and the proposed ending was never made official, I figure I can take a few liberties with how the story should've ended!
  9. As disaster and despair overwhelmed Knighton and its king was lost to the dread brickpile, many in the fallen kingdom asked: Where was Clay? Where was Merlok? Where were our kingdom's two greatest heroes? And now, at the conclusion of our epic tale of the end of the Nexo Knights theme, we learn the answers. When the disembodied Monstrox first infected Knighton's main server network, Clay and Merlok devised a simple yet brilliant plan to isolate and capture him. Clay built a chapterhouse in a secret bunker and filled it with all manner of treasures to attract Monstrox's electronic gaze. Bookcases lined with forbidden tomes... Power generators orange-hot with energy... And row after row of supercharged shields. The trap was set. In coordination with Merlok, Clay links the chapterhouse network to Knighton's mainframe. Monstrox takes the bait! Monstrox and Merlok materialize -- and Clay immediately cuts the link to the main network. The plan is a brilliant success. The trap severs Monstrox's links to the vampirates and delivers Knighton's servers from contamination. There is no way for Monstrox to escape. Victory is at hand. Except for something no one anticipated. At this moment of maximum isolation, inside a hidden chapterhouse designed to be secret from all the world, unknown to friend and enemy alike... ...Clay discovers, to his horror, that the stone curse is reasserting itself. With a vengeance. The rapid onset of the stone curse threatens to engulf Clay and turn him to stone permanently. His only hope is to relink the chapterhouse networks to Knighton's servers and send out a distress signal. Clay must decide whether to release Monstrox or remain trapped in the chapterhouse. Clay chooses to stay. The years pass. The screens go dark. And then... After years of searching amid the wrack and ruin of what little remains of Knighton... An old friend finally finds the one she has long been seeking. It is Ambassador Ava Prentiss: commander of the great stone army, ruler of the southern coasts, empress of the western wastelands, and loyal friend. Reviving Clay is beyond her power. A condition this serious can only be cured by a king's touch -- and the true king, King Halbert, is trapped in the dread brickpile. Ambassador Ava orders that Clay's body be transported to the Stone Embassy for safekeeping. Jestro and Lavaria solemnly observe the pallbearers depart. Clay's sacrifice broke Monstrox's power and enabled Jestro to find redemption with his king and true love with Lavaria. The loss of this noble knight was not in vain. But Ava is sick at heart. Yes, she is proud to rule a growing empire of stone and brick, rebuilding Knighton one rock at a time. But she remembers the happy days she spent in the Fortrex, a humble hacker in the service of king and country. Was there another way? Could the old ways be restored? And the time will come -- when the wind sears and the sea burns and King Halbert returns to rule his own, the one true king will once more call upon his most faithful knight, Clay Moorington, and undo the stone curse -- and the two will restore all that is known as NEXO KNIGHTS! Episodes: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel´╗┐ #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil
  10. Grey Magistrate

    Adventurers Reimagined 5976

    Whoah! That is a great steamboat! You could be sail up the Congo in Conrad's Heart of Darkness in that thing.
  11. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Vampirate ship

    Thanks, everyone! Yeah, when you have three small boys who think all the Lego belongs to them, everything by default ends up with playability features. I have half an idea for another Nexo ship that I might maybe perhaps make over the next year...if I ever get it done, I'll be sure to post it here.
  12. Grey Magistrate

    Orange Plantation

    This is gorgeous! Mme Josephine has a lovely home.
  13. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Vampirate ship

    My favorite themes growing up were Space, Castle, and Pirates. I loved Nexo Knights because it combined the first two, and since the demise of the theme I have been not-so-subtly expanding the story to include Pirates too. I liked Disney's Treasure Planet and I've always wanted to make a sci-fi style pirate ship. Hence my latest creation -- a vampirate ship. I made this as part eight of a running nine-part story, but for this forum, let me walk through the technical details of the ship itself. I haven't made a pirate ship in twenty years, so I did a lot of steps the hard way. Please feel free to propose better techniques! The colors match the vampirate faction in the last season of Nexo Knights: predominantly black and white, with lime green and chrome accents, and translucent green lighting. First, I didn't use a premade hull; instead, I took three 16x16 tiles in a row, reinforced underneath, and used that as a foundation. Then I added a nine-brick-high wall all around. Plain brick-built walls made it look like a box, so I tried to disguise the walls with white ribs sticking out and drooping chains, plus a striped pattern on the main wall. It doesn't entirely work but I couldn't figure out a better way. Then I made the captain's cabin a 16x16 floor with a 16x16 roof. That provided stability but at the cost of looking too boxy. The captain's cabin slots into the back of the ship, which also gives me a little bit of room to reach below decks. The roof pops off the cabin for easy access. There's a bed and a workdesk, a swivel chair, and fine wood panelling on the floor. I admit, I'm especially proud of the cabin. I try to make these rooms livable! On top of the captain's cabin is the steering wheel and a bank of computers and dials. There's a curved staircase and a ladder to reach the roof. For the main deck, I had originally planned to use 8x8 grates, but I stumbled upon the idea of laying a portcullis on its side. That also lets me open the hatch for access below decks. But that caused a new problem -- the portcullis can hold the weight of a minifigure but not much more. That forced me to move the masts to the side decks. Honestly, I didn't know how to make good masts, and the ones I made are extremely frail. Each of the four masts is a stack of 2x2 blocks and tiles interspersed with claws and hooks for the "sails", which are just translucent green flags. I linked the masts together with chains, which looks better but doesn't add any stability; it means that when a kid knocks over one mast, it takes down the others as well, like bowling pins. The ship is powered by these two massive engines, plus an upside-down black gate which serves as a rudder. I think the rear view looks pretty good, all things considered. For the prow, I borrowed the mast from my brother's Caribbean Clipper and tied a rope around it to give it a bit of texture. Below it is a creepy spider to serve as the masthead. Originally I had planned to put a harpoon launcher at the front but that idea proved unworkable, so the spider is static. It looks more menacing from the front. I'm overall pretty pleased with how it turned out, but I know it could've been better. Any suggestions? ...and of course I put this in the wrong forum. This'll teach me not to post so late at night. Apologies! Moderators, please move it to the MOC forum!
  14. Knighton is in ruins, devastated by the dread brickpile that the vampirates summoned from the buckets beyond; only King Halbert's self-sacrifice interrupted the brickpile and drove it to the sea. So why is Robin now captaining a vampirate ship in the middle of the ocean? Well, it's kind of a long story... When last we saw Robin, he had reverse-engineered the vampirates' Pandora Gate to teleport the king and queen to safety to escape Axl's precipitous coup. Turns out that forbidden technology is forbidden for a reason, and Robin's desperate action unleashed the dread brickpile. Robin and Axl were knocked through the gate and tumbled into the southern swamps. Robin and Axl have some quality time to reconsider their ill-considered actions -- "act in haste, repent at leisure" -- and Axl resolves to return to Knighton to reconnect with his troops and make right what went wrong, unaware that the city has already been demolished. Robin stays behind to search for the queen, but instead he is discovered by a troop of vampirates. The situation looks grim... ...but the vampirates instead want to elect Robin as their new leader! It turns out that High Priestess Pola -- now gone -- had prophesied of "the ascent of black night, robbing our hope and light". A little emendation turns that to "the ascent of Black Knight Robin, our hope and light." It's a stretch, but hey, it'll work! And that's how Captain Robin finds himself in charge of a mighty vessel -- christened the "Halbert" in honor of the king who sacrificed himself to stop the brickpile -- and a force of loyal vampirates, all of whom are eager to undo the damage they wreaked on Knighton. Robin sets his crew to a dangerous task: recovering debris from the dread and terrible brickpile. The radar detects the proverbial white whale... ...and the bravest vampirates volunteer for the highly risky job of harvesting from the brickpile. The vampirates approach the menacing brickpile, one speedboat carrying a cybernet and the other prepared for emergency evacuation. The vampirates lay down the cybernet and watch in terror as the churning brickpile, destroyer of worlds, bubbles and groans to the surface. The brickpile slides across the cybernet. This is the moment of maximum danger...if the brickpile were to turn, the heaving pile of plastic could devour the sailors in a moment. But today the brickpile crunches past, leaving a random array of junk and treasure in its wake. The vampirates rush back to the main ship, artifacts in tow. These desperate dances with the brickpile are Robin's only hope of recovering Knighton's lost hardware. This risky but repeatable pattern continues until the day when the cybernet captures something -- or rather, someone -- unexpected. And that someone is alive! The sailors immediately fish him out of the water and rush back to the main vessel. Everyone is shocked. How could anyone survive the brickpile? And what is the survivor's unusual outfit? Robin takes the survivor back to his cabin and interviews him closely. The survivor is rattled and thoroughly confused, but when he learns the name of the ship -- the Halbert -- he immediately recognizes the name. The survivor reveals the terrifying truth -- King Halbert is still alive, and through sheer strength of will the king has somehow risen above the unrelenting madness and he is still restraining the brickpile. This changes everything. If King Halbert is still self-aware, at some level, then perhaps Robin can communicate with him -- or even rescue him from the brickpile. He writes a note and places it in a watertight box. The survivor, in his mumbling and uncertain way, insists on accompanying the vampirates with the letter. The sailors deposit the cybernet and wait for the brickpile to roll over the net and pick up the package. But then, to their shock, the survivor plunges into the water! He snatches the letter, and then before the vampirates can stop him... ...he dives into the groaning brickpile and disappears into its plastic depths. Robin stares out at the endless ocean, struggling to comprehend what he has learned and unable to decipher why the survivor would return to the brickpile. Did the survivor think this was the only way to get the letter to the king? Was he allied to the brickpile? Could there be some other, more inscrutable motive? If only Clay or Merlok were here -- they would understand. Indeed, as Knighton was ravaged and the knights dispersed, many have asked the same questions. Where is Clay? Where is Merlok? Why aren't they rescuing us? And far from the ocean, in an underground bunker, Clay prepares to make a decision that will change Knighton forever. Episodes: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel´╗┐ #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil
  15. Grey Magistrate

    Ninjago Legacy Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to all, especially the well-deserved first place winner!