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  1. These are dark times for Knighton. The vampirates grow increasingly aggressive, and Princess Macy's crusader army is bleeding the royal treasury dry. Desperate people are turning to desperate measures, and in a foundry in the old quarter of the original castle, Axl is seeking answers -- and power. Soon he will find both. Prime Minister Jestro has been leading a double life -- by day he serves as a faithful steward to King Halbert, but by night he masquerades as a vampirate. Only King Halbert and Robin are aware of his covert activity. Not even Princess Macy knows his secret, so when Jestro reveals that the vampirates have split their forces and she has a chance to deal them a devastating blow, she is initially doubtful -- but then decides to trust him, and leaves to direct the whole of her crusader army to ambush the vampirate detachment. Axl also has no idea that Jestro was responsible for capturing the vampirates' Pandora Gate, but Axl is happy to accept a delivery of spiders from Robin, no questions asked. This was exactly what Axl needed for his experiments. Such research is highly expensive, but Lance has agreed to foot the bill, using the proceeds from his illegal lava mine. A little reprogramming here, a little resoldering there, and then into the flames! Before long, the spiders have been transformed -- but into what? And why are they multiplying? Well, there is no need to worry, so long as the spiders stay safe within their cage... ...uh oh... The orange spiders have rendered a dramatic transformation upon the royal guard. But besides his giant size, he seems no worse for the wear. Axl knows he should take the guard to the infirmary to reverse the condition, but... ...maybe this is exactly the breakthrough technology Axl needs to fight off the vampirates. The orange spiders grant super strength -- and unquestioning loyalty. Robin is horrified when he discovers what Axl has done and carries an order, under the authority of Prime Minister Jestro, that Axl immediately cease his research. Axl is enraged at this threat to scientific progress and marches off to confront PM Jestro. Axl barges in just as Jestro is returning from his latest infiltration of the vampirates, in the middle of telling King Halbert what he has discovered. Axl is shocked. There had been rumors that Jestro was a vampirate traitor, and this proves it! Axl turns to his loyal shock troops and orders the Prime Minister's immediate arrest. King Halbert and Robin try in vain to explain that Jestro was only pretending to be with the vampirates. Queen Halbert rushes in to defend her husband, too. But Axl refuses to listen. Axl is sure that Jestro has put all of them under his evil sway. Everyone needs to be taken into custody -- for their own protection. The accidental coup unfolds so quickly that it only gradually dawns on Axl what he has done... ...and that now the capital is his alone. Previous episodes: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel´╗┐ #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate Five episodes down, three to go!
  2. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Cronan's Country Keep

    Really cool! I like the steps and water best of all, and I like the details in the mini-dungeon.
  3. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Hey, at least Robin got a new figure and face. I'm still bitter that Ava didn't get an upgrade!
  4. Grey Magistrate


    FFX-2 is the best Final Fantasy, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Great work on this!
  5. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Looks like I guessed right with that hairpiece! Now if only we had something for Aaron...
  6. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Jestro's Pandora Gate

    Thanks to you both! Yeah, "vampirates" is my name for 'em...but now that the theme is cancelled, I feel entitled to rename them whatever I want! Besides, seeing as Nexo is a Space-Castle mash-up, I want to see a Space-Pirates combo. The Pandora gate is sealed for now, but I sure hope nothing happens to unseal it now that it's stored in the castle... The gunmetal-colored armor is from the Knighton Castle set -- it was on the shelf in the armory. It fits so perfectly on high priestess Pola that I don't know why it wasn't included in the original set.
  7. Grey Magistrate

    Quest for Glory - Spielburg - Dry Goods

    I loved the QfG series -- this is a great scene from a great game! (I see from the red cape that you are using the VGA remake rather than the black cape from the original -- nice detail.)
  8. Knighton is in freefall. Ava is hiding behind stone walls and stone friends; Lance is trusting to his store of illicit wealth; and Princess Macy is liquidating the royal treasury to pay for her ruinously expensive rearmament program. As the kingdom descends into disorder, rumor reaches King Halbert and Prime Minister Jestro that the vampirates are building some kind of terrible structure somewhere hidden in the swamplands. At a time of such risk and ruin, why would King Halbert appoint a known war criminal, Jestro, to be his prime minister? Well, King Halbert ain't dumb. He conditioned Jestro's political rehabilitation on the jester's agreement to undertake a highly risky operation to infiltrate the vampirates' spider cult and identify their plot. Jestro's criminal reputation is more than enough to win entree to the vampirates' ranks and the friendship of the vampirate chief, Captain Frederic, who naively thinks that he has won over Knighton's highest-ranking official. Jestro cleverly worms his way into an invitation to see the vampirates' sinister project in the swamp, but the high priestess, Pola, is very suspicious of the newcomer. But at Frederic's urging, she eventually reveals the horrifying truth: the spider cult has constructed a Pandora gate, and will soon use it to unleash a terrifying and unstoppable force from the buckets beyond, a power beyond description or comprehension. Nameless and volatile, this sentient pile of brick and bone seethes with the souls and spoils of countless forgotten Lego sets. It has long slumbered in its buckets, but the premature demise of the Nexo Knights theme has awoken its baleful awareness, and even now the fearsome pile lurches and writhes with a hunger as insatiable as it is inexplicable. ...or anyway, that's what the priestess says, but maybe she has been reading too much H. P. Legocraft. Jestro knows his time is short. He persuades Captain Frederic to give him a tour of the Pandora gate. For security purposes, of course, Frederic takes him under cover of darkness so that Jestro will not be able to identify the route and location. Jestro anticipated this and, waiting for Frederic to turn his back, discreetly sinks a homing beacon into the swamp. Then Jestro exploits his position of trust to pass new patrol schedules to the gate guards, so that there will be a brief three-hour window when there will be no one guarding the Pandora gate. It's now or never! Jestro calls in Robin's elite strike team for an assault on the Pandora gate, guided by Jestro's beacon and timed to coincide with the three hours when the guards are gone. The soldiers wield giant laser saws to hack the Pandora gate to the ground. Then Jestro makes the fateful decision to carry the Pandora gate back to King Halbert, rather than destroy it. There is one last detail: Axl has long sought live specimens of the vampirates' spiders for a "special research project". What could Axl be planning? Previous episodes: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel
  9. Grey Magistrate

    Johnny Thunder and the Lost Tomb of Ramesses VIII

    I really like this one -- and you're right, that's a clever use of that piece to represent lion paws. I also like the rocky exterior and bumpy ground just outside the entrance.
  10. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Relief for Mowgli

    Coolness! I really like how you make the floor -- I've never seen a rock patchwork using that technique. The weeds growing out among the cracks is a great touch.
  11. I really like the rockwork beneath the balcony and the cobblestone on the balcony itself. Matches your countertop!
  12. Grey Magistrate

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Macy's Fortified Chapel

    Hey, thanks! Yup, that's Mia's hair, although I didn't realize that 'til your question prompted me to check -- I'd just searched on Bricklink for hair in dark red and piece 4621315 looked the closest. Works better than I'd expected! Glad you like the story, BrickJagger. I love the Nexo theme but can't be bothered with the TV show or game, so I'm happy to fill in a new storyline now that the official story is over and done. The next building in the queue (no idea how many months 'til it'll be done) is for Axl, and yeah, the vampirates will be the antagonists for his structure. The vampires deserved more time in the spotlight than the half-year that they got.
  13. Knighton faces disarray and disaster as the kingdom struggles with the fallout from the theme's cancellation. Some, like Ava, have made peace with former enemies; others, like Lance, are pursuing reckless strategies to buy political support. In this time of social upheaval, Queen Halbert decides that what the kingdom really needs is a little ideological reinforcement. King Halbert has entrusted more and more power to Jestro, recently promoting him to be his Prime Minister and openly speculating that he may let the people decide who should be the next ruler. (There are poisonous rumors that PM Jestro has conspired with the Vampirates to destabilize the kingdom and take the throne himself, but this is mere gossip, I'm sure!) Queen Halbert is deeply unhappy with Jestro's ascendance and all this idle talk about "voting" and "democracy". King Halbert already has an heir -- Princess Macy. Unfortunately, the princess is, to be blunt, a little rough around the edges -- more interested in combat than politics. So Queen Halbert commissions the construction of an enormous chapel, dedicated to the royal family, to remind the people (and more importantly, the troops) that their loyalty is to the royal line in general, and to Princess Macy specifically. The chapel's blue steel structure and shatterproof stained glass are further protected by a powercharged roof and electrical shielding. The interior, at taxpayer expense, has been lined with fine tile work and gold leaf, decorated with the dragon symbol of Queen Halbert and Princess Macy. (The king's lion symbol is mysteriously absent.) Macy is enraptured by the new structure, but she is shocked by her mother's suggestion that Macy ought to use the site for a political marriage to a powerbroker who can rescue Knighton from its turmoil. To the great disappointment of Queen Halbert (and fanfic writers everywhere), Macy has no interest in a crossover marriage with a more popular theme. Macy knows her mother means well, and the princess wants to do right by her mother's expectations. But what Queen Halbert doesn't realize is that her daughter Macy isn't interested in using religion for political purposes... ...because she is a true believer. She fervently holds to her ancestral faith, and to her mother's dismay, Princess Macy begins spending all of her time in the chapel, deep in prayer and meditation. Macy spends hours, or even days at a time, at the great stone table (modelled in the Narnian style)... ...and after many nights of prayer and fasting, her devotion is rewarded with a series of apocalyptic visions of the coming Dissolution, when all Nexo sets will be reduced to their original bricks. But this disaster can be forestalled with the calling of a glorious crusade to push back the enemies of Knighton. Consumed with zeal, she takes the two sacred maces in hand... ...and at last finds her calling: to wield her royal authority to launch one final crusade to stave off the end of all things.
  14. Grey Magistrate

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I agree, brilliant is the right word for it -- thanks for the link! Now he needs to turn his talents to recasting the original Space Police in the Nexo mold.
  15. I like the unexpected laundry bit at the end!