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    Star Wars, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Castles
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    LEGO NexoKnights Clay's Rumble Blade 70315

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  1. Mornicala

    [MOD] 21322 - Alternate Model

    Excelent MOC! Thanks for it!
  2. Mornicala

    [MOC] Imperial Troop Transport

    Hi, sorry I missed 75078. I mean I remember it, I fear I have it even somewhere, as the 4 Stormtroopers where fun the rest used as spareparts. But it does not resemble in any way the vehicle we are talking about. Thanks for the hint!
  3. Mornicala

    [MOC] Imperial Troop Transport

    Hello, I know the troop tansport since it was released as a toy in the 80s. In the meantim it was part in various videogames and finally it entered the movie/series itself. However, yet Lego is lacking to provide its version, yet I fear it will be a tiny version of it like similar vehicles. Yours in any case is an excellent representation. I am a bit new here, hence may ask which tool you are using to design it?
  4. Mornicala

    Hi everyone

    Of course, that would be a motivation.
  5. Mornicala

    Hi everyone

    Greetings! I loved my castles mifigures so much. Core piece was, and well still exists, Set 6080. Of course I had, 6030, 6010, 6040, 6061, 6062 Some sets after and very few before, I had as well, but smaller things. They are all not anymore in a accetable shape, but I took care of the mifigures. I need to rebuild them once and check missings parts. Would be a nice project.
  6. I love it, specially this loading features
  7. Mornicala

    [REVIEW] 21313 Ship in a Bottle

    I can tell you, I have it and loved it. It placed in a nice spot, and everyone like to spent some to time to explore it
  8. Is there any way to convey this message to Lego? I mean, it would be really great to have legacy sets in the literal way. Based on the game or in relation to it, LEGO could bring out a series of legacy sets covering stuff like space, castles, pirates and other, just one or depending two per topic. I mean clean sets in the first place, which can be mixed by the builder, but also kept separate, not like this time travel them once. This would be really great
  9. Mornicala

    [MOC] Florence Cathedral

    This is marvelous. I was once in the original one in Florence. How many pieces does it have? Is the interior some how done?
  10. I was wondering, is the TV Show not pushing the sets? Why it takes so much time, to have the show, I am wondering
  11. Mornicala

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Well, isn´t next year the 10th aniversary of Ninjago? I mean, I don´t know the policies and how Lego takes decissions, but this would a chance to make a great celebration and ending. On the other end, if the number are not that convincing... But for those Kids playing Ninjago, what would be the alternative or next topic? Hidden Side? This wasn´t mentioned either under the top selling
  12. Mornicala

    Hi everyone

    Hi, just to keep up with this. In found this forum and screened it a bit, and I must say this is wonderful. Ok, but this topic is about me, I guess I started with Lego as a toddler in the early 80s. I think my first Legos have been Fabula. Later, I was very much into the Castles topic. This days I collect some Star Wars, but spend most of the time with my Son on Ninjago and Nexo Knight, so it is. At least once in a while I try to have some of the LEGO Ideas sets like the shop in a Bottle 21313. Marvelous, even so, I am aware of the background Mornicala
  13. Just to keep this alive. I would be really happy for any feedback. So far I could find out, that it is still possible to install the game, so far you have it somewhere, but the connection to the server fast ceased. Hence the game cannot be initiated. If you have it running and want to keep it so, don´t deinstall it. If it possible to transfer the game or this kind of initiation to another device, I can´t say Therefore be welcomed to share any additional reccomendation or experience