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  1. LEGO Elves 2018

    Pictures here (since they aren't watermarked or anything): The Elvenstar tree has all of the diamond pieces unprinted, which should be a boon to MOCists. The set with Noctura's carriage includes a little workshop section as well. There seem to be two new small bats between the two sets.
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Well I think the Oni Titan looks fabulous! It's definitely not normal human proportions but to me that just makes it look more imposing and otherworldly. Great to see Nya finally getting the boomerang blade from back when she was Samurai X, as well! Don't know if I'll get the set since it doesn't really have any exclusive figs from the looks of it, but that's often the case with store exclusives. Apparently the Ninjago City Docks were also available early at Legoland Billund, so I'm hoping we'll get clearer pictures of the front and back (if not the entire thing out of box) before long...
  3. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    THAT IS INCREDIBLE. Not only does it use Nexo Knights parts, but it thematically fits in with the other weapon-shaped vehicles while also bearing a resemblance to the smaller claymore piece!
  4. LEGO Elves 2018

    I actually think the amulet piece is dual-molded, not painted. Looking at my own copies the newer ones do seem a little different, though it's a minor change. Speaking of amulets, at some point I want to get ahold of Ursula from one of last year's Disney Princess sets. She has what seems to be a Titanium Metallic amulet with a yellow core, which would be super cool to use for a custom Elves character.
  5. Future Constraction Lines

    Actually, there were some pretty significant marketing snafus for Galidor. Perhaps most notably, its potential sales in the UK were crippled by the fact that the TV show (which was intended as the primary marketing vehicle for the theme) legally couldn't be aired alongside the release of the sets due to advertising laws—by the time they could have begun airing the show there, the line had basically already folded. This was neatly avoided by Bionicle G2 by relying on web-based and streaming story media (which of course was not really as much of an option for Galidor in an era when high-speed internet was a rare luxury). In the U.S. it was aired on the fairly unpopular Fox Kids network, which probably didn't do it any favors either.
  6. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Copying from a reply I made in the Future Castle Sets topic that might be even more applicable here...
  7. Future Castle Sets?

    I think a big question about whether Lego would make sets based on the Amazon LotR series is not just how successful the show would end up being (since it may well have a more limited audience than the Lord of the Rings or even the Hobbit movies did), but also whether Lego's physical retail partners (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) would be keen on stocking sets licensed from one of their biggest online competitors. If they objected to that then even if the series were a resounding success, we might not see much more than a single D2C set or the like since a good portion of Lego's distribution channels might be unwilling to carry the products.
  8. Particularly illegal competition that cuts almost all engineering and licensing costs by stealing part designs, set designs, and licensed IPs outright. Trying to compete on price with a company that refuses to play by the rules is a fool's errand.
  9. LEGO Elves 2018

    From a story perspective I could potentially reconcile it with the others by interpreting it as a very advanced stage of a dragon's life cycle, where extremely old and/or powerful dragons have more of their mass converted to elemental energy or something. After all, this is also the only dragon we've had with these sorts of "energy wings".
  10. Wow, good information! Thanks for clearing that up!
  11. Wow! I love the colors and the level of detail (complex enough to avoid any part looking boring while simple enough to still look clean and refined). Does it have any sort of interior (furnishings/stairs/etc.)?
  12. The problem with this logic (which I’ve seen in many arguments in the past) is that it assumes “making a castle theme that works” is or should be a higher priority than “making any theme that works”. Lego does look at which aspects of themes have been successful and which have not, but that’s not necessarily going to lead them to a specific kind of castle theme AFOLs prefer. Nexo Knights, after all, was very much a combination of traditional castle motifs with aspects of mega-hits like Ninjago and an experimental app integration model. Elves blended the feminine appeal of Friends with medieval fantasy like that in many castle themes (including fantasy castle and Lord of the Rings) and elemental powers like in Ninjago or Bionicle. These deviations from tradition may not have endeared these themes to all fans of traditional castle, but they were where analysis of past success led and for the most part, that approach paid off by outperforming more traditional takes on the castle theme.
  13. The overall shape seems to be a lotus blossom-like shape, not entirely unlike the emblem from the original Sensei Wu figure's torso. The lotus blossom is a prevalent symbol in multiple Asian cultures in the real world, including multiple religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism). In this case, the six petals likely symbolize the six ninja on his team. The design may also be meant to echo the imagery associated with Spinjitzu. If you look closely at the center of the symbol on each torso, you'll notice that the pattern in the center circle of the emblem differs between each character.
  14. The New Elementary review of the Joker Manor confirms how clips can be attached to the rails:
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It varies a lot. Especially with “two-floor” modulars like the Brick Bank and Fire Brigade.