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  1. It's possible! Though I don't think any mini-dolls have had printing on the sides of the head before.
  2. Yeah, I should clarify—the risk of breakage is as important as any limitation on what CAN be physically molded in ABS. Thinner details that could break or bend out of shape in ABS can make a more rubbery plastic, which resists damage of that sort, a more practical option for certain hair pieces.
  3. Lyichir

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    What? How so? It's just a way of identifying sets, with a little more brevity than, say, the kind of UPC number you'd see on a barcode. It's also useful for when sets get reissued with changes (and an updated number to go with them even if the set name stays the same), or when discussing sets on an international site like this (since sets can have different names in different languages).
  4. I keep noticing cute things about these sets. Nova's phone (in her room set) has a Pokémon Go-looking app on it! And the character on it is on her shirt in the bubble tea set! Friends has its own knock-off Pikachu! The grocery store has a phone printed with a "mobile pay" decal. Trendy! I also didn't realize at first how the sliding doors in the grocery store worked. It looks like both doors are geared together so that moving the knob on top opens/closes both of them. The outfits in the room sets are neat too—Paisley and Aliya have pajamas and Autumn and Liann have paint splatter! The same lost dog flyer appears in several of the sets—as a printed tile in 41727, 41738, and 41741, and also as a sticker with other flyers in 41729! 41738 is where that dog is found, with plenty of evidence (a poop piece and a sticker with a collar and pawprints). The plaque on the flower shop building in 41732 reads "Est. 2012", a nice nod to the Friends theme's introduction. Churro the chubby cat is my FAVORITE new animal! In Leo's room, his cabinet has a sticker showing Churro with a chef hat and rolling pin—it's not hard to picture him as the mascot of Leo's cooking videos. The book and projected movie in Aliya's room are both fantasy, and her dog is named Aira... is she maybe an Elves fan? Overall there's so much to love about these sets, and the new characters' personalities really shine even though we've only just been introduced to them.
  5. Lyichir

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    I was trying to figure out what that fig was reminding me of! It's obviously not authentic to the original sets, but that new neon yellow color does certainly give off some Unitron vibes!
  6. Lyichir

    Lego Dreamzzz 2023

    It'd certainly be cool to get minifigs of those characters, but who knows. Unlike the shark singer (which showed off an entirely new headpiece), these two video game characters seem to use existing molds.
  7. Yeah! In addition to generally looking much nicer, this one seems to be narrower than the old brick-built wheelchairs (like the new wheelchair introduced for the Avatar sets this year), which should make it more compatible with narrower door frames.
  8. Lyichir

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    The legs are from the new Monkey King minifig in 80045! Might've been nice to get the full version of that fig instead of a mix-and-match one, but still nice to get a leg piece with detailed printing like that in a polybag. The polybag also gives us a better look at a new Pigsy's Noodles carry-out box print on a 1x2 tile—this one looks like wood instead of clear plastic. It also shows up in the Team Hideout (which this polybag generally ought to complement well).
  9. Lyichir

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    The number range indicates it's probably a polybag set (which are numbered differently). Most of the sets with names but no images come from Lego's customer service database, with pages made for the sets but no instructions uploaded (yet).
  10. Lyichir

    Lego Dreamzzz 2023

    May depend on when it's due to launch. It's not totally uncommon for new themes to launch in March or later.
  11. Lyichir

    New parts useful in Space MOCs

    Speaking of trans-red windscreens, there's a new one in the Miles Morales car from the Marvel theme next year.
  12. Just noticed the Rocket Raccoon mech in the Marvel theme has a Reddish Brown Western/Aquazone bush as its tail, which could be great for scenery.
  13. You mean the one on the far left of that first image? Introduced this year for the summer Ninjago sets! So far it comes in gunmetal and warm gold. It fits visors though I haven't tested for castle-y ones yet to see how they look.
  14. Lyichir

    LEGO Trains 2023

    I don't recall them ever releasing Ideas sets all at the same time, even when multiples have been approved in the same period. There's 12 months in a year, plenty of time to space them out so that they aren't cannibalizing each others sales as much.
  15. Lyichir

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Was pretty gloomy and quiet today, so I built the mid-sized alt-build of the Galaxy Explorer. As is to be expected of an alt-build, there were some areas where it felt slightly less refined than the main model—nothing too severe, just little things like the landing gear not nesting quite as snugly into the recessed sections. And of course, not having the bags opened in numbered order made it slightly more or a challenge than the main model had been. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and looks great complete, with the hi-tech cockpit being a particular highlight. Since I'm probably going to build both alt-builds, I'll have to start thinking of some Classic Space MOCs that I can potentially use some of the leftover pieces for. Remind me, has anybody made a list of what parts will be left over from both builds? I know that there should be a lot to work with—two windscreens, five astronauts, and plenty of other parts (including parts that neither alt-build uses like the rover wheels). I'd like to come up with some sort of ground base to go with these, though I'll have to figure out where I'll display it all!