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  1. Lyichir

    Seasonal 2019

    These are cute, especially the Reindeer and Ghost!
  2. Lyichir

    10264 Corner Garage

    Realistically... I think you could probably say that about MOST of the modulars. The idea of a street made up of the variety of buildings we had even in the first ten years defies any logical sense of zoning. Combining them all one right next to the other results in something more akin to a theme park version of a neighborhood than any sort of realism. Maybe that's why I've never felt bothered much by a modular not "fitting in" with the rest of them. If I had any desire to build any sort of realistic city layout, I'd have to populate it heavily with custom modulars to transition between the varying architectural styles and types of businesses. But that's never really been the way I play with Lego as an adult fan.
  3. It's a cutie! Would be excellent for a Noah's Ark build!
  4. Lyichir

    The Lego Batman Movie 2

    The Teen Titans fan in me had at one point considered Deathstroke, but that might feel a little more redundant after Teen Titans Go to the Movies already featured a more humorous take on him. Still, I feel like he'd be a neat option as a potential "foil" to Batman's own combat mastery and abundance of gear. But really there's no end to the possible options. Not only are there traditional Bat-foes to choose from, but the entire array of larger-scope Justice League villains and even potentially non-DC villains like the foes from the Phantom Zone in the first movie. Here's possibly the most out there option—Iron Man. They definitely have beef.
  5. Lyichir

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    After seeing Misako's "true form" in Hunted, I have to say I... don't particularly care if we get them as minifigures? The resemblance to Garmadon's corrupted appearance is kind of neat but otherwise it looked a bit underwhelming, and I imagine potentially even a little boring if we got a wave of sets with a whole faction of figs like that. Shapeshifted ones have the potential to be substantially more interesting to me.
  6. UK film ratings often befuddle me as an American. Over here it was PG-13 (Same as The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman V. Superman, and Justice League). I don't totally mind the fig if it is in fact in the sets, since it's a minor reference and the costume suits the post-apoc setting reasonably well. That said, if it turns out they're having Margot Robbie voice her instead of Jenny Slate, as was rumored on IMDB, it'll be a bit of a bummer since I prefer the sort of oddball casting from the earlier movies. I'm similarly a bit miffed about Jason Momoa voicing Aquaman, but hold out hopes that the movie might still approach the character in a campier, more "classic" manner than he did in the live action DCCU.
  7. Lyichir

    10264 Corner Garage

    I think that's ascribing a bit too much of a profit-driven motive to the decision. While, yes, designers try to make sure each set offers something new in terms of molds and recolors, they also have good reason beyond pure business to WANT to include more recent molds. After all, parts that weren't available for the previous set in a series open up new opportunities for designers as well as for MOCists, and it's in designers' interests to take advantage of those opportunities to provide a novel building experience that hasn't already been satisfied by earlier models. This new garage, for its part, makes a lot of use of both the 1x1 rounded plate and the 1x1 "peaked roof" tile to make its unique angled walls work.
  8. Lyichir

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    This MOC just reminds me how much I hate the "chrome everything" approach to MOCing. For physical MOCs, it usually strikes me as a bit excessive—for digital ones like this it goes beyond that to just plain deceptive, since not only is the number of chromed ABS parts excessive (especially considering Lego tends to avoid chroming parts without a mold expressly designed to allow for the coating process), there's no way that flexible parts like flex cable and tires could be chromed like that.
  9. Lyichir

    10264 Corner Garage

    See, this kind of thing is just a shitty thing to say, regardless of who designed the set. If you wouldn't tell the designer that to their face, maybe second guess whether it's an okay thing to say about them without even knowing who they are. The decorative brick pattern to me looks quite authentic to the sort of American architectural landscape you might see a gas station like this in.
  10. Lyichir

    10264 Corner Garage

    At this point I really shouldn't be surprised by how much negativity surrounds this set (since AFOLs always find something to complain about), but nevertheless it still stuns me. This is an amazing building that has a completely novel look compared to previous corner buildings and implements all sorts of awesome new techniques (especially the angled facade using the new rounded 1x2 plate), yet once more I've seen people insulting the designers' skill or saying it looks like the almost universally simpler Creator 3-in-1 sets. Whatever... I'll enjoy it.
  11. Lyichir

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    Both of the recent Black Friday rereleases (Taj Mahal and Vestas Wind Turbine) have been in ten year anniversary years. So if Lego chooses to do something similar for Black Friday of next year, I think the Emerald Night would be the strongest contender. It's a widely beloved 2009 set that doesn't rely on retired molds (at least, not ones that haven't been replaced by lookalikes). And the alternatives would be a modular building (which they've never done rereleases of), the Winter Village Toy Shop (which has already been rereleased semi-recently), or the Grand Carousel (which has recently been supplanted by a newer, better carousel set).
  12. Again, it's a matter of different things for different audiences. The real die-hard Space fans are the ones who are going to want to amass large quantities of the set. But most buyers will just be buying just one copy of the set for all the named characters it contains, including Benny himself. While yes, this means that a lot of army builders are going to want to offload their excess Bennys, that's not really going to STOP them from buying up packs just for the other three figs. So replacing Benny would really just constitute satisfying a smaller audience who would buy the set anyway at the expense of a larger one that might need that extra incentive.
  13. Lyichir

    Do kids today like Classic Space?

    I would agree with Aanchir—I think for a lot of kids these figs and The Lego Movie might well be their first exposure to the classic space theme, and as such I think their initial interest will come less from nostalgia or aesthetic preference so much as from their association with a charismatic, zany character like Benny. That said, I'm sure that for a few that interest in the character might lead to greater interest in the retro classic space aesthetic and legacy as a whole. Just don't be disappointed if this set doesn't immediately lead to some sort of grand classic space renaissance.
  14. While the color-based roles aren't really a universal interpretation of why the colors are the way they are, according to that system I would personally categorize the pink ones in a role like medical professionals (an important sort of role for a long-term space colony that is probably more specific than the mission-based scientific research the yellow ones might specialize in).
  15. Ah, didn't realize that this Benny didn't have the classic smiley. The one from his first set appearance did. Kids had BETTER want that set because if not I don't see why Lego would bother making it at all. Smaller sets like this one are generally designed to sell in massive quantities to a wide audience, as a "gateway" to the larger and more expensive sets. I doubt army building by passionate Space fans alone would be enough to make up the difference in sales volume if kids didn't buy it. Conversely, I think having Benny in the set has a great chance of appealing to wider audiences. Kids don't necessarily have the same nostalgia for classic space but from what I've seen they LOVE Benny's oddball personality. And this set will still be the cheapest way to get him, despite two more expensive options existing. From a more cynical perspective, Lego has little to lose by adding Benny instead of a fourth new spaceman. AFOLs are going to stockpile it for the other three anyway. And from a more optimistic perspective—look on the bright side, it could have just been another Emmet.