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  1. LEGO Elves 2018

    Keep in mind that this is a tower, not a castle... and may even be meant to connect to a larger structure in the summer, based on the Technic pinholes on the sides.
  2. LEGO Elves 2018

    ^Yup, those are the same pictures I posted earlier from Lego.com (which can also be viewed on Brickset). There are even other alternate pictures besides the one in that video! Since I'm taking the time to comment, might as well add a few more observations from the pictures: The large animals are named Lumia (eagle in 41190/elf in 41193), Cory (turtle in 41191), Rowan (lion in 41192), Cyclo (wyvern in 41193), and Liska (fox in 41194). All of the animals feature a printed seat with the new "compass rose" emblem that appears throughout the sets. The four elemental animals also each feature a new "compass shard" element. Unfortunately, this part does not seem to be a conventional plate—rather, it seems to attach via a 3.2 mm bar on the back, which attaches to either the heads of the animals or 1x1 round studs with holes at the top of Noctura's tower. The bats' names are Vespe (Tr. Br. Green in 41190 and 41192), Furi (Tr. Fl. Green in 41191), Molo (Tr. Br. Bl. Violet in 41192 and 41194), Phyll (Tr. Medium Reddish Violet in 41193), and Hippo (Tr. Fl. Reddish Orange in 41194). The names for the small turtle in 41191 and the bird in 41193 are not listed on the boxes. All of the Elves get new outfits featuring armor, belts, and boots! Interestingly, Farran has exchanged his baggier pants for tighter ones (possibly to allow for more printed detail). The new villain, Noctura, features black and teal hair and a single, arm-length glove. The "compass shards" from the animals or her tower can also be attached to the "Dalek" brick on her staff. Lumia's elf form features white hair and a white and gold outfit Earth Blue boots. Her skin tone appears to be Nougat, a color midway between the one used for Azari, Rosalyn, and Tidus, the one used for the other Elves characters. She is the second mini-doll character to use this skin tone, after Olivia in the new Friends sets. All four main elf characters get new brick-built weapons. Naida gets a staff, Azari gets a hammer, Aira gets a bow, and Farran gets a shield. Aira's crossbow can be stored disassembled in a crate under the music school in 41193, and a separate crate hidden in the center of the smaller floating island contains a stickered instruction sheet for building it (hinting that the elves might all build these new weapons themselves). Little upside-down bat beds in 41190 and 41192! The cover of the book in 41190 is printed, but the one in 41194 doesn't seem to be. The page to the book in 41190 is hidden under the treasure chest, but it's unclear whether the one in 41194 has the same interior page, a separate printed page, or a stickered page. The music school in 41193 has a picture (stickered) of the bird (presumably the teacher) and a goblin. Possibly how Bieblin got his start? 41194 has plenty of neat features, including a potion-mixing cauldron, a comfy-looking chaise longue, a breakable balcony, and of course the main feature that raises the wings and head of the bat at the top of the tower. As I mentioned earlier, it also seems like it is designed to attach to a future set... All of the sets feature a portal in the boxart, which seems to lead to a separate world from Elvendale where Noctura and her bats seem to hail from.
  3. I thought this too, until I remembered that Mount Cavora from Chima would technically beat it to the punch (though it only appeared as a physical build in the Legends of Chima game from the Lego Games theme).
  4. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Out of curiosity, what do you think would work better in such a final foe? I get that the new baddies are less fantasy-ish than previous ones (a bummer for non-sci-fi builders), but to be honest I think the new baddies provide a nice symmetry with the knights (now that they're facing evil tech-enhanced knights, squirebots, and a digital wizard), and I think going back to something more fantasy-ish as antagonists would kind of be at odds with the trajectory or arc the story has taken so far. Perhaps better to wrap the theme up with these baddies and start fresh with a more traditional Castle theme next year.
  5. LEGO Elves 2018

    I just noticed that Noctura's Tower has Technic pinholes on the sides, possibly hinting at a future expansion! At first I thought it might connect with the modules from some of the other sets, but they don't seem to have the same sort of connection.
  6. LEGO Elves 2018

    Big pictures of the new Elves sets from Lego's cache! I love the illustrations on the box art!
  7. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Isn't there still one Merlok power unaccounted for in the sets we've seen so far? That might point to some sort of exclusive set (if not a store exclusive, maybe a promo set or even a D2C). The alternatives are a full second wave with only one new Merlok power (doubtful) or that power not appearing in the sets but appearing on the back of the boxes anyway (maybe slightly more likely, but still sounds a little fishy).
  8. If Bionicle had been a highly successful theme that was merely branching into Constraction, as opposed to solely a Constraction theme, that might have worked. But when all your eggs are in the one basket of the constraction line and that fails (and the onus to revitalize the brand falls on you and not a powerful external licensor with cash to spare), there's less potential for a dramatic recovery. That's why I specified product category instead of theme. Even if a wave or two of Star Wars constraction figures falters, the Lego Star Wars theme as a whole can still soldier on, and the more dramatic success of, say, the Episode VII constraction sets can be recaptured come the next high-profile movie event. A long-running in-house brand can probably benefit from a similar effect (in fact, the Ninjago theme arguably has done so, with a periodic return to spinner-based sets without that segment sticking around long enough to wear out its welcome). But without the strong foundation of a successful System-based theme to fall back on, the Bionicle reboot didn't have the luxury of weathering a drop-off in popularity.
  9. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I dunno, I kind of appreciate that they all use, y'know, bikes. Helps to sell the "biker gang" theme a little more than it would otherwise, since most other Ninjago factions have used at least one bike as well (just as one out of multiple vehicles).
  10. LEGO Elves 2018

    Hm? That's not new, it's this piece that was introduced two years ago.
  11. Sounds like science fiction to me. I can't imagine any universe where Disney even floated the idea of abandoning the sales of "traditional" Star Wars action figures. If anything they are looking to expand their product offerings into new segments, not draw consistently strong-selling ones to a close. Your perception of any of those fan groups being nearly that monolithic also seems unrealistic to me. I've seen a lot of positivity about these figures from all three groups, especially outside of the small bubble that the Eurobricks community often tends to be, and even then what I've seen only skims the surface of the largest Lego fan group of all—kids. Even for people who DO have reservations about the price, that isn't always a deal-breaker (especially when it comes to MOCists, from what I've seen, who are generally happy to get new parts regardless of the label on the box). So far, there is literally one piece of evidence presented alleging that these sets aren't selling well, that being certain sets being shelfwarmers. And that's a phenomenon that happens all the time, even with popular themes, because it's impossible for Lego or retailers to perfectly predict demand for the entire slate of product offerings. On a side note, I doubt it's a coincidence that the most commonly cited "shelfwarmers" are from Rogue One—I've seen plenty of anecdotes indicating that sales of MANY products for that movie didn't quite match those of tie-ins with the traditional "numbered" sequels, possibly because of its separation from the main "Star Wars" saga or its less kid-friendly tone. The new Star Wars media landscape creates a learning experience for both Disney and their partners, and I think we might already be seeing adjustments being made based on the performance of past sets (as evidenced by the new constraction sets focusing less on the standalone Han Solo movie and more on tried-and-true characters from the main saga). It would not make sense to cancel an entire product category just because one wave of sets didn't sell as well as others—better to identify WHY the sets that did sell better did so and apply that knowledge to new sets going forward.
  12. LEGO Elves 2018

    It looks like additional chains would be attached to the tower in this set (replacing the Trans. Fluor. Green 1x1 round tiles under the elemental icons with additional chains like the ones from the lion and turtle sets). So it's not like the other chains necessarily correspond to an unseen section of the tower/castle.
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's been confirmed by people who work in the Legoland model shops that it's the same color coming back.
  14. Elves: Episodes and Media Thread

    Webisode 33 is back up on Lego.com. Additionally, the recently discovered Russian catalog pages that show that there will be new webisodes in this year's style next year. Hopefully Secrets of Elvendale will be returning as well!
  15. LEGO Elves 2018

    So anyway, the day before we got those official pics I accidentally stumbled upon relatively high quality watermarked box pics. I wasn't keen on posting them, and now that we have official pics there's little point in doing so... but one thing those pictures did include that these catalog pictures don't is the names of the animals (listed on the tops of the boxes). So if anyone's curious: Eagle: Lumia (same name as the new elf character, indicating that one transforms into the other) Turtle: Cory Lion: Rowan Dragon: Cyclo Fox: Luka? (this one is slightly harder to read, being on a bigger box with the same image size as the others) Anyway, quite impressed with these sets. The creatures look great, and the color scheme of the villains is quite interesting (seems to be mostly black/teal/cool yellow/transparent fluorescent green). While there aren't too many structures, the ones there are seem suitably unique (a music shop is something I've been wanting to see for some time). I also like the brick-built "weapons" for each of the Elves. As always, hoping this isn't the end for the theme, but am impressed even if it is!