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  1. Lyichir

    sturdines of Eifell tower set 10307

    Well, for starters, the sections of the tower are designed to sit loosely on top of one another, so they'd need to be secured together much more firmly for that to work. I'm not sure how much of a difference reinforcing it with a metal bar through the middle would make—it's definitely designed to stand vertically and I doubt the designers ever considered mounting it horizontally when testing its stability. Where are you even hoping to mount it? I'm struggling to imagine a space where mounting it on the wall would take up less space than standing it up vertically, unless you plan to mount it high up above where people would no longer risk running into it.
  2. The sets aren't even out until next month. Chill out a little. There'll be plenty of time for people to share their impressions once more people have actually gotten a chance to experience the sets for themselves.
  3. For those who prefer non-video reviews Brothers Brick has a nice one:
  4. Lyichir

    2024 Space sets

    For a second seeing the notification for the reply here made me worried I had posted it in the wrong topic, lol. Truth be told I don't think the question is all that pertinent here because even if the other Dreamzzz characters get outfit upgrades like that, Mr. Oz and Albert are the only ones with explicit space theming (the other characters' concepts include Mateo's slime/comic hero theming, Izzie's cutesy/pastel theming, Cooper's high tech/racecar driver theming, Nova's broody fantasy theming, and Logan's monster/sports theming). So even if the other characters get similar outfit upgrades, it'll probably be relevant to their respective themes instead of connected to the space supertheme.
  5. I wonder if the updated gold uniforms for Mr. Oz and Albert are just because this set is special as part of the "Space" supertheme, or if perhaps the summer wave will have other characters getting gold outfits too.
  6. I wish we'd get some news on when the next season of the TV series will arrive. I picked up the Sandman's Tower set but would prefer to wait on building it until I can watch the new series at the same time, if possible. We've gotten an announcement for the next season of Ninjago but nothing yet for Dreamzzz...
  7. Lyichir

    2024 Space sets

    In addition to what others have said above, notably that was done in a regular retail set (three overall, in fact), not something like a GWP that's produced in smaller quantities. I seriously doubt the "extended line" team responsible for sets like this one typically has the budget for a dedicated pre-pack like this—even if it's just one part for the purpose of replacement parts, it's still much more production-intensive than an individual printed part would be.
  8. Lyichir

    [MOC] Frost Driller

    Oh, this is really great! I love the industrial feel of it, and you've nailed the Ice Planet color scheme (both in terms of the colors used and the balance of them).
  9. Lyichir

    Ninja Castle Subtheme return potential

    I fail to see how bringing back the old hoods would be ideal... yes, they're authentic, but they're also very dated and limiting (among other things, the classic ninja hood prevents the head from turning and the fixed clip on the back is less versatile than a solution that allows for alternate weapons or accessories). There's been a huge number of Ninjago hoods since then, and I'm sure at least one of those could evoke the classic hooded look especially if molded in monochrome plastic. Then again that gets to the crux of why I think an Icons revival of the classic ninja theme would be unlikely. The Ninja theme came out during a period of weaker Lego set design overall. It was novel for a company that had only started to branch out from European subject matter, sure, but the builds were blocky and simplified, and there's very little about them overall that Ninjago hasn't done better in the intervening years (with the sole exception is Ninjago has never had horses, which I'd love to see the theme include at some point). Ninjago does have a broad focus so obviously not all sets fit that historical Japanese aesthetic, but that's not to say no Ninjago sets do so—there's been various temple or dojo sets that fit the bill over the years.
  10. I hadn't noticed from the leaks that these have the classic smiley! Honestly I sort of wish they'd done something like that for the baby version originally, given that the brown astronaut it came with didn't have sparkles in its eyes unlike the baby. Also, for all the hubbub about stickers the sticker sheet is incredibly small, with only five stickers used. I'm more than happy with that given the actual budget for new parts has gone toward useful trans-yellow recolors and a newly recolored baby fig. The price threshold is somewhat high, but I think I might order the Eldorado Fortress set to get this once the availability period starts (since I hadn't gotten that one yet). Make it a double dose of classic nostalgia.
  11. Pretty much this. There's a major difference between something like the Galaxy Explorer set, which was produced in large quantities for numerous retailers and generated its own independent revenue from each sale so had the budget to go all out on prints, and things like GWPs, which are only produced as a small incentive for people to buy other, more widely stocked sets and only rarely have more than a couple unique recolors or prints (which this set already has, in the form of its white recolored and printed space baby minifigure). A GWP not having that isn't some slight against the space theme in particular, and it's definitely not "avarice" (which is not a word I ever expected to hear in reference to something as petty and inconsequential as a handful of stickers).
  12. You left out Ghostbusters (which had an initial successful Ideas set and followed it up with a companion set of the headquarters and one based on the reboot). And I would argue that both Sonic and Minecraft count in a "foot in the door" sort of sense. Once Lego had established a relationship with the licensors and the initial Ideas set sold well, they had the confidence and means to spin both off into full themes. I feel like there's a small chance something like that could happen with this set, though a slightly lesser one than with many other cases—both because as a larger set it might be harder to extrapolate the sales of a set like this into the potential for a larger theme, and because of the inherent complexity of licensing from such a major competitor.
  13. Lyichir

    2024 Space sets

    I don't think that's entirely a bad thing. And honestly for this space theme you really only need to recreate each individual fig exactly if you're a completionist—otherwise it's one gold commander, three dark-suited squad captains, and three general types of astronaut (with different faces and occasionally slightly different equipment built onto their backpacks, the latter of which I consider more akin to characters using different handheld tools rather than something that denotes specific characters). If I were collecting the theme more than I am I'd honestly prefer to NOT recreate exact duplicates of the astronauts and instead pick faces not used in these sets from City, Ninjago, or other themes to add variety and diversity to the ranks of my astronauts. As it is I like the variety in this theme. As a fan of character-based themes I like the distinct commander and captain figs—even though they don't have names, they feel like distinct character designs sort of like in the '90s space themes I grew up with. And the other "generic" astronauts feel broadly diverse in a way few other space themes have. I like the distinct commander and captain figs so much, I'd like to pick out some hairpieces for the three captain characters pretty soon for when they're out of their bulky helmets—I'm eyeing the "undercut" hairstyle used for Empress Beatrix in last year's Ninjago sets for the blue squad captain (ideally in a color like black or blonde), since it'd show off that neat constellation tattoo well. I wish Zane's hairpiece from the post-Ninjago Movie Ninjago sets came in dark grey for the orange squad captain, since I feel like its angular, rugged appearance would suit his distinctive facial hair—since it doesn't, I'm not sure which hairpiece would be best since dark grey hairpieces to match his beard are moderately rare and few of them have that modern, angular look. I haven't totally decided what hairpiece would be best for the green squad captain yet—maybe something like this hairpiece (which would allow nice access to his lens/scouter) in a color like orange to contrast with the other captain characters. And I figure the grey-haired commander fig could use a basic light grey hairpiece like this one (he reminds me of a sort of kindly patriarch figure like Jeff Tracy from the old Thunderbirds TV series).
  14. I don't see why they'd necessarily do a dragon the same style as an existing dragon even if they were similar in size. Even in the Ninjago theme alone, designers often try to vary their dragon designs significantly even if their scale and overall body plan is meant to be similar. For another theme entirely it wouldn't surprise me to see them take a different approach to it.
  15. Lyichir

    Lego City 2024

    On the subject of vehicle size, I'm fine with 4-wide being used for compact and subcompact cars and 6-wide being used for larger cars, sedans, and trucks. 8-wide begins to push it in terms of practicality on most standard roads, but works great for vehicles like that new crime scene investigation truck that really benefit from a full interior, or things like car carriers that by necessity have to be bigger than the cars they carry. Larger than that doesn't really work well for City in my opinion (save for things like oversized construction equipment or space rovers where fitting on roads isn't a priority at all), though I'm still plenty open to larger in themes like Ninjago, Monkie Kid, Friends, or Agents where oversized vehicles don't have to fit into city scenes necessarily and can function more as a "playset on wheels".