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  1. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I wouldn't necessarily assume they were based on Terabyte specifically? After all, green and black are basically the archetypical virus/hacking colors due to their association with the green text on old computer monitors (compare their use in movies like The Matrix).
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Do you want to get the Quake Mech itself? Because Lady Iron Dragon (the aforementioned archer lady) also seems to come in the smaller Piranha Attack set. As a bonus, that set includes large carriage wheels in a new color, which I'm sure you could make use of as a fan of Castle. Even if you want to get the fig on its own, its presence in a smaller set will probably drive down the aftermarket price (compared to if it were only available in the larger Quake Mech set).
  3. Um... this assortment was going to be Batman figs one way or the other, given the emphasis on current themes. Would you have preferred this assortment to contain nothing even vaguely historic? If anything, if I were primarily a historic fan I'd be more upset that the "Minifigures" themed pack only contained recolors/redecos of modern-day figs, instead of potentially offering variants of any of the more historic CMFs. At least with that there could have been the hope of something more suited to your interests...
  4. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    So far most reliable sources have indicated that there aren't going to be any. Given the radio silence about any further packs from WB Games and Lego (even after multiple toy and games conferences and expos where that sort of thing would usually be announced), I'm inclined to believe them.
  5. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    The Winter Toy Shop from 2015 also featured a jester cap in Bright Orange/Bright Blue, which I think are the exact colors used for the new Jestro. Granted, that cap was on a jack-in-the-box, so didn't come with a corresponding torso and legs—Jestro does. I actually sort of appreciate the new Jestro's colors, since they're basically the colors of the overall Nexo Knights faction (making them fitting for the king's own jester). I imagine the colors used for "good Jestro" in the show were probably not chosen with an actual figure in mind, but rather just as a more "toned down" version of that year's "evil Jestro" fig.
  6. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Another interesting point! I could see them reusing the lower section with a new upper segment in the future...
  7. LEGO Elves 2018

    Of next year's sets? Probably not for a while. Last year the official pictures didn't show up until late December.
  8. Legoland theme?

    A Legoland-based set might work. An entire theme? Not so sure about that, considering that a visit to Legoland is far from a universal experience. Even among Lego fans, many may never get a chance to visit any of the parks. As such, a theme like that would have a very regional appeal.
  9. Potential Summer 2018 Constraction line

    The tricky part with System-based Constraction is that bricks are just designed to come apart more easily than Technic in general. Avoiding larger models coming apart when you're trying to pose or play with them requires complex locking techniques, which are bulky and can ruin the look of a model, or single-piece "bones" as the basis for limbs (Knights Kingdom II used a system that sort of achieved this, but is very limiting in terms of scale without resorting to less sturdy custom limbs). That's not to say it can't be done. There have been a fair number of awesome brick-built mechs, characters, and creatures over the years. But when designing a dedicated action figure theme from the ground up, it probably makes more sense to stick with a Technic-based system that already addresses those sorts of issues by design than to try and reinvent the wheel with a System base.
  10. In some cases I'd agree with you that more accurate terminology can be a great thing, but for the names of play weapons like these I think they're trying to stick with terms kids and parents will easily be able to understand and remember. Katana is a pretty commonly known term even in English compared to "Dao" or "Kusarigama".
  11. Potential Summer 2018 Constraction line

    Oh dear... do I have to explain why the ability to integrate Technic and CCBS for larger builds is not a weakness of the system, but by design? The problem with the previous "system" is that it was hardly a system at all. There were pretty much only two lengths of lower leg piece, despite the many almost redundant varieties. Same goes for upper legs. To do anything else, you had to go custom—and that really only worked for going larger, not going smaller. CCBS was designed to have the same customization potential, but also to provide more built-in opportunities as well. Now there was a wide-ranging scale of limb beams, on par with the existing systems of Technic axles and beams. The same went for shells. And the simplicity of those parts meant that they were easier to use in custom configurations, not harder—you could use smaller bones structurally on a larger MOC much easier than you could use specialized, heavily detailed parts like Rahkshi legs. Making models out of "pure" CCBS is not and has never been the point, because it is still designed as a Technic-integrated system for the specific purpose of that sort of customization. I mean, you CAN make models out of pure CCBS—especially smaller ones—but that's just one possibility out of many, and an asset rather than a flaw. Getting back to the advantages of CCBS over Mixel joints (since you've finally drawn me into this argument, may as well make it complete), the sturdiness of CCBS is a huge benefit. Brick-built construction offers loads of customization potential but ultimately, a Technic-based build (especially one that can use single-piece "bones" for the underlying skeleton) is much sturdier than a comparably sized System build, and can stand up to more robust play.
  12. Disney's Future with Lego

    Lego has not done any non-Duplo sets based on Disney TV series, which to be honest confuses me a little. I would think that things like Tangled the Series could be a natural fit for sets, but so far no dice.
  13. Let me take a look and see if anything else has been revealed recently might be worth mentioning here... Historic MOCists may be interested in the large carriage wheels appearing in Medium Nougat in the upcoming Ninjago Movie set 70629 Piranha Chase. Granted, the part has already appeared in Sand Yellow and Reddish Brown, but one more good wooden color certainly doesn't hurt. For that matter, Misako in both that set and the Quake Mech has a neat historic-looking armor design, featuring a new shoulder pad/quiver neck accessory. Pretty much useless for MOCs, but historic MOCists who like costuming, role play, or just goofing off at conventions might appreciate the new foam play weapons from the Ninjago Movie! Unlike past foam weapons sold at Lego stores, these are very authentic to the actual weapon pieces from the sets and movies, and while they're sized for kids (making them a little underscaled for adults), they're still pretty neat. Links: Sword, Katana, Nunchucks, Spear, Hammer, Bow & Arrow
  14. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I mean, plenty of themes have had a smaller final year (Atlantis, Power Miners, Chima, Agents, Exo-Force, almost-Ninjago, etc.). It's not that hard to believe the same could happen to Nexo Knights. That said, the source is indeed super-sketchy and there's no reason to give it the benefit of the doubt unless any sort of corroborating evidence shows up. Also worth mentioning that in some cases of an abridged final year, some regions sometimes get the final wave split into two to last longer. For instance, two of the final year's sets in Atlantis were held over until May for America despite releasing alongside the other sets the previous December in Europe.
  15. LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame

    Is it possible that they're a character unlocked with a code that has not yet been distributed? I know Lego City Undercover didn't count those sorts of unlockables (in that case, vehicles) toward 100% completion.