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  1. Yeah, at least one CMF series seems likely. Based on the trailer alone, I can already see a few good options for figs—Wyldstyle with her hood up and goggles on, Larry the Barista's new "hardcore" look, and if we're being honest, probably Emmet with his headphones on (considering both the Lego Movie series and Ninjago Movie series featured at least one version of the main character that was only subtly different from the one that was common in standard sets). It'd be interesting if the CMF series included a mini-doll character, considering there's never been one in a series before...
  2. Lyichir

    A Ninjago movie combiner project

    This is looking amazing so far! I still hope you'll keep in mind my advice about joints, if only because it'd be great to be able to share instructions so that people could try building it in real life. Though having a solid base with treads instead of legs will certainly help in that respect. I imagine that if you want a cockpit in the chest, the large windscreen from the Water Strider would probably fit pretty well in the center and potentially allow multiple ninja to be seated there. Another option might be to use the two windscreen pieces from the Ice tank where the "pectorals" would be, to provide a wide windscreen not entirely unlike Optimus Prime's chest.
  3. Pretty sure M-Tron weren't miners, they were rescue workers. I grew up near the end of this (an Ice Planet set was probably my first Space set but I collected more Spyrius/Exploriens) but I wouldn't necessarily consider these the best—really good, sure, but I don't particularly prefer them to the newer stuff, in terms of story or sets.
  4. Lyichir

    A Ninjago movie combiner project

    I've thought about making something like this but never got around to it. I don't think I can help with the build itself, but I can offer some tips. If you want it to be piloted by all six ninja you'll probably want to make sure to make smart use of the cockpit pieces. Keep in mind that the Green Ninja Mech Dragon lacks a cockpit, but also that the Ice Tank has two windscreen pieces and that the Water Strider's cockpit is big enough to potentially fit two ninja. Keep in mind that unlike Bionicle combiners, most aesthetic details of sets like these are separate parts. If you want to emphasize the combined nature of the build it might be smart to think in terms of "blocks" of detail and color. Taking this strategy to an extreme would be a combined mecha akin to a Megazord or Voltron, with each "limb" composed primarily of one vehicle's look, but that might not be practical with vehicles featuring such a wide range of sizes and shapes. But it's still worth being smart about colors and details so that it doesn't all blend together into something that is no longer recognizeable as a combination of the six original vehicles. Be smart about joints. Some joints have more friction than others, and the sets in question have a pretty wide selection. If you're going for a humanoid mech, it's probably worth using thestrongest joints like the AT-AT joints from the Fire Mech and Water Strider on the legs, which will bear the most weight. And don't be afraid to cut out joints if need be—things like working knees may be impressive but are also likely to be weak points on a large model. Don't feel like you're limited to a humanoid structure, either. It may be easier to combine the sets in question into a quadripedal mech or even a non-animal-based ship. Personally, I think one option that might be worth exploring would be a bulky winged dragon, given the thematic connections to the Ninjago theme.
  5. I guess that probably wasn't the best reference point since it's not really a sport with a standardized ball size. A softball seems like a better comparison—maybe slightly larger, as you say.
  6. Lyichir

    SDCC exclusive minifigs question

    I know they've been responsible for some "borderline official" figs like former Lego community team member Kevin Hinkle's sigfig/"business card" (which he used instead of the standard version supplied by Lego while he was employed there). I think I might have read that they worked on the Lego Store Manager's Conference figs as well. But as far as I'm aware, they aren't responsible for publicly distributed promotional figs like the SDCC figures.
  7. I think its size is deceptive, given the use of large parts with minimal stud coverage and its roughly spherical shape. Given the size of the parts involved I'd estimate that the craft as a whole is roughly the size of a dodgeball.
  8. Lyichir

    its a bug

    This is great. Feels like it could be an enemy in a Mega Man-like game.
  9. Lyichir

    Could Bionicle work out as an anime?

    No, I don't think any form of Bionicle could succeed at all by staying that "true to the source material", mainly because I don't think there's any money in retelling the Bionicle story exactly (let alone in rereleasing the old sets). That's not to say that a new iteration of Bionicle couldn't work as an anime. Then again, what are you expecting exactly when you use the word "anime"? Because if you're referring to a specific sort of hand-drawn animation, I don't know if that would work simply because the highly detailed character designs might not be conducive to that (at least not without a huge budget). And if you're referring to a more CGI style... well, then the only difference between that and past iterations of Bionicle like the movies and Journey to One would be where the animation took place. Uf you're referring not to an animation style but more generally to just a full-fledged TV series, that might also work—but again, probably not as a retelling (not just because the story and the sets it was based on are both quite dated, but also because it's hard to start a TV series of that sort banking on the chance that it gets picked up for subsequent seasons until the whole story gets told).
  10. Regarding the SDCC figure, I do sort of expect it to be a preview of one that will appear in sets, but I wouldn't necessarily expect it to be Sweet Mayhem, for one major reason—if it were it would spoil what she looks like under the mask, which they might not want to do this early. An already known character like Emmet, Wyldstyle, or Benny might be a safer bet.
  11. Considering that polycarbonate bonds to polycarbonate, one potential reason would be the difficulty of separating two large transparent plates if you were to stack them. It's hard enough with ABS plates, but transparent ones could pose an additional challenge. I think another factor is that they're just no longer ideal for as many purposes. Back in the days of classic space, transparent yellow plates were used for spaceship canopies, but the studs on them makes them less than ideal for that sort of purpose. These days, it's easier and often better looking to use SNOT techniques and untextured panels or windows if you want an effect like that.
  12. Lyichir

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    While there's definitely an abundance of science-related projects on Ideas, it's worth keeping in mind that their proposal and success both have a lot to do with previous successes. Every time a project succeeds, we tend to see a bunch of copycat projects hoping to ride that wave—some of them by the original creators, some not. But in many cases the success of these sorts of projects has more to do with capitalizing on that existing hype, rather than Lego's goal of reaching out to untapped markets. So their chances in review might be stunted relative to fresher and newer ideas. I'm not too interested in the SpaceX projects, to be honest. The nice thing about historical rockets like the Apollo 11 Saturn V or older franchises like Ghostbusters or Voltron is that they have more or less stood the test of time and proven to be safer bets. Models based on breaking news have a higher chance of becoming associated with negatives if that news were to go sour—for instance, if SpaceX were to experience some sort of disaster or scandal. And especially considering how tied in the SpaceX brand image is with the cult of personality around Elon Musk, that's not exactly the most unlikely scenario.
  13. In any case, since molding that part in transparent would need a new mold, there wouldn't really be any cost savings compared to using a larger quantity of existing transparent parts. I don't even think it'd necessarily be an improvement on the finished model, since it'd trade the smooth underside of the existing bottle for an abundance of anti-studs on the back of the plate.
  14. Lyichir

    LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    I doubt there's any plans to change over all parts to polyethylene. The whole point of using polyethylene in the first place is that the parts in question already used it, so it wouldn't have any negative impacts on quality (the fact that many of the parts in question were plant parts was a nice thematic bonus). ABS isn't going away, at least not until a bioplastic version comes along that performs equivalently by most measures of quality.
  15. Lyichir

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Alas, too much to hope for. At this point I'm expecting an SDCC announcement. A set like this would definitely make a splash among the adult nerd demographic of SDCC. They could even potentially do an early release for con attendees—that could definitely lure fans to Lego's booth, especially if either the project creator or designer were on hand to sign the sets.