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  1. Lyichir

    LEGO Trains 2022

    So what, you're saying there's a massive market for these kinds of sets and Lego is leaving that money on the table out of nothing but spite? Please. The designers who have explained these challenges with making successful train sets are the same ones who have made some of train sets people have loved. It's not like they hate trains or train fans and want to see them suffer. These are passionate people who genuinely want to make sets people love, they've just had experience with sets failing to find the success they'd hoped for. It's a shame so many AFOLs are so self-centered and narrow-minded that they would rather assume malice on the part of those designers than accept that as adult train fans they are maybe not as important or representative of the typical consumer as they seem to think they are.
  2. Lyichir

    LEGO Trains 2022

    That makes two comments I've seen today asserting "Lego hates X thing I want" with no basis other than wanting to believe that personal spite is responsible for their absence rather than market changes. Lego designers are on record explaining some of the reasons why it's harder to sell train sets than a lot of other types of sets. Train sets are big and expensive. Families tend to want a complete product with a powered train and carriages and a full circuit of track but are generally less interested in expanding their trains or layouts much more than that, outside of a small niche audience. Train set sales tend to peak around the holidays, and be less stable throughout the rest of the year. Having at least one train set available at any given time tends to work but offering a new one each year hasn't paid off in the past. That doesn't mean they've stopped trying, but it does mean that trains have become more of an occasional thing for Lego instead of a thing that gets new products every year.
  3. That's... absurdly untrue. I'm not honestly sure whether you're repeating rumors you've heard elsewhere or just making it up on the spot but there's barely a single word of truth in what you're saying. Non-licensed sets are very valuable to Lego for a couple major reasons. The first and foremost reason is that the profit margin is bigger when Lego doesn't have to pay a licensing fee to another company. An in-house IP also allows Lego to control things like media output and ensure they don't have to suffer through a "dry spell" where there are no new movies in theaters to help drive sales or come up with new content to put in sets. There's a reason why during Lego's near-bankruptcy, it was Bionicle (not Star Wars, Spider-Man, or Harry Potter) that kept them afloat during their leanest year. Blaming the decrease in Ninjago sets between 2013 and 2015 on TMNT is also totally inaccurate because the far bigger factor (which is well-documented) was that Legends of Chima launched in 2013, originally intended to outright REPLACE Ninjago. Ninjago's 2013 wave was meant to be a lower-budget send-off for a declining theme, like Lego had done for many earlier themes like Knights' Kingdom and Exo-Force, as they were readying Ninjago's "successor". But to Lego's surprise, Ninjago's sales and fanbase didn't actually taper off in the way its predecessors tended to, and there was a massive fan outcry on top of that when the news that the 2013 wave would be its last broke. So they hurriedly threw together a series of sets for the following year (even though, at that point, most of Ninjago's planned budget had been reassigned to Chima). The return to a larger number of sets in 2015 was not due to the end of the Ninja Turtles theme so much as because that was its first post-"cancellation" year of sets that got the theme's more typical budget and development time. Ninja Turtles ending that year (after generally NOT being anywhere near as successful as Ninjago had been, I might add) was mostly tangential to that. There's absolutely zero reason to think that even if the Ninja Turtles license became available to Lego again, Lego would sacrifice one of their biggest, most consistently successful themes for one that would be less reliable and farther outside Lego's own control.
  4. I just saw that the other day when checking AMEET's website. All the images and such are preliminary and so far don't seem to include any unique parts or prints for the figures (the astronauts reuse last year's underwater Ninjago sets, though being preliminary that could potentially change). To be honest I'm not 100% sure it's even coming out—it's listed on the web version of their catalog but not on the PDF downloadable version, and I don't know which is newer. If the web version is newer then it might have been a late addition to the release schedule, but if the PDF version is newer it may have been cancelled or delayed until next year.
  5. Lyichir

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I really can't wait to see people creating custom expansions to the Sonic set based on other levels and obstacles. The modular format of the components seems well-suited to that.
  6. Yeah. Another clue that these are not chromed is that the chrome gold ingots (when they were produced) were part of a standardized "pre-pack" including coins—likely indicating that they were produced together and immediately packaged, not unlike how chrome coins in the past would come on a connected "sprue" that you had to remove them from. When that pre-pack went away, so too did the chrome gold ingots. To be honest I tend to prefer the lacquered gold anyway. So many of the chrome on chrome gold parts from my childhood has flaked off or scratched, leaving ugly scars. And even when chrome parts are new, their reflectiveness can almost be an eyesore—it has a polished, mirrored appearance that is unrealistic for something as utilitarian as an ingot of processed metal (which is stored for its value as a raw material, rather than looks). The more matte look of the lacquered gold parts still looks more like actual metal than "pearl" metallic colors, while being far less gaudy and reflective than chromed parts.
  7. Lyichir

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Just a follow-up on this—I asked the designer (Chris Perron) about it on Facebook, and he confirmed that it was indeed a failsafe for if a kid put something other than the rover in the cargo area to keep it from getting jammed in the shut position.
  8. Nice topic idea! I agree with some of the above suggestions. As much nostalgia as I have for them, some older animal molds such as the bat, frog, and octopus have certainly become a bit dated. Updated versions of these, like a frog that could have printed eyes or an octopus with at least some of its arms articulated would not hurt. Another older critter design that comes to mind is the scorpion. The classic scorpion can make for great architectural detailing, but as an actual animal it leaves much to be desired—no legs, barely a face... compared to things like the redesigned spider it feels sorely out of date. In terms of newer creatures, an updated cow could be nice (since the udders on the original unnecessarily gender it). And a dedicated Dalmatian piece for the City theme could be nice, since the printed versions of other breeds that they've done have never looked quite right. If they ever do another theme that could use a camel, it could probably benefit from a mold that at least gives it neck articulation, if nothing else. And of course I'd be remiss not to mention the short-lived goat. A redesign for that is essential to bringing it back, since the old mold did not last. If they did a newer one it could be cool if instead of molded horns it had ones that could be removed like the cow, so that you could customize it with different types of horns depending on what sort of goat you wanted to represent.
  9. Lyichir

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    I'll second that. They certainly sound like interesting set names, but IIRC Monkie Kid doesn't have a history of set names being leaked ahead of time—as a mostly D2C theme, it'd surprise me if that changed suddenly. So without a source or corroboration this sounds a little more like wishful thinking—no offense. EDIT: If those are real they sound like they could be really cool. I'd love to see the Demon Bull family appear in a new set, especially if they got new designs, possibly with DBK as a minifigure or bigfig instead of the brick-built versions from earlier sets. And based on the taste we've gotten of Lady Bone Demon's signature aesthetic in her two previous appearances, a larger castle set for her would probably be super cool. Only two sets for summer would be a slight bummer compared to the three-set waves in earlier years, though. And a part of me was hoping that given Mei's apparent key role in the story (wielding all three Samadhi Fire Rings in the Macaque mech set) we might finally get a larger set for her, like a mech or dragon.
  10. Lyichir

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Just made out of random parts, probably. The stop-motion scene they were directing needed an island for the skeleton to stand on, so they built one. It's a couple of yellow plates for landscaping—hardly anything substantial or deliberate-looking enough to assume it's some sort of new set tease. Also don't think it's "mean-spirited" to make a goofy meme with Lego pirates without it relating to an upcoming set. It's a joke for parents to laugh at and share with their friends, it's not their fault if people assume it has to have some deeper meaning.
  11. Lyichir

    Looking for ideas - brick build chain

    For a large chain like that, one of the first things that comes to mind (which I've considered myself but haven't yet come up with an appropriate MOC for it) would be using these and either these or these in between (depending on how big or small you want the links to be). Connecting these parts with Technic cross axles would allow you to create some rather sturdy links that flex freely, and close to life-size to boot. Now granted, this isn't exactly what you asked for—it's Technic-based rather than System-based and doesn't come in Dark Bluish Grey. But to be honest, Technic might be a smarter choice than System for what you seem to be asking for (since that would likely make it easier to make the links themselves sturdy while still allowing them to flex). And while it doesn't come in Dark Bluish Grey it does come in light bluish grey as well as several metallic colors (including Titanium Metallic, which is close enough in hue to Dark Bluish Grey that it might still work for your purposes).
  12. This week Lego announced that they are withdrawing from London Toy Fair as well, and plan to announce their plans for later this year in some alternative fashion.
  13. For my part, I enjoyed Chima's set design and character design. The main reason I didn't end up getting as into it as I did with Ninjago was that the TV series was unable to hook me. The first episode started strong with a touching friendship between Laval and Cragger that could've felt great... but then the way the conflict between them originated (with Cragger's sister effectively brainwashing him) felt way too contrived and unearned, and I quickly lost interest in the characters and their conflict altogether. By comparison Ninjago started with a decent special and the first season of the show the next year was legitimately good as far as character development was concerned. And even Nexo Knights, formulaic as its episodes could be, did a better job of selling Jestro and Clay's falling out as the conflict between a top-of-his-class golden boy and an insecure friend who chalked their friendship up to pity rather than anything more genuine. For a story-based theme, the story can make the difference between a theme I pick up the occasional set from and a theme where I want to have every character and every version of every character, and Chima sadly wasn't able to get past square one for me. Of course, the fact that it was up against Ninjago in those years certainly didn't help. By the time Chima was experiencing its rocky start, Ninjago was in the midst of some great story arcs like Rebooted, Tournament of Elements, and Possession. If Ninjago had ended after Season 2 as planned, maybe I would've been able to put up with Chima's growing pains a little better and stick with it to the end. That just wasn't the hand it was dealt, though.
  14. Lyichir

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oh that's lovely! And a good way to make use of some of the other extra parts if you buy a second set to add a floor.
  15. Lyichir

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    One recent introduction that comes to mind as a Ninjago fan would be this recent black recolor of the Lego Batman Movie Joker hair: Slightly bandana-adjacent, but last year's Ninjago sets also introduced versions of several of the Ninja's hair with headbands: This Monkie Kid hairpiece would also allow for some neat variety but so far only appears in dark grey, which might look too old for a typical pirate: Also don't be afraid to diversify your pirate crews even if you just use yellow-skinned figs! In recent years Lego has introduced several afro-textured hair pieces that could work for pirates, like this one, among many others: