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  1. gryffindorbrickkid

    Long time lurker finally posting and introducing myself.

    Welcome to the forum!!
  2. gryffindorbrickkid

    New member Denmark

    Welcome! I feel you may have customer from me in the future...
  3. gryffindorbrickkid

    Hi! My name is Of Course Elsa, and I’ll tell you why :)

    Welcome to the community!
  4. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    And now we are onto the second series which is..... Doctor Who Series 1 I pretty much make one every year so don't be surprised. However this is different, I am trying to time it so i have a series for every series in the RTD era in time for the centenary special! So yeah, there isn't really much i can say apart from lets get ready to journey into the good, the bad, the really bad (looking at you, love and monsters) and see some figures from the series which rebooted it all! 1. The Ninth Doctor 2.Rose Tyler 3.The Auton 4.Jabe The Tree 5.The Gelth (The unlikely favourite of mine) 6. Blon Fel-Fotch Pasmeer Day Slitheen 7. The Dalek 8. The Editor 9. The Reaper 10. The Empty Child 11. Captain Jack Harkness 12. The Dalek Emperor
  5. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    I am back after being gone for so, SO long now and i am proud to show 2 new CMFs the first being Arrow This CMF has 10 new minifigures based on DC's hit TV show Arrow! 1. Green Arrow 2. Felicity Smoak/ Overwatch 3. John Diggle/ Spartan 4. Dinah Lance/ Black Canary (My personal favourite minifig of the series) 5. Malcolm Merlyn/ the Dark Archer 6. Oliver Queen 7. Roy Harper/ Arsenal 8. Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke 9. Thea Queen/ Speedy 10. Adrian Chase/ Prometheus
  6. gryffindorbrickkid

    Ideas for CMFs

    Or the ones in London
  7. gryffindorbrickkid

    Ideas for CMFs

    The Apollo goes perfectly with Artemis from series c
  8. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    I tried a new software for drawing temporarily so here is my quickest project ever completed in 2 days. Super Smash Bros 64 These are the 12 original super smash bros characters 1. Mario 2. Donkey Kong 3.Link 4. Samus Plus Bonus Pic: 5. Yoshi 6. Kirby 7. Fox McCloud 8. Pikachu 9. Luigi 10. Ness 11. Captain Falcon 12. Jigglypuff
  9. gryffindorbrickkid

    Ideas for CMFs

    OMG This is amazing!!! My favourites are the siren, steampunk explorer and the plague doctor. But most importantly.... YOU MADE APOLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Yes my prayers have been answered, Apollo is the best Greek god imo and you have knocked it out the park
  10. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    Update on the series. My computer broke and I have to get it replaced so the series will be postponed until further notice. I made 10/12 of the figs already and I saved them on Flickr so I have not lost anything. Sorry.
  11. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    Thanks! Out of all of my CMFs i made this year I cannot decide which is my favourite. This year has been a big year for my art and next year will be my biggest year yet with lots of CMF series planned. In a minute I will tease my first series of next year. A remaster.... Thanks! This is one of my favourite series and I sadly missed out on this series so I am really glad I made this Coming in January 2022 A remaster of my horror series from October 2020 Consisting of: • Freddy Krueger • Michael Myers •Jason Voorhees • Pennywise 1990 • Pennywise 2017 • Jack Torrance • Billy the Puppet • Pinhead • Norman Bates • Hannibal Lecter • Chucky • Ghostface
  12. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    My Scooby Doo CMF 1. Scooby 2. Shaggy 3. Fred 4. Daphne 5. Velma 6. The Black Knight 7. The Ghost of Captain Cutler 8. Miner Forty Niner 9. Charlie the Robot 10. The Puppet Master 11. Ghost Clown 12. Mummy of Ankha 13. Spooky Space Kook 14. Redbeard's Ghost 15. Phantom Shadow 16. The Witch Doctor Who do you think I should have included? Tell me! This is the last CMF I will make this year but next year will be bigger than ever!
  13. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    Yes I have got 10/16 ready for halloween and the last 6 won't be that long
  14. gryffindorbrickkid

    Custom Figures and CMF

    Thanks so much! Silence In the Library and Blink are my favourite episodes so i knew I had to make minifigs on them! Who would you have included? Keep an eye on this page because I am posting a new CMF series on Halloween. Thanks! I wish they had have done some sets on the past series but I am happy with what we got Keep an eye on this page because I am posting a new CMF series on Halloween.
  15. gryffindorbrickkid

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    Yeah if both were on it the door would have floated for 2 seconds max.