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  1. DraikNova

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Well, whaddayaknow, I just came up with a project that uses a lot of spring green. Those 18646s eyebrows and hero factory claws are going to be very useful. Not sure about the theme itself. Yes, some of the parts look interesting, especially the minifigure stuff (the ghostly wings piece is a nice addition to the current line-up of wing pieces, although from the looks of it it's a collar-type wing piece rather than a pair of wing pieces attached via clips, which would be more useful for non-minifigure applications), but of the sets shown so far, none really excite me.
  2. DraikNova

    A question regarding universal joints

    Ah. Thanks for the help. I managed to find a solution that let me simplify the section I would have attached this to to the point that I can work without the weird angles that prompted me to try to use universal joints in the first place.
  3. DraikNova

    A question regarding universal joints

    I meant clockwise and counterclockwise as seen from the top (the plane in which the rotation of the axles takes place); although, of course, if this whole assembly was straightened out, that would amount to it all rotating the same way. At any rate, do you have any advice on either a sturdier mechanism to use or a way to make this setup sturdier?
  4. I am trying to figure out whether there's an easy way for me transfer motion between these two axles (yellow) that are at 120 degrees to one another (anchored in place relative to each other by the pieces in red). I have both terrible intuition and limited understanding when it comes to stuff like universal joints; can anyone tell me whether this setup of universal joints (with a horizontal bar formed by two of the yokes of the universal joints in the middle in blue) would reasonably work to transfer rotation so that if one of the axles was spun clockwise, the other would spin counterclockwise?
  5. I'm debating which dragon head design to use; the base version that is just a large brickbuilt rendition of the classic LEGO dragon's head vs. versions that mix in more bat-like features, such as larger or smaller versions of a spectral bat's nose spike or frontwards-facing nostrils, and perhaps even bat-like scoop-shaped ears. Thoughts?
  6. I ended up making a portcullis myself using the Nexo Knights spear tip pieces, and settled on making it triangular to make it more futuristic. This version, unlike the original, also has a drawbridge attached. I have no clue how to make a sci-fi oil drop trap, nor are there particularly sci-fi options for curved roofing, so I replaced the oil trap with swinging axes and the slopes at the front gate with lights. The tr. red shield inlays will be the Crimson Bat power if this ever gets built. I'm going to incorporate the tower prison cell, the upper walkway trap door and if possible the skull-crystal ball feature, but I'm considering mixing in aspects of a set that I've always admired for its play features, Citadel of Orlan, because I also want to incorporate the original castle's dragon, but a full dragon build is a bit much given how large this is going to end up being (I didn't realize how large the gate was getting while building it) and just going for the seven-piece dragon the original used would be a little underwhelming. So I'm probably going to end up adding the neck and head of a large dragon sticking out from the rocky Magic Manor part of the build, as well as using minifigure bars to create climable vines. Might end up recreating the Magic Manor's little helicopter build as well if I can incorporate a way to slide a launch area out from the side of the rocky area.
  7. I really liked Nexo Knights, and I really liked all the little nods towards older castle themes without established locations potentially taking place in its world. So, I decided to try and create a Nexo Knights-refurbished version of two classic sets from the Fright Knights using LDD: Witch's Magic Manor & Night Lord's Castle, albeit combined into one, so that the Magic Manor serves as a sort of hideout/base under the Night Lord's Castle. The bit that I am currently stuck on is a suitable castle gate. The simple wooden doors of the official Knighton Castle set looked a bit weird, and as such I am trying to create a more sci-fi looking portcullis structure or portcullis alternative, in tr. neon orange of course. So far, I have tried using a bunch of 30064 stud/stick pieces (difficult to create a suitably sized structure without running into difficulty connecting the two sets of bars into a structure that can move as a single piece), the large sword pieces from Clay's mechsuit (as with the original use, strange-looking due to the lack of depth combined with the pattern and width) and finally the 4218 rolling gate pieces (serviceable, except the only source of these in tr. neon orange is over two decades old, and I'd like to actually be able to build this thing in real life at some point). If anyone has any recommendations, I'd be glad to hear them.
  8. DraikNova

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Brickset has images of a new set, apparently named Oni Titan, probably an exclusive or something considering the lack of a golden armor piece: To my mind, it looks rather plain, but Nya's new blade pieces are pretty cool.
  9. DraikNova

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Dang those dragons are looking good, as well as the pit and the war rig. They remind me of early megabloks dragons in all the best ways. Definitely going to be picking up the Firstbourne if I get the chance.
  10. DraikNova

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    You know what's kind of a shame? That they didn't take the opportunity to give us a Trojan horse to go with the virus theme. Given the TV show's fondness for Monty Python jokes, it's honestly kind of surprising.
  11. DraikNova

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Agreed that that would be fantastic for a custom Mushlord, but what are you planning to use for the top of his head? A chef's hat painted red?
  12. DraikNova

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    There are two things I'm hoping for in a potential successor to Nexo Knights: The popularity of dragons (seriously, if I remember correctly there have been at least two sets featuring dragons, usually more, for the past five or so years) results in LEGO making the theme dragon-focused. There's a reason even Megabloks managed to make a dragon-based line last for over half a decade. LEGO doesn't act stingy with giving female characters sets.
  13. DraikNova

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Personally, besides the TV show having a full season, I'm just hoping that whatever follows up Nexo Knights annoys x105Black even more. That's probably been about 50% of the fun of Nexo Knights for me.
  14. DraikNova

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Having finally gotten around to seeing the leaks, I'm liking the look of these sets. They remind me of Megabloks dragons in a fond manner. Probably just going to pick up Jay's dragon so I have some more pieces for making Nexo Knights MOCs.
  15. DraikNova

    Alienator Redux (MOC)

    Internal report: Alienator-type Units Organization: Blacktron Its purpose is causing an unignorable distraction so as to allow the strike force it carries to sneak into secure locations while local forces are occupied dealing with the vehicle. Its heavy armaments are capable of dealing significant damage to most forms of armor, and its thick plating and layered reinforcement makes it difficult to damage. Usually crewed by one armored trooper and two pilots, one of which is redundant and as such is usually part of the strike force. Equipment contained on an average Alienator-type unit is wire cutters, grappling equipment, welding tools and a hand-held circular saw, along with a variety of weapons and in units planned for long-term deployment (although it must be stated that due to their large and noticeable appearance, long term in this context refers to periods of at most 1-2 days), rations. The displayed example's armory included one small plasma pistol, one recoil-neutralized handheld railgun, a blade suited for underhand wielding, and a bashing/disarming ring upon recovery. Play features: removable roof, windshield opens, classic shuffle-walk mechanism, deployable ladder and ball joint mounted stud shooter turrets. This one was rather fun to make. I stole the foot design from Nexo Knights' Stone Colossus, and while I initially planned to make the legs flexible enough to walk normally, once I realized that I could actually use the classic mechanism I just had to. Of course, this is entirely unbuildable in real life due to the fact that I built this with little to no regard for the availability of certain pieces in certain colors. I just really wanted to make something focused mostly on aesthetics. Gallery LXF download (once public)