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  1. A LUG member challenged people to build a micro lego set like the brickset competition. As a fan of the Robot Command Center, I felt I had to do that. I don't have flicker or instagram. I haven't decided if I will join to enter the contest. All the vehicles except the flyer dock into the robot command center.
  2. [MOC] Second Ravager Ship

    My Ravager Attack set included the stickers twice. It made me wonder if I could build a second Ravager ship. I didn't try to alter the scale or anything. It is merely an attempt to reproduce the lego version without the needed pieces. The design has two big flaws, the green cockpit and the black/red/dark gray circles on the wings. Despite having the extra stickers I haven't applied them. This is because I don't like stickers and the piece for the ravager symbol has a hole which is not ideal to apply a sticker to. Lego and my version together:
  3. Ice Bear Train

    I think the bear head is too high for a steam train. It would need to lowered which would make the paws harder to have. Maybe if it was made wider but the contest precluded that. Of course the other problem is that I used the Cargo Train as my base so that it is powered. Either that would need to be removed or redesigned to fit.
  4. [MOC] - NEXO Mining Suit

    Nice. I wanted to make a construction attachment for the mechs but I haven't made a design I like and is stable.
  5. Ice Bear Train

    What sort of train are you think of? I'm not a train guy. My design process for it was build a bear head and claws, use the frozen pieces for doors, stick to white and translucent light blue mostly, and use the weird hinged white top pieces I had. Are you thinking more of a sleek bullet train like look?
  6. I decided to create an entry for the Ultimate Train! rebrick contest. It is a train for the ice bears of Chima.
  7. To the Millennium Bat! (MOC)

    Dammit. Why did you have to alert me to this contest. I knew my Marvel/Star Wars crossover didn't work for the rebrick contest. Now I have to decide if I can build it in time. Interesting build. I would have made it a spaceship rather than a land vehicle. Although looking at it some more, I think my problem with it is the small threads in the back. I think it would better with large threads. Granted for Lego Batman Movie style the small threads work.
  8. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Do you think the new continuity will have only good designs? One could say they already did cartoonish by making a black X-wing or a planet sized Death Star. I like both Legends and new material. I was listening to the Star Wars radio drama. It tells a different story of how Leia got the plans than Rogue One. Both are well done. I personally wouldn't make a black AT-AT but more power to the people who want to.
  9. When I left my dark ages, I started by buying a collection of parts from ebay. That was big enough to allow me to build things in the wrong colors. I would then rebuild it on the computer and recolor it. After which I would order the parts from bricklink. Since then I bought another collection of parts from ebay. I now have a large enough set of parts I can usually build what I imagine even if it is not with the exact pieces I initially conceive of using.
  10. I haven't. Generally I build the model digitally and upload it to a custom set on rebrickable (formerly called a private moc). Then I fiddle with things to find the least number of sellers. The bigger problem I have is accidentally ordering things twice.
  11. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    There is the Shadow AT-AT as well.
  12. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I was excited to see He-Man but you are right the designs are bad. Tri-Klops doesn't even have three eyes.
  13. Map of Middle Earth MOC

    Actually Lord of the Rings is Lego Historical Themes.
  14. World Of Warcraft licence

    Actually that's not true. Character Building had the Scooby Doo license before Lego. I almost bought some sets because my kids liked Scooby Doo but I knew they wouldn't like the figures. Glad Lego got the license afterward. Did they also do that with Marvel? They got rid of the Spider-man license, Megablocks had it for a while, and then Marvel went back to Lego. Actually now that I think about it Megablocks also had Pirates of the Caribbean at one point I believe.