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  1. ShadowWolfHount

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Yeah, I have a feeling Dumbledore will become the first Santa (unless it gonna be like the recent Star Wars AC and no Santa), thought I would love to see Hagrid to be into Santa. I'm hoping with other minifigure, it would be another way to get Ravanclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin uniforms.
  2. ShadowWolfHount

    6279 Skull Island Micro

    Very cute build, I really like the bar use around it.
  3. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4701 Remake

    I would love to see a set like that to make a return. This is amazing looking, really like the roof and boarder of using those new window pieces, though I agree with @icm about the disk, unless there a spot to spin it from the back .
  4. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOCs] Studio Fan Concept Sets

    Thanks, but this is not meant to be made for LEGO ideas, especially sense there already good ideas related to studio on Ideas like that Modular Film Studio. This is just concept idea for what I think a Studio Subtheme for LEGO City would look like. With those $10 car normally have 1 minifigure, their basically like that Police Patrol Car in the airport and police combo of not relating to airport (even thought they could've done helicopter) but still related to it. Maybe I could've added a Track Camera or another Camera Drone.
  5. And before their all costumes.
  6. I really hope we never get something like series 18 ever again, while costume figure are nice to have, the amount that are being put in just starts to get me sick of them (Especially when you get too many of them in your hunt). @Roebuck Yeah, I completely agree, minifgiure with name tag or with something on them that make it hard to use for other things (Newt with his Bowtruckle and Batman). I think the best minifigure for a pack of original and licensed are ones that can be use for army building and reusing their clothes.
  7. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOCs] Studio Fan Concept Sets

    These MOCs are fan concepts of my idea of what sets of a School subtheme for LEGO City would look like. In 2018 LEGO City went back to things they already done before, which being Police Forest, Mining and Arctic. Least 2019 is going to the combine of Airport and Police, along with there being mix of other city related things. But with all these Movie Maker being part of these 3 LEGO Movies, LEGO has yet to bring back Studio as a City Subtheme. So this is my concept idea for sets of a Studio Subtheme for city, and for the fun of it, it's making a big reference to Jack Stone. Minifigure: The director would have the look based on the director from the old Studio theme, I think to save a bit of money on new printing, the face could reuse the old man from the outdoor people pack. Workers would have new torso printing of having name tags, or leg printing of having name tag on the left or right leg instead while the torso could be any civilian cloth. The robbers and Jack Stone would obviously be heavy based on the original along with two of the robbers (no prisoner uniform hidden behind, but I’m pretty sure a guy in a red suit and messy cloth would be obvious already) and I think Han Solo hair would be the most fitting for Jack’s hair. MOCs Golf Cart Target price: $5 Pieces: 60 Minifig: Any fig related to Studio Sticker: 0-1 (hood with Studio logo) I try to target under $10 when making this. While this is to only have 1 minifigure, I try to make it where at least a 2nd minifigure could be put on the back, however that failed so I made a place to put the camera and other stuff in. But there is a mixel joint to make something for the cart to drag along. Accessory would be a camera. Robber Get Away and JackMobile Robber Get Away Target Price $10 Pieces: 73 Minifig: Robber Though this would be more to the police, this one could be tie together with that and the Studio subtheme of being one of the robber actor but with a prisoner uniform. Thinking of what vehicle I wanted to make for the Robber, a Hot Rod come to mind, and red was a no brainer (cop vs. robber, blue vs. red). Thankfully it was easy to add the open doors to this compare to Jack’s Sports car, I even added a book cover for the windscreen. And for a small thing on the side is a fence and chicken. The Jackmobile Target price $10 Pieces: 106 Minifig: Jack Stone I went with a sports car for Jack’s vehicle and decided to use the Speech Champions wheels along with the add-on, also thinking that the book cover piece sense they make great windscreen with no studs on it. I try to make this look like it have 2 seats even though it only holds one minifigure, this is just so I could add doors on the side Cycle Chase Scene / Camera Car This one have two concept version, one with two bikes and one with a single bike but a roof camera attachment. With the car I added a book piece for the front and a snowboard for the back, just to give people some recolor of those pieces. Camera Car: Target price: $15-$20 Minifigure: robber, two studio worker Pieces: 127 Sticker: 0-3 (Studio logo on car door, number 2 on motorcycle) Cycle Chase Scene: Target price: $20 or less Pieces: 106 Minifig: Jack Stone, Robber, Studio worker Stickr: 0-6 (Both side of car door, Jack’s bike, robber’s bike). Cycle Chase Scene target price is around $20, as it have 2 motorcycle and car like two police set that were at the same price (60042 & 60137). Helicopter Rescue Pieces: 237 Target Price: $25-$35 Sticker: 5 - 6 (Studio logo on drone, helicopter with Jack’s logo on front, side and tail) Minifigure: Studio Worker, Jack Stone, civilian I wanted to have the propellers to use to contraction blades in a city just to add something different, along with not having the piece count lower by a lot because of a multiple large pieces. I was thinking of either adding another small Helicopter or a drone, and I choose the latter; so I look at the sets with drone to see what I could do differently with mine. I went with using 3 pieces to make a 2 blade propeller instead of 3 and use a camera piece for its eye. To add some side stuff I went with a dolphin (meant to be fake shark) and a rope latter that can be attach on to the copter. Bank Heist Scene Target Price: $60 - $100 Minifigure: 2 Studio worker, Director, Bank Worker, Jack Stone, 2 Robber Pieces: 584 (565 without the extra pillar) Sticker: 1- 6 (bank sign, bikes, picture, carpet) Though the amount of studio related stuff in this is small, I try to think of what would be the big thing for this sub-theme, I went with a bank heist, along with the first floor window can easily be pushed out, instead of the whole building exploding like the original Studio set ‘1352 Explosion Studio’. The window are blue as blue screen that are used in filming, it also leave the excuse to not put anything behind the window of the front part of the building. (there’s two pin holes on the side to be place side by side with modular buildings With color scheme it was hard to choose from white or tan with dark green or blue, but decided on tan and dark green, also adding some plants and a clock for detail. I choose to have the inside to be separate to have the volt for the robbers to try and break in. Also have a office for a 2nd floor so if people have extra window screen in trans-blue/black/clear, it can be change to a normal bank.
  8. ShadowWolfHount

    He's making a list and checking it twice!

    The only thing I don't like are the noodle hands, they look way too cartoony compare to the rest of it. But everything else is amazing looking, really loving that head and how the beard is connected. The present and bear are a very nice side build as well, especially like the part use for the bear ears.
  9. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOC] Happy New Year 2019

    Really great looking, love the look of those trees and the light inside to lighten up '2019'. Though wish there was a border around the display, the plates sticking out of the display is kind of an eye sore.
  10. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOC] Corner Tower House

    Pretty nice house, I really love the roof design, especially the use of part to make that round shape. The only small thing I don't like is the olive color for the tower, it really sticks out from the rest, I think it being the same color as the walls below it or maybe some other color would've work better.
  11. ShadowWolfHount

    (MOCs) School and School Bus

    Thanks, I may make a taller version of the school at some point, a music room sounds good maybe have an art room along side with it. A gymnasium sound like it would be best as it's own set. But with the school I wanted to keep it small and easy to get as possible, as to look like this is meant to test the water of how a school subtheme would do, and how it goes could have the next wave of school subtheme after 3 or so years would either have more school related sets or be the same as these but with a bigger school. As for the rendering, I used 2.0 that allow you to render.
  12. ShadowWolfHount

    (MOCs) School and School Bus

    These MOCs are fan concepts of my idea of what sets of a School subtheme for LEGO City would look like. With LEGO Friends having a school set, I’m amazed that City doesn’t have one yet and it been around longer. Though it kinda understandable, sense let’s be honest… no one like school. But if there was a subtheme for school, it would be a pretty small wave of having 2 or 3 sets, those being the School Bus, the school and maybe a people pack (4 or more figures). Basically it’ll be like the hospital subtheme; seriously have you seen how small the amount of hospital sets there are in city? In fact there isn’t any need to make new prints for this one, as they can just use already existing printings. Except if they want to have students uniforms, but with that they could try to see if they could get away with reusing the hogwarts uniforms, which would be great if it would be Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw; sense we know we’re gonna get lots of Gryffindor in the Harry Potter sets. Also, I think it would be good the student each come with a red or blue recolor of the skydiver backpack, as that piece would be fitting for this. From the concept I made of what I school subtheme could be, there would likely to be 9 different minifigure, 2 being reuse, those being students. There would be 4 student, 1 random adult, bus driver, teacher, lunch lady and the principle. I could see the lunch lady returning the series 6 Surgeon’s surgical cap, though it could just use the swept back short ponytail and pretend the fig is wearing a hairnet or something. Also I honestly think it would be great if the principle would use Sensei Wu’s face, so there can just be more different faces. Now for the MOCs. I was planning to make a Recess pack to be the $10 way to get 3 students and 1 teacher, but decided to throw that out because there can just be a people pack for those figures and more. School Bus Target Price: $40 - $50 Minifig: bus driver, 3 student, 1 adult Pieces: 256 Basing the design off the 2018 Bus Station, I want to try to at least make this look like it would cost $10 less compare to that set, as it hold only 3 students and the bus driver. With the door, I try to see if I could use the rolling door to make a two door open, however they were way too tall, so the normal door will have to do, which I also use the opposite side of the door for the back. The sidebuild could be anything, for my choice of the side build is a park gate, a fitting thing for a school subtheme. School Target Price: $60 - $90 Mnifig: 3 student, 1 teacher, 1 principle, cafetaria Pieces: 312 To keep it on the safe side with the idea of a school subtheme, I try to make the school at least less than $100, at least around 70 to 90 dollars. The side build from the school would be a simple car and the school sign thing. Also have a bike and skateboard. With a choice of color, a tan fleshy color come to mind, the walls were going to be tan, however the medium dark flesh really give more color to it, while the dark tan are use for these pillars to give some texture. There are 4 rooms, the entrance, classroom, principal office and the cafeteria. I went with not having a door between the cafeteria and entrance to keep the price low and was hoping there be room for a table, which is just cut straight out of the Great Hall set. The classroom is where the light brick would be put in and would be use in the same way as the x-ray from the 2018 Hospital but show different class related stuff like math, history and science.
  13. ShadowWolfHount

    My 4 cars of the year! (5th edition!)

    Great looking cars, I really love the monster truck of using Scarox face piece and the color scheme really fits well.
  14. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOC] Sith and Jedi Battle Packs

    So I went and made my own version of battle packs relating to the Sith and Jedi, sense I think those two would be good for those who want to recreate the battle in the Jedi Temple from the old republic or anything that a person need to build a army of Sith or Jedi for. Sith Battle Pack 98 pieces (minifigure 20 pieces, weapon 10 pieces, speeder 64 pieces and 4 studs) 4 minifigures (2 sith apprentice, 1 sith master and 1 sith lord (Sith Pureblood)) Model: “Now here’s the most original thing for a battle pack… a speeder” Do to the sith having lightsabers (though this pack could be the first outside of the superhero theme to have the super jumper), it’s best for the model to at least have stud shooter. While pretty much no one care about the model in battle packs and only want minifigures for army building, I wanted this battle pack to be different of having contraction parts which I think gave off a good shape for the speeder of using those 3 ultrabuild pieces though I wouldn't say the same with the tip of using those Exo-Force arms and small claw. With the use of these parts, the wings and front parts can move to find some sort of way to pose it. Jedi Battlepack 106 pieces (minifigure 20 pieses, weapon 8 pieces, Dwarf Spider Droid 39 (x2 78)) 4 minifigures (Jedi Master, 2 Jedi Knights, Padawan) Model: After I made a Sith battle pack a few months back, it would make sense for me to make a Jedi Battle Pack. But instead of a speeder for them, it’s an enemy model of the Dwarf Spider Droid, but instead of having a stud shooter, it have the ‘Power Blast’ piece that mostly been used in the Superhero theme. The head of the droid can turn, but not a full 360 do to the legs. Speaking the the legs, originally they were going to be hinge pieces, but they didn’t work so I went with the Exo-Force Arms that was used in the 2008 Dwarf Spider Droid (set 7670). Do to the size of them compare to other battle pack model, looking too small and may cost lesser than $10. So instead of building a different model, this would have 2 of them that can build up someone droid army with some Dwarf Spider Droids.
  15. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOC] Sailing in bottle with ship in bottle

    Fantastic job on making a smaller version of the ship in the bottle, and nice base that holds it. Though I really don't like the minifigure inside, it really sticks out badly.