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  1. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    I honestly think TV 6+ could remain exclusively to those mega city sets and part of a sit build, while the news subtheme focus on a different news company, could be call something like 2x2 news, thus another thing of why I brought up the color scheme. I didn't say that all of them have the be a male, half of it could be a male news report and the other half female. Like the female could be in the helicopter, male in the Weather Unite and both in the station.
  2. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    Than please, bring more thing up about your news idea outside of just the name of the set and what in it. There other thing to bring up from minifigure design, color scheme and what new/returning parts could come in it. Speaking of color scheme, Do you think it would be a good idea for the news subtheme color scheme to be change to not have the white and blue that police also have, sense those 2 color are pretty much seen every year. Maybe it could be orange or coral with white or black. As with minifigure, I think it would be good for Fred Finley printings to be reused again and place in some cheaper set rather than making something new.
  3. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    @CMFanatic That what I was thinking of doing (besides the bat part) with having the tent, fire place and a tree or two. (also the marshmallow would be baby heads). I think targeting it as around $15 would be best as I think 5 minifig would be fitting (3 campers, counselor and monster costume), I also have an idea of currently used faces the campers could have --1--2--3-- and I could easy see Hidden Side Mr. Branson face working perfectly for the counselor, having that look of hear than getting a chuckle after seeing the scared looks on the campers faces. Also as I brought up that I was thinking of having a boy vs. girl of two different camp but it seem best to throw that idea out and stick with a single camp. Though what should the name of the camp be? I was thinking either Shouting Bear or Swampy Brick.
  4. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    @CMFanatic I think I have an idea for the now renamed 'Scary Campfire Story' of it having 5 minifigure (3 camper, 1 counselor, 1 monster custom), however when I start working on these fan concept sets, I may need to find some help with this set for the design of the tent and the monster. With the design of the monster, I thinking the new tentacles from the HS would be a good choice with either Ursula or Hades legs and using the angler headwear would be a good choice for the counselor to tell a scary story about the swamp monster to jump behind the campers. The color scheme could be a mix of dark green and (sand or dark) blue. @pooda With your news subtheme idea, despite the small size, what do you think about the idea of using the Ninjago tornado piece for some of the weather related sets? They actually do in fact, not everywhere but they are in the US, I gotten a Ninjago magazine last year at Lowe's. What about having that as part of a park playground set? Half the set is a park and the other half is a playground system thing.
  5. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    Yes but that 4 minifigure, we're talking about 6 in a minifigure pack that come with smaller things on the side, not a vehicle or some large build with them.
  6. No, he was talking about the cape, he called the piece on the headwear a "feather". Sad there is little-to-nothing of new moulds that could be used for things other than city and future CMF stuff.
  7. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for CMFs

    Really great series ya made here, wish LEGO did more stuff like these in their series than what we're getting now. The Dark Fairy is my most favorite in series P, the hair and choice of color is really great and love how there is pretty much no black on this one likely LEGO Evil CMF figure who are pretty much most to all black. The Cyclist is pretty much the weakest of them if the Snorkeler accessory didn't same him.
  8. Time to share my thoughts. 1. Let's Player 7/10 - So we're getting a jacksepticeye minifigure when he had green hair, lots of reference and the more I'm getting annoyed of seeing them and not seeing an original space theme. I like the jacket thought it's a very poor choice of blue, I think the normal blue could had look a lot better, especially sense he's wearing a classic space jacket. I agree with @Itaria No Shintaku about the tile for the game is way too big, a 1 x 2 (maybe a 2 x 2) tile should been used, and we finally gotten that controller we been seeing on LEGO website on the game section. 2. Shower Guy 5/10 - Though I like that there nothing on the minifig body to he can fit into the beach, but at the same time I don't like it because this is the CMF and he's bland outside from the tower, they should have took the idea from @Robert8 Series O shower guy by having some drops of water and soap. I do like the duck in a different color, sense we're already getting yellow in City. 3. Ghostly Knight - Fantastic minifigure, despite that I'm not a fan of the face and the trans-light blue sword 4. Monkey King 9/10 - Besides the creepy grin face, it's a pretty great looking minifigure and to be fair, you can't really do much with the accessory 5. Robotics Engineer 2/10- Booooring, who be seen in a city set if it wasn't for the shirt in binary to make LEGO, they could had at least change the hair color to an unlikely one we would get like tan or dark orange. (despite that I do not like that hair piece) 6. Mummy Lady 8/10 - I agree with all that @Robert8 said about the mummy, though I don't like the cheap accessory, I would had like if the accessory was the return of the Serpent Staff or Shield Scarab in copper. 7. Johnny Thunder 6/10 - "This is what we're getting for the Adventurer 2 years late 20th anniversary is it..." Honestly I do like how they got a minifigure to go long with another in the same series. Like the other two said, the accessory is pretty cheap (we know that animal is hinting at Disney CMF series 3) and the minifigure overall is ok. 8. Firefighter 3/10 - I already know the exact reason they made this is for that named City character in that new show. With this being in the CMF and it being female, they could had made the torso female shape and stand out from all the firefighter uniform we're getting from the city sets, sense we're already getting a lot of that torso in that theme. 9. Dog Sitter 5/10 - Poop... they made a new piece that is poop... "We could have use the money to many a new headwear for Johnny Thunder clone or new hair for the coder or something better than the rainbow bear, BUT WE NEED THAT POOP!" Besides that poop rant, the new dog is really nice but minifigure is a down right can seen is any city sets, they could had done something to make it fit the Dog Sitter like they did with the Dog Show Winner, even just a single dog treat, it's still something. 10. Pizza Guy - "Wow a Pizza Costume, didn't see that one coming" besides me dislike of he costume figures, there nothing bad about this guy, I do like the face and I kinda hoping that the pizza printing is also on the back... you all know why. 11. Bounty Hunter 8/10- I honestly though I wasn't gonna like this figure, but it's really great looking outside of the helmet printing, that part looks pretty boring, and I agree with the other two who doing this that the Wanted Holo should had been something other than Mr. Smile. 12. Retiree 2/10 - This is 2nd worse, as @Robert8 said, this could have been in any city set, if they wanted to make get a Flamingo into CMF, they could had easily do a Zoo Keeper Guy (sense we already gotten a female Zoo Keeper long ago) 13. Rugby Player 5/10 - Nice to see LEGO doing sports stuff that I don't know of or forgot they even existed, the minifigure is nice with the face kinda looking like he's about to pass out from lack of sleep. We already know what that ball is gonna be reuse for. Though sense they already made a football player, I'm guessing the next one is gonna be called 'red football player' like with the red cheerleader. 14. Fox Suit Girl 6/10 - I don't like costumes minifigures, this one is okay and I see we're not getting a LEGO Movie series 3 CMF. The chicken is nice being a different color. 15. Rainbow Bear 1/10 - The is honestly the worse in this series, it's painfully obvious that this was thrown in the last minute. Though the rainbow tile is nice, it doesn't save it. 16. BMX Biker 7/10 - "I can already see the Australian hating this minifigure " It's an alright minifig with that nice looking hair/helmet combo, really didn't think we would see a dirt bike being used in CMF (latter we be seeing a motorcycle).Though the glasses are the only thing I don't like, really not a fan of it. This series honestly feel like a lazy way to bring in new accessory and headwear for licensed CMF and sets (mostly city), only three minifig (Monkey King, Mummy and Lat's Player) stand out in this series while the others are just boring, the series is really disappointing. I really hope that series 20 will make a comeback.
  9. ShadowWolfHount

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I can't play the app anyways as I only have a flip phone, and the game would be unplayable on BlueStacks anyways.
  10. ShadowWolfHount

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I have a few ideas for future battle packs, even made me own concepts models. Sith Battle Pack Minifigure - 2 Sith Apprentice, 1 Sith Master and 1 Sith Lord (Sith Pureblood) Model - Speeder Jedi Battle Pack Minifigure - Jedi Master, 2 Jedi Knights, Padawan Model - 2 Dwarf Spider Droid Wookies Battle Pack Minifigure - 4 Wookies (2 with armor and 2 without) Model - HummBike (from Galactic Battlegrounds) and Turret Kashyyyk Battle Droids Minifigure - 4 B1 Battle Droid & 2 B2 Super Battle Droid Model - STAP, Tree and Turret Ewok Battlepack Minifigure - 4 Ewok Model - Glider and Catapult Gungan Battlepack Minifigure - 4 Gungans Model - Catapult Note: I think I see why we haven't gotten a Gungan Catapult set.
  11. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    I plan to make fan concept mocs of the scouts at some point, but so far in planning out I only got Minifigure Scout Pack (include 4 scout and a small campfire build) and Boat Race/Fishing Competition (also include 4 scouts but include two small boats) and we already know there be a Scout House. I could see the scout minifigure making reference to Camp Lazlo with the uniforms. I honestly can't see LEGO making a nod to the Flying Legandos besides them being in a sticker of them in a picture, because I couldn't see a chunk of minifigure in a people pack having the same torso printing but with different letter doing well.
  12. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    Sense city is doing stuff outside of the city (even though that defeat the purpose of it being called 'LEGO City'), but related to forest/park, what about a wave focus on Boy/Girl Scouts, the sets could be a Boys vs. Girls of two different camps. It would bring in a lot more life to the forest section of City and better than mining that we got during the Mountain Police wave.
  13. ShadowWolfHount

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Saw some of the reviews and see those ghost hair with gape in the back, anyone thinking we're going to see those hair again but backwards to cove the face except for a eye?
  14. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOCs] Desert Explorers Fan Concept Sets

    Got the idea of doing this from @kungfulegolover idea post on Eurobricks “Ideas for new City Sets”, though there are choices I disagree with, one of them being the mummy in the starter set, I believe that would fit more in the Pyramid. With choosing the color scheme to go with this subtheme, I went with having dark red for the vehicle for them to stand out with the background desert like with vehicles in Pharaoh’s Quest (that have the same color), I also think having the wheels being in dark gray would be a good choice as well rather than the usual black or light gray. Do to not yet having the cobra (yet), a normal snake is being used was a placeholder. Piece highlights: Obviously we know the coffin is going to make a return for a desert subtheme as it’s relating to egyptian. But besides that some pieces that I believe would be seen again because of a desert subtheme are the cobra and hat/hair combo pith helmet from series 13. The sword and shield from the Pharaoh's Quest could make a return as well, especially sense the sword made a return in some recent Ninjago sets. With other headwear both explorers would have fedora and/or bandana, drivers would also use the bandana. The pith helmet along with the series 13 hair combo, would make sense to be used for the paleontologist. MOCs Desert ATV Minifigure: 1 Explorer Price: $5 Pieces: 62 Sticker: 1 (Desert logo on the front slop printed) This one was pretty quick as I already had an ATV design (made IRL) that was for a cancelled idea, and so I reused that for this. As you can see this ATV uses the Nexo Mech chest piece which I thought go pretty well with the grilled guard . A small side build for this is sand for the Explorer to dig up jewels. It also comes with a scorpion for the guy to watch out for. Desert Exploration Truck Minifigure: Driver and Explorer Price: $20 Pieces: 125 Sticker: 7 (desert logo on hood & both side door, lights on arch and Egyptian symbols on book page and cover) Do to the type of truck I picked for this with having some big pieces used to make it, the price to part get a pretty bad hit. Which I picked the classic america pickup truck with a hook in the back. With my idea for the vehicle, the Mudguard wouldn’t do, thus the arch pieces come to make the mudguard more thick. And do to this design choice, the lights would be stickers instead of tiles… 1001% didn’t forget them after the render. This also come with a pillar with a Scarab Shield (93251), along with a crate filled with dynamite, boomerang and a book. Desert Cargo Plane Minifigure: 2 Explorer, 1 pilot and 1 statue Price: $50-70 Pieces: 333 (+1 new windscreen piece needed for cockpit) Originally I was going to go with Kungfulegolover idea of doing a Helicrane, but instead went with a Cargo plane to use the cockpit piece (29114) that came in the Jungle Exploration site as I thought that would be a most fitting piece for the desert subtheme. Instead of there being 3 blade for the propeller, it’s using the retired (As it been last used in 2009) 2 blade. The plane is based off a german cargo plane Junkers JU-52, which the pic I first saw is why I also added yellow, so it has some color to stand out. Desert Exploration Mobile Base Minifigure: 4 desert explorers and 2 paleontologist Price: $100 Pieces: 897 (+1 new element needed for excavator) Note: the treads cannot connect all the way in The vehicle are pretty much based on Volcano Exploration Base (set 60124). The first thing I started making is the excavator, wanting to size it down for the truck and temple to look bigger. As this is smaller a new digger bucket piece is needed to fit with the size of it. The truck and trailer pretty much have the same base as Volcano Base but the trailer have the base of the excavator. To make the truck a bit more different I added horns for decoration and an add-on armor as the fuel tank. The playability is of the exploration team digger into the temple and retrieving the coffin, but there are traps within to keep an eye out for. Pyramid Exploration Minifigure: boss, 4 explorers, paleontologist and Mummy Price: $70-100 Pieces: 560 (plus stringe) Nowadays only D2C sets would pretty much exclusively use baseplates but I thought it being used in a normal retail set like this would be a bit of a change of things (using a 16 x 32 baseplate). The first base started was obviously the pyramid, as it’s an easy thing to make and there isn’t really much to do with it besides adding traps… which is exactly what I put in with the coffin on the side, along with a place that holds jewels and gold. With the vehicle I picked to go along with this are a helicopter and halftrack. Honestly I saw this as a chance to bring in a mistika wing with the Helicopter. Now it may be a bit bigger but the inside does have Panel for support. With the halftrack I thought it would be a good idea to use the 2 seat vehicle base (30149) as part of it. Itt have a lot of those curved slopes with stud notch to make some detail. It able to hold up supplice of 2 3x4 crate, contain a laptop, 2 brush, 2 water bottle, a water container, etc.
  15. ShadowWolfHount

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    I was mainly talking about custom clothes, thought it be obvious I be talking about that sense many of these ship projects used brick build or just not have it at all. I say that I believe that the pirate theme ships should be the exception to the rule is because they are a big part of the build, unless we be talking things like sunken ships. Also we need to take into account about idea also breaking their own rules with a recent Disney idea set. (though LEGO overall have been breaking their own rules for a long time)