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  1. ShadowWolfHount

    DC superheroes MOC wave: Fine, I'll do it myself.

    Oh those mechs are very nice, I was making some DC mechs myself but in the newer style and was wondering if anyone else of making DC mechs as well. The color are really nice on them, I think you could give the batmech a big batarange using those bat wing pieces. However while I do like the joker mech, it feel a bit too safe imo, I feel like a joker mech would stand out a lot more with things like having clown shoes for example. The rest of them (aside the batboat that I think is the weakest but still good nonetheless) are really great looking, I really like the side builds as well, the bat-cycle is my favorite of looking like a scene set rather than just all vehicle.
  2. ShadowWolfHount

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    Agree, could've just been blank, as it just take away from doing with double face or printing for other minifigures in the series.
  3. ShadowWolfHount

    Hidden Side Hopes/Wishlist

    If they had use that diving helmet for the lighthouse of darkness this wave in copper and recolor it in yellowish green in the next wave would've been perfect! That would be great if they wanted to do something other than ghost. I'm imagining the alien would be little people that the faces would be two sided with one being the little alien opening up and getting statue of them hiding around. I only hope that the governmental organization isn't another black suit... maybe gray suit If not for this Hidden Side than it could be use for a G2 (doing the same kind of thing as Knights Kingdom G1 & G2 being completely different from each other, following different characters)
  4. ShadowWolfHount

    Hidden Side Hopes/Wishlist

    Made fan concept of the two idea I made at the beginning of this topic. I made two version of the shipwreck as I though my 2nd idea was way better of it being able to split in half with teeth something out like a mouth. I could see the ghost pirate possessing their skeleton body, making the return of Darth Maul's hips with the bars (13249) and have skeleton legs to make them look unique.
  5. ShadowWolfHount

    Minions 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I have no plan on getting any of these sets, but got to say that that the Minion minifigure form look spot on great and the brick-build minions & Kung Fu are the best two. However the other 3 sets are just... horrible. than again two of these are 4+ sets, but the bike just look thrown together. With the Gim minifigure, it look like they could made him in the same way as the minion but with longer arm and legs and a different head mold.
  6. ShadowWolfHount

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Kinda make it sound like it's alien concept for people to like something like this but still believe it going to become a failure. Like I who really enjoy the LEGO Dimension and even got all the packs (except Super Girl) despite seeing it to be a major failure because of all the choices that were made for it. So far my expectation of failure with certain theme from Dimensions, Bionicle G2, last 2 year of Hero Factory, Star Wars Buildable Figures and Nexo Knights were correct. Maybe I be correct again with this, maybe not. Unlike some of those here who acting like "this is a killing blow for LEGO", I only believe it is somewhere in the far future. As they have forgotten what to do with contraction and have CCBS over stayed it's welcome, Dimensions they were just throwing random licenses themes, and them pretty much ignoring a part of their target buyer. It's not that they know or don't know, it's a mix of the two, it's down right a damn mess. While I still hold that this would fail, I can see the argument why people like it and thinks it won't. In the end, both side made points about this, some thoughts may change, some won't. Least we ain't keeping out thoughts in a box to just manifest into taking out opinion to the extreme.
  7. ShadowWolfHount

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Gonna get the rant out of the way: Did they seriously just put Harry in his plain clothes from one of the movie and slap him in there... Why couldn't just be him disguised as a Slytherin, could've been a great way to get more Slytherin uniforms. And Neville downright using the same printing from Hermione in the last CMF, I have enough gryffindor uniform that last series, I don't need anymore. Really hope the rest of the CMF don't color the same as those two and can pick up the slack. Okay rant over. Everything else I'm liking monster book piece, sad there wasn't room to place in the books title. Really love the improvement for the phoenix obviously better than the brick built we got from the Great Hall. If that isn't an updated version of the hair piece, Bellatrix hair being seen again in this, really gonna lower the price of it on bricklink from the $10-15 price.
  8. ShadowWolfHount

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Have anyone seen Jim Sterling made a video about the LEGO Mario Agree, or their just being dramatic for the lols. While I think LEGO is doom to repeat history somewhere in the future, it is idiotic to think that this one thing is the killing blow for LEGO. It's not that we hate licensed theme (not even close) it's that it's down right taking over LEGO as a hole, as it feel like all LEGO cares about is the licensed more while giving little love to their original themes. This is especially when Dimensions as around, only 3 of LEGO own IP while everything else was just licensed. The CMF series feel like they're giving less love to their original line compare to the spin off lines. In the past there was a balance between licensed and original IP, fans of licensed stuff got their stuff, while fan of original stuff got their castle, city, space, and those looking for story and different got things like Exo-Force and Bionicle. And now all we who want original IP got are Ninjago, City, Creator, Hidden Side, Speed Champion (somewhere), while everything else is just licensed. We have only gotten 1 castle, 1 pirate, 2 space theme in the past 10 year, all lasting for 1 year (granted I do love these 1). So it is reasonable why there are those who dislike licensed, including myself. If you had look at the citation I gave where the tweet from Solid Brix said "Nintendo wanted normal LEGO brick built sets while LEGO wanted technology/interactivity" support what I said about them forgetting the brick again. "And they'll destroy City to make it happen!1!!1!!"
  9. ShadowWolfHount

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I said 'at some point in the future' not this year, certainly not the next, but somewhere in the future, if they keep persisting with the Toy to Life (along with this heavily relying on licensed themes).
  10. ShadowWolfHount

    Ashnflash CMF Series

    With Ash lost of interest with the original series on CMF, I wonder when he'll start making his own ideas of what the original line of CMF could look like. We seen him making these licensed figures, but I wonder what will turn out if he make a original CMF series from scratch than being base on an existing IP.
  11. ShadowWolfHount

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh boy a lot of reading of what ya'll be talking about yesterday. So here me two cents. I seen the tweet just today bringing up that Nintendo wanted normal bricks sets, but LEGO wanted technology/interactivity. This brings fear that LEGO will once again forgot about the brick, doom to repeat the bankruptcy at some point in the future. I'm on the side that see this becoming a flop. LEGO try this two time before and have fail, first was Fusion, than Dimension (though there were also other thing that cause Dimensions failure as well). LEGO Mario may fail in the same way as Dimension with price to piece but worse as 4 $10 have 10-13 pieces. This is despite the more interacting with the set than moving them around and looking more at the Tablet. Least with Hidden Side, we can just ignore the mobile part of the set, as it doesn't heavy rely on it, while the former mentions does, creating large gaps in the price to parts. I saw a video bringing up that we may likely get minifigure along side these as they call it 'digfig', as the price to part for 6 sets have a more reasonable price to part, while 8 have vary large gaps on price to part. With the tweet I saw and this video, I believe this is a reasonable connection. Chance if LEGO haven't at least have some traditional sets, Nintendo may have gone to Mega instead. (those guys already have Pokemon on their hand, so it would be a huge mistake to lose Mario to them) With that I could see LEGO returning those Mighty Micros style vehicle for that, except the minifigure cartoony look would fit.
  12. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    You say it like a police people pack wouldn't be the first police set to sell bad (than again, that can be flip against me and it actually sold well). While Police sell well, there gonna be a point in time, maybe the next police wave, or maybe the next decade, it'll have an extremely poor sell. You could try making a fan concept of it, I made some of my idea into models like Studio and School. Look like the pic doesn't want to load, at least for me it isn't. Agree, maybe it be better to change to name to something else. Cause when I hear 'shopping' the post office is the last thing that comes to mind.
  13. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    @Brandon Pea And good they haven't, if they made that while still making police set every year, would likely sell poorly. For the other ideas. I don't see the Bus Barn working, maybe it'll help if I see reference picture to know what you're picturing it to look like. Isn't the Corner Garage (10264) basically the Octan repair shop, though it would be good to get a lower price version and years after the Tuning Shop retirement. Be nice to get that juice in something that isn't on a racing vehicle It be good if the Vita Rush have 1x1 around brick printed with it's brand, rather than a printless orange round brick. Shopping district I almost all the choice, I think maybe the post office could be switch out with something else, maybe a flower or clothing shop to fit more with the name.
  14. ShadowWolfHount

    Ideas for new City sets

    I really don't want to see that wasting a slot. we get police literally every year, how would this be set apart from those we get in other sets?
  15. ShadowWolfHount

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I got one of those Friends Cube yesterday, and they come with animals in dark azure, lavender, magenta and gold. They could be something for fantasy with animal in unnatural color. (you can get all 4 color on Brick & Pieces and skip the real life rng)