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Found 2 results

  1. If I wanted to demo my Jet Dragon attaching to a battle suit, I had to borrow one from my son. Since I bought the Lego Batman Movie Mr Freeze set, I had some of the new pieces used for the battle suits. I decided to make a suit for Lavaria and wanted it to have four legs like he ultimate set. (Wings can be an attachment.) Obviously the larger body may make some attachments not work. --- Macy smashed another stone monster with her battle suit. "Is it just me or is it getting too easy with these battle suits?" "Don't be too confident," declared Merlock 2.0 over the communication system. "We still don't know the purpose of the cloud of monsters attack this village." Macy heard something behind her but before she could turn around something covered her head. The mech started moving on it's own. "What is happening?" yelled the princess. Aaron jumped out of the way of the giant mace. "Hey! You nearly hit me." "It's not me," said Macy. "I can't controlled my battle suit." A laugh floated over the heroes. "Don't you like my new creation. You see I noticed your ability to combine the mechs with other attachments. I created my own accessory. It takes control over your mech," explained the Cloud of Monstrox. Axl blocked the giant mace from flattening Aaron. "What do we do? We can't hurt Macy." Ava piped in. "According to my scans they are sending commands to the large receiver on her back. If you could smash it, it might free Macy." Axl tried to maneuver around with Aaron but there were too many stone monsters. Macy's suit managed a direct blow on the right arm of Axl's mech. The arm no longer responded to commands. Reluctantly Aaron called out to the controlled mech. "Macy, we're taking too much damage. We need to retreat. We'll find a away to free you." "No worries guys," replied Macy smashing at the controls. "I'll figure out a way to break free and meet you at the Fortrex." Aaron smiled at her determination. But it was short lived. At the Fortrex he pressed Ava, Robin an Merlock 2.0 for a solution. Spinning around in her chair, Ava repeated the same thing she had been saying the whole time. "We need to smash the receiver on the back of the device." Axl gnawed on a chicken leg. He spat food as he spoke. "Impossible with the number of monster." Inspiration hit Aaron. "What we need is an expert at stealth," suggested the current leader. Everyone stared blankly at him. "Lavaria." "You can't be serious," responded Axl. "She worked for the Book of Monsters." Ava didn't think it would work for practical reasons. "Even if she agreed to help, it's doubtful that she could do enough damage to the dish before being discovered and caught." Robin suggested, "We could build her a special stealth battle suit." "This is sounding worse than the original suggestion," groaned Axl. --- Lavaria pondered the request of the Nexo Knights. She walked around Axl's battle suit. "You'll need to build it to my specification," she said. "This thing is far to clunky." Aaron turned to the little mechanic. "Robin can build whatever you need." Lavaria looked at Aaron. "Alright. I'll help." It took the rest of the day for Robin to build the new suit with Lavaria's requests. The mech had four spider like legs and wielded a thin blade. It was time to get Macy back.
  2. I thought she deserved a vehicle of her own, but I couldn't really think of many vehicles that'd be useful for a spy, so I decided to go for the classics and build a mini-mecha. To access the mecha's interior, the hood folds up and the chest folds down. Since her Ultimate's main power is beetle bomb, I gave her a little pet beetle. It could be a plushie, but that'd make the launcher completely inexplicable, rather than merely mostly inexplicable. Sadly, I couldn't figure out a way to give it three pairs of legs rather than two. Thoughts? The red light inside the hood is supposed to represent some kind of heat ray device. The tr. red tiles are a stand-in for a Nexo Power shield inlay. When I build it in real life, I'm planning to replace the assembly connecting that little grappling hook to the rest of the mech with a stud launcher. Gallery. Comments and criticism appreciated!