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Found 37 results

  1. Nocturnus - Settlement Index Description Nocturnus is home to an array of peculiar places, not in the last place due to its equally diverse population. This settlement index explores the many communities of Nocturnus, to aid those who seek to visit, trespass or find a place to settle in the Darklands. It may serve as a practical reference guide for building in or writing about a certain settlement. It provides a basic set of architectural, geographic and/or demographic background characteristics per settlement. Notes The described characteristics and features are an interpretation of what is seen and written in the build topic threads (in the first post). The given characteristics do NOT dictate what future builds of a settlement should look like; nothing is set in stone. What is considered in this index as a 'settlement' is determined by the sum of existing builds and lore; it is not defined by strict (build) requirements from the HSS. Settlements appearing on the map of Nocturnus automatically qualify to be indexed here. This topic will be updated to include more settlements, characteristics, builders, etc., based on newly posted topics. You can leave a comment below to bring new builds of indexed settlements under attention. The Map of Nocturnus Special Status Settlements Abyssian *Former Capital* Abyssian Castle is located at the centre of Nocturnian peninsula, in the Moruth Swamplands. It was the home of the late Guild Leader Lord Ssylirrlith and the throne of Nocturnus, before both were destroyed by the catastrophic explosion of the Orion Sphere. What remains of Abyssian is an inhospitably cold frozen ruin, surrounded by icy swamps as far as the eye can see. Once built on a cluster of rocks suspended above the swamp, a grey fortress with many octagonal towers, big decorative spikes, and chains. (Former) Population: Lord Ssylirrlith, lizardfolk, snakemen Roofs: Light bluish grey, dark bluish grey Builds found: 1, 2, 3 Builders: @I Scream Clone, @Ecclesiastes, @Exetrius Shadowmere *HSS Status: Hamlet* Large and ancient fortified city in central Nocturnus, built on an active volcanic plateau, surrounded by the Moruth Swamplands. Invaluable stronghold of the Nocturnian Resistance in the war against the Black Spire. Black, gothic citadel with many towers, arches and spikes, black city walls. Swamps, lava streams, blood fountains. Population: Vampires, undead, orcs, lizardfolk, minotaurs. Roofs: Bright red, black. Builds found - exterior: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Builds found - interior: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Builders: @Lord Vladivus, @MassEditor, @Mike S, @TitusV, @SkaForHire, @Jorrith Regular Settlements Carakath Miners town in the Southern Rakath Mountains, once home to a fighting tournament with wild animals and children. Population: Humans, dwarves, orcs. Roofs: Dark red. Builds found: 1, 2 Builders: @Exetrius Fallen Angel Crater/geological depression in the Siccus Badlands. Mysterious place, reportedly surrounded by remnants of an ancient civilization. Purple water lakes. Population: Orcs Roofs: - Builds found: 1, 2 Builders: @-Carson Haupt-, @Exetrius Harbringer's Haven A village in the far north of Nocturnus. At the village lays a cemetery and a large vampire tomb. Population: Vampires, batfolk, undead. Roofs: Black. Builds found: 1 Builders: @Jorrith Kelra Labyrinths System of labyrinths, plugs the gap in the Rakath Range and forms the greatest constructed barrier for anyone trying to get to the heart of Nocturnus. Disorienting maze of overgrown stone walls of varying height. Population: Minotaurs, lizardfolk and lost travellers. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4 Builders: @I Scream Clone, @Windusky, @The Maestro Kyrrath Kyrrath, also known as the City of Purple, is a city located between the forest of Grimwood and the Kyrrath Mountains. Famous for it's half timbered houses with strange shapes, twists, and purple roofs. The terrain is mostly rocky, with purple and green trees and murky green waters. Roofs: Purple. Builds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Builders: @jaapxaap, @Exetrius Lith My'athar Very large royal city in the depths of the underground. A major crossroad in the network of underground passages and lava chambers that spans Avalonia, Nocturnus and Kaliphlin. According to the lore, it is connected to a twin city in another dimension. Bright red and black gothic superstructures with lots of towers and bridges, with bows, spikes, stained windows and supposedly magical devices. State of the art knowledge of magic. Obsession with hunting and enslavement of 'strong' species and monsters, to add to the 'arsenal' of curiosities. Arguably the most diverse population in all of Historica. Population: Dark elves (Drow, the rulers), surface dwellers (i.e. lizardfolk, snakemen, half dragons, feline humanoids, orcs, wherewolves) and abyssal dwellers (i.e. humanoid bats, demons, elementals). Roofs: Bright red or black. Builds found: 1 Builders: @Angeli Merodaquinas Important stop for people who have crossed or are about to cross the Kelra Labyrinth or the Rakath Mountains. Half timbered houses (reminiscent of Avalonia), canals for transporting goods. Theft and other shady businesses are common. Population: mostly human. Roofs: Bright red or dark red, black. Builds found: 1, 2, 3 Builders: @Cij Daoke, @Exetrius Nestlands Embassy (Formerly: Kas'ret Vud) Fortified settlement at the southern edge of the Moruth Swamplands, founded on a granite plateau surrounded by swamp and red badlands, called the Blood Sands. Conquered, abandoned and re-inhabited countless times, currently under rule of Shadowmere, run by the allied Nestlands Clan from Kaliphlin as an ambassy. Thick stone outer walls, black gothic buildings, Kaliphlinian buildings, remnants of previous occupations. Magic installments. Population: Orcs, wherewolves, minotaurs. Roofs: Black, reddish brown, bright blue Builds found: 1, 2, Builders: @gedren_y Port Wrath A grim, dangerous harbor town in the Northern Rakath Mountains, lawless black market trading hub. Blood-red water in and around the harbor, reportedly cursed. Wooden and stone wharfs, taverns and trading houses in shades of grey, red stained windows. Skulls and spikes serve as decoration. Population: Minotaurs, orcs, undead, cyclopes, ghosts, tradesmen. Roofs: Black or dark red. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Builders: @Dr Rod, @Captain Nemo, @Lord Vladivus The Reach Surface capital of the goblin empire, the southernmost city of Nocturnus, located in a narrow, forested river valley in the Rakath Mountains. Free standing houses of wood, small wooden watchtowers on poles and stone fortifications. Colourful, autumnal trees are interspersing the city. Population: Goblins, orcs, humans, dwarves, kozar. Roofs: Brown. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4 Builders: @Blufiji, @Brandon Stark Rockwail Ancient fortified city in the Boulder Bogs, heart of the Moruth Swamplands, founded on bed rock. According to lore, the entire fortress was carved out by dwarves, from a giant boulder. Shrouded in fog, protected by thick walls and a magic barrier, it is a secret and secure place. Worn and weathered walls, dark, narrow streets, diverse, crooked and leaning buildings, taverns, makeshift scaffolding above the streets. Vast underground network of catacombs and dungeons. Population: Humans, orcs, snakemen, frogmen, undead. Roofs: Dark brown, black Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Builders: @-Sunder-, @Exetrius Skavenport A port city east of Grimwood and the Kyrrath Mountains, where rats and men live side by side as merchants, craftsmen and farmers. Half timbered houses with odd angles and sharp roofs, narrow streets. Roofs: Black. Builds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Builders: @Jacob Nion Town of Illusion It's indicated on the map of Nocturnus, so it should exist, yet unambiguous and detailed records of the place seem to be missing... Population: - Roofs: - Builds found: Only this comment Builders: @Dr.Cogg Vacunani City built in a chasm thousands of years ago, of which the location is unknown. Hermetically sealed by elaborate stone gates. Possibly contains Nocturnus' most ancient and extensive archives. Population: Inani Roofs: - Builds found: comment, 1, 2 Builders: @Umbra-Manis Zotharith City at the edge of a swampland on the eastern side of the Rakath Range. Major magic development hub. City lies partly on rocky river banks, partly expands into the marshes. Home to a big magic festival. Small wooden huts/houses on poles in the swampy outskirts, extensive arcane energy collector network. Oriental features adopted from eastern Kaliphlin. Horned roofs. Population: Humans, orcs, mages. Roofs: Black. Builds found: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Builders: @Exetrius, @jaapxaap, @Henjin_Quilones ----
  2. The Mesabi Clan is infamous for their exploits on the Brick Seas. Here is an index of them and their exploits. Main Characters: Count Mesabi of Debonshire Veteran of the Juniper Wars, CEO of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, the Fortifier of Nova Malto, Founder of the Grand City of Mesabi Landing, Sailor of the South, and Purveyor of Artiodactyla and Equine Meats Bio: Index: Countess Agnes Mesabi Titan of Industry, former acting CEO of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, Soccer Cup 'winner,' and Liason to the Gondovan Princess. Bio: Index Darby Tyler Chief Accountant of the WTC, Southern Sailor, and Gentleman. Bio: Index: Karl Mordo played by @Darnok Adventuring Telvokian, Tsunami Survivor, and Right Hand Man of the WTC Bio: Index: Unsorted: To Be Updated!
  3. Rick

    Town Layout Index

    Town Layout Index Add Your Own Town Layout Introduction Welcome to the Town Layout Index, an index of Eurobricks members's town layouts. If you have a topic about your layout in the Town forum, you can add an entry to this index and we'll add it to the list of town layouts below. Please follow these guidelines when adding your town layout: One entry per member. Your post can include more than one town layout though. You are responsible for maintaining and updating your own entry. One picture per town layout with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. You are encouraged to keep track of progress by including links to older versions of your town layout. This thread is to be used for indexing only. Any other posts will be moved or deleted. Follow the index template below when adding your layout (simply quote the post and remove the quote tags or copy the BBcode) Town Layouts antp castor-troy Cran Cunctator dignow gabrielarava LEGO Family marvinblue melbs nightfall PastVPresent Romanos SalvoBrick SwissBrick timmyc1983 tmctiger Werlu Ulcur Xyver ... The previous version of the Town Layout Index (no longer maintained) can be found here.
  4. Terryoleary

    [MOC] Bricktown Court House Modular

    My interpretation of a court house, will go bear my town hall once I build it for real, instruction will be available too
  5. Here it is! The launch zone to all kinds of Action and Adventure! Whether you are diving to the bottom of the sea or digging deep underground, seeking treasure or foiling super-villians this is the best place to start! Each link leads to an index for the different themes Eurobricks calls an Action and Adventure theme where you can browse reviews and MOCs. There are plenty of great things to look at! The themes that belong here in Action and Adventure Themes: Adventurers, Agents, Alpha Team, Aquazone, Atlantis, Chima, Dino and Dino 2010/Attack, Elves, Monster Fighters, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Pharaoh's Quest, Power Miners, Rock Raiders, Time Cruisers, Ultra Agents and World Racers. But just what is an Action and Adventure theme? Look here to find out. Got an idea for a new Action and Adventure theme that you think is cool to share? Post about it here. I have to give a big thank you to linusbohman and his site Brick Insights, without that site then I would never have had the time to index all the reviews. For all the old things that used to be used to index and inform about Action and Adventure Themes then look in the: Found something cool in the indexes, want to share it but it would be a case of serious bumping/thread necromancy? Never fear! Treasures of Action and Adventure is the thread you need to post in about old MOCs and reviews. Got any questions? Want to let staff know that you've got a review or MOC to add to the index? Any suggestions, nominations or ideas for the Action and Adventure Theme Forum itself? Post here.
  6. Peppermint_M

    Ninjago Index

    Ninja-GO! The index for all things Ninjago, the "evergreen" of Action and Adventure Themes. The MOC Index is found HERE Tags - Ninjago contest prize Tags - A special tag for Action and Adventure Themes helpers Reviews Masters of Spinjitzu - Rise of the Snakes - The Final Battle - Rebooted - Tournament of Elements - Possession - Skybound - Day of the Departed The Hands of Time - Sons of Garmadon - Hunted - The Ninjago Movie - Spinjitzu - Airjitzu - Spinitzu Masters - Dragon Masters Accessories and Extras
  7. Peppermint_M

    Fantasy Index

    Visit the lands of fantasy where dragons fly and treasures are to be found. But look out for the creatures of fire, shadow and stone. Tags Prize Tags and awards for LEGO Elves themed builds A reward for Nexo Knights Reviews - Chima Reviews - Chima Speedorz Reviews - - Elves Reviews - -Nexo Knights Fire Army Reviews - Nexo Knights Stone Army Reviews - Nexo Knights Tech Infection Reviews - Nexo Knights Extras and Polybag Reviews - MOCs - Chima MOCs - Elves MOCs - Nexo Knights MOCs -
  8. Peppermint_M

    Wild Cards Index

    Some themes in LEGO are undeniably different. They're too wacky for Town but not Spacey enough for SciFi. They don't fall under the other categories here in Action and Adventure, but his is their home. Tags: - for a dedicated fan of Time Cruising Reviews: - Time Cruisers/Time Twisters Reviews - World Racers Reviews MOCs: - Time Cruisers - World Racers - The End of the World - Miscellaneous MOCs
  9. Dig down and explore the subterranean LEGO worlds where there are treasures to be found and surprises in the rocks. Reviews: - Power Miners - Rock Raiders - MOCs: - Vehicles - Structures and Scenes -
  10. Peppermint_M

    Aquazone Index

    Dive into the briny deep and seek out sunken treasure! Tags --- Reviews: - Aquazone Reviews - Aqua Raiders Reviews - Atlantis Reviews MOCs: - Vehicle MOCs - Submerged Scenes - Sea Creatures - Seabases, Structures and Layouts
  11. Peppermint_M

    Adventure Index

    The Adventure Index. Home of all themes related to rip-roaring adventure! Adventurers, Pharaoh's Quest, Dino, Dino 2010/Dino Attack and Monster Fighters content is indexed here. Tags - A Prize first awarded for The End of the World Contest - An Adventure Themes tag for building contests ---- First awarded during the Lester Contest - A special tag for the winner of the Lester's Big Adventure contest. ----- - Monster Fighter tags given out as prizes at Halloween. MOCs Click Here Reviews
  12. Well, this hasn't been posted, but I see things to improve. New idea: If you have a mod, post it and I will index it in this post (Comments allowed too, to give freedom ) Mod by (Name) Mod for (Area): How many extra parts (Paste in bold) Pictures: Video: =========================================================================================================================================== Mod by @Aventador2004 Mod for Rear props (Reduce backlash) How many extra parts (18) Pictures: Video: (To Be Continued) Post your mods!
  13. We have quite a few indices and guides here in History, so instead of having 500 bazillion sticky posts, let's have a one stop shop for all your guides and indices! INDICES ======= Historic Themes Review Index -Click me for browse the Reviews for Historic Themes. Lord of the Rings Review Index -A Collection of LotR Reviews. Lord of the Rings MOC Index -Click me to see a chronological index of MOCs from your favorite film franchise. The Hobbit MOC index -Click me to see a chronological index of MOCs from your other favorite film franchise. Guilds of Historica MOC Index -The Castle MOCers paradise! Click me to browse the Guild MOCs. Western Moc Index GUIDES ======= Derfel's Detailed Guide to Building a Medieval Village -The master, the legend, the guide of all guides. See DC's secrets here! -Derfel's Guide Discussion. kabel's Medieval Ships Guide -His name might not be capitalized, but his guide is quite "capital". Damaximus's Wall Shield Decoration Guide -A fun technique to decorate walls. Venunder's Tree Building Guide -Want to add some trees to your builds? Find out how to build one here! Small Tree Tutorial Masa's Palm Tree Tutorial Roof Techniques Snot Rock Tutorial - build sedimentary rocks, by kabel
  14. SilentWolf

    SilentWolf Index

    Sir Micah of Wolfhaven, Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose, and primary founder of the WETEC Elizabeth, Micah's wife Captain George Knight, a former gentleman mercenary, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the HMS El Bellos Captain William Chase, deceased. One of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the Corrington warship HMS Whisper which was sent to Davy Jones Locker in December 2017. Arthur Kellogg, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and in charge of all the WETEC's trade ships (Needs better photo) Caleb, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the Flying Colt Charles, the rancher who manages all the horse trading for the WETEC out of Arlinsport (Need better photo) Hansa and his wife, Onondaga couple from Lacryma who have helped Micah in the past and have joined his expedition Hannah, also known as the lady in black, part of Micah's expedition due to acquaintance with Elizabeth, but not much else is known about why she has assassin skills List of Ships Owned: 35 ship lvlsThe Ant - Class 1 R M F C $ H 1 4 0 0 4 0 Mint Parrot - Class 1 R M F C $ H 1 4 1 0 3 0 Flying Colt - Class 3 R M F C $ H 3 2 2 1 4 3Alexander - Class 3 R M F C $ H 3 4 1 1 4 2Pinto Filly - Class 4 R M F C $ H 4 4 1 1 5 3Filly Winds - Class 5 R M F C $ H 5 4 1 2 6 3Octavia - Class 5 R M F C $ H 5 4 3 2 5 2Soupfish - Class 4 (unmocced)Nightmare - Class 2 (unmocced) Sub-Character is mayor of Elizabethville, on Lacryma
  15. Since various Power Functions Controllers are popping up lately, I figured it might be a nice idea to have an Index combined with a General Discussion topic. CONTROLLERS SmartBrick (SBrick) General Discussion BuWizz - High Performance LEGO Power Functions Controller BlueSmartControl INPUT DEVICES Control SBrick with Android Game Controller
  16. Gideon’s GoH build index August 6, 2018 Updated to the end of Book II. Looking forward to getting back into GoH for Book III ! February 10, 2017 It’s been four years since I arrived in Historica and got hooked for real on this world. To celebrate this and to prepare myself for the next challenge, I’ve made an attempt to collect all my GoH builds here and will present them roughly in chronological order and try to put them in context. If you want to read more and see more pictures, please click the links below the pictures which will take you to the Eurobricks threads. If you want to leave comments however I would prefer if you did it here in this thread or on the pictures on Flickr, not “resurrecting” old threads. Sigfig intro For the full sigfig background, you can read my old presentation thread here: My sigfig is Gideon the half-elf. He is now the chairman of the City Council of the glorious city of Barqa, the trading hub of south-western Kaliphlin. That was not always the case... Sigfig in battle armor Gideon was born as the offspring of the daughter of a minor Avalonian lord and an unknown elvish father. When dying in childbirth, she took the secret of who Gideon’s father was with her to the grave. Love in Avalonia Gideon spent his early years among the human children in his grandfather’s castle Nordana Hall in Avalonia. Neither his grandfather, nor the other humans in the castle were particularly found of the half-elf, so Gideon learned many hard lessons from children and grownups alike that he wasn’t “one of them”. Practicing children Gideon decided to leave the place where he had never been truly welcome and set out to make his own place in the world. He spent many years as a mercenary and travelled all over Historica but finally made his home in Kaliphlin, the most diverse and tolerant of the guilds. Caravan guard Petraean city wall Book I - The Revolword Saga I joined GoH in the last months of Book I, and at that point the evil wizard Victor Revolword, his elementals and the forces loyal to him named the “Hand of Corruption” were wreaking havoc all over Historica. (You can read the whole story here: Revolword’s Terror The small town of Groenby was raided by Revolword’s forces, and he appeared himself to perform some sinister rituals... Pillage of Groenby Victor Revolword in Groenby Cities were burning all over Historica... Burning city ...while some mercenaries were still fighting for the lords of Kaliphlin who had gold to pay them. This particular watchtower is occupied by the Arkbri Falcons, a notorious band of mercenaries under the captain Ediz Falconi. Falcon’s Nest Battle for Queenscross A strong force of Victor Revolword’s forces were marching towards the strategically important city of Queenscross, which held one of the only crossings over the mighty Arkbri river. (The battle was played out in this thread: A call to arms was made, and Gideon responded together with the Arkbri Falcons, his old Avalonian friend Sir Derrik of Groenby (who’s county had been devastated by the attacks from Revolword and the Hand of Corruption) Army Marching to battle along the Arkbri River Many of those marching to Queenscross with Sir Gideon would later fall in the battle there, as told in the report of the battle by Paulos MacLean. Among the casualties were Gideon's old friend Sir Derrik. Aftermath of the battle of Queenscross Battle of Castle Zar Not long after the battle of Queenscross a new person showed up. Aidana, a battlemage of the Khel'Zarim, appeared and enlisted the help of Gideon and his friends to retake the seat of her order Castle Zar from the orcs who had taken advantage of the absence of most of the battlemages when they were busy fighting Revolword’s elementals all over Historica. On the road to Castle Zar After getting into the castle, the final battle against the orcs was fought inside the great hall of Castle Zar. Battle scene After winning the battle, the archmage was freed and Gideon’s part in the Revolword war was over. Council chamber in Castle Zar after the battle. My builds around the battle for Queenscross plus the battle of Castle Zar was my entry to book I challenge VI. Inside Kaliphlin Some of Kaliphlin’s many wonders were presented to the world through the Inside Kaliphlin collab, I built two MOCs for this. (See all builds here: The Dune Sea The Fighting Pit of Mophet Mini-challenges at the end of Book I “There are many wonders of architecture throughout Historica: massive dwarven halls, lofty elven towers, elegant cathedrals, and impregnable fortresses. But Revolword and the elementals have laid waste to many of these structures. Now that Revolword had been defeated, craftsmen across Historica took up their tools to rebuild the former glory of Historica.” - Paraphrase of the introduction to SK’s Master Arhitect Challenge Gideon’s response to the immense destruction left by the Revolword war was to pay for repair works on the city walls of Kaliphlin’s capital Petraea. Paying for the repair of the Walls of Petraea Repairing the Walls of Petraea Raising the Dead In the quest to create a potion to resurrect Dugal MacLean (Ska’s sigfig) from the dead, Gideon assisted by capturing a red scorpion. It’s venom was needed for the potion. Collecting the Venom of a Red Scorpion Life and Death in Kaliphlin (mini-challenge) Graduation in Barqa Card XVI Kaligem Humanitarian aid to Mitgardia After some trash-talking between Kaliphlin and Mitgardia, Kaliphlin decided to provide some humanitarian aid to Mitgardia - regardless of if the Mitgardians needed it or not... Mitgardian Trade Sultan’s Gate A collaborative effort to flesh out the city of Sultan’s Gate. This build was created to match the inside of the main gate built by Robuko. Sultan’s Gate - main gate and town houses Freebuild - Nordana Castle Built for the Swebrick medieval landscape but also to represent Gideon’s birthplace in Avalonia. Nordana Castle, from left Nordana Castle, from right Book II The defeat of Victor Revolword left Historica in ruins and many new conflicts emerged out of the Elemental War... Challenge I - The Battle for Nocturnus In Nocturnus, a civil war broke out between the old leadership and a new alliance calling themselves the “Black Spire”. I was assigned to the Black Spire team for the challenge. Soraya of the Hashishin, an ancient and secretive group of Kaliphlin mercenaries and assassins, was sent on a mission by the Black Spire to recruit soldiers. Travelling the Nocturnian countryside is however not without it’s dangers, so her trained monkey helped her dispatching a few ambushes... Ambushing an Ambush Eventually, Soraya found a cyclops tribe ready to join the cause of the Black Spire. Recruiting a Cyclops Tribe Fortifications throughout Nocturnus were also occupied by the Black Spire. Swamplands Tower Citizens supporting the Varlyrian mercenaries fighting with the Black Spire barricaded a city block in Illyria, the capital of Varlyrio. The Garra (guard of Illyria) was dispatched to deal with the troublemakers, but it turned into a bloody affair... Fighting Among the Canals Battle of the Wither Woods A battle fought during the War of the Brothers. Participants built forces to send to the fighting, which then were recreated by the GoH members doing the actual wargaming. Full report here: Arkbri Falcons Barqan city guard Cyclops tribe Challenge II Aiding the refugees in Avalonia Treating the sick at a hospital in Barqa Lighthouse of Barqa Freebuilds Kaliphlin forces were fighting the Drow loyalists, patrolling the borderlands with Avalonia and dispatching any stragglers venturing over on the wrong side of the border... Waiting outside the gate Infiltration by Assassins Forest patrol Desert Cavalry With peace restored, the ever important trade could continue. A Kaliphlin merchant buying goods at a market Caravan trade through the Kaliphlin desert Delivering the mail Escorting a valuable load Ice fishing in Mitgardia Ostrich farming Historican Settlements: Streets of Barqa Barqa is the trading hub of south-western Kaliphlin. The city is located where the mighty Arkbri river meets the sea. The Arkbri river stretches all the way from the mountains of Mitgardia and is a major shipping route through central Historica. Barqa is a melting pot of people and cultures from all points of the compass, and dozens of different languages can be heard in the streets. Streets of Barqa Streets of Barqa, outside Streets of Barqa at night Challenge III Political turmoil in Mitgardia made the dwarves take up arms and go to war against the Drow. Among the dwarves of Historica, veneration of the ancestors is widespread and many statues of fallen heroes are placed in the great dwarven halls. It is common to seek the blessings of these heroes of old, usually through a ritual performed by a priest, before going into battle. Blessing of the ancestors Dwarves going to war against the Drow, through ancient tunnels where their ancestors buried their dead. Drow grave robber have already been there... Infiltrating through the dwarven necropolis Challenge IV All along the usually fertile Arkbri valley crop failures started to happen, leading to widespread food shortages and famine. This caused food prices in all towns and cities dependent on that food to rise dramatically. Reports of food riots made their way to Barqa, where the emergency supplies in the city's granaries and it's strong city guard were been able to keep major riots from happening. Food rationing in Barqa Two powers arose to challenge the ruling High Council. Ulandus on islands in the south and the ancient Desert King arising out of the legends and taking Sultan’s Gate as his capital Bands of spies and raiders started appearing all over Kaliphlin, and the High Council struggled to keep those at bay.... Catching Desert King spies in the Arkbri valley Defending the supplies to Messahmuk Forces loyal to the High Council were also fighting to secure vital routes where enemy forces could advance, patrolling it’s own lands and ambushing the enemy where they least expected it. Blocking the road to Queenscross Guarding Flagg’s reservoir Patrolling the grasslands of southern Kaliphlin Ambush in the Nestlands Haxtarus, ruler of Cefivia, a location on the outskirts of the Witherwoods, betrayed the High Council and handed over control of his territory to Ulandus. High Council soldiers seized him and he was put on trial for his treason. Trial of Haxtarus Duels were fought between champions from the different factions. Duel in the Sacred Forest Duel in the Ashes of a Volcano Finally, hostilities ceased but with no clear victor. The Desert King in particular did however make significant territorial gains. The agriculture of Kaliphlin is heavily dependent on irrigation. During the Civil War, many parts of this infrastructure was damaged. Since the cessation of hostilities, the City Council of Barqa has sponsored a rebuilding campaign of the irrigation canals in the Arkbri valley. Now once more fresh water from the river can be diverted to the fields of the bread-basket of western Kaliphlin. Arkbri Irrigation The Frozen Beyond The Algus are an ancient race from the Frozen Beyond, north of Mitgardia. After being quiet for millennia, they suddenly moved south and invaded Mitgardia and pushed as far south as Kaliphlin. Strange icy creatures also appeared and seemed to obey the Algus magicians... Ice worm in the sand Algus capturing a fortress in Kaliphlin With bands of Algus roaming Kaliphlin, there were an increasing number of reports of strange weather. From some of the caravan routes, reports even spoke of fairly deep snow! Many animals perished due to the harsh conditions, so the Kaliphlin vultures were thriving. Snow in Kaliphlin Oil proved to be an effective weapon against the Algus, so the Council of Barqa decided to set fire to a number of tar pits despite the economic implications. The black oily smoke proved effective in deterring the Algus and reversed the effects of their weather manipulation. Together with the other measures used throughout Historica to fight the Algus, the frosty invaders were expelled to their frozen hell in the north once more. Burning the tar pits In the war against Raavage and his Black Spire forces (full story here), Lord Gideon led the Kaliphlin forces into war and defeated the forces of Raavage and his Kaliphlin loyalists in the battle of the Shifting Oasis. Mobile siege weaponry produced in Barqa, spewing the terrible liquid Barqan fire, played an important role in securing the victory (despite being occasionally as deadly to it's users as to the enemy). Siege workshop in Barqa Book III A story yet to be written...!
  17. All submissions must be given freely for reuse.
  18. Hi everybody! I am not sure, if this is the right place for my topic, but I hope so As I am trying to catalog all my minifigures, I "stumbled" upon all my custom figures (=official LEGO product, professionally printed). My list normally has these categories: Minifigure Variation Set Year Quantity Comments So, these are all pretty clear and obvious with normal LEGO figures, as I can always search on brickipedia or bricklink for missing information. But, I want my beloved customs in that list, too... the main problem: YEAR! I tried about an hour to find out which customizer released which figure when...and the chances to find solid and reliable sources for that are really low. Which leads to my main question: Is there any collection / index of professionally custom printed minifigures that someone can provide? Does something like that even exist? If not, I'd invite anyone who is interested and we can try to get one big and reliable index for ourselves. I can always update this first post to our newest version of our catalogue. If no one is interested in this I am fine with it, too - but I think it would be a nice idea. Thanks a lot for reading and I am looking forward to hear your opinions on this (as we have some great customizers here, too). - KCMatze Edit: Humm... html or BB codes are not allowed here... that brings some difficulties to create a nice table.
  19. In the past couple of years, Eurobricks has been witness to the rising popularity of LDD use among members as evidenced by the significant influx of LDD MOCs throughout the site. This Index was created to provide a convenient means to search and browse all the LDD MOCs that were posted here in the forums. The LDD MOCs shall be indexed according to theme, and members could add their own or other member’s LDD creations in this Index by following the general guidelines below. General Guidelines: Only LDD MOCs with LXF files that were posted here in Eurobricks (in the appropriate subforum) are eligible to be indexed. Posting your own LDD MOC: If you have done an LDD MOC that you have posted before on the appropriate forum which you’d like to be part of this Index, post the topic link and the LXF file in this topic using the following format: LDD MOC Name by LDD Builder - LXF (insert topic link in the ‘LDD MOC Name’ and the LXF file link to ‘LXF’) If you have a new LDD MOC that you haven’t posted yet, post it first in the appropriate forum, then provide the required topic link and the LXF following the format above. [*]Posting other member’s LDD MOC: If you found an LDD MOC of another member on a certain subforum which you think needs to be added on this Index, post the topic link and the LXF file. Important Reminders: When posting your LDD MOCs in the appropriate subforum, pls. observe the image size limit of 800x600 pixels max. If you made an LDD version of someone else’s MOC and would like it to be indexed here, make sure you give credit to the original source or better if you ask permission from them. If you used an LDD MOC from this Index to make your own brick-built version and you post photos of that MOC, it is a must and proper courtesy to acknowledge the source of the design. The LDD Staff and Indexer reserve the right to refuse MOCs which do not follow the rules and are not up to EB standards. Since we are just staring this Index, feel free to comment, ask questions, and add your suggestions. Index Statistics: (to be updated)
  20. RTN LNA

    INDEX: Ship MOCs

    Index of Ship MOCs What is this index for? The Ship MOCs by Type Index is for all the completed ships in the Pirates MOCs forum. Want to see a certain type of ship? This is the place for you! These other ship Indices are no longer maintained, but still can be viewed. Old Index: Ship MOCs - The ultimate overview of all the historical Lego ships ever built! ...Well, until we stopped maintaining that index. The best LEGO sailing ships (minifig illusion scale) - The best ships from the Ship MOCs Index! How is this indexed? The Ship MOCs by Type Index is sorted by rigging type. You can view your options directly below this introduction. Most pictures are linked to the Eurobricks discussion topic, but some of the earlier ones aren't. If any of these links take to you to the Brickshelf gallery, let us know in the discussion topic. Anyway you can help? You can help by giving suggestions and informing us about items that have not been indexed. You can ask questions, give suggestions, and inform us about items that have not been indexed in the discussion topic. To what extent is this updated? This index is updated on a regular basis. All of the LEGO ships in the Pirates MOCs forum should be in here, save for very new ones which are waiting for the staff to index them. ********************************************************* Continued in the next post.....
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    In order to comply with our rules on bumping old topics please note: Before you start a discussion in a new thread, please check this Long Standing Topics Index to see if a topic applies to what you want to share! A lot of pirate wisdom has already been piled up - help enlarge it by sharing your thoughts in the proper thread! If there is another Long Standing Topic that had been missed, feel free to post a link to that topic here. Remember, if you have something relevant to say then feel free to post in one of these topics, but if it's more than a few months old please make sure it's good, and if it's been a few years it better be really good! If you've got an answer to a question (such as "Does anyone have pictures of the alternate model?) then by all means post! What you shouldn't do is ask questions to the original poster; he/she may not even visit EB any more. Where to buy Pirate LEGO? (Sets, parts, customs, instructions, etc.) General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread eBay Merge Thread Buying Pirate LEGO - advice, tips and questions Questions on Shipping Look what I just got - Report your latest Pirate LEGO acquisitions Which Set is this Part From? LEGO Pirate Photography Ship building & Customisation The A-Z of things to build The potential of LEGO Digital Designer for Pirate MOCs Reference Material for Creating more Realistic Ships Photos of your Pirate LEGO Collection Future Pirate LEGO sets Which pieces would you like to see in future pirate sets? How did you become a Pirate LEGO Fanatic? Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have? Pirate Figures and Set Names Is There an Upcoming Pirate Building Contest? Evil Stevie's Pirate Game Opinions and Information on Knockoff/Clone/Imitation Brand Pirate Sets Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms POLL: Soldiers (blue coats) or Imperial guards (red coats) Redcoats vs bluecoats All of the above topic have been tagged Pirate Long Standing Topics.
  22. The Friends Review Index As the Friends line grows, so does our review index. The waves of sets have been separated into their own posts for easy reference and the links for each are provided below. 2012 Spring Wave 2012 Summer Wave 2012 Seasonal / Promotional / Other 2012/13 Winter Wave 2013 Summer Wave 2013 Collectibles 2013 Seasonal / Promotional / Other 2013/14 Winter Wave 2014 Summer Wave 2014 Collectibles 2014 Seasonal / Promotional / Other
  23. I'm proud to present the up to date LEGO GBC modules index. I will continuous keep this index up to date. Also your suggestions are more than welcome. Have fun looking around! Click here to visit the LEGO GBC modules Index
  24. LEGO Town Pictorial Reviews Index Including Friends and Town Sub-themes and Related Themes Recent Academy Reviews | 2014 LEGO City Reviews | 2014 LEGO Friends Reviews Town City 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 World City 2004 | 2003 2002 | 2001 (No regular Town theme) Town Jr. 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 Classic Town 1996 | 1995 | 1994 | 1993 | 1992 | 1991 | 1990 | 1989 | 1988 | 1987 | 1986 | 1985 | 1984 | 1983 | 1982 | 1981 | 1980 | 1979 | 1978 Friends 2014 Winter Wave | Summer Wave | Collectibles | Seasonal / Promotional / Other 2013 Winter Wave | Summer Wave | Collectibles | Seasonal / Promotional / Other 2012 Spring Wave | Summer Wave | Seasonal / Promotional / Other Town Sub-themes and Related Themes Other Exclusives (2008-present) Winter Village (2009-present) Modular Buildings (2007-present) Creator Houses (2004-present) Island Xtreme Stunts (2002-2003) Sports (2000-2007) Race (2000) Arctic (2000) Space Port (1999-2000) Res-Q (1998-1999) Extreme Team (1998-1999) Divers (1997) Outback (1997) Launch Command (1995) Paradisa (1992-1997) Boats (1976-1996) Legoland (1974-1977) Last updated: December 23, 2014
  25. Great Ball Contraption (GBC) - Index This first post will be used to maintain an Index of GBCs here on Eurobricks or other websites. Eurobricks topics GBC General Discussion LEGO GBC 8 + Building Instructions (5 modules - 2 motors)