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Found 6 results

  1. NathanR

    Doctor Who: Chess Set

    Doctor Who and the Daleks prepare to do battle... on the chess board! The board itself uses a 48x48 baseplate with 6x6 squares that alternate between light and dark tan. Each square has a 2x2 plate in the middle of it to help anchor the chess pieces to the board, either for display purposes or during gameplay. All the chess pieces have a base made up of 3x6 wedge plates, with the cutouts making great finger holds. For the light pieces we have all the elements of classic Doctor Who, from the time lord himself down to his faithful robotic dog K-9: Against him is quite literally an army of Daleks! This was an old MOC I decided to spruce up after discovering the excellent range of custom printed Doctor Who figures available from For the Doctor's pieces, the King and Queen are represented by the 7th Doctor (armed with his umbrella) and companion Ace (as seen in the classic story Remembrance of the Daleks, armed with the baseball bat from the Hand of Omega). The bases pay homage to the classic roundels on the Tardis walls, and to the transparent column in the original Tardis console. The figures shown here are just placeholders and will be swapped out for the versions when built in real life. The bishop is the Doctor's vintage roadster Bessie - this small car was used extensively by 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee, but made a brief return in the 7th Doctor's story "Battlefield". I've always been proud of the fact that I got to sit in the driving seat of the real one. The knight is the TARDIS console, and it was an absolute nightmare to design a hexagon that fit within a 6x6 footprint! Lastly, the rook is the TARDIS itself - I've got some custom printed 1x4 tiles labelled "Police Box" to add in, though I can't remember who the manufacturer was. For the black pieces, the king is none other than the creator of the Daleks - Davros! Shown here in his original black-and-silver wheelchair, I'm still working on a version of him as he appeared in Remembrance of the Daleks, which would probably fit better with the 7th Doctor opposite him. The Queen is the black Dalek from the 1965 movie with Peter Cushing, which ruled the dalek city - this piece features a 2x2 swivel tile that lets the dome and eyestalk spin freely, as a reminder that the queen can move in any direction. The bishop is the red Dalek from the 1965 movie, and includes the claw that was the movie alternative to the sink plunger. The knight can hop over other pieces, so in this case it's a white Dalek hovering up a flight of stairs (another homage to Remembrance of the Daleks). And lastly, the rook is the tank-like "Special Weapons Dalek". A better look at the Dalek hovering up the stairs It only took them 25 years to learn how to do that! The chess set is quite fun to play with - just remember that the Daleks can be sore losers....
  2. Clive Newton

    Lego Song

    Dear all I hope you enjoy this little composition Clive
  3. I've previously posted some of these but have now taken decent picture and added stickers. I think a new thread is deserved. They were all part of my Tie Rack for Brickvention 2017: So here we go. Mining Guild - added custom stickers Dalek Tie Rebels Wolf - added custom stickers Scooby Doo / Mystewry Machine Ectie 1 Classic Space Batman Steampunk ... More picks on Flickr
  4. ArchitectureFan

    Dr Who meets Amy Pond

    Hi, I recently came across the scene where Dr Who first meets Amy Pond. This is my version of it: Bye for now. Yours, ArchitectureFan
  5. eiker86

    MOC: Tardis - Police Box

    I'm not a Doctor Who fan or watched any of the series, but I made this tardis and are making 9 more to have in the layout in the Brick Show in London in November. This is just the prototype, so brick's with the correct color is on it's way =)
  6. So I wasn't sure if this was the place to post this... Or if we're supposed to go through the academy or something... But my friend's sister finally finished editing our video. Check it out :D (Mods, please PM me to let me know whether or not this is the right place.)