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    Everything Lego, especially Lego Technic/Mindstorms EV3, Everything Automotive (especially sports and supercars) , MineCraft, Forza, Megaman, going to parks, traveling, and having fun with family.


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  1. I know I normally post stuff on the forums about Lego Technic, but I also enjoy building Lego MineCraft sets as well and connecting them together. Today, I looked at my The First Night set and noticed something very odd. I got the set on Christmas Eve 2015, and I never noticed this problem the entire time I had it. This is Lego's official picture for the set. Focus on the green 2x2 plate with knob above the brown 2x2 brick with the rose on the right of the pig. When you build the set, the instructions show that there is no green plate below the rose. I don't think there is even a spare piece for it. I checked the internet and I believe nobody ever noticed this before. I'm perfectly fine with it though, since everyone occasionally makes mistakes. What do you think? Has anyone here saw this mistake before?
  2. Nice! This is totally worth being a Lego Ideas project! I love the sliding door and the engine, (creative idea you had with the carburetor filter) it looks really true to the actual van.
  3. Lexus GX EV3

    (For original post) Hey guys. I just got done posting the video for my Lexus GX EV3 on YouTube. Check it out! The entire video was made about a month ago and I just posted it now. Now it's time to take this apart and head to my next build, which is finally putting together the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set I got for my birthday (I used some of its pieces in this). Be well, StudRobotics
  4. Lexus GX EV3

    @Horace T I like to use EV3 in my builds because I came from the Mindstorms community.
  5. Lexus GX EV3

    Thanks for the responses! But I'm fine with the way it looks. It's my first Technic MOC after all. I know it does look like a G-wagen, but I just wanted to give this build the body-on-frame style that the real GX has.
  6. Lexus GX EV3

    Here's a cool wallpaper I made.
  7. "The Pursuit of Perfection" - slogan of the Lexus brand. I'm now back with my greatest Lego creation ever. A 2010 Lexus GX 460 with EV3. It's a replica of my Dad's car, but this one's in gray with black interior. I made it as much as I could to the real car, thanks to pieces from the Arocs and Porsche set. Features Sariel's 4-speed sequential gearbox controlled by a medium motor All-wheel-drive Independent suspension Rack-and-pinion steering Fake V8 engine Six seats (could not fit a seventh one) with the rear four being foldable Opening side doors, trunk door, and hood. Detailed interior The gearbox and the two differentials in the car like to click while moving (especially on rough terrain) around, but the result was a car that was heavy, slow, but also makes lots of torque. I'm very happy with how this car came out and I couldn't have done it without all of the helpful people on the Lego community and EuroBricks. Thanks especially to my good friend TheMindGarage for never making me give up. Now I can officially call myself a true master builder. Check out this build on my EV3 community account too for more photos and information about it. I would love to make a YouTube video soon about the features of the GX EV3 and footage of me taking this build on some dirt trails in a park. I also want to take a picture of this right next to my Dad's actual car. So please follow this post to check out some stuff I might upload in the future! To finish this post, here's some collages with photos of the GX EV3.
  8. I like making machines too with EV3, and I never thought about making a construction crane before, but it would seem pretty fun.
  9. @jorgeopesi I actually have that exact Maisto die cast car. It's very cool, you should buy it! @Lox Lego The LC is going to have the Porsche Wheels. It's going to be pretty big, but I can make it happen.
  10. Thanks, but I found something else that I wanted to build with EV3 instead. An orange 2018 Lexus LC. I just finished the GX (posting it soon) and creating another Lexus (the LC 500 (or LC 500h) on lots of the new Lexus commercials) would be pretty cool. It makes 471 horsepower and goes to 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. Too bad I can't replicate its 10-speed gearbox, so I wanted to add a paddle-shift 6-speed. I have to build the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set first. That's after a few months when I did everything I wanted to do with the GX, and months later after that I'll tear apart the Porsche set to build the LC somewhere in early 2018. I hope that's enough time before somebody else builds one. I'm pretty excited! I see that you had a bit of trouble replicating the headlights. It still looks cool, though.
  11. This is amazing! It looks like the actual car! ... Okay, I'm gonna admit this. I wanted to build an orange Ford GT as well really badly before anyone else did. But with Mindstorms. I guess I got my hopes up too much. No offense though, your car looks way better than what mine would look like. Should I still build one like yours or make a different (orange) supercar?
  12. BMW vision M power

    Awesome! The exterior and interior is just perfect! It's sad that it doesn't move in third gear though. If you're having trouble with gearboxes like I did, use Sariel's 4-speed compact sequential. With a few modifications, the gearbox can be put in pretty much anything. You get to see it in action when my GX EV3 project gets posted pretty soon (it took me over 8 months to build it as well xD).
  13. I did that, but something bad happened to something in the gearbox. One of the rods pushed out so I torn the body apart and pushed it back in and made it stay with a peg and now the car works with the program perfectly. Thanks very much for the help!
  14. @TheMindGarage What should I change in my program to get the performance to be the best it can?