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    Everything Lego, especially Lego Technic/Mindstorms EV3, Everything Automotive (mostly sports and supercars, but especially Japanese tuners and drift cars) , MineCraft, Forza, Megaman, Initial D, going to parks, traveling, and having fun with family.


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  1. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    Cool car! I actually like its rear, especially with the detailed exhausts. I think that "Rojo" should be the name of the car, since it is red and it looks Lamborghini-esque (all of their cars' names are in Spanish).
  2. [WIP] Lexus LC500

    Thanks for the feedback. I believe that for this build that I'm going to combine features both on the LC500 and 500h, but call it a LC500. Overall, I'm going to build a hybrid-style chassis with a 4-speed transmission, and that replica fake V8 I ordered the pieces for under the hood.
  3. [WIP] Lexus LC500

    Building Lego is a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing it with people who feel the same. I don't care about the recognition. Here's the final model of the engine. I'll be ordering it on Bricklink along with some half-beams to build Didumos' PDK transmission.
  4. [MOC] Wedge car

    Here is a picture of a Bricklin SV-1. Malcolm Bricklin, the creator of the car, also founded Subaru of America.
  5. [MOC] Wedge car

    Really cool! I totally looks like a 1970s Bricklin SV-1.
  6. [WIP] Lexus LC500

    @Aventador2004 I understand how you feel. I was just upset about the website because I used to get a decent amount of replies per post and now I usually get one per post. Maybe everyone else on the community is too busy. Lots of the big builders even make one comment per week. Anyways, I got some progress with the engine on LDD but I feel like that the cover doesn't look like the one on the actual car. I'll try spicing it up soon and then I'll post the picture of the finished product.
  7. All in all, this is amazing! I really like the red cobra on the fenders. Carroll Shelby would be proud. You should build the Bullitt Mustang next.
  8. Here is a quick summary of a previous post. Right now I'm planning on a new project and I could use some help. It's a 1:8 scale model of Lexus' LC coupe powered by Lego Mindstorms EV3. Currently, I have the rear axle built off the instructions from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set. I also made the engine for the LC500 on Lego Digital Designer and I am wondering if it is good enough to buy the pieces for it on BrickLink. I also want to add the following features: Four or six-speed paddle-shift transmission Retractable spoiler Detailed interior Fake V8 engine (but I would like to achieve moving pistons) Full independent suspension I would welcome some helpful comments about the V8 engine, axles, and the gearbox I planned to use before I order pieces on BL. Thank you.
  9. This is my first WIP post on EuroBricks where I will show my progress on my newest build, an EV3-powered 1:8 replica of Lexus' newest flagship coupe, the LC500. The car will most likely be a combination of both the standard and the V6 hybrid LC, but it will have a V8. The body will also be orange. Here's a photo I found of an LC that looks a lot like the one I am shooting for. Features I'm planning to add: Four or six-speed paddle-shift transmission Retractable spoiler Detailed interior Fake V8 engine (but I would like to achieve moving pistons) Full independent suspension All I built so far was the rear axle for the LC. It's exactly like the one in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS set but more reinforced. I also made the V8 engine using Lego Digital Designer. I plan to build the paddle-shifting mechanism used in Didumos' Ultimately Playable Porsche 911 GT3 RS (the one with the tilted wheel) and pair it up with a gearbox. I currently am having trouble whether to motorize his gearbox with the EV3 motors or to pick a different one with less gears and friction. I also am having a little bit of trouble finding the right front axle, though I like the one that Didumos put his Porsche because of the fact that is has two shocks for each wheel. However, I find it very difficult to fit the V8 engine in the middle since the axle is made for a rear-engine car. Here's a poorly drawn render I made of what I'm trying to achieve with the front axle. And here's the chassis in the real LC and the measurements for the LC Lego model. Overall, I'm excited about the build. I would welcome some helpful comments about the V8 engine, axles, and the gearbox I planned to use before I order pieces on BL. Once I start working on the body and aesthetics, I would appreciate some input with that as well. I can also give you the download for the .lxf file of the engine if you'd like to check it out. I look forward to replying to your comments and sharing my progress. Thank you.
  10. This is my simple Lego car chassis for Mindstorms and Technic beginners. Features Rack-and-pinion steering Full independent suspension 1:3 gear ratio driven to rear differential I built this chassis as both an experimental project but also an educational one to not just me but people starting to make their own cars with Mindstorms and Technic. If you're looking for a chassis design that may work for the build you're creating (a sports car, sedan, or small truck) then I hope this helps you and I would look forward to seeing the finished result.
  11. Dodge Viper ACR + Instructions

    Awesome! I saw the crash compilation video too. I can't imagine how you felt after every time the body shattered.
  12. [WIP] chassis teaser

    Did some research on banned race cars. Is it the BMW M3 GTR?
  13. ASSAULT3R: An EV3 Assault Vehicle

    This entire build literally was to show that not all tanks should be boxy and flat.
  14. This is ASSAULT3R, a Lego Mindstorms EV3 Assault Vehicle. After getting a second Lego EV3 set, I knew that I had to build something awesome. Features RWD and Steering Ultrasonic Sensor Infrared Sensor Two Color Sensors Dual Ball Shooters Gullwing Doors Detailed Interior and Exterior The ASSAULT3R's front sports red lights that will strike fear in enemies and their machines. Its dual ball shooters will shoot a total of six Lego balls, three for each side, high or low. That's twice the weaponry used by EV3RSTORM. The gullwing doors allow easy access for operators and it makes the ASSAULT3R look futuristic yet sinister. I had a lot of fun building this, and I'm very happy with the result. And of course, here are some photos as always.