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Found 3 results

  1. Redhead1982

    MOC Coral reef

    The inspiration for this little MOC came from the bright light yellow brick (47115). The odd-shaped brick reminded me of the old baseplates which were 1 brick thick, and I thought of it as a base for something. Since I was taking apart my previous coral reef inspired MOC, I started imagining this bright light yellow brick as a sand-based sea bottom full of underwater life. Considering the fact that many coral reefs are at risk due to water pollution and that coral reefs are considered as underwater rainforest, I tried to include versatile underwater plants and animals, contrasting in color, shape and size. The fact that TLG made new animal moulds this year was also super helpful. All-in-all, parts used in this creation were made by TLG as early as 1995, so basically, this MOC is a mix of old and new. To conclude, at least in my opinion, life is much nicer in color.
  2. I'm very happy, to present you today something, which I worked in the last 12 month on! The project is probably one of my craziest MOCs! At first I suggest you to watch this video, if you understand German. It was made on Zusammengebaut 2018. In the interview I tell the story of the creation. If you don't understand German, then please, read further below the video! The idea came into my mind at first in approx 2012. That was the first time, when I swam alone in deep water, in Lake Balaton. And during swimming I saw these ships, and I saw, what people usually are doing on the deck. They are sunbathing, while they hold a smartphone in one hand and something alcoholic in the other one! :D I thought, that it would be cool to copy the scene! The second thing, which influenced me, was our summer holiday in Venice, in 2017. That was the first time, when I swam in the see. And the present from the see was a jellyfish-bite... Well, under the water surface would be three jellyfishes a little bit too few, so I decided, that I make fishes, scuba divers, and a whole coral reef! You can see some crazy plants among the corals: broomplant, flipperplant, hairbrushplant, skeletonarmplant, etc. Some of you know, that in the last 1.5 years I had a store on Bricklink. So I saw usually all of the new elements, and colours. Sometimes I thought, that a part would be cool for corals, so I didn't sell it :) A lot of things, which I did or do in my life, helped to create this MOC! We can see sometimes on exhibitions things, which imitate flying. The solution is usually something trans-clear (Lego bricks, glasses), but I wanted nothing between water and corals. So the only one way was me to hang the whole construction from the ceiling by string, which is used by anglers, so almost invisible! Finally the experience: the visitors often push the tables. If the ship sits on glasses, the first push means a disaster. But with this method the ship is independent from the table, so I was completely calm during the two days. That's the story of my newest creation, hope you like it! :) Thanks for visiting!
  3. Dannylonglegs

    PTV 2015 small: Trolling Atlantis

    Thar she blows! My entry to this glorious contest! Here to we may observe Dannylonglegs' infamous "Vertical" approach to vignette making! Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Oleon warn that these waters be cursed. They say that once upon a time, there were an Island here, inhabited by wicked people... They say that King Neptune sunk the Island to the sea and made its inhabitants into creatures of the depths as punishment for their heathen ways... But the merchants of Eslandola care little for that superstition... at least not the fishermen aboard this particular ship! Instead, they've grown to love the local waters, as the fish here are abundant! Including the delicious Manatees, as the ship's physician calls them. Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Yes! Manatees are delicious! Once you split the light meat from the dark meat, that is. The only downside is the screams. They sound... human. In fact, their cries for help have driven the captian to insomnia... but you know what they say: "A good captain can't fall asleep." And who might this knowledgeable scientist be? Why, that'd be physician Long! Born into a family of wealth, Physician Long attended University in Corrington, where she learned her trade, and now she works as a physician and Naturalist for the benefit of the Eslandola trade empire! Particularly the West Octania Trading Company. Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Physician Long: "You should have alerted me earlier of your condition. Judging by the smell alone, I'd say your leg has gone Gangrenous. There's nothing to do other than amputate. I'm going to need you to bite this bullet. This is going to hurt. A lot." Patient: "Can't I get a drop o' rum to anesthetize meself?" Physician Long: "No. You've drunk your quota for this pay period. Hold still." Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Inhabitants of the local waters are none too happy about the increase in fishing. But perhaps that's part of their punishment by Neptune. Perhaps they should have been better humans. ~Insectoid Aristocrat