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  1. Superfunk

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424
  2. Superfunk

    Small Modular Building Standard

    These look great! I had something similar in mind here:
  3. Superfunk

    [MOC]: Modular Bookstore

    Hi everyone I am happy to present my next MOC: A Modular Bookstore. For this building, I had three goals: I wanted to use "Bright Light Yellow"/"Cool Yellow" as one of the main colors, work on my SNOT techniques and bring a bookstore to my town! Trying out a panorama window technique, the glass is held by "Tile, Modified 1 x 2 Grille" at the bottom and top (studs down). I also wanted to use small offsets in the facade. The best seat in the shop is the red comfy chair at the window. The bookstore has a balcony overlooking the ground floor, which also houses the small coffee bar. Only the back half of the first floor detaches, to allow for the double height facade. Fits nicely in the neighborhood! A couple of more pictures on Flickr. Comments & suggestions welcome, thanks for looking!
  4. Really great work again, congrats! My favorite is the sand green building - that color is really nice. I especially like the pictures of the houses within your city - I hope to have something like this one day... :-)
  5. Superfunk

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    Superb! Love the colors (is this Bright Light Blue?), the window frames, the red awning - it has a great Italian feel!
  6. Superfunk

    The Fishmaster - a salmon-colored modular building

    A very nice modular building! Great choice of color (and I thought bright light yellow was exotic... ). And there's the seagull from the Parisian Restaurant!
  7. Superfunk

    MOC: Trolleybus

    Superb! The idea to steer the bus through the lines is brilliant. And the bus looks great!
  8. Superfunk

    G1700 Cargo

    Superb! I see these very often here and your models captures the original perfectly!
  9. Superfunk

    MOC: Fencing Studio (open-back Modular)

    Thanks for the very nice feedback! Your neighborhood sounds hip!
  10. Superfunk

    MOC: Fencing Studio (open-back Modular)

    Thanks everyone for the very kind feedback. In fact, I am already working on a neighbor module to extend my American street! Now back to work...
  11. Superfunk

    MOC: The Ocean Restaurant

    Really stunning, again a masterpiece! I love the absolutely clean looks, outside and inside. This and the color choices/stripes make it instantly recognizable as one of yours. My favorite part is the facade above the main entrance.
  12. Hi everyone I am happy to present my newest project: The Fencing Studio. I wanted to build a companion to the new set 10246 - Detective's Office, as well as trying out a new form of modular buildings: open back modular / semi-modular / half-modular / slim modular / however you want to call it. It's only 16 studs deep, yet fits into the modular street (the front technic pin fits). What I liked about the form: - Faster building (I usually prefer building the outsides) - Uses a lot less bricks (that you usually don't see anyway) - Building the interiors feels like building vignettes - Less problems with layouts/staircases/etc. - Uses less space in your layout/LEGO room/closet I see these kind of buildings as a complement to regular modular buildings, around the outside of a town display, where it's great that you can get a look at the interiors (instead of just seeing the outside / back of modulars). The MOC features a fencing studio with adjoining office, the living room of an apartment upstairs (with roof terrace), a hip clothing boutique and a small coffee shop inspired by the LEGO Movie on the ground floor. There's some SNOT for the floor of the fencing studio, the coffee shop wall and the roof of the red part is upside down. The street is packed with local hipsters (beards and moustaches everywhere...) and Emmet just got his morning coffee. Comments and suggestions welcome, thanks for looking!
  13. Superfunk

    [MOC] Suburb from the 70s

    This is superb! Love the atmosphere and the forced perspective background builds, looking really realistic!
  14. Superfunk

    2015 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    1. One type (98282) fits, the other one (50745) doesn't (the wheel seems to fit, but can't rotate): 2. The build is quite complex for a car, lots of brackets are used. Doors/sides and that ... back are probably the most interesting. 3. Oh, they have tons of useful applications : As they fit a stud on the inside, they actually are useful!