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  1. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    From what I have seen so far, I'm only interested in the logging tractor and the fifth wheel camper......oh, well looks like I'll be buying of a few of each of those and modifying into different versions. (hello, tractor dealership ). The police sets are a total MEH !
  2. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Thank you for your kind words, coming from the master of modulars I am grateful and humbled. I could only wish to create marvels like yours. My gas station design is well underway, only the interior, gas station sign and perhaps a vehicle are to be done now. Brick On !
  3. 10259 Winter Village Station

    It is cute, but does it deserve the tag "Creator Expert" ? Only the bus seems complex, but no more than a city "Great Vehicles" set. Though I wonder how they have done the entrance to the station at that angle ?
  4. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Thank you my friend, I'm very happy with the way it has turned out. Though it has only climbed to 37 supporters, I keep my fingers crossed. I have already started another modular themed build, a gas station so keep watching and Brick On !
  5. [MOC] Taiping Lake Garden

    This is a totally awesome and beautiful display piece. So much detailing and action is wonderful.
  6. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Thank you for your kind words, sorry I missed your comment earlier. Like I wrote in reply to the question of bare walls, I base my shop fitting designs on actual ones from the early part of the 20th century. Brick On !
  7. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was told by Lego Customer Service one month ago they knew nothing of this product, funny how things change in one month eh ? Though will the accessory kit by only available through Lego branded stores only across the globe ?
  8. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Ah, you see this building has a high ceiling, all the merchandise is at mini figure level. I used photos of old hardware stores to base my interior on. Thanks for the comment. Brick On! Thank you my friend, yes it's me and I'm now working on another single storey modular so keep watching. Brick On!
  9. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Thank you for your kind words.
  10. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Thank you, I take pride in my interior designing.
  11. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    Thank you my friend, there might be more coming soon.
  12. MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    For a while I thought not of posting any new designs online, but then I thought I enjoy designing Lego projects so.......... To save time here I will just copy and paste from my Ideas page so I will now say my usual Brick On ! Lucky number three perhaps, well say hello to my latest creation. A single storey farm hardware store with an exterior based on designs from the Edwardian era (early 20th century) or better know in Australia as the Federation era. The colours of the walls, the curved windows the exterior trim on the front of the building all point towards that era. There is a lot of brick and Technic built fixtures and merchandise in this set idea with two minifigs, the store manager and a customer visiting the big city from the country. Brick built display counters feature various pieces of merchandise and behind the counter is a bookcase where catalogues, order books and account ledgers are housed. All the tools on offer hang on wall racks, there are boxes of fencing materials and a barrel of heavy chain, plus under the counter galv wire coils for sale also. The part count would be between 500 and 600 pieces, a cost price of around 100 dollars US. I usually have a brand name for any of my designs, but this time none so please feel free to suggest a name for this particular company. This design is only 16 stud wide so it can sit between the detective's office and assembly square modulars to keep the spacing between street light poles the same Lego Ideas link - Modular Hardware Store
  13. [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Wonderful creation, such detailing in Lego is tough but you pulled it off congrats on also being Front Paged here on EB. Brick On 'MnnMtq' !
  14. ( MOC ) A Classic Kind of Dance-Place

    Wow, mind blowing designing there 'carebear', totally Brick On !
  15. ( MOC ) Toyshop

    Wonderful, colourful and a brilliant piece of LEGO designing. Brick On 'carebear' !