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Found 8 results

  1. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Bike Shop

    Here is a modular Bike shop I've added to my modular collection! Started it off as a 32x32 building but felt the style I had worked better as a 16x16. First floor with wall of bikes. There's a small studio apartment upstairs. With the Pet Shop and my Toy Store modular.
  2. This is my newest modular building. I started building right after I finished the Mage's Mansion. As with that build, I did not plan ahead in LDD but just started building with the pieces from my collection. Since I parted out a lot of sets in the past few years, this felt like the natural thing to do. I ended up doing one (rather large) Bricklink order solely for tiles, 1 by x plates and a few bricks, since I was running out of those soon. I had always wanted to do a 24-wide modular. I remembered that I still had at least two of the old 24 x 16 baseplates with my childhood Lego, and wanted to use those. So I got them out, cleaned them...and thought, hang on, these feel pretty small. Did some counting, and yep, they aren't 24 x 16 baseplates, they are 20 x 14s! Whoops . I used them anyway, so this building occupies the rather unusual footprint of 20 x 28 studs. Less space then I had planned with (I had a basic idea for the general layout of this building), but I took it as a challenge... Since I did no digital planning, I have no idea how many pieces I used, I'd estimate that there are about 2500 pieces in here, but I could be way off. As usual, more pictures are available on flickr. This time, it's a lot more This building features two businesses and two apartments. The idea is that this used to be two very small buildings that at one point in time were combined into one. The little girl just bought her plutonium ice-cream. The girl's dad also got an icecream, but when he saw the new mountain bike on display at Mike's Bikes, he forgot all about it... Closer look at the facade detail on the sand-blue portion of the building. This involved building in multiple directions - most of it is upside down! The rooftop terrace on the blue portion of the building is accessible via a working sliding glass door, and features a pool for these hot summer days! Closer look at the roof of Mike's Bikes. Mike's Bikes is a pretty small shop, thus it is very cluttered with barely any room to move around. Still, Mike manages and has a lot of fun at his job! The Ice Cream parlour is even smaller than Mike's Bikes. It doesn't offer any seating, so everything is 'to go'! The apartment on the first floor features kitchen and bedroom areas and a living room with a cozy sofa. While her girlfriend relaxes on the rooftop terrace (as we saw earlier), the other occupant of the second apartment is preparing dinner. Looks like it's time for chicken! The bathroom is rather spacious, featuring a large tub. The topmost floor features a small bar area - together with the small swimming pool this is THE place for parties! Since these are always popular, here's the bird's eye shots of all the floors (click for larger versions!): Overview - Ground Floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr Overview - First Floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr Overview - Second Floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr Overview - Third floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr To finish this up, here it is together with some other modulars Again, more pics are available on flickr. Looking forward to your thoughts and comments on this, hope you like it! Cheers, Tobias / "Roger_Smith"
  3. This is my first attempt at a modular MOC. I based it on the 31026 Bike Shop and Cafe. There are two sets in the build plus a number extra bricks for the walls. I wanted to keep the build true to the original design as much as I could. I really wanted to have windows on both sides of the door for the bike shop, but that made the building 18 studs wide. I came up with the corner idea to allow me the wider facade. No interior yet. That is my next project. Ideas for what to put on the second and third floors? There are more shots of the building here
  4. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Bike Shop, Cafe & Apartments

    At the moment I'm collecting a number of buildings together for a possible Lego City and these 2 are my latest buildings. They are expanded versions of the 2 buildings in the Lego Creator Bike Shop & Cafe set. .
  5. The Undo

    My collection of city MOCs

    Hi everyone. Looking at all these amazing MOCs here at Eurobricks i decided to share my own. This is a collection of city MOCs that i designed over the past few years. All of these models are made in Lego Digital Designer, and are presented with pictures rendered using POV-Ray. I didn't make a lot of pictures as i'm sharing LDD files in which the models can be viewed entirely. Most of the buildings have roofs built in separate sections that can be removed (using "connected selection" tool) to see the interiors. Also note that because of the high brick count, that some of this models have, slower computers might have problems with opening those files. That's it for the introduction.. I hope to insipre people with my work just like i get inspired by others. Train Station - Train Station.lxf Fire Station - Fire Station.lxf Restaurant - Restaurant.lxf Cafe - Cafe.lxf Fast Food Kiosk - Fast Food Kiosk.lxf Ice Cream Kiosk - Ice Cream Kiosk.lxf Gas Station - Gas Station.lxf Bike Shop & Bank - Bike Shop and Bank.lxf
  6. Hi All, Just sharing a modification of the LEGO Bike Shop & Café set. My kid liked the original advanced build of the set but somehow it was a little too cramped even when opened up. We additionally tried the easy and medium builds to see how it felt but somehow it still lacked room to play. So we decided to revisit the whole concept of the Bike Shop & Café and modularize it. The concept of the modification is to merge the Bike shop and Café as one establishment allowing us to make a 2nd floor loft apartment, which meant more space across the board. We reused alot of the interior pieces from the original set which were really nice. We kept it to two floors to keep it relatively small, which gave us an opportunity to make a nice end lot to place with other modulars. Unfortunately we couldn't stick to just the original pieces so we had to use various additional pieces we had, a 32x32 baseplate and alot of 2x2 tiles for the pavement. My kid enjoys it and somehow prefers the removable floors vs the open-up approach. As there's alot more detail in this build and I can't put up too many images you can check it out here. Hope you guys like it.
  7. pirzyk

    MOD: Pet^H^H^H Bike Shop

    My First MO[CD] based on the Pet Shop that I did about 2 years ago. The Pet shop is my favorite modular and the only one I currently own more than one copy of. I built the brownstone as a mirror image and it is displayed next to the original.
  8. timmyc1983

    City Corner Modular MOD

    Hi all, I would like to share my latest MOD with you. It is a modular with the bike shop downstairs and the pizzeria up stairs. As usual, I tried to stay true to the original set as much as possible. Here are some photos: An overall view of the building The bike shop is on the ground level, plenty of room for new stock as well as a repair room out the back. The middle storey is the Pizzeria, with an all-you-can-eat style buffet and plenty of seating! The top floor has the kitchen but I didn't put too much effort into its interior, but there are more shots on my flickr. And all the modules. Hope you like and comments welcome and appreciated!